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Full Name of the candidate

Passport No :
The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Chennai, India
Sub: Application for Skilled Job Seeker Visa to Germany
Dear Sir / Madam,
I, ..(name) would like to apply for the Skilled Job Seeker Visa for
Germany. I was made aware of the Skilled Jobseeker Visa for Germany by some of
my friends. I always wanted to work in a European country and the skilled jobseeker
visa allows me to search for a suitable job in Germany. I have researched on the
basic requirements for this visa and after going through the requirement, I am
confident of providing all the relevant supporting documents & obtaining the Skilled
Jobseeker visa. Based on my skills & qualification I am fully eligible for the visa as a
skilled worker. Germany is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and it
has always been my desire to be part of Germany and utilize my skills for the
betterment of the economy as a whole.
Reason for being in Germany:
I was fascinated after going through the guidelines of the Skilled Jobseeker visa to
Germany. This visa will give me a chance to explore the various employment
options in Germany. I will be able to meet the employers in person and put forth my
points about the skills which I possess and how my skills can benefit the company in
it growth. Personal interaction with a prospective employer will always have a
positive effect than a online or email interaction from a foreign country and also the
employer will know and understand my skills in a better perspective and I will also
be able to have a better understanding about the companys nature of work.
I will also get a chance to explore the various cities and towns in Germany and will
get to know the people from all walks of life. I will be able to acclimatize myself to
the culture of Germany. Please find the detailed explanation about my education,
work experience & future career plans.
I am currently . years old and was born on . I have enclosed a copy of my
Passport - ---with validity from ------------- to --------. I have also enclosed my Birth
Certificate for my proof of age for the Proof of personal status in India.

Provide all educational details along with certificates/awards if any.

The Status of the Graduation Degree Institute/University i.e. (your college name)
based in India is ---- as per the web site www.anabin.de.

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Full Name of the candidate

Passport No :
I have enclosed the relevant qualification certificate & mark sheet for your
Work Experience:
Work experience details
Current Employer / Self: Designation &

Reference Name for Employment


Current employer details along with your

role and
Experience details

Previous employer details

Summary of your job experience

Based on my research for on the employments opportunities in my sector in
Germany, has given me the motivation to apply for the jobseeker visa and prove my
skills and subject knowledge and at the same time learn from the experts.
Below are few websites where had been searching for jobs in my sectors:
Based on my roles & responsibilities and skills gained during my employment
with my employer, I am confident of getting a job in my skills sector or expertise in
Germany within the stipulated time. I have done a research on the jobs in Germany
relevant to my skills and the prospects for my skills are good. I have all the relevant
documents and proof about my skills and the same can be verified with my
Summary of your resume.
Based on this experience I am confident of landing a job in my skills area in
Germany. I have also enclosed a detailed resume which gives full information about
my roles and responsibilities with all the employers I have been associated with
during my tenure along with the letters from my employers for my roles and
responsibilities for your kind reference.
Maintenance Funds

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Full Name of the candidate

Passport No :

As per the guidelines, an applicant who is applying for Skilled Jobseeker Visa in
Germany must demonstrate the availability of maintenance funding to support their
stay in Germany while searching for jobs and to meet the daily expenses as per the
cost of living in Germany to the tune of maximum for the 6 months duration;

EUR 8,100 (for 6 months) = INR 5,75,000 as per current conversion rate.

Hence, as per the maintenance fund criteria, I understood that I have to show a
minimum of INR 5,75,000 considering a standard exchange rate @ Euro 1 = INR 72
All the expenses associated with this trip are supported by me. I have been
maintaining Saving Account of INR..in bank.account number..) which will
be sufficient to accommodate me for the duration of my stay in Germany while
searching for Jobs. I have sufficient funds in Saving Account which can be withdrawn
at any point of time to take care of my expenses while in Germany searching for
Please note that towards the maintenance fund criteria, I have enclosed all the
supporting documents towards fund maintenance for your reference. If you have
any further query, please contact the bank authority to the specified contact
numbers in the enclosed bank letter.
Accommodation details..
I will look for a suitable accommodation for the rest of the duration of stay in
Germany after landing in Germany.
Travel & Medical Insurance:
I have taken the Travel and Medical Insurance to cover my duration of stay in
Germany. I am attaching the Travel & Medical Insurance Policy (PolicyID) to cover
my stay in Germany from TATA AIG Travel Insurance for your reference for the
period from.to ..
Course of Action
I have already established contact with some of the employers and employment
agencies in Germany. Once I land there, I will get in touch with the employers whom
I had been in touch with and also contact other companies where there is a
requirement for my skills and work experience. I will try to land a good skilled job in
my area of expertise with a reputable organization and based on that proceed to
apply for the work permit and settle down in Germany.
As the Skilled jobseeker visa is issued only to search for a Job, once I get the Job I
will ensure that I apply for the skilled worker residence permit with all the relevant
documents from the employer before starting work in Germany.

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Full Name of the candidate

Passport No :

Continuity of Career
I feel it is time to put my talents to a more diversified and challenging situation in
Germany, as it ranks very highly among the countries of Europe.
I am sure that skills and work experience that I have gained during my working
years and the roles which I have handled during my tenure, will surely satisfy any
enterprising and foresighted employer in Germany. After browsing various job sites
for jobs in Germany, I am confident of landing in a good job in Germany with my
subject expertise and real time exposure and settling down in Germany.
If by chance I do not get a job in Germany, I have already backed up my career
continuity in India with my employer, as I have proven my skills which any company
will be on a lookout as a backup plan. But I am confident of getting a job in Germany
in my sector or area of expertise.
My humble request your kind office to consider all the above-mentioned points
before concluding a final decision. Based on the above-mentioned justifying facts, I
request you to review my application and grant me the visa, which I truly deserve.
I am enclosing my detailed resume along with the relevant certificates to support
my application for your perusal. If you have any questions or comments, please call
me on Ph: Or E-mail:
Yours Sincerely,

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