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Subject : Production of Glucose Isomerase . Date : September 30, 1969

To : Dr . Eldon D . Nielson

The fermentation requirements to produce enough microbial cells to

produce 50 million pounds of glucose-fructose syrup per year are given
below :

The seed inoculum is prepared in three 4-gallon fermentators and

incubated for 24 hours . Successive 5% inoculums are used until the
proper inoculum is obtained for addition to two 25,000 gallon ferment-
ators (4l inoculum into large fermentators) . These figures are based
on a 100 day per year operating schedule . The large fermentators are
incubated for 64 hours and the microbial cells are removed by a suit-
able procedure .

The medium is composed of an inexpensive, readily available carbon

source, animal proteins, yeast extract, and various salts . No pH
,adjustment is required with this balanced medium .

The medium and fermentators are sterilized in place by heating at

121°C for 70 minutes and cooled to the incubation temperature of 30°C .
The fermentators are inoculated as above, and the cells are incubated
for 64 hours at 30°C . The aeration rate during the fermentation is
0 .15 cu . ft ./min ./gal . The approximate horsepower requirements for
the agitation rates are 0 .06 to 0 .13 H .P . per gal .

CGP :kdd

CC : Mr . Edward A .'Vassallo
Dr . Murray Senkus
Dr . R . E . Brouillard