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Epic poetry usually embodies the attitudes and ideals of an entire culture.

What values
of Anglo Saxon society does Beowulf reveal? What universal themes does it also reveal?
Use specific examples from the poem to support your answer.

The Anglo Saxons believed in bravery, loyalty, generosity, and friendship. Beowulf showed bravery
against Grendel and friendship when the Geats came in aid of the Deats. The Anglo-Saxon culture was
warlike. Most of their technology consisted of weapons and armor. In Beowulf there were descriptions of
battle and weapons. Even though they were warlike, they still valued generosity. The people are very
loyal to their leader in Anglo-Saxon society. In Beowulf, Hrothgar was loved and followed by his people.
He feared for his people during Grendels onslaught. The Anglo-Saxon society believed that, to lose ones
honor was more fearsome then death. Scops could be compared to the Shaper. Scops are poets in the
Anglo-Saxon community. They sang their poets to the strumming of a harp. The Shaper also sang to a
harp. Kings are a universal theme during the time. There is also the heroic theme. Beowulf is another
typical hero. For example, superman, batman, and other heros have the same characteristics, bravery and
generosity. Another universal theme is the fight against good versus evil. Beowulf is known as the
Dragonslayer within the story. Grendel is known as the monster that lives within the darkness. Beowulf
is good versus the evil Grendel.