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' Ideal Hand Book No. 38 THE LYMAN GUN SIGHT CORPORATION. FOREWORD Th tty-soven preceding ection: ofthe IDEAL HAND BOOK hove Incorporeted the gradual changes developed by experience nd progras the at of monet arn and sion. purpose o his second eon of No, 8 ro give the sacl The bet and ae infomation pose io ence hi fo elo sate {nd stsfocoryammuntion coe: no rend fol ao @ [Ben | 8 BS 1 HRS EB 1 YP | Moa ay tack LOADS FOR JACKETED BULLETS: i 1 — |) REE I J TOOLS, 310M. 31 Tod | en sous. = 0s ah a te | wR ene ste pt bet th bingo #0088 = 9910987 Sard hn tel $20 ln Sind ae nl 8 i Se #2 “tha We sade Scr ies Ree! dont mt resie $8800 S02 aon tf Sty Bl oe 1004 0080.6), ti -32 Winchester Special and .32 Remington Automatic tee tk WotAL svUETS: #8099 ee hn babe fr hr ae ad hk bl pay tr oe ge maT Sand a tg Reina rage oa hac "gaat entra Sten ‘#0107 Spud ge ble fe 8 ec Yr 3 t 22 Wn, and am ot ; | EL rewe 1 em E hee - Cd LOADS FOR JACKETED BU LETS ——_— ——__— C4 ‘#76 bese lt HL Gey Tae, Shs HS ES [umioon f es Pe a BS RES |S se ES Glee BIB Cle 28MM Mauser (792% 57 and 8x57) Ene a ET LOADS FOR CAST BULLETS ‘one TOOLS: 310 No.2} Trine i Tvtin Sr. fea ‘ame ea ak re P| Pate pond ino 2 2 Tore Tage ti | wo. aus ; [RR eee gee es yg stant ane i i 2s i tree te iy inte Ae gt LOADS FOR JACKETED BULLETS, E amd eS 33 Winchester I} ae [8] mie TEER TEFL toate t) | TOADS FOR TACKETED BULLETS (Cost | dete Tee Re sey gee yg] Serra ———— r | = : i Sei i TOOLS: 310 fNo, 11) iota suuers, se | |PSOUT Sender heck bl 248 Winks (Oe chet manly re kt) I j ] 1 J J J | | i: {9 | M4 1DEAL wane soox | oFAt wane #o0K 35 Remington 35 Winchester TOOLS: 3100.5) tine Je fJ 100 a0. PE Sh PR pe we SSH ng ak Ph PG MR Reo Da toea owners voeaL eUuers $900 dl rbd nh eh one #850258 165 and 220 ge, plain 95001 Sap 6 8 bl. Gn be wd LE AE What z LOADS FOR CAST BULLETS: Tee pee a = ] Fal ~ f LOADS FOR CAST BULLETS: = Ee | = EES LOADS FOR JACKETED BULLETS; =) eeeel oe ee [ I ] Le | ] 1 1 j 9 M/M Mauser & Mannlicher-Schoenover YOOIS: 2100") Toate J { VEAL WAND HOOK ow gt tle 8 ae 1 ae SE RAR | ace — 1 see TS [ker is = - LOADS FOR JACKETED BULLETS. SERfI221 375 H. & H. Magnum TOOLS: 81016. 8) Tsing. Twine Se Fo SH PP pC MR EC gp DA ss WW Taw ieee aE See BF Te (oeAL BULLETS we FATS Lig Weer 3955 se. Can be sd Papeete gs Sis I J LOADS For cast BULLETS 1 38-40 Winchester TOOLS: 310 No.9). Testi i ocr él gus ware, : sate sta Sandal S955 ss ings bl IDEAL BUUETS: ) oS art Rod sh age 96 a Sard pn tng $255 bale, Crimp In nts Segal une ll dn iy Duals #4080 ‘Seas Neipenceee arene me TST ree LS i us LOADS FOR CAST BULLETS (Rifle Only): = TE Ba ET wis 1 [roa LOADS FOR CAST BULLETS. 1B | S| pate ny Doge Senn sera elas he |unine |. 