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Student does not maintain eye

contact. Voice does not project.
Unprepared. Unable to answer
teacher/student questions.
Depends on the other groups
members to present.

Student gives little eye contact.

Talks a few times, but group
members dominate discussion.
Attempts to answer questions,
but does not give full answers.

Student maintains eye contact.

Discusses findings. Doesnt
readily answer all questions or
shows some misunderstandings.

Student maintains eye contact.

Active role in discussion and
presentation. Readily answers
questions correctly. Clear voice.
Demonstrates understanding.

Incomplete. Shows little to no

effort. Does not follow

Little effort. Model completed

but does not reflect creativity
and is messy. Does not meet all

Model completed and neat.

Does not follow all guidelines/

Model completed, neat, and

follows requirements. Shape is

Model dimensions are incorrect.

Volume miscalculated. Surface
area miscalculated. Unable to
define what is surface area/
volume. Driving Questions
unanswered. Unable to find
corresponding 3D object from a

Knows how to find volume and

surface area. Cannot explain
how one can affect the other.
Cannot thoroughly answer
driving questions, but
demonstrates some knowledge.
Shows some confusion when
finding a 3D object from a net.

Volume and surface area

calculated correctly and
understands how one can affect
the other. Understands how to
find the 3D object from a 2D
net. Driving questions need to
be revised.

Volume and surface area

calculated correctly. All driving
questions are answered
correctly. Able to describe the
difference between surface area
and volume effectively. Knows
how surface area affects