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Paelee Aung

English 1010
In our society, some of the things were fixing and struggle doing it, are making peoples
feel equal. This essay is about equality among men and women. Fairness is something when
youre equal with everyone because of the hard work you do. Everyone should get an
opportunity to be treated fair no matter what gender they are.
Equality is very imported for some people. We all always want to feel that, we are on
the same level as everyone, we dont want to be an outcast .Some people want to become
better than everyone, but however most people dont want to be treated differently than
everyone else, because they want to be part of the group .Feeling Equal is not easy. Some
people have to do things to belong to the group. Equality is what the world wants however
there never equal place. Some place may feel equal, but some place may not. Equality is
something I, myself and my family is to have.
What is equal?
In our world women and men in society are divided, society will see women and men
differently. My point of view is that I can see women are most of the time come second and
men much all way come first. Even in some country women can do things like men do but they
are still not equal like men. There remains a gap between men and women we can see and feel.
Most women work as much as men do, but they still get pay less than men. Most
women of this day they will go out and get a career. Women this day dependent and they

reality on their self. It is not like in the past when men go out and work and women stay home
and handle the household. Now women can find job and work like men do.
I will focus on how women get paid less then man. Most women are not allowed to do
some work that men think they cant do. Some men dont want women to be the same or
better than them. Like an example Microsoft Company is one of the companies that women get
pay less than men. I can fell that this company is not supporting women to get equal payment
with men because one of the example is talking about how "When Satya Nadella. Microsoft's
chief executive, told a conference of women in tech that they should not ask for a raise, but
trust 'faith' and 'karma' to reward them appropriately."(Miller Cain Claire}
This is one of the example that is related to equality between men and women, also
how some men view women. My perspective is that some men think they own the world and
they dont want to share it with women. My thesis is that everyone should be equal. No matter
what gender you are.
What lead me to my answer is that people dont teat other people equally. There is
never a place where everyone treats each other. Some guy might think that women cant do
things like men do.
In the work place, I feel like women dont pay the same as men. I feel like this because it
happens in my family, like example my mom and dad even when they have the same job my
mom gets pay less than my dad. I see that it unfair and I believe that it also happens throughout
the world.
See even when the United States is most of the free country, but they still have this
problem between their gender citizens. Some of the example are it about how a big topic in an

American how some company unwilling to public how their unequal payment take between the
gander. Now the federal require some company to show the gender pay role(Murray, Sara).
Equality is the most important to some women who is having to support their self and
their family. Not all women are supported by their men. There might be some women who are
a single mom, or a window who is had a job and work hard as much as some men do, but they
do get pay that they are desired, I feel that was very sad for those people. Women to go to
college like men, when they have the same jobs as men do who come men get pay more. When
they go to college, women to pay less than men that pay the same money to go to the same

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