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The Court cards show the quality of their suit.

They are the characters in the

Tarot Drama. They also represent the sixteen distinct personality types that
were formulated into what is called the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
which remains the generally accepted standard in psychology when assessing
personality types.

Kings are Earth and represent the physical part of the energy of their
element. Their action is to bring something to fruition. They are the adult
nature capable of supporting the idea of fatherhood. Kings use the energy they
represent to


. Path.

Astrology King of Wands Leo, King of Cups Scorpio, King of Swords

Aquarius, King of Disks Taurus.

Queens are Water and the compliment of the Kings. They receive, channel
and transmit the original energy of their Knight. They represent the second
stage in the process of creation; Mother. They are the

of the element

they represent. Nurture.

Queen of Wands Aries, Queen of Cups Cancer, Queen of
Swords, Libra, Queen of Disks Capricorn.
are Fire and are the offspring of the Kings and Queens in as much as
they carry forth the combined force and energy of their parents. Knights are
the active issue of their union and its manifestation. Son. Knights


set something into motion. Movement.

Knight of Wands Sagittarius, Knight of Cups Pisces, Knight of
Swords Gemini, Knight of Disks Virgo.

are Air and the essence of their element. They show the spirit or
. They also represent counter balancing, the re-absorption of
energy. They are pure but young in expression, freshly formulated but unskilled
in the channelling of their energy. They therefore make no excuses for who
they are. They are the essential ingredient. The child - the original idea of the
element. Message.










Crystallisation to assume or cause to assume definite concrete form.

Activation to make active or set something into motion.
Transformation to change in appearance, condition, nature or character.
Manifestation something that is readily perceived by the eye or the understanding.

Page of Wands Air of Fire

Page of Cups Air of Water

Knight of Wands Fire of Fire

Knight of Cups Fire of Water

Queen of Wands Water of Fire

Queen of Cups Water of Water

King of Wands Earth of Fire

King of Cups Earth of Water

Page of Swords Air of Air

Page of Disks Air of Earth

Knight of Wands Fire of Air


Knight of Disks Fire of Earth

Queen of Wands Water of Air

Queen of Disks Water of Earth

King of Wands Earth of Air

King of Disks Earth of Earth

represent the mental aspect of their element

represent the active aspect of their element
represent the emotional aspect of their element
represent the grounded aspect of their element