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Name: ___Kelly Martin ____________________________________


Military Careers Assignment

DIRECTIONS: Answer all questions in complete sentences. Change your responses to
another color or bold.
Part I: Before Research
1. Have you considered the military as an option after graduation?
No, I have not considered the military as an option after graduation.
2. If yes, what branch are you thinking about?
If no, why have you not considered the military?
I said no because I know I could never handle the intense training that is required
and I dont think I would be able to commit to 8 years of service.
3. From what sources have you built your opinion on military careers? (Family, friends, TV shows,
news, etc.)
I have built my opinion on military careers from TV shows and the news.

Part II: Research

In this section, you will go to the website for the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force to
research information about different jobs available not everyone is a front-line soldier!
Fill in information on the table provided in your own words!
**Note the Armys website is the easiest to navigate to find details about specific jobs.


Special Forces
One of the most highly
accomplished combat
services of the world.


A 14 week Infantry
One station training
course. Special forces
qualification courseindividual skills phase,
MOS qualification
phase, and collective
training phase.
Language training,
and survival training.

Helpful Skills

-Be able to work as a

team member
-Be able to accept a
challenge and face
-Be in great physical
-Have an interest in

Animal Care
Focuses on the
prevention of animal
to human diseases,
and is also responsible
for the care of
government owned
Ten weeks of basic
combat training, 11
weeks of advanced
individual training,
and practice with
animal care.
Techniques on how to
care for patients,
methods of keeping
surgical equipment
clean, and how to
handle emergency
medical situations are
-A general interest in
science, particularly
-Enjoy helping others
-Have the ability to
work under pressure
during medical

Public Affairs
Broadcast Specialist
They are involved in
creating, filming,
hosting, and editing
news and
involving the Army.
Ten weeks of basic
combat training and
12 weeks for
advanced individual
training. The
individual training
consists of video
editing, voice skills for
anchoring a broadcast,
writing news, radio
and television
programming and
production, public
speaking and media
-Ability to speak in
front of an audience
-Detail oriented
-Enjoy researching
news stories
-Can write clearly and

Name: ___Kelly Martin ____________________________________

weapons and
-Be calm under
Required ASVAB

General technical: 107

Combat: 98

Skilled Technical: 91

Future Civilian

Several forms of
government service

Related Jobs

M1 Armor Crewman,
Infantryman, Fire
Support Specialist

Veterinary aides or an
assistant at a
veterinary hospital or
an assistant
laboratory animal
Health Care Specialist,
Nutrition Care
specialist, Veterinary
Food Inspection


General technical: 107

Disc jockey, writer,

director, producer,
editor or
Public Affairs
specialist, Combat
Documentation, Civil
affairs specialist.

Part III Response

4. Which of the 3 military jobs would you like best? Why?
I liked the Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist because it doesnt involve actual
combat and I think it would be fun to be a broadcaster.
5. Did you know that this job existed before? Or, are you surprised that it exists?
I am surprised that this job exists because I didnt realize there were so many
noncombat jobs in the military.
6. Now that youve looked into this career, do you think it might be a good option for you? Weigh
the pros and cons of military service, government benefits, and being able to transition into a
civilian career with the other paths to the career (usually college).
Some of the pros of military service are all the benefits you receive. It would be
very helpful in providing for your family with all of the financial aid. It is also a
much respected career and it would be easy to transition into a civilian career
afterwards. However, some of the cons of military service are that you are more
likely to die in this career than any of the other fields. This job also requires you to
be away from your family and civilization for years at a time. Also many times
people suffer from PTSD after the service and that can affect you or the rest of
your life. Therefore I do not think the military service is a good option for me.