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Yoga for the Aquarian Age Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. Eator Dharm Darshan Kaur Kh Executive Editor 5.8. Gurubenda Singh Khalsa Ilustrator Dharm Darehan Keur Khas ‘Cover Design * ‘Set Gien Kaur Khan Cover Photo S.S. Sooryn Kaur Khoa “Typesetting Highpoint Type & Graphics ‘Special thanks to: SS. Vikram Kaur Bhaka For additonal copes of ths manual, call or write to Allce B. Clagett P.O. Box 3142, Santa ifonlea, CA 90408 USA phone? (310) 3938167. Ax Gro) 302-8877 eynad Lt aclagert age pet {© 1984 by The Kundan Research Instat ofthe SHO Foundation Table of Contents Introduction « 7 Basics of Kundalini Yoga Kriyas: Tuning In. Mental Focus. Breath Techniques. Linking Breath with Mantra, Meditative Postures. Other Posture. ‘Mudras (Finger Positions) Body Locks. Pacing Yourself Coneluding an Exercise Relaxation Concluding a Set. Yoga Sets For Health and Openness For the Lymph Glands, For Keep Up Spirit. For the Glands, the Circulation, and the Meditative Mind, For the Back For the Colon, the Spine and the Organs Kundalini Yoga Teaching Centers. Books on Related Topics... ... Book Order Form, For Further Reference. About Yogi Bhajan.