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To Be Or Not To Be Magnetic?

For your homework assignment you will be continuing our

lesson about magnetism. I would like for you to go home and find
things around your house that may or may not be magnetic.
In your bag you were given 5 materials:

Horseshoe magnet cutout

Rectangle cutout
8 paper squares
2 pipe cleaners
Magnetic wand
With these materials you will be making a collage of objects that
are magnetic and ones that are not. You will use the magnet wand to
find these objects. You will draw 4 pictures of objects on the paper
squares that the magnet attracts and 4 pictures of objects the magnet
Draw, label, and glue the objects in their proper location. The
magnetic objects will be glued to the horseshoe cutout which you will
color and label as Magnetic. The non-magnetic objects will be
glued to the rectangle cutout that will also be colored and labeled as
Non-magnetic. Last but not least you will use the pipe cleaners to
connect all of the pieces together.
Remember to be creative with this project, be colorful and think
outside the box. Most of all, dont forget to have fun with it

- Miss Averi