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Physical Geography of South East Asia, Oceania, and Antarctica

pgs. 689-692
What is an archipelago and identify an example?
An archipelago is a set of closely grouped islands that sometimes form a curved
arc. A good example of this are the Philippines and the islands of Indonesia.
2. What rivers and resources exist in South East Asia? Why is this important?
One river is the Mekong River that crossed through China and down into South
East Asia. This river brings fish and fertile soil that helps the people survive with
food at the end of the river.
3. What is Oceania? About how many islands exist in Oceania?
Oceania is a group of islands and it normally contains a few islands like the
Philippines do.
4. What are high islands? What are low islands?
High islands are made by volcanoes while low islands are made by coral reefs.
5. What resource problem exists in Oceania?
The islands lack rich soil so they cant grow their own crops so they have to get
them imported, with that they save money.
6. Describe the difference in the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Even
though it has limited natural resources, what has allowed New Zealand to thrive?
North islands have hilly ranges along with a volcanic plateau. South islands have
300 mile mountain range and glaciers. Due to New Zealands swift rivers it has
allowed people to build dams and generate power for living.
7. How is Australia different from New Zealand? (Be specific. What is found here
that is not found in New Zealand?)
Australia is very flat, very few rivers, also has lower mountain tops and forestry is
not a major industry.
8. The 5th largest continent is Antarctica. Compare East and West Antarctica
(underneath the ice).
East Antarctica is a plateau surrounded by mountains and valleys. West Antarctica
is a group of separate islands linked by the ice.

What is interesting about Antarctica's ice sheet? What resources may
lie beneath?
Antarcticas ice sheet is the biggest supply of fresh water in the world. Resources
include coal, minerals, and maybe petroleum.
Climate and Vegetation
pgs. 694-701

What sort of climate exists in most of South East Asia and Oceania?

A tropical climate exists in most of South East Asia and Oceania.

What are the two categories that exist in the climate of South East
Asia and Oceania?
The two categories are Year-round rains, and wet and dry seasons.

Describe a monsoon.

A monsoon is a season prevailing wind in South East Asia blowing from the South
West. This brings heavy rain.
How does the climate affect the tropical plants and vegetation that
exists in South East Asia and Oceania?
South East Asia has a great number of tree species due to the wet and dry climate
zone. Oceania has poor vegetation on its lower islands, but has great vegetation on
its higher islands because the soil is better.
Look at the 5 Themes Box (Human-Environment Interaction). What is
Farming? Why would this be interesting to historians?
Terraced farming is the creation of edges in the land to benefit farming. This
could be interesting because it allows people to plant on slopes and makes irrigation

Describe the climate in Australia and New Zealand. How is Australias
climate similar to South East Asia and also New Zealand?

New Zealand receives rainfall all year round. The climate in East Australia is very
tropical. All three places receive rainfall due to the tropical climate. Also, each
area has spots that are very dry that have very bad vegetation.

Why is of Australia a dry desert? What is the outback?

This is because Australia lies in the tropic and sub tropics which causes this area
to become very dry with little rainfall due to the evaporation of water. The
Outback is an unpopulated inland region.

What is the White Desert? What sorts of life lives in it?

The white desert is the land located around the South Pole where it has little
vegetation due to its very low climate and harsh winters. The only plant vegetation
is moss and lichens. The only animal life that exists there are sea creatures, birds,
and penguins.