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English Adventure Components iv The English Adventure Approach Vili Using the Program x Teaching Tips and Techniques xv Scope and Sequence xviii Time Guidelines xx ‘The English Adventure Theme Song xxiii Hello! T2 @& Atappy Face! @& Let’s Play! Review Units | and 2 @ let's Eat! @ From Head to Toe Review Units 3 and & © My House © Where’s the Box? T108 Review Units 5 and 6 T128 @ My Things T130 © My Clothes T150 Review Units 7 and & 170 Activity Book Answers/Audioscript 1172 Resource Bank of Games and Activities T180 Index TI8S ro cod Reet 16-30; ele rectangle, square twionale angry, ear, happy, unary sod, scared Surprised zed ection igure, bye, board ‘game, comic Took, dinosaur, datthouse ‘monster, puzzle fobot spaceship ‘cookies e208 fh, mil plzza, sandiches, su spoghett 20 cams, face, fingers, hain neck Tong, short coreg Porn) ‘what's your name? iy ame’ (ax) How ld are you? rm 8). fs (he/she) (saa)? Yes foes. No he/she isnt ‘else's (cd. tm tired) ‘what are they? What isi? Wan (action figure) sa (puzzle), ots Yes they oe. No they arent. Let'seat Do you like (pirray? Bo you want (pizay? Yes 1, No {dont have @ arms) Tdon'thave (@heads) He has (arms) ‘Do you have long nai? one) Peers 05; Hello, Goodbye: Due green. red, yellow: Van (An), carts, ye et fingers hands, pea, eos, ‘mouth. nose foes tury ray ts theses What’ ths? Wa (nos. ‘They te (es. 1.30; ball, boat, ca cars dol jump rope ite te, ty Dee, train, yoo aloes Isita (ean? Arethey uzziey? ajca: apples, Danas, beans bread, cake, ‘hese chicken, grapes mangoes ranges rice, steamers Tike ens. don't iike (eres) What's this? ‘Wt is t's Fsanceich). What are hey? “Theyre (cookie) feet hands, Tags, nose, tes ig smal: ors Ye Lio. No, Laon. Who's thle? Ishi Gojahy? tes (number 9 Ce srombers sasin ges ‘yosin yoyo jasin nee ceasin fet Sore Crt polite behavior | haping others friendship Importance of family, sharing kindness, fairess, respect for others {importance of helping fiends Cee aco Tanguage ars sth scence language ars ‘math ont Tanguoge ats math ‘ath ort Tanguage ars xviii rey Rect bathroom, bathtub, a, bedroom, door, Kitchen, ving oom, sof, sink, table window behind nin Font of next, on, under, damp, phones, posters, rugs vals boots, bracelet, brush, comb, earrings, glasses, ‘loves hair cps, keys necklace, ‘ing, sneakers umbrella, watch coat, des hat, pants shir, shoes, skirt sweater, Tshirt coed cry Deere) Language Ca Theeis(asoiain | ope ball, | nasi pink Shelving room) | Cie do duck, Threat (hain | Sadie, wae intheGivng | ors ‘om Wher the Isthne oink in| nb etn the She eaten)? | hen Yeuthewin | Yes tts Novthere tnt, | Noi. Where's the pink | animals; asin rose ow baton, Fstunderte | betioom | bea chen oor: Wheneorethe tye teas [Ries ebm) Theyre (under | (nthe wom, thetabio. | The ore (op | Gnthe bos | Whavstiatt | animate: | asin tering | Casronn Wwhoeeahi tes Whatore these? | oa amy Whetore those? felis They boo | furs Dogowtore | pusafthe Gases od: Yerweda | thovelaring. Novwedont. | Shes woh Arete oso? Doyou want ers Wat ate thes? Timwearng@ “coh, hel ship. | shasin sie ey water esos Hesvwearing bots siases Chow pont). | hcp, Jehewearing _neclge wat (ieponss? | Hehaw ea, Yen he Wher ae | Netneinwe. | Guaser | Whos thishot | | Whors ti | tho | They new | show free tes [Sr re Curriculum uty to omy, compassion for oes Importance of helping frends fetenasip, Kindness kindness