60 JACKETED BULI TOOL: 3101No. 8) Tote se ‘ef at Oe ioe ese we Tae toad J J yt 1 ] iva nog 20 | "nt aoe taro 2905 e285 Sh pe a lw LETS: 267 al pe 25 yl eae Dan Pa tah ponder vos whe leses | SS bee eeee | fst te | bent sues comer se [SET peas TERT. panes aera renee a | LOADS FOR CAST eee | epee iB 2 El RE |e LOADS FOR CAST BULLETS. ee LOADS FOR JACKETED BULLETS, ae 4 44-40 Winchester ‘ciate | yy TOOLS: 3101Ne. 9) Trntine Fc) [BG SH PR be MR Bc BR DA ss i ; Tew le Sen TO g, FETS tt hk a or ite en PADI Ss Teme TST rosa TER TES | ___ terete ii ee 45-70 TOOLS: 310(Ne, 10) Totine Troe ve si PR DG MR BC OBR DA SS en BAN en nn el ee ey oll ama ing, ieee eee ‘alee hn od a= Th al Be aia whe 62 a, #5704 San ls 4/7, lye iat Spach SO aa TST pone TER OEE - LOADS FOR CAST BULLETS: Buietioe | 88 LOADS FOR JACKETED BULLETS: — FOOLS: 310(Ne, 10) Tete st. Truine | rr be MR rc or pA ss | a = iw eo le aT 8 Ue m | IDEAL BULLETS: { is al oe he eed any wt shove, BARE LOADS FOR CAST BULLETS: Seer NRE ta [8 Tete [SER VE LOADS FOR JACKETED BULLETS. ER PISTOL RELOADING DATA "30 Luger Re [mumps 32 SAW. Long oi Colt New Potce ¥948 am ta an 232 SW. Long ond Colt, con. IDEAL SUUETS: 32 S.8W. 018, 310 No. 33 Q eg a a 4 Ln WOME A oe aK a ows wou © wnat outers; ine a. Long ate, Mar 9 aig | sug Ste Bit {80 od 848 Ob & aes - Tere] roots TSHR TSE ass = wit | SET ponte Tete [ETFS | TOAts fon CAST BUALETE. —) weassroncast mins - il | 2 ‘l E UBS | 2] EE [eeecimet: He |g (EE. | 2 2 lie | | Se [teens is lee | # | Siisr_ bw [Bateee | 3 — | 30.00 32 TOOLS: 310 (Ne. 31 ss re si PRD — IDeA euuers spore Splat alma er he sibsien ters so 182 roe 1ST FOOLS: 310 No.3) Tring, Trot Se re Si RR DG MR EGER, DA ww Seal Tange m vont suuers {GAbS fon cAsT BULLETS iho ron cstauuers a Ber ES [| She | enemas tes ti #/8 | fe Wier | SE | Sie [nummctwiied gE z ma f 357 Magnum oOUS 310(he. 11 Twthe e_Te e. . a OO ne ak EG. BR DA SS se pee Te ba a =e beau urs eas aus ' ‘#9502 Sula fe Cae Asta cmb Fad one psi Sndrd ballet fr 35 Mag eer: ] See i | # me Fe Ee a yr by -f é “om 9 MUM Luger I | & | BT seem 1001S: 810(Mo. 1") Trine Tote [8 Be Sit wm ne ER DAL 1 a a F oe Se ae L Dent BUMS: I “ stot Ska at 9 Ta: a7 oe Sp tn 8 a ne me 1 : oe aoe _ #50 Se alt a Cee yan TSE Loan 1 hoe ) = TOADS FOR CAST BULLETS: aa [GE poe [20 SER | a Ee a TS LOADS. Se [Be | 3 —— Se 8 lear | ~ 38 Special TOOLS: 310(No. 1) Trine kr. Trotine Sr Ch | 22S 3 Se Be | #)e sues } rapt be etl 2 if oe Glee | Ble | my Ble] | eS be se ‘ o> cab auamone Jr stne.n ine | ad may tae wi, Baa rw HK ee ee me ne ae oe De entre “ " ! ‘Fasnc Very tice Lallet designed by Joba Lennard of | J ge Oo ASSEN we | rad cater spe ale yen hl fn ae, #55582 ! 1D Bs i J] LOADS For cast suuu i g ooh gt ot ant as Bs | ‘of Comstow, Mostana. . 