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NRS- it was founded in 1992in new zealend many still use the NRS they were used to drive

advertising sales for the local Radio station but the idea proved that the popular that before long
NRS had demand from many media allies all over the world. Indeed, the NRS presentation explaining
the ideas of advertising being similar to a Hot Air Balloon (i.e. you need a lot of effort to get it off the
ground but then only bursts to maintain height.)

BARB- since 1981 provides a wider overview of key events in television since BARBs foundation,
including yearly Top 10 programmes and the changing list of reported channels.

They look at what the best television show is during weekly,

monthly and yearly they put together the information so this can help other television shows or
channels to make it more better so more ratings are to be collected for their own TV show.
ABC- watch video to finish of. Audit brio circulations
RAJAR- is created to work out what radio station are used more frequently and also allows other
radios stations to look at the information and be able to edit the radio station to make it more better
and improved they have to take in consideration whats the best time the radio station is listened to
and in what area it is used because depending on who listens to the channel because different age
groups would most likely have different tastes in music.
Ofcom- they look at the amount of electronics and broadband is used within the UK and see if you
have any problems and mess ups so when they get the information back people could see what is
best and what is not so when a group is creating another project using all these things they can see
what is best and what they can improve on so people will use it more often.

Audience research.
This is where the project workers ask the audience of the project what they fault so the project can
be improved or if having another project on the run they can make this one better so then more
people will go to the project members and this will allow more money for the projects members so
then they can create yet another project which could be improved even more.
For example if a film at the cinemas is shown they can ask the audience whether they liked the film
and what could be improved about it or if anything needs doing to make it better so then it can
attract more people so then the project company gets more out of the whole.
Market research.
This is where you work out if there is a certain marketing shop or area for your project if to say a
new brand of surf boards are made they would not be in an area where is always snowing or in a
mountain area or a city because there is no beach in which surfers will go to but if in the correct area
more money will be collected for the company to create another version that will be improved
based on the customers choice. Also another example is to make another magazine say as if its a
shoe magazine you could look if to see if anyone has already created a shoe magazine and if they
made the money out of it so you put it all into consideration before you make the project reliable.
Production research.
This is where you look into seeing if you or the team could make the project and if not were the best
place could be to create the project you are willing to create so then you could get the best out of
the project for the best prices so then more people will like the project.
Demo graphics
This is where projects work out what people are in each areas and what they like best and also the
age this helps many projects so then they can release the correct project for certain areas because a
brand new computer is not best released in an area where older people are because of the less
technology used so it will not be the best place to sell the technology.