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That literature I like

I read classics and historical novels because i am enjoy them. The classics novel usually
have a memorable stories and interesting characters, but the historical novels are my favorites,
because they makes me journey into the stories and going to put my imagination run away. I
love read a books which be matters about nazism, holocaust, dictatorship, slavery, freedom,
two world wars, racism, segregation, human rights and the other themes related.
The latest books I read was No ms Lili Marleem written by David Aliso, Suite Francesa
written by Irene Nemirovsky, and The Daugther of Isis written by Nadal al Saadawi. Nadal al
Saadawi tackles some controversial subjects about the role of women in Islam.
My favorites writters are Octavio Paz, Jos Saramago, Yukio Mishima, and the poets
Ruben Dario, Mario Benedetti, Walt Whitman and Anne Sexton, however my preferences about to
read, I am always explore for a literary new experience.

Maribel Toro Rojas

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