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Evaluation feedback

As a teacher, it is crucial to be aware of how effective your teaching actually is and of

any changes that one can make to create a better learning experience for the students. During
my Apprentice Teaching, I was observed and evaluated periodically by both my mentor teacher
and field supervisor and also received a midterm and final evaluation. From my midterm
evaluation, I realized that I needed to focus on classroom management and my presentation of
the information. I decided to employ more open-ended questions throughout my lessons,
provide more hands-on activities throughout the week, and also reinforced my discipline plan
and its consequences and rewards, among other changes. My results on my final evaluation
reflected improvement when compared to my midterm evaluation.
I truly believe the feedback provided to me from both my mentor and field supervisor
helped me improve my teaching. It brought my attention to aspects of my teaching that I
needed to work on and also gave me the opportunity to make those changes and see the
difference they made. Due to this feedback, I was able to improve in areas that I was unaware
needed to improvement, and will continue to accept feedback that will benefit both me and my