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Vocabulary Practice

I _________ to finish my
science project and could not
present it at the fair.
a) obedience
b) neglected

c) misunderstood
d) appreciated

neglected verb failed to give

proper attention to or care to;
failed to do

Dont Give Up

Try Again

I _____ the directions my

teacher gave and did the
wrong page for homework
a) risks
b) obedience

c) neglected
d) misunderstood

misunderstood verb understood

something incorrectly; got the
wrong idea

The boss _____ how much his

workers did for the company.

a) neglected
b) misunderstood

c) appreciated
d) desperate

appreciated verb understood

the value of, was grateful for

Due to the storm, there was a

______ shortage of food and
a) desperate
b) risks

c) endured
d) bluffing

desperate adjective very bad or


Explorers were willing to take

_____ in the hope of
discovering new lands.
a) misunderstood
b) appreciated

c) risks
d) endured

risks plural noun chances of loss

or harm

The workers ______ the hot

sun all day.

a) endured
b) risks

c) desperate
d) appreciated

up with


survived or put

Rory said he could fly, but I

knew he was _______.

a) risks
b) endured

c) bluffing
d) obedience

bluffing verb trying to fool

people with a false show of
confidence, courage, or

It was important to show

_______ to safety rules.

a) endured
b) bluffing

c) obedience
d) neglected

obedience noun the

willingness to obey, or to
carry out orders, wished, or