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Group work analysis

As a group we had to collect qualitative and quantitative research about TV habits.

In this task we were given the task of using 2 different research methods. One being a qauntitive
date in the format of a Focus Group and the other technique being findings on qualitative data with
the format of a questionnaire, so we would go round and ask quantitiave questions, They were both
good research methods as this enabled us to engage with the audience and find out 2 different sets
of answers and see which one was the best.
The group was divided to do different work, me and Jarrod collected qualitative research and Ben
and Marcus collected quantitative research. This was good because it meant we could get more
work done in a quicker time as well as doing better work. Both of us made power points with the
information we gathered in pie charts and graphs. Then when we finished we put the PowerPoints
together. This was good for time and meant we could spend more time on it, at the end Marcus
wrote the summaries on the graphs, the information we gathered wasnt great, because there was
only information from about 8-10 people.
The research we collected wasnt as good as it could have been because we were asking most of the
same gender at most of the same age the same questions, so naturally there was a correlation, the
way we collected it was not the done it the quickest and most effective way, we made the
questionnaire which we printed of and Ben Snellgrove from our group went round the class and
collected the results, because he had to do everyone individually, which took time because everyone
asking questions took about 4 minutes to answer and we asked at least8-10 people for the
quantitative research, it was the same with me and Jarrod for the qualitative research. But we found
out some solid information which gave us a basis to work off.
The focus group was a good way of speaking face to face with a audience and finding out what they
think to our questions we asked. We found out some good information such as what types of Tele
they like to watch and how long they watch for and this helpful for us to put into our research. This
was good because there was good meaningful contribution to questions which means we could
really understand what audience they are and how they respond with uses & gratifications theory
which was very good. This was a good method because it enabled us to personally engage with the
people, but drawbacks were that it was only a limited number of people and you cant hold account
3 peoples opinions for more so the research would not stretch far enough.
The questionnaire was another good method we used to find out quantitative data. This was a good
method because this meaned we could get simple straight forward answers on questions such as
their favourite genre and how much TV they watch and we could put this information straight into a
PowerPoint to then make a conclusion on our results. The drawbacks to this method are that we
only had a small number of results so we couldnt work to a higher number of people so we could
really get a understanding of what audience we were working with.
Out of the two I would choose to do the questionnaire survey. I would pick this because this Is a
much more efficient way of getting results then putting our results into conclusions how we could
then know what type of audience we are working with. Both methods are good because you can get
good results from both but I found the questionnaire method much better.
This meant that we did not have much time for creating the PowerPoint with our results which
meant we had to rush it, this also meant are results had to be put together quickly in Excel as well.