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To: Emperor Palpatine

From: Death Star Administrative Assistant

Date: November 6, 2014
Subject: Incident Report on the Destruction of the Death Star.

We report that to the Galactic Empires misfortune that the Death Star battle station has been
destroyed by a successful Rebel attack. The primary target has been the Death Stars thermal
exhaust port, an area incredibly small that it has been left without proper security. An accurate
missile attack from one rebel ship has entered the exhaust port and reached the center of the
station, igniting the reaction that resulted in the destruction of the battle station. As we know, this
is a terrible loss for the Empire but we should inform your majesty this could have been
prevented if the proper security measures had been taken.
As of casualties we report that there has been an incredible amount of losses. Approximately
seven-eighths of those in the Death Star have been killed; among those were senior officials,
soldiers, and staff as well as the loss of important equipment like aircraft and defense weapons.
Only a fraction of those on the Death Star escaped including myself and other senior officials.
Those of us that did escape were more aware of the danger we were in as soon as we heard of the
attempt on the battle station. A press conference had been held detailing the danger the exhaust
port represented, however, only the least of us took this danger into more serious consideration.
That is why we kept our ships ready in case the threat came to close, and before it did, we fled
the battle station.
It was my job as Administrative Assistant to review and send for repairs and upgrades to Colonel
Wullf Yularen of any security systems that seemed unprotected or damaged. As I was made
aware of the possible danger relating to the thermal exhaust port I reported back to the Colonel
of what could happen if the thermal exhaust port was to be left without proper security; but the
Colonel seemed to ignore and pass by the instructions. Only those willing to listen, secured ships
for themselves and as soon as we heard of the incoming attack we left our positions and fled the
Death Star before it could be destroyed.
The Rebel ships were numerous and small but well-built that they seemed to penetrate the
magnetic field. They were soon spotted by the defense team and our tower-guns went to work.
However, these were too slow and clumsy against the speed, agility, and size of the Rebel ships.
Knowing of the great danger the ships presented, Imperial TIE fighters were sent to destroy the
threat, along with which was Darth Vader. All Rebel ships were destroyed for the exception of a
single ship which made its way through the outer trench and fired an extremely accurate attack

into the opening of the exhaust port, triggering an explosion in the inner core of the battle station,
producing its demise. Until now we report the whereabouts of Darth Vader are unknown.
If the security measures, detailing a more thorough protection of the thermal exhaust port had
been taken, it is most probable the Death Star would be standing still today. However, it was the
Colonel Yularens decision and neglect to avoid spending a considerable amount in the security
in this area and his eagerness of using the money otherwise that led to this tragic incident. In the
report I had sent to him a while back of which a copy is included in this report I had
highlighted the importance of securing the area around the exhaust port, but now nothing can be
done. Now those that are left will await further instruction from your majesty and put our part to
restore the Empire to its full splendor. Salutations from your loyal servant.