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Art Integration Lesson Plan Template 1

Art Integration Lesson Plan Template

LTC 4240: Art for Children
Lesson Title & Big Idea*: Perspective
Lesson Overview/Summary*: Students will be able to draw upon the works of Gustav Holst in order to describe
through writing and drawing what the songs make them think of.

Grade Level*: 3rd

Class Periods Required:
(please circle)

Key Concepts (3-4): What you want the students to know.*

1. Visual Art: A student can describe their thoughts in many ways and there
is no wrong answer when explaining their work.
2. Literacy: Students will write and explain in a discussion what the sounds of
the planets sound like to them.
3. Music: The students will learn tempo and dynamics affect how a piece is

Essential Questions (3-4)*:

How do tempo and dynamics affect each piece?
What does each planet song remind you of?
How can we show what we hear in our writing?
How can we describe our writing through our artwork?

Lesson Objectives: (Excellent resource at http://www.teachervision.fen.com/curriculum-planning/new-teacher/48345.html?for_printing=1&detoured=1): What you want the students to do. *
1. Visual Art: The students will be able to describe their story with a picture by using water colors/oil pastels
2. Literacy: Students will show what they hear through the use of descriptive words by using complete sentences
3. Music: Student s will listen to a variety of songs about the planets and be able to describe what they hear. Students will be able to explain how different
tempos and dynamics change the meaning of each song.

Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) (3-4) (http://dese.mo.gov/divimprove/curriculum/GLE/)

1. Visual Art: Strand 1Product/Performance: Layer two or more colors
using crayon, colored pencil, or oil pastel
Visual art: Strand 3 AP: Compare different responses students may
have to the same artwork
2. Literacy: A. Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (oneon-one, in groups, and teacher led) with diverse partners on grade 3 topics
and texts, building on others ideas and expressing their own clearly
B. Follow agreed-upon rules for discussions (e.g., gaining the floor in

Identify & define common vocabulary that connect the art form with the
other identified content areas:
Tempo: speed or pace of a given piece.
Dynamics: variation and gradation in the volume of musical sound.
Descriptive writing: vivid sensory details that paint a picture for the writer and
appeals to the senses.
Perspective: a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a
point of view.

Art Integration Lesson Plan Template 2

respectful ways, listening to others with care, speaking one at a time about
the topics and texts under discussion). C. Explain their own ideas and
understanding in light of the discussion.
3. Music: Listening to, analyzing, and describing music.
Content Areas Integrated*:
1. Visual Art (Inspiration Artist: _______Norman Rockwell___________)
2. Literacy
3. Music

Lesson Activities & Procedure(s) (please be very specific):

Day 1: Art
1. The teacher would begin the lesson by introducing the artist Norman
Rockwell and his piece Rosie to the Rescue. The students would then VTS
this piece of art.
2. The teacher would then explain how the students had different
interpretations and perspectives on what they thought was happening.
Day 2: Literacy
1. The teacher would start by reading an example of their own work with
heavy emphasis on descriptive language.
2. The teacher would then give a mini lesson explaining how writing with
descriptive words involves the use of words or descriptions that appeal to the
3. The students will then have a chance to practice by writing up their own
descriptions for a give topic.
Day 3: Music, Literacy, Art
1. The teacher will select 3 of the songs in Gustav Holst Planet Symphony
and play each song for about 3-5 minutes.
2. The students will listen to each song and write down a couple notes during
song. After the song is over students will have 5-10 minutes to write a short
description using complete sentences and descriptive writing about what they
hear. The students will also be able to draw a picture to go along with each
3. The students will then turn and share with the other students at their tables
and read their descriptions.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each song.
5. Students will pick their favorite song to write a more detailed description
that will be revised, published, and put into their writing portfolio.
6. After they have written their final description they will paint/oil pastel a
picture that matches the description they wrote for the song.

Art Integration Lesson Plan Template 3

Anticipatory Set (Gaining Attention)*:

Art: VTS Norman Rockwell piece
Language Arts: Read a piece of teachers own work to show what descriptive
writing looks like.
Music: Play a song other than one of the chosen ones to get the students
Formative Assessment strategy:

Closure (Reflecting Anticipatory Set):

Allow student to read their descriptions and explain how their picture
represent it.

Have students compare with each other after each song

The students will pick their favorite song to expand on in more detail, revise,
draw their picture, and publish their paper.

Summative Assessment strategy*:

What student prior knowledge will this lesson require/draw upon?

Students will need to have been taught a mini lesson on descriptive words before in a writing workshop.
Students will need a basic understanding of tempo and dynamics.
Students should have some understanding about different views.

How will you engage students in imagining, exploring, and/or experimenting in this lesson?
The students will be able to write and draw/paint about anything that they think is going on in the song. They have the freedom to imagine and explore
whatever they hear as long as they can describe it in drawing and writing.

How will this lesson allow for/encourage students to solve problems in divergent ways?
This lesson will allow students to come up with their own ideas that seem fitting to their style and own experience.
How will you engage students in routinely reflecting on their learning?
Students will have the chance to explain their reflections on the songs with their classmates at their table.
How will you adapt the various aspects of the lesson to differently-abeled students?
Students who have a tougher time with the literacy part will be able to write simpler descriptions or sentences. Students that are more effiecent writers can
work ahead earlier if they feel comfortable.
What opportunities/activities will students be given to revise and improve their understandings and their work?
Students will have the opportunity to revise their final writings before turning them in to their portfolio.

Art Integration Lesson Plan Template 4

What opportunities/activities will you provide for students to share their learning in this lesson?
Students have the opportunity to share their work with the students around them after each song and can share their final work at the end.
Lesson Resources/References (please be very specific by providing links, authors, titles, etc.):
Music National Standards: http://musiced.nafme.org/resources/national-standards-for-music-education/

* Include this information during the Popplet presentation.

Silverstein, L. B. & Layne, S. (n.d.). Defining arts integration. Retrieved from