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Cooking a Three Course Meal

(Ikan Laut/Tawar Khas Irian Jaya, Ubi Jalar, Ikan Bakar Dabu-dabu, Lontar)

Steps taken
a. Preparation: The first step to the cooking process was preparing the ingredients. This included
creating the batter for the Lontar, cutting up the tomatoes, setting up the steamer, applying
margarine to the inside of Lontar plates, applying a layer of cooking oil onto the grilling mat,
preheating the microwaves, and weighing the materials.
b. Creating the dough of the Lontar by mixing the ingredients (50 grams of margarine, 75 grams of
baking powder, and tablespoon of vanilla extract) together with hand until the mixture
combines to form a powdery-dough texture with yellow color.

c. Placing the Lontar dough at the sides of the baking plate, making sure that it follows the shape of
the plate (so that when taken out of the plate forms its own small bowl)

d. Adding susu kental manis to the pre-prepared lontar batter, to add to the taste

e. Fillling out the lontar plates with the lontar batter, until the tip of cup.

f. Placing it inside a microwave set at 180 degrees Celsius and setting the timer for 15 mins.

g. Preparing the dabu-dabu for the grilled fish by mixing together 2 tomatoes (diced), 2 red onions
(diced), tablespoon of salt, tablespoon of lime juice, 10 pieces of basil leaves (diced), and
tablespoon of cooking oil. After mixing these together, the dabu-dabu is placed inside a
refrigerator to chill.

h. Adjust the heat of the Lontar microwave from 180 degrees to 150 degrees Celsius. Frequently
check back to see if the Lontar has cooked thoroughly or not.
i. Preparing the spices for the soup. This included mixing 2 tomatoes (diced), 2 pieces of laos
(crushed to bring out the juices), tablespoon of salt, and lime juice together inside a pot to
create the flavor of the broth


Stop the steamer because the sweet potato has finished steaming


Slicing small cuts on the sides of two fish to allow the fish to absorb the flavor. Set aside one fish
and place the other fish in the bowl with the tomato-laos-salt-lime mixture. Stir fish in broth for
several moments then proceed to next step.


Take back the set-aside fish and apply a generous amount of cooking on the exposed parts of the
fish, this is to make grilling more effective. Then place the fish on top of the grilling mat and
place inside preheated oven, setting time for 15 minutes and heat to 150 degrees Celsius.
Frequently check on the fish to see when to flip the sides

m. Take the finished cooking Lontar out of the microwave and plate it.

n. Take out the boiled fish soup out of the pot and plate it.

o. Flip the sides of the grilling fish.

p. Plate the dabu-dabu and a piece of Ubi Jalar (sweet potato)

q. Take the grilled fish out of the microwave and plate it.

(note: no clear picture of final plating)