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B.Tech. 7th Sem. Elective Examination-May, 2013 MOBILE COMMUNICATION Paper ECE-419-F Time : 3 hours. Max. Marks : 100 Before answering the questions, candidates should engure that they have been supplied the correct and complete question paper. No complaint in this regard will be entertained the examination. after a fier the examinati Note : Attempt five questions in total. Question No. I is compulsory. Attempt one question from each of four Sections: “1. (@° Discuss the functions of different OSI -<[Layers in OSI model, 5 {b) What is Okumura/Hata model ? Give Hata equation for typical urban and rural model. > 24444-2000-(P4XQ-6K19) (1) [Tum Over (c) Give comparison of HIPERLAN/2. and - IEEE 802.11... 5 , (@) Discuss Internet. Protocol Version 6 SC AIPVE) eee ode tay 2S weeiea 2, (a) What js “toherence time ? Distuss ‘its’ elation with Doppler spread, 12 ey sii“ ‘vehicle is 60. mph,‘ carrier frequency i is f. = 860 MHz and rms delay | is ta.= 2 sec. Find coherence tire and doppler shift. 8 3. (a) Discuss the different multiplexing schemes, 7 10 ) What is the Linear and non Linear modulation. Show function block diagram of modulator. 10 24444-2000-(P-40-9(13) (2) * Section - B 4. ‘Discuss free space propagation model. What are path losses for free space model. : 20 8. Discuss path loss model for micro cellular 20 6. What is the mobile location management ? Discuss Markovian and gravity model. 20 7. Discuss the architecture of IEEE 802.11 WLAN, Explain the function of different layers. . " 20 aaaaazoooP-ayasyisy (3) {Tum Over Section-D — 8. Desctibe the mobile IP capabilities. Discuss registration, agent discovery and tunneling. ' 20 9. Discuss enhancements in TCP for wireless networks. What are the different cheracteristics that has been considered for 2.5/3G. networks. a. 20 2nanseOOB{4OOY18) (4)