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Rachel was born the daughter of Laban in 1740 BCE in Paddan-aram. She grew
up in Paddan-aram as well. At home, she tended and cared for the flock of sheep her
father owned. She fed them water, and let them eat. She spent most of her days in the
field working. Rachel was dedicated to her family and life at home.
One day while Rachel was working in the fields, Jacob arrived from his long
travel. Rachel was working with the sheep when he arrived, but after moving the stone
out of the way and letting the sheep drink water, she came to meet Jacob. He told her
that he was her father's brother's son. He got on his knees before her and wept. Rachel
went to get her father for him. Jacob stayed a month, then worked for seven years to
gain her as his wife.
When the time came, Laban (Rachel and Leah's father) gave Leah to Jacob as
his wife instead of Rachel. However, eventually, Rachel became his wife too. She told
Jacob to sleep with her maid, Bilhah, in order to bear children as well. At the time she
had ordered Jacob to do so, she thought that God would not open her womb, as said in
The New Oxford Annotated Bible. But later she was able to conceive children and had
her own sons with Jacob: Joseph and Benjamin. With her children from Bilhah, Leah,
and herself, Rachel kept strong and faithful to Jacob until she died giving birth to her
second son, Benjamin, on the way to Bethel to accompany him.
Rachel's role in Genesis and the Hebrew Scriptures was to carry on the family
line, and accompany Jacob on his travels. Rachel fled with Jacob and the rest of their
clan to go to Bethel. On their journey God spoke to Rachel's husband Jacob saying

"Arise, go up to Bethel, and dwell there; and make there an alter to the God who
appeared to you when you fled from your brother Esau," as stated in the book Women
in Genesis. Along the way to Bethel, Rachel gave birth to Benjamin, and died in the
process. One scholar wrote "Bethel was the place where God confirmed the Abrahamic
covenant to Jacob." Another scholar wrote that Rachel first gave an unfavorable name
to Benjamin, although Jacob changed the name after she passed to a more favorable
and bright one.
My personal opinions about Rachel are pretty good. Rachel was a loyal, loving,
strong, and caring wife, mother, sister and daughter. She waited patiently while Jacob
had children with Leah and Leah's maid. Rachel then let her maid Bilhah take Jacob in
and have children so they could have a children. Rachel bore a son, and Rachel ran
away from her father with Jacob and Leah and all of his/her children. She stood by
Jacob when Esau hung around, and she died giving birth to her and Jacob's last son.
Rachel was a willing and powerful woman who took care of whomever needed to be
cared for. I believe she had a strong relationship with God because she was a good
person, she was religious, and she deserved better than to have to share a husband.
Rachel seemed down to earth and peaceful through her rough times. She probably
prayed to God in those times and looked up to him for help. She was dedicated to her
family and values for sure!