4 | @ a! | an yr se Pd ea 38/40 (Revolver | [foots s0me.9) thes as euiuasananpmance Wp ae whan” we ee an oa 8 toca. suuers a@~ #5008 A vey wc allt doped by Dev Soren, Sr bal fo 804 ie npn, ete: Th shale ti 01 at AV Colt (Leng) TOOLS: 310 me. 141 ro Sih PP DG MR ORG OER DA SS DEAL BUUETS: nae de adie an pnd ies ‘ered Ad SW. Russion TOOLS: 310040. ro Sik PR DG MR EG BR DA Ss 7 Toes Tos 15) Sen a8 DO IDEAL SUMLETS; ae est Sanchar SN. Roan Gimp fs bee ‘Goo Rhu 'atdtoc ose mag "alr Meri es Pet ¢ FOS Op eat habe it ak Se “ame 8 ps nt yw SR, ai, ning 1 SW. sion, cont of = Be Be | Bee | Nats Ate Recados” BB i | be = ig si | Be [sate a ge Bliss | # SS “AA Special {oORs 30 ote ee Se ol or SS ee BEIGE tien be ede BHU ae fr CE Hen of Raton Rr Ch ee | Se AMAO (.44 W.CF.) TOOLS; 810 No.9} Trine de IoeAL suMETS, 6-40, com AS Auto. Rim. (.45 Colt New Service Revolver) TOOLS: 210 0.71 Trotne He re si Pe DG OM EG OBR DA SS. TW Tage Tw Bon (Gig coe cay ete et er Soe BO cn tate fe Ot nde agi. Gn See Mth Ic Ror Sot So nse Seth [EET = LOADS FOR CAST BULLETS: ] | 1 i =! ora 1 \ | | | ast ‘eee gay was 45 Colt Automatic OLS: 9100.7) Troe Se Tevdin SM PR OG MR EG OER pA SS Toe Tome HT Sloe eau, sours HOGI Ove sandr bal fo 6 it Ase pia: Do a bra pl fares ac De wok es wie pede TSR LSE te LOADS FOR CAST BULLETS x Braaien yo aol 45 Co, com, #64 igh ito be le 5 Gk. Cao #4609 Haale balls rare or game Ey bene owe Partial List—SPECIAL IDEAL BULLETS 2. Part Itt CHARACTERISTICS OF CARTRIDGES tie nce Sec wik'e Tied td Tepito nf, ssa ae, Wit raeee : aca bae suis arenes Mane uae is in Well Thickness Ine oul Ne hy wee Cases lengthened or Stretched Reasatbode igh boars the Sache Ola af die Fiat ce, hrs td ts Sere espn fh val atts acres ce mtr bt hts inl ie eae seh wi ca a fe ap ae eh ee Rata fo CaP ee Geel lan Reval ete mpd a ck oe He cao get HW ec ‘wee not recommend the falteagth reicng of exrthdgncasen ” “pe Sf w eer dune si ete age cee sas, fiteh ies ck MPG ONE ote ed ithe Se af rene Fl Cg ei “Bepmbiaes a bangamsencon nn aM A Cleaning Inside and Outside ates ake tnidem, Rents mat Eek peau foe ys nak pode sm meal nisi of card, ar and age, The ‘oe dats tr ak tnd edo Broken resive Burning Powders "eae rte pha he ine eos nw many al sa ce ec ing es te Ses fe np 1 1 Dea ramet a Oe tee J ] } ) "ete et Hie ulm fd tc fy fr Wag i mcr re ey ay ibe a =i oka ie are ea eh Ue Wag Ke dere he eo peel me ands adel nee ie nin pockets, 08 etherwise the Blow ‘ poy SpeP eA Seat Coe Si caret ew shen wack power fa tm wie ped ong yo {ton iptate akin: bet fet mbarae agha expen hy ol oar sommes ‘Shine too ths Sesk al nd ignethe'main powder cares PET ZSMGbAAL Nabeing ts altogh tee wole wil erm ai the ier The net xo ws the lot lok i which «pie af fn orto by & haan Sta haya ee he pin poe ste ce ec ee Sh aa uot eT Hr Pie ‘erymnpwcled ke Hon of adatng ths simanee thin a pur Saas Sesh a fae ned 8 uel pre ane oe oe pe hg ‘Sat Sk ped ht adn te gb. When Ge lamar sac te EE erosive Gane enoraee © ‘lees ether wo sc Spain to he Sint cS he Bat ae we ll Soc Sa eee ooo e Early Metalic Cartridges Te ot mae un wc of tm ir, Thy