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Portfolio Application & Checklist



:UWM Student ID number (if known):

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New Freshman

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or Transfer Student

Start semester: Fall



Please use the checklist below to ensure that your application is complete before sending. Your
application will not be processed until all four of the items listed below are received by the Peck School of
the Arts, Department of Art and Design. The first item is this checklist form.

Art Portfolio Application form. Complete this form and send in with your packet.
Portfolio of artworks. The portfolio should ideally include approximately 8-10
examples of applicants artwork( digital images on CD-ROM preferred), preferably from
courses taken over the last two years. If your portfolio includes drawings, we
recommend that you include at least three drawings from observation (not from
photographs). Applicants should identify the artwork by media, size, and year of
completion. Digital images should be JPEGS or in Power Point. Be sure to put your
name and contact info on all CDs and application materials.
One copy of high school transcript. (For transfer students, college transcripts.)
Unofficial copies are acceptable for this purpose.
1-2 Page personal statement describing how your past experiences, interests, and
concerns relate to your college choice and career goals. Students who have no had
significant prior exposure to formal art courses, or who do not have a portfolio of works
to submit, are encouraged to write more extensive personal statements. The
Department of Art and Design will accept students who do not have an art background,
but does have a desire to learn.
Two confidential letters of recommendation. Preferably these are from instructors
familiar with the students artwork and/or academic ability, not from family, friends or
relatives. Letters of recommendation should be submitted in sealed envelopes and
will remain confidential and the property of UWM Department of Art and Design.
Applicants are requested to submit their portfolios as one complete packet containing all of the above
checklist items and may do so in person or by mail (NOT by email) to the address indicated below.
Portfolios should NOT be submitted along with the initial application for admission to the University.
Peck School of the Arts application/portfolio must be submitted directly to PSOA Department of Art and

Please contact Josie Osborne, Director of First Year Program,

osbornem@uwm.edu with any questions or concerns.
You may also call the art office at 414-229-4200.

Mail to:

The recommended submission deadline in February 15th (summer or fall term applications are
automatically considered for art scholarships for the following fall entry) or October 15th (Spring term
applicants). Applicants will be notified by mail of their status in late March for fall term or December for
spring term. We will continue to accept work after these dates. NOTE: February 15th is the deadline for
Art and Design scholarship consideration for Fall Semester.

Director of First Year Program- Portfolio

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Department of Art and Design,
Mitchell Hall 371
3203 N. Downer Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53211