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(a) Frank Mohn Services AS FRAMO NO.1-1990 Service Bulletin MAKE YOU UP TO DATE WITH THE LATEST NEWS FROM FRANK MOHN SERVICES AS. Magnetic Detector Bearing Protection Dear FRAMO customer ! The idea with FRAMO Service Bulletins is to make our customer up to date with the latest news from FRAMO Services A/S You will receive this information hopefully ten to twelve times per year, and we will try to highlight one item each time. The items can be operational info., technical news, system news a.s.0 and we do hope that these Service Bullentins will help you to achieve a long Tasting well functioning system, with low maintenance cost and that you as customer, will achieve a better profit from the system. This time we will highlight: Magnetic Detector - Bearing Control. During the later years we have had some unfortunate examples of bearing failures causing sudden break down of hydraulic pumps. The result has often been very costly repair/flushing jobs. As a protective measure, in order to give a forewarning that the bearings are deterionating, we recommend installing smal] magnetic chip detectors on each hydraulic pump’s drain line. Many of our Customers have done this already with a very good result, i.e. they are able to exchange the bearings before an expensive break down. If you have this problem and want to do someting about it, don“t hesitate to contact us, and we will promtly send you an offer especially for your system with price, drawing and specification. Looking forward with great interest to hearing from you, we remain Very truly yours