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Subject : Glucose Isomerase : Evaluation'of Synthetic Date : March 23, 1970 •

Anion Exchange Resins to Act as a Soli d
Support Medium for the Enzym e

To: Dr . Charles G . Pheil

Preliminary screening of several commercially available,'inexpen-
L,ive anion exchange resins has been carried out . The stronCly basic
macroreticular resins IRA-900, IRA-~910, and IRA-911 produced by Rohm and
Haas-Company as well as the intermediate base Duolite A-57 resin produced
by Diamond Shamrock Chemical Company have proved to be of no value for
enzyme binding .
.. .... . .
The weakly basic, macroreticular anion exchange resin IRA-9 3
by Rohm and Haas has been shown to possess considerable binding capacity
for glucose isomerase . The most probable reason for the .more effective
binding of IRA-93 over IRA-900 is the fact that the average pore diameter
of IRA-93 is twice as large as that of IRA-900, allowing the penetration
of the relatively large glucose isomerase molecule into the resin beads .

A column cont ining 200 grams (wet weight) of IRA-93 to which

has been adsorbed 6x10~ microunits of glucose isomerase has been operated
for two weeks at 55°C for various flow rates . At fast flow rates,a low
percent (10-20%) conversion of*glucose to fructose occurs . At slow flow
rates (2 milliliters per minute),conversions as high as 40% have been
achieved .

It must be pointed out that these observations represent only

preliminary screening efforts and cannot be compared to the .vast knowledge
which has been gathered on DEAE cellulose by investigators in this research
department .

In summary, the following points may be made in favor .of further

investigation of IRA-93 .

1 . It is readily available in commercial quantities at low

cost .

2 . It has high chemical,stability including high resistanc e

to oxidation :

3. Its "spherical bead" shape and size allow for columns

which could yield high flow rates .
Dr . Pheil
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March 23, 1970

4 . It may be washed and recharged with enzyme without removing

it from the column .

WSS :msc

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