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David M.

185 Auezov Str Auezova District Kalkaman Village Almaty, Kazakhstan, 05006
Email: david.wilkinson79@gmail.com Skype: davidwilkinson6
Phone: +7-701-961-3374

To obtain a teaching position at an excellent international school.
Professional Highlights
5 years overseas teaching
5 years working with NWEA MAP testing
2 years Technology Coordination
2 Successful Accreditation visits
Work History
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Technology Coordinator/Middle School Technology/7th Grade Mathematics Teacher
8/13 - Present
Provide professional development for integrating technology in the classroom
Maintain and repair desktops, peripherals and network
Design project based units to match required curriculum using the MYP Design Cycle
Manage the administration of Google Apps for Education (700 accounts)
Serve as the head of Technology Resource Management
7th Grade Math & Science Teacher
8/12 - 7/13
Collaborated with a middle school team to create a unified student experience
Created technology based projects to extend learning
Analyzed NWEA MAP Results and create learning plans for individual students
4th Grade Classroom Teacher
8/11 - 7/12
Fostered a learning community based on student inquiry
Integrating literacy and cultural studies through project-based learning
Organized and designed enrichment sessions for struggling students during extended learning time
Ciudad Ojeda, Venezuela
Upper School Teacher 6th 12th
8/10 7/11
Managed a varied teaching caseload: U.S. History, English 1, Pre-Algebra, Remedial Mathematics,
Drama 3rd 12th Grade, and Elementary ESL
Differentiated instruction for a multi-aged, multi-level history class and incorporated project based
Facilitated meaningful relationships with parents through frequent communication
Houston, TX
8th Grade Math Student Teacher
1/10 5/10
Collaborated with a cooperating teacher and team to design lessons for the grade level
Worked with at-risk students in an extended block class
Analyzed student weakness and constructed meaningful TAKS tutoring designed to help students pass
the standardized tests

Pinpointed student needs and created education plans for each student
Ashford University
Bachelor of Arts in Social Science with Education Concentration
Boise State University
Masters in Education Technology
Graduate Certificate in School Technology Coordination

Clinton, IA
June 2009
Boise, ID

State of Texas Classroom Teacher, 4-8 Generalist (Math, Social Studies, English, and Science)
TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certified
Google Apps Certified Educator
Google Admin Certified

Proficient in Microsoft Office, Moodle, Dreamweaver, Firefox

Minor Computer Repair
Computer Networking
Moodle Administration
Google Apps for Education
Google Apps Administration
NWEA MAP Test Planning and Administration
Excursion Planning

Professional Development
School Committee Work and Leadership
Head of Technology Committee, Almaty International School (2012- Present)
Head of Technology Task Force for M.S.A. Accreditation (2012 2014)
Member of Strategic Plan Committee for M.S.A. Accreditation (2012 2014)
Head of Technology & Coordinate Logistics for the NWEA MAP Committee (2012 - Present)
Member of Emergency Planning Team (2014)
Presentations Presented
Drive your Instruction With Google (Almaty International School (2014)
Digital Learning Logs and Word Press (Central Asian Conference (2013)
Classroom Websites and Word Press (Central Asian Conference (2013)
Conferences and Presentations Attended
Google Apps for Education Summit Bangkok - 2014
JOSTI - 2014
Central Asia Regional Conference 2011 and 2013
V.A.N.A.S 2011
Region IV Technology Conference 2010