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Toyota supra motor

Some differences in the OEM twin turbo

JDM and USDM/UKDM JZA80 turbine setups
JDM (CT20) has 3 bolt flanges for turbo

to header. USDM/UKDM (CT12) is 4 bolt.

JDM (CT20) has no pressure bypass X-over
pipe, USDM/UKDM (CT12) does.
JDM (CT20) has oval exhaust header to
turbo ports and 3" downpipe, some are 2
bolt, some are 3 bolt.
USDM/UKDM (CT12) has 4" downpipe outlet,
and full bore round ports from exhaust
header to turbo.

Where to find a Toyota supra.

 You can find them online but good luck finding

them they are rare around WV and Ohio.
Average horse power in a Toyota
450 hp is the average horse power with a stock Toyota supra from

1993 to 2002 but this supra has 753hp it has a 15psi boost running
threw the turbo gretty exhaust intercooler but don’t know that kind.
What is drifting?
Definition of drifting Aimless wandering from place to place

Drifting is a high-skill, high-powered motorsport that calls for drivers to control a 450hp car
while it slides sideways at high speed through a marked course. It is similar to rally racing,
but is done on a closed course and judged on execution and style rather than who finishes
the course fastest. Drifting takes all the thrilling moments of traditional motorsports and
packs it together into non-stop competition. The D1 Grand Prix takes the excitement one step
further by being the only drifting competition that features aggressive side-by-side action as
finalists burn up the course two-at-a-time often only inches apart.
Future Toyota supra
 This is a future Toyota supra.
 Engine:6:cylinder
 Seating: 4 people
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