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Molloy College

Division of Education
Student: Brittany Frenger
Course: EDU 521
Grade: 2nd Topic: Community Helpers

Professor R. Moroney
Date 12/3/14
Content Area: Social Studies

Instructional Objective(s)
After the students view a glogster about the different jobs in the community, students will
be introduced to community helpers and be able to name community helpers in their
community and what they do. This will be done with 80% accuracy.
Ask and answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why, and how to
demonstrate understanding of key details in a text.
Indicator: This will be evident when students discuss what happened in each book that is
read to them.
ISTE Nets for Students Standard 2: Communication and Collaboration
Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively,
including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of
Indicator: This will be evident when the students use view the glogster in the beginning
of the lesson.
ISTE Nets for Students Standard 3: Research and Information Fluency
Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information.
Indicator: This will be evident when students use the glogster to help them fill out the
KWL chart.
The students will view a glogster on jobs in the communities they will use the glogster to
help them throughout the lesson.

When I Grow Up by Rosemary Wells

Community Helpers from A to Z by Bobbie Kalman
What I learned paper
Chart paper


Direct Instruction
Group Discussion
Collaborative Learning
Cooperative Learning


For the student with ADD, they will be partnered with someone to keep them on task
throughout the lesson.
For the student who has auditory impairment, they will be given a narrative for them on a
The teacher realizes that not all students learn the same way. The teacher will
differentiate in tiers.
The first tier, students below grade level, will have a KWL graphic organizer with
a word bank.
The second tier, students on grade level, will have a KWL graphic organizer
without the word bank
The third tier, students above grade level, will have to write out the KWL graphic
organizer on their own.

The teacher will start a discussion about community helpers. The class will come
up with community helpers and the teacher will write them on the board. The teacher
will prompt a discussion about the community helpers and what they do to help make
our community run. (What are community helpers? What are different community
helpers in our community? What are different community helpers in other


The teacher will direct the students to fill in their KWL charts about community
helpers. The group will go over the glogster for reference for the KWL charts. The
group will brainstorm things that they know and what they want to learn about
community helpers. The teacher will make sure the students know the L part of the
chart is filled once the lesson is over. (What is a KWL chart? What do we know about
community helpers? What do we want to learn about community helpers?)


The teacher will read the books When I Grow Up and Communities from A to Z
to the class. The class will then discuss which helpers listed in the books are present in
their community. The students will discuss the books and what they are about. (What

community helpers are in our community? What was When I Grow Up about? What
was Communities from A to Z about?)

The students will finish their KWL chart of what they learned and then will fill
out an exit slip. The exit slip will ask for them to write two things they learned from
the lesson. They will also be required to draw a picture making sure there are at least
three different colors in the drawing. (What goes in the L column of the KWL chart?
What are two things you learned? What picture will you draw? How many colors are
in the drawing?)

The teacher will collect and review the exit slips.

The teacher will collect the KWL charts to make sure they were filled out
The teacher will observe the students while they take part in the discussion.
Students will be assessed with a rubric.

Jobs in the Community

Teacher Name: Ms. Frenger
Student Name:




Student participates
in classroom

Student participates
in some classroom

Student pays
attention but did not
participate in

Student does not pay

attention or
participate in

Completion of
KWL Chart

Student completes
KWL chart with

Student fills in some Student has little

of the KWL chart
inormation in KWL

Exit Slip

Student completes
exit slip with three
things they learned.

Students completes Students completes Student does not

exit slip with only two exit slip with only two complete exit slip
things the learned.
things the learned.


Student does not

complete KWL chart.

Students will pick one community helper that they want to be when they grow up and
draw a picture of themselves.
Direct Teacher Intervention: For the students who did not meet the objective they will be
provided with a KWL graphic organizer of the information given during the lesson.
Academic Enrichment: Students who exceeded the objective will pick one book about
community helpers to read and draw a picture about it.

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