we ttc OSPR EPS pis Eee hy eerpr wt {Sheng fetal cy ee ena eal fl el fee na oe al ie race ane Sey pe yee mn et po iy bn i'n la cn a. nee Setar ed ae Tillett ea abd er bs a oe in se = ing ‘tore & et, Sci ota era Wiper et alet ia aes Non-Corrorive Primers ptt Ara Sint ym gn "mas ee Poway Sant ama irate ing Mike ih lade ee yb can a ie, aes fhvrassio CHLORATE AND ARE THE REND LAY SHOULD BE USED fan apie Soe coy an ie, Thvee Sizes of Primers ig es oes nme he Une Sate, Ta ee yan ie pgs Far, iy got sth hg prenarr le rma Pape ld Stk sider Te spe irene fit ac EF Aa ce ek a ct soe toner eee he gn wil Save to be ine Trrce ihn.oaee is SE Sg ee irey peal ogee pte md | aa a es i dh emt a, aoe ee Soe . ss bee, pee eemondnaay eevee eliernte Upsotting of Bullet Bases eo PONDERS vy hve edi th de ent the ba SS th nen teachin a de “onl ins er ore meas at | oc rin do a ay ad |) na te oe ce gr ne | vege oy ar te ca ee ped as a 0S ch Tee hove dame wi SEPA. tts ener alco ened ferme sey Tl etn en ln ah Set fe rt tt oso eer ee Se isuinie gequrisea Stand & soir ontamcse be dns AS era sme area i es ein vane eed tee Teme Coes Borel Vibrtion ond Rec ‘yt epidieteirarint ay nae cee Sie ce eat wlawcgedey tO ats PAE ne Yat lente he Sree sie tiara cae ees ee He Mota oe caida, eS caine ee eee ea a nay ring tt ely fay ii ey indo en po Bullet Flight With ‘Maximum Loods aaa eal rina ld ie tables of Ju, we do ot cewmnend ogg oag od iene hae Te "Et con fig ae ‘tale of joer then in tan. The 32/40 maa sna ie iy yn let ee Sed 32798 $B snicaing the ore See Ale awh yt eae de ei ee odie Sm me fe hd oh a aly ae Sb Bullet Weight ond Recoil ya ies ve he ht ae ase fi lin bye mean teen Sp aed er bee com "de itome dde oebeepy es Wi tne dene pe the rt of the wight of the um Aya gel yt bn tt Sind le Se | Sines Ses a as a Part IV BENCHREST SHOOTING i Tipuiitemane'y femee Modern Benchrest Shooting i ES peal eG ls ee) yr mS rg as } == | Sree Seis H To Find Bore Diameter, Pitch or Twist of Ring ) ioc aE tea The npr abet he ae ott a reat ay gc ee ene | Ream ees esata face ht ue mo iin ra os wn ASAE SRA GS ] yhmauehecc: pies * * * |) The National Rite Association ane! The American Rifternan | i nce nt lt (1H eae ie he i, Ei ato a Popular Cartridges and Bullets wisp wih ee poy zd iar mee trey. oes Sete pate El Reomnay Ay ocho RY | SST. Walia, © Mi Ste, Wntoro, Mazachust, ony fo suse afew. i Getting Started hcl ian ome ter. inc ne nd ov Cra ice He i eves wae te check the Yme af w ewe, Boe Toleccnces coche oer is Se eco air neck le He ah thang he, ter etd eer es ote he ‘SS er met Ts ne ‘oe we ob et af le a tin ron och ‘nda i gh ey spin ‘ie difecat etaent ray am hel gheey cere on pelt Ji et eed bate ain nd ‘vag ely wean be’ pal Ses asd Powder and Primers a aie ees ne ea ate te SL eae re ees Sa re ican scene Poe et erases BS hii Ss AE mgt ean tere ‘ies te Remco Sy Waker aD or Ween