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Getting fantastic performance from your team

Whats the secret of winning???

Let us show you how to increase your teams athletic strength &
stamina so they win, win, win. PBE is now revealing its secrets
including weight-loss.
The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness in January
2014 announced that daily Pine Bark Extract, PBE,
supplementation was associated with faster running times
and increases in push-up and sit-up endurance, by
25% and 15%, respectively. Thats huge. Also,
triathletes taking PBE increased their speed and
strength after only 30 days. These athletes also had
reduced muscle cramping.
Bryan See, regional product manager at Carotech also
emphasizes the role antioxidants play in recovery. High
oxygen consumption is involved during sporting activities or
strenuous exercises. This increased consumption of oxygen leads to elevated
free radical production, he explains. Free radical build-up can interrupt
nutrient delivery and interfere with muscle contraction, necessitating
antioxidants to reduce the build-up. Another driving force is the recent shift
from a category that was nearly exclusive to serious athletes, to one that is now
overwhelming driven by recreational athletes looking to improve their overall
fitness, performance and endurance, said Victor Ferrari, CEO of Horphag
Research, exclusive worldwide supplier of Pycnogenol. These everyday
athletes are drawn to evidence-based products that leverage natural ingredients
and supports their overall wellbeing, he said. For those who exercise
recreationally, as well as serious athletes, taking antioxidants can help promote
muscle recovery, improve fitness levels and reduce the risk of muscle damage.

1. PBE boosts nitric-oxide production for better workouts.

Nitric oxide (NO) is a very small molecule that plays a large role in supporting better

workouts and better results from those workouts. NO allows your

blood vessels to relax, causing them to expand more easily to allow
greater blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the muscles youre
training. When youre training, this means youll be able to lift more
weight and/or perform more reps. A recent study showed that PBE
increases blood flow to muscles by 41%.
2. PBE supports better recovery from training.
Post-Workout, NO helps bring in additional nutrients
to help muscles recover more quickly. PBE is often a
silent partner in this process, helping these other
supplements work better because it helps activate and
stabilize the nitric-oxide-synthase enzyme that makes
NO from arginine. Because PBE boosts NO production, its




usually found in pre-workout formulas.

PBE supplementation reduces soreness after exercise.
One of the limiting factors for hard-training athletes is the soreness they feel the day
after an intense workout. And sometimes, depending on the intensity of that workout,
soreness may last two or three days, or longer. PBE may help reduce soreness because
it continues to deliver oxygen to muscle tissue and reduce carbon dioxide. Enhanced
blood microcirculation has the ultimate effect of reduced muscle soreness as well as
faster recovery. In other words, the more dynamic flow of blood into and out of your
muscle tissue helps to repair it more quickly.
PBE regulates insulin function for better muscle growth & body-fat management.
PBE has been shown to have beneficial effects on how cells handle
insulin, a topic of great concern for anyone training hard. In a recent
study, PBE prevented fat cells from accumulating more fat,
stimulated lipolysis (fat breakdown) and increased GLUT4 glucose
transporters. With other research showing PBEs ability to reduce
blood glucose, it suggests PBE helps insulin work better, equalling more energy
While we all want to be healthy, many people are more focused on increasing their
athletic performance than their general health markers. Fortunately, many sportsnutrition products serve both ends, and PBE is one of the top best of both worlds
supplements. While its awesome for supporting your workouts, its greatest benefits
may be those it delivers for long-term health. Here are a few of them.
PBE destroys harmful free radicals.
PBE helps reduce cellular damage by neutralizing free radicals.
These highly reactive chemicals are created by stressors,
including strenuous or prolonged exercise, and they wreak
havoc on your cells. PBE may not be as well-known as these other common
antioxidants, but its been found to be far more potent molecule-for-molecule. Taking
PBE regularly and at times of day when your body is under stress will help reduce the
negative effects of free radicals.

7. PBE fights excess inflammation and disease.

When you work out, the mechanical stress on muscles and joints activates acute
inflammation. This is good because it also starts the repair (building) process.
Monday 25
2013, 4:18PM.
The New
pine bark
Enzogenol used in dietary supplement formulations for brain health, cardiovascular
and anti-inflammatory benefits has been endorsed for use in food applications after
receiving US GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) certification this week. Dr. Patel a
food safety expert noted. "The studies have shown an excellent safety profile of
Enzogenol, and given the nature of its extraction method the product is certainly
one of the best proanthocyanidin ingredients the food industry could use,"

Whey is one of the more popular options and Sugarek MacDonald attributes
this to not just the fact that whey is a fast-acting protein, but that the amino
acid profile of whey is very close to that of human muscle. Whey is also
easy to digest, with a minimal amount of fat. Sugarek MacDonald considers
isolates to be stronger, especially for bodybuilders and professional athletes, due to the high
elemental protein amount per serving.

Whey protein is a hot topic is sports nutrition circles. Whey protein (also known as
"lactalbumin") supplements, in recent years, have become extremely popular amongst
bodybuilders and athletes of all kinds. But whey protein supplements have several other
advantages as well. They help maintain healthy weight levels, improve cardiovascular health,
may reduce the chances of getting some types of cancers and diabetes.
After six weeks, the mice on whey protein supplementation showed more grip strength in
their claws, in both sedentary [SC+WP] and active [ET+WP] groups. (Fig.1)
When comparing the active groups, the difference between times-to-exhaustion is clear:
whey protein increased almost two times the mices endurance capacity! (Fig. 2)

Whey protein supplements are good because you can't get enough whey protein from milk
by itself. In conclusion, researchers stated that whey protein supplementation improved
exercise performance, body composition, and biochemical assessments in mice and may be
an effective ergogenic aid in aerobic exercise training, thus showing potential benefits for
endurance athletes. The study also suggested alternative uses of whey protein as a nutrient
supplement worthy of high performance considerations.

Where do we get this miraculous PBE???

Better known as Enzogenol
We suggest you buy whey protein locally & mix
Enzogenol into the shake. Slows absorption &
makes for better utilization.
In summary sports people benefit from PBE. When we exercise,
number of free-radicals in our bodies increases dramatically. Since
free-radicals damage all tissues they come into contact with
including muscle fibres & protection is needed. Research has shown
that free-radicals caused by exhaustive exercise can cause muscle cells
completely rupture (Vina et al., 2000). By taking a potent anti-oxidant you can
counteract the damage caused by free-radicals and thus gain more benefit from training &
exercise. Researchers have found that PBE will enhance human exercise performance
(Pavlovic, 1999). In this study, athletes improved endurance by 21%, following daily
consumption of 200mg of PBE. The study also suggested that some of the positive effects
often seen with PBE could in fact be due to enhanced growth hormone secretion.
Enhancing human growth hormone naturally, with PBE, would be very beneficial for
anyone looking to improve recovery from exercise. Since growth hormone increases lean
muscle mass, and decreases fat mass PBE could be of benefit to people looking to increase
muscle mass and decrease fat mass. The hidden benefit to help weight loss is built in

PBE is a natural product, perfectly legal, very safe, very proven & inexpensive.
Start &/or keep winning today

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