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Dear parents,

On Friday, February 4th, the sixth grade team held community meeting to discuss a
new incentive-based behavior plan. The team highlighted three areas that the students
were asked to focus on: hallway safety, dress code, and staying in designated areas. The
next day, the students reviewed and discussed the expectations in homebase in a small
group setting.
On March 21st, students who met these expectations during the past 2 weeks were
invited to celebrate their positive choice. If students had received four or more Level One
Referrals in the past two weeks, in the areas we discussed, they were assigned a reflection
during this time. The reflection included talking with each teacher about behavior,
journaling about choices, and creating a plan to meet expectations in the future.
We believe this celebration and reflection time is a great asset for our team as we
continue to foster a community of responsible and thoughtful students. We hope that you
will take the time to read and to discuss the focus areas with your child and encourage him
or her to contribute positively as a role model. We look forward to celebrating our
students many successes in the future.
Thank you for your continued support,
The Sixth Grade Team

Step 1: Self Reflection


Areas of Focus
1. Hallway behavior
Keeping hands to yourself
Going to class on time
2. Lunch
Staying in assigned seats
Leaving it better than you found it
3. Class
Asking for permission to leave
Being in dress code
What areas of focus did you receive ODRs for which resulted in you being in reflection?
1. ________________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________________
4. ________________________________________________________________

How is your behavior unfair to your classmates and our school community? (Example: If
you leave food behind in the cafe, someone else has to clean it up.)

How is your behavior unfair to yourself? (Example: It is keeping you from enjoying

What could be the long-term consequences of you continuing any or all of these
behaviors? (Think about your reputation, your learning, the learning of others, etc..)

How do you plan to correct this behavior?

Is there something a teacher or our community can can do to help you do so?

Student Signature:________________________________________________
Parent Signature: ________________________________________________
Step 2: Make up any missing work from class.

Step 3: PSA Reflection

Create a Public Service Announcement poster about one of the focus areas you
need to improve on.
Element on the poster:
- Clearly state how to follow the expectations of the hallway, cafe, or classroom.
- Persuasive slogan or catch phrase to encourage others to follow the
-Draw a clear, neat, image that illustrates your message.
Create a rough draft sketch of your idea below.

Each Students ODR list: