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Wark! the peraly angels sing. Carol 650. ‘oumiemseas. Words by Ree. 0. Wesley. Mondelasohn. f Ca her = ald -an - gels sing Glo = ry the new-born King; 22 ad ee elt f ? 1, Hark! the af t Pouce on onrth, end mir = oy mill, God and sin - mere rs - om - Pl Pp aid the ne - tions, rise. Join ee H trl -umph of the skies; pod dd ‘With th’an. gel - fe host pro - claim Christ ts born hem. 2 it sia , 7 new - born King. - 2 3 F Christ, by highest heaven adored ; ‘mf Mila He lays His glory by; Christ, the everlasting Lord ; Born that man no more may die, dim Late in time behold Him come, Born to raise the sons of earth, Offspring of the Virgin’s womb. Born to give them second birth. p Veiled in flosh the Godhead s00 ; er Rison with healing in His wings, Hail the Incarnate Deity, Light and life to all He brings, er Pleased as Man with man to dwell; JF Hail, the Sun of Righteousness ! Jesus, our Emmanuel ! Hail, the heaven-born Prince of Peace! Pariah Chote, No, 1007 —4, 598,