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e@eeee ROGERS 3G 10:34 PM € 7%) < Sent Mail + | Bu v (no subject) 4 Rishi Gulati ~ rishi.gulati1 987 Hide details Bee: Date: January 2, 2015, 9:56 PM WHATS YOUR EXCUSE FOR NOT SENDING SOMEONE TO MY HOUSE IN MISSISSAUGA UN SECRETARY GENERAL YOU CALL INDIA THEY TELL YOU NOTHING IS WRONG MAYBE YOU CALL CANADA THEY TELL YOU NOTHING IS WRONG MAYBE INDIAS DEFENCE TO THE CHIEF JUSTICE OF CANADA CAN BE THEY DONT KNOW HOW TO USE PAPER MAIL ONE IN THREE PEOPLE IN THE POPULATION eeeee ROGERS 3G 10:34 PM € 7%) €< Sent Mail + | Bu v WITNESSES SOME FORM OF BRIBERY THEY NEVER FLEW SOMEONE TO SEE ME IN CANADA THEY NEVER CONTACTED THEIR OWN TORONTO CONSULATE TO REPORT ANYTHING TO CANADIAN AUTHORITIES IN FOUR HUNDRED AND SIXTY FOUR DAYS CLICK Update wwwdotscribddotcomforwardsl ashdocforwardslash two five one five four six eight six five forwardslashJan hyphen two hyphen Update Type it out like normal to make a weblink | dont think Indian Government is allowing anyone to leave India from hacked networks and controlling electronic and phone communication Have you spoken to a single official you recognize by face and voice