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Tips for class xii chemistry

Follow a strict schedule and organize your time well. Strengthen your weak areas by repeated efforts
Divide chemistry into four sections-physical , organic, inorganic and bio-molecules . Revise all five chapters of physical chemistry in one day. Note
down the salient features of each chapter and revise. Then review after every second day. This is important for scoring well. You should have done
at least five reviews before the exam
Repeat the same exercise for each section
Practise all solved and unsolved numerical problems given in the NCERT book. While solving them, remember to write the formula first and then
substitute the values correctly. Write the final answer with the correct unit as every step in a numerical problem carries marks
For solving questions from the chapter called 'Solutions' , remember the van't Hoff factor. It may not be mentioned in the numerical problem
After preparing for physical chemistry, revise the last three chaptersPolymers , Biomolecules and Chemistry in everyday lifethoroughly as they
have less content but can easily fetch you marks
Then switch to organic chemistry. Practise conversions, name reactions and distinguishing tests and mechanisms regularly. The reaction
conditions required for the name reactions must be mentioned clearly while answering. Distinguishing tests should always be done in a tabular
While revising inorganic chemistry, prefer to do 'Metallurgy' first, then the block elements followed by coordination chemistry and revise p-block
elements at the end
In reasoning questions highlight the important points like d-d transitions or absence of d orbitals so that the important points are not missed by
the examiner
Read the NCERT book thoroughly. Attempt all questions from the past three years' papers
Try to attempt questions in a sequential manner. Either attempt questions from 1 to 30 or 30 to 1. Number your answers properly and do all the
parts of the same question together
Make sure your answers are logical and to the point. Answer a question keeping in mind the marks allotted to it. If you get stuck on a question,
move on to the next one without spending too much time on it. Do not forget to revise the answers in the end.