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Lesson Plan: Fractions and Decimals

1. Group project Theyre Everywhere! Fractions and Decimals Found in the

Real World
Each group is asked to choose a real world situation from 4 options. The
groups will need to observe how fractions and decimals are used in the real
world situation. The group needs to identify, evaluate, compare, convert,
and explain the use of fractions and decimals in the chosen situation. The
presentation must contain at least one comparison chart which is titled and
labeled. Details outline of performance task requirements will be made
available to the student groups.
2. Fractions in Real Life Journal
3. Individual project
Each student will write a final individual paper evaluating ways in which
they observed fractions and decimals being used in their own lives as
recorded in their journals. This paper must contain calculations of
conversion from fractions to decimals and vice versa. The paper must also
address one example using a bar or pie graph. Five word problems derived
from these observations must be written and included in the paper.

Unit entrance knowledge assessment quiz
Vocabulary quiz
Ordering, rounding, and converting
Adding and subtracting
One-on-one journal checks
One-on-one comprehension checks Student Self-Assessment and
Students are given the opportunity to reflect and engage in selfassessment through the journal entries.
The final individual paper can be used as a tool for self-assessment
through the application of real- life situations from the students

Week 1:
Entrance quiz
Discussion of fractions and decimals. What are they?
Assignment of vocab list.
Read and write equivalent fractions and decimals
Assign problem sets
Vocab quiz
Week 2:
Discussion of Fractions in Real Life journal, assign beginning entries
Ordering, recognizing equivalents, and rounding fractions and
Generation of equivalent fractions, decimals, mixed numbers, and
improper fractions.
Problem sets
Assessment quiz
Week 3:
One-on-one journal checks
Review ordering, equivalents, rounding, and conversions between
fractions, decimals, and percents
Quiz on material covered
Begin addition of fractions and decimals
Problem sets
Discussion of upcoming group project
Week 4:
One-on-one comprehension checks
Review ordering, equivalents, rounding, conversions and addition
Begin subtraction of fractions and decimals
Assign groups for project and explain rubric
Problem sets
Week 5:
One-on-one journal checks
Continue discussion and review of topics relating to fractions and
Problem sets and comprehension checks
Addition and Subtraction quiz

Give time to work on group project in class

Discussion of upcoming final individual project
Week 6:
One-on-one journal checks
Group presentations
Problem sets for review and practice
Discuss rubric for and begin Individual projects
Give time to work on individual projects when group presentations
are complete
Week 7:
Review unit information
Unit test on material covered
Turn in individual projects
Conclusion of fraction, decimals and percents unit