The ie . se yet yeas ces _triotidiorr ant: annem as iets SG Mo mn sn Ge eee a 2 ache St ap a morale ft ey rae barle St Lisamarie hcdnaindt ee diane re Sr ones Fors mamas pte Lael 2 fl tare gS ota OIE edt he exer od a Sate ped proce Sst ere the Intel edad Fe ees tte tot hal ad ea ec 8 ‘ere descend exer eo wc Gunstocks deny ana gan a ee ea a “ an Menta ence le ef ak mis ict EL tte tu no dw Soe ua um ble Supporting the Rie eugene See aa i" Ete ie , Wining i Comatin Puen eoese tA atta tae ar is a, eh The ile Telescope Sight he rg peti i ay yh oe pee ad i's ery important foctor be eaaidere foe cho erp shoatinge Some Fundomentals un ae ae def a Saks te destin Shc Bs fads ea Lau ad Fle lig Tie itr eto ngs eh ewe oem ore te shot ibe that poly ned * ia, hoc, "Wins Ven Nlneen, Sorry, 5 a Sc, Clore PART V i SHOOTING THE MUZZLE-LOADERS Susie and Jerry Hine yen foot re ih ‘The be at be sel by hig e hed hn ering up al ie sell bad fg ec ma a a Hh we || Saas | i cat Sin th re et he re in ‘Stl ht pln read and So wt ced Hl jag these, he eens faring pe baa pet Se | PERCUSSION CAPS crerperie Bes tect ‘Shy fey moda Shooters hs esl TT ol eel th | | } Tits enema he Seas | || 2S Sees | re singh a Ee oe roury, NLL, P.O, Box {15 Fertaowt, Ob) | oe | i shteg bold ke ered fe er as | Ince ST See oe ae Shel ctv pte og rte dy he Be there af ake nko ck ek eae fetnsiniad sariaeyer te wanes » boag Part VI Reloading of Shotgun Cartridges Advantages of Roloading . “ye dig of stencil way eden 1s Gut aay be lied fom lading tae ae, Ti be Er iclevaty low com of oper shtgus caredeen and the rately Me ot his A ge pce Sree oie echo crm, TON a ean Snel ial cower i isos Consign Cases or Shas supe ery Mat ine tnt ee He a eee conn usally mad by lg et of hn gues ot veces as esr a nee cogelah eas Silter AaB eee ea eee care oye tlie tty ate ea se enn Feo ce Ul paeeee ees Sas hs RETR ESSE ISG wuss wette sengying ration hf genera of dtl oi, SNM SS seal rede her ig od ie rhea mae sl eg le es ena reese at yo tis Sa ee ano ier mi he sade ome stesso ir ads se mode of foe rir hog ns eevee or wensero ond ted Welton a Enel esas of ce fr te pode ee Hh ok Sorting Cases mer ct sein add ate i ee i ‘ac TA. ne hand ade “igh emaler an Boe eine be Swe by vil ean 0a ohm oe yt Tn ia ye a Py ue ae und hve he apt “hyphae carl, The mot of tn 2 Se of ie ped et } ‘ag Resizing Coses aegis ba eae in ee Spee, heey Charging Cases With Powder | Ideal No. 55 Universal Powder Meosure The Ideal Sivcight Line Hand Loadé ed le ed a a Shotgun Powders {Relorto Toba of Shogun Chorges Page 15) Shotgun Primers acon ns Urb sok peso 2 po 232 and 10 gage ele A bey ey tate Fes nos Pe Pes "lr ad Bick Pod le Wren 209-4 ae ep pine for Wich wo Wer sll ‘chs Me 38.