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Tribunal: __ Grupo: __N? Orden: Task 1 Write a blog entry describing something that happened in your past Either write about a strange or unusual event from your past or a special day that you still remember clearly. The text must be between 150-180 words. Organize it in different paragraphs: Set the scene and describe the situation (When was it? Where was it?) , describe the events of the story (What happened?, What did you do?, How did you feel?) and how the story ends, what happens to the characters.) (Marking: 10 points) Whew Twas. %. Jrayelledd wit ima, poses! goood panes aud. ey Atlee, who. was~l0, Ao Romicem... twas. & py wee. Tip, TL Gam Aemouber Spee eed The 2 or — ! “the Begi nni wat tha a Aad with, 7 5 theo 4, Ji Y ha eee a af Hook Too ng. A auive iz and, Tl tall Th on bis, dit whoa weanives to the etl eagthi Aeadey Me a Ep Sud atiat ty f° gpd d Jal yet cA Adyflel ms eaxcle (nf Fab king Mid. othe. la Worn ns 4p on “the beach eueey gt diffe Yi Sia ind ed = oe ON Allo tho sie pied laut al Fo Sul wang pool _axta. off sly a ee Mn Oe Lae