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Philosophy of Teaching
John Boarman
Ivy Tech

Philosophy of Teaching
Teachers may have different philosophies in regards to education. While it is unlikely
that two teachers will share the same philosophies they may have similar viewpoints that affect
their teaching styles and classroom mannerisms. Below is my philosophy of teacher.
The purpose of education is to provide students with skills and thinking patterns that can be
used in future work. Students should learn skills and develop creative thinking which they can
carry and use for their entire life. Students should recognize not just that a problem needs solving
but ways to solve it. Schools should provide the skills and content to have an open mind about
social changes but should not be used by teachers to drive students to forcing social change.
Getting to know each student is important for teachers. I believe one of the best ways to do
this is by acting early. Giving an assignment early in the year which finds out what is important
in the lives of students can help begin to form connections with them. These connections can be
used later on in the year to help students on future assignments.
It is also important to understand and recognize that students of different cultures will be in
your classroom. Even students who share the same cultural backgrounds will have different
family structures and backgrounds. No two students will be alike in all aspects which is why it is
important to find ways to communicate with students and make connections.
I believe that the classroom needs to have a set curriculum which is defined at the
beginning of the school year however there is no set way to instruct. Having a set curriculum will
insure that the content and skills that are important to a schools staff are provided to their
students. Keeping the focus of students is important. Students will learn at a different paces and
finding different ways to instruct and change up the classroom can be beneficial at times.
Whether it is prompting students or answers, placing them in groups to learn from one another or

using a new exercise it is important to find ways to keep the attention of your students. Without
the attention of your students they will have a hard time picking up the skills and information
being taught to them.

Students should be taught the basic skills which they can use in their life and careers.
Students should be taught Reading, Writing, Literature, Foreign Languages, History,
Mathematics, Science, Art, and Music. Moreover, this traditional approach is meant to train the
mind, promote reasoning, and ensure a common culture. I believe that content learned in school
should promote lifelong learning and social skills for students.
The teacher must be the head of the classroom however respect between the two must go
both ways. Teachers need to let students know the rules of the classroom and define them to their
students at the beginning of the year. Students, once informed of their expectations, will need to
be follow the classroom rules without exception. Should a student have disability that prevents
them from following the rules without assistance then as the teacher it is important to find ways
to refocus their negative or distractive behavior so that they can learn in the class.
Expectations and classroom rules will need to be tailored to the grade level and age of the
students. Younger students will have to be walked along the expectations throughout the school
year while older students should be given them at the beginning of the year. Discipline and
punishment are different. While discipline teaches a child how to act the idea of punishment only
tells the student that they have behaved wrongly and often is unrelated to what was done wrong.
Discipline can be used as an attempt to curb negative behavior.
I want to become a teacher because I like kids. I like to communicate with children and
have often had unknown children begin a conversation with me. It is a great feeling when you
have a child succeed. Those moments when a child realizes an answer or completes a goal is an

experience I want to have over and over again. Another reason I want to become a teacher is that
the process of learning is exciting. While teaching I will also be learning.