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Some people argue that the amount of violence shown in films and on

television has led to an increase in violent crimes in society. Do you

agree with this argument? Should the government control what is
shown on television and in the cinema?
In my opinion, violent images appeared in movies or on television could
increase rate of violent crimes, and a course of actions need to be taken by
government to censor the program content on television and in the cinema.
This is because the acessibility of violent programs could have negative
impact on psychological behavior of viewers, esspecially those without
behavior management skills like teenagers. As a result, these people tend to
mimic the actions of actors or actresses in these films to engage in physical
fights to resolve their own arguments. They may not consider thoroughly the
root of the causes, and this may cause aggressive responses. For example, in
the U.S, many violent movies are released anually, and teenagers can be
inspired by or assisted in partcipating in antisocial acts like using gun illegally
in schools.
It is neccesary for government to impose strict censorship on what is shown in
the media . This can help to protect viewers from the massive exposure of
violent images, which partly reduce violence-related crime rate. The content of
movies or programs need to be considered carefully by relevant agencies
prior to being accessible to wider public. For example, in Vietnam, there are
age limits for films. In addition, a greater invesment should be made in
educational and informational films, which may affects viewers's preference.
Along with government's efforts, parental supervision towards what are
exposed to their children is also needed.
In conclusion, I believe that an increase in violence-related criminals may be
the results of the availability of violent movies or televison programs;
therefore, government should have tight control on these things.