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Vision and Goals Statement


9th Grade Vision Inputs

Engage with rigorous and
responsive content that
demonstrates the importance
of school, intentionally and
actively involves them, and
prepares them for next year
and beyond

Develop and demonstrate

long-term traits and mindsets
that reflect their agency,
personal voice and their
personal interests

Grow academically, as
measured on daily rigorous
lessons, benchmarks, and

9th Grade Vision Statement: What do you want to be the lasting and
meaningful impact of your course on your students?
In room 309, we are working towards:
Inspiring Life Long Leaders
Our classroom will offer a learning environment that builds on the strengths of all cultures. This will
be accomplished by constantly incorporating rationale for the ways students can get involved.
Additionally, my classroom will promote the ways this content will be applicable in every career path
they may choose. I hope to build confidence in math that can replicate into their everyday lives.
Strengthening content knowledge.
Algebra is the foundation for all upper level mathematics. Students will grasp mastery on linear
equations, solving equations, functions, graphing, and introduction to geometry, polynomials,
scatterplots, and several other concepts.
In my classroom, my goal is every child achieve 100% of their individual growth goal and ultimately
passes the Algebra keystones.
Reshaping our math mindsets.
Beyond simply mastering content, I want to ensure that students negative perceptions of math are
reshaped. Students will understands how math is relevant in understanding and succeeding in society,
through current events, real-world applications, and the value of math in obtaining a successful future.
I will accomplish this by introducing examples of real-world application of these math concepts.
Additionally, I hope students leave with the confidence and skills to be successful in math for the
remainder of their educational careers. Our math knowledge will be transformational for our futures.
Transforming how we actively participate.
I will build a positive environment where students are comfortable asking questions, sharing opinions,
being wrong, and working collaboratively to find solutions. Through their knowledge of math literacy,
students will find their personal voice and able to appropriately express ideas as mathematicians. I
will ensure this by using positive reinforcement for attempts to answer questions and reiterate the
importance of asking questions when students do not know the answer.

I will also track individual participation levels by using a clipboard system. Throughout class, I will be
allotting points to those on task and giving work 100%.

Academic Growth Goals

Demonstrate mastery of rigorous content by achieving 100% of their individual growth goal on
the end of report period Benchmark assessment.
Each student will demonstrate 80% mastery of content on daily exit slips and quizzes.
Students will demonstrate math literacy through the use of proper mathematical vocabulary in
expressing ideas, as measured through in-class participation and written reflections/exit slip
Personal Growth Goals
Students will demonstrate engagement in classroom activates by participating orally,
maintaining proper posture and eye contact, facing forward with feet on the floor, and arrive on
time, ready to learn with all necessary materials
At least 50% of students will have perfect attendance and more than half will have attendance
records greater than ninety percent
Students will never use the phrase I cant and instead say language that includes I can do
this and be willing and feel safe asking their peers and instructors for help

After coming into my algebra classroom 6 weeks into the school year, it was extremely critical that I
spend time building strong relationships with my students. While management has been extremely
difficult, I have been prioritizing relationship building by inviting students to office hours, lunch, and
working hard to align my content with their personal goals. I regularly check in one-on-one with
students to be sure they feel heard and be sure it appears I care. To ensure that I am working towards
my students personal goals, I recently hung their goals around the classroom, and regularly make
references to these goals. Additionally, I have changed the structure of my teaching, to ensure it is
better accommodating. Instead of group work, I now do Direct Instruction, Guided Practice,
Independent practice, and in closure do an Exit Ticket on the content. This switch was made after
receiving feedback from my students who agreed they couldnt learn best this way.
I am constantly taking feedback and trying to transform the way I teach information and accommodate
all of my students individual needs.
Lastly, math was not my forte growing up due to weak and negative math teachers, who taught math
linearly, never teaching it in alternative ways. This experience has guided me in my role as a math
educator, as I prioritize teaching math in several different ways, ensuring all children can better
understand the concepts but also see the relevance.