—Fos wd AD angsbe Tea de ithe ste soba and ol TebleofShotgn or Sah fore Gouger | st ce Gra aa aie hs Feline aoe Lh onl al | EERE Sih Bir iiateg pareice ge tect SEES Id ta nonumy ao allie geil, Round Balls ay asm tt mar 2 meen meri nde eis Cac wr Se es es Sup tee sexe Sic ee sit ab nti fs Lo yey en ot poy oe ASE ES. or e Sorter aan ‘Bie ee Ses eget re Sear =< Toble of x | = eee * = |Eiee 5A Pe eeipe % 2 [Ese ap Soa tr ew _ yy : “ECONOMY” SET No, 310 TOOL LYMAN Ideal Catalog No. 55 POWDER MEASURE “Spach Pret made for shooters by coters tor. Cs Eh ‘chard Lyman, Charles E Lyman IH Robert L904 yma Je eney Hl. Lynas The Lyman Gun Sight Corp. Middlefield Connecticut 9 Aq “QUICK LOAD" SET bay HEAVY-DUTY SET @ ent nouns carr Moun | i | 2% PowsR SHOTSHELL SET | ALASKAN STRAIGHTLINE TOOLS [Fe me a | & | + allows low mounting fil of vision lly colon adjutnente Ti Alan ha worldwide reps fr bung he Bet Attveather sce made The Dries na iernal asta aa nec good tele » wonder " If) esa xm [ACCESSORIES FOR METALLIC CASES HI woeat szeery | ru. avons mi | tiene be 5 | il | PRINER POCKET REAMER SHELL CHAMERING REAMER Compote tymen Cetolog Te CHALLENGER JUNIOR TARGETSPOT crows | Ay idea scope for the owes war ih ui ks "Adjasanents for sanee ond i plied by sing rast seve fr ray salar lon adjustee fr exact Feang i cietemen objetivo eld ong Weis 22 ome eo ines Ear coted Tenses, I “The pela AX seope which gives soar bright maze | fu Snodsentesecuary fof ting Fn costed sted” Alb Weather adjacent Eepocaly recom tended for logrange biggrin tye wile Bald of vision + adjustments fully proteted nilable with or withost moss ranger. scoPE meTICULES i eo = Complete Lyman Cetalog 106 ee SUPER TARGETSPOT 48 SIGHTS 10, 12,15, 20,25 rower ——_ ae ‘The fom target ssope fn the world designed for ating shoots Every Haan improve in spe unhtrefs cmied he oe ade to give manitom ighgaieing_ power for ‘teats image and etry Sn onl aesrate Hstng. jaca vp sors Lge El of vn LYMAN 48 Sights for: ce of reticle WINCHPSTER 59, 54,70. REMINGTON 30A, 31S, 301, 72. S.POINT REAR MOUNT WNFIELD 1947 DS, 1917 Beh, MAUSER sl. ddl SIMEINGEIIED 1003, Nt M22 ols "0830 el KRAG all lela, BRUSH LEE ENPIELD and SPORTER, Lyman 48 Sights, oe pwbly designe saw Fly somtroctd for fume ga target root ie 14 Minute Clk. Positive Adj Quit Stige Rew Stayset Knobs for Supersine, bard coated loses, © Spam hot 20 yard 5 Obs io 34m wide ld of Von 57 SIGHTS ¢ Wei: 2 ones pret oread a Castora designed for eh 24s _ RRUNGELD "MAUSER, “ENeuELD, 4 Be wooden crying ce opt AIMS VTRER SER 20 an ene NMGTON S14 at," 7an.122 and bs MARLIR, MOSSHERG, SAVAGE, NUIVENS, many model hee - SUPER TARGETSPOT ON WINCHESTER 52 © Lyman 57 Sights are precision micrometer eocver sights in I popular pice hed for wetrown target ll bufing ies ‘Tho aerate sighs have 3 min. Cltke fer boi elevalon nd witdage sod a quick Ieleaw lies Ala eer wit age ‘ara knob op coinsltid Saya Knobs fer bomng” No stock eat near. Complete Lyman Catalog 10¢ The tlic Frail Range Hast Wallingford, Connecticut