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In Greek mythology, Hades is

the god of wealth and the dead.

The Romans named him Pluto
but some Greeks called him
Pluto too because they were
afraid of his real name. Hades is
the lord of the Underworld and
the god of the dead and wealth.
Hades had 2 brothers, Zeus and
Poseidon, and 3 sisters, Hestia,
Hera, and Demeter. After the
overthrow of their father
Cronus, Hades and his brother
casted lots in share of the
worlds. Hades got the worst
share and was in control of the
Underworld. This might be why
Hades is not friendly with his
siblings. Hades also kidnapped
his wife, Persephone. Hades is
also an Olympian god, not a
Demigod or Titan. Hades wears
a helmet that makes him
invisible. Hades is a horrible
person, but hes not evil.

Every god has a symbol and Hades has a few of them. One
symbol of Hades is his helmet. This helmet Hades wore made
him invisible. So if he had this helmet on and you were in a
fight with him, thats bad news. Hades practically wore this
helmet 24/7. One last symbol of Hades is Cerberus. Cerberus
was Hades three-headed dog that protected the gates to the

After the overthrow of Hades and his siblings father, Cronus,

they casted lots in share of the lands. Hades got the worst share
and given the Underworld. The Underworld is where Hades lives.
If you might say, the Underworld is practically Hell. The
Underworld was a kingdom full of the dead. The gates of the
Underworld are protected by Hades beloved three-head dog,
Cerberus. The underworld was practically covered with dead
peoples corpses. Dead people, dead people, dead people, and
even more dead people! The Underworld also has a river called
the River of the Dead, and if you couldnt guess, its filled with
dead people! In the Underworld, there is no escape. Other than
Hell, you could kind of call this place Alcatraz. Filled with torture
and death. The Underworld is a pretty wicked place.

A Greek god is a
immortal being
that is known to
rule the earth.
There is known
to be two types
of Greek gods:
Titans and
Olympians. The
Titans are
basically the
older gods that
overthrown by
the younger
gods, the

6 Olympian

6 Titan

6 Demi
















Hades and his brothers and sisters were in war with the Titans
which included their parents Rhea and the ruler of Titans, Cronus.
This war started over the worlds. The Olympians wanted power
even if they had to fight for it. So they fought for it. In the end,
Hades and his siblings were victorious. After their victory, they
casted lots in share of the worlds. Poseidon was given the sea,
Zeus was given Mount Olympus, and Hades had the worst share
which was the Underworld. Thats how he became ruler of the
Underworld. Another myth is how Persephone became Hades
wife. First of all, Persephone is god of spring. She is also the
daughter of Zeus. Persephone was kidnapped by Hades and
forced into being his wife. Thats how they were married.

Hades, Greek God of the Underworld

Greek Mythology
Greek Gods Info
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wouldnt be reading this beautiful piece of art.

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By: Aidan Cobovic

During this project, I had a lot of fun. It was cool learning

about Hades. Also the fact that this is going in a book, IM
GOING TO BE FAMOUS! This project was awesome and Id love
to do another project like this. The only downside is that it
included a lot of writing. Otherwise, it was pretty fun.

I dedicate this page to Nana (my grandma). She has

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Hades is the god of the Underworld. He is also the god of

wealth because there were very fine minerals in the
Underworld or underground. He is the god of the Underworld
because when he and his brothers casted lots in share of the
worlds, he was given the worst share and owned the
Underworld. This allowed him to be ruler of the dead. Oh yeah,
forgot to add something. He is also god of the dead.