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Peek of the Week Ms.

Hayden Room 103

1 Grade
651.407.7600 ext.1603
Class Webpage

January 18-22 www.mshayden.weebly.com

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

No School Dara Dietrick Dominic Gaylin
Staff Development

Spanish PE Music Library

MAP Testing 10:15am

Math Clubs Math Homework Art

12pm-12:25pm Due
Week 14
Special Guest:
Greta’s family puppy 5th Grade
I Can Spell World Planner I Can Spell
Color MyBuddies
Evening Activities
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Family Gathering
Night 6:30pm
Reading Words
Theme 5 Week 3

give good her

little try
fly our

Phonic Skill: long i words

Language Skill: contractions

I Can Spell Words
Theme 5 Week 3

like five ride

nine time kite
does was

Challenge: February

Mark Your Calendar

January 29th No School- Teacher Word Day

February 15th No School- President’s Day

March 4th and 5th No School- Conferences

March 29th-April 2nd No School-Spring Break

The Hayden Hub
~ Information from me to you ~
In Case You Haven’t Our Classroom is
Heard… Buzzing!
Our new school name
The classroom Buzzbee store has
proposal was presented to
been a huge success. The
the school board last week.
students are continuing to work
We will find out in February
hard living the Learner Profile and
if it will be approved, but
following the Bee-havior
we are hopeful that
Agreements. I have been blown
away with the wonderful Buzzbee
Elementary will now be
store donations. I wish you could
see the excitement on the
Matoska students’ faces when they see
Color My World
It has been a pleasure to watch the students discover, inquire and study the topic of
color. The students are starting the grasp the difference between “surface learning”
and “deep learning.”
Let your child WOW you and ask them the following questions:
Where does color come from?
If Ms. Hayden says, “I feel yellow today” how is she feeling?
Instead of coloring a bear brown, what color could you use if he was feeling
This week we will continue discovering different emotions color derives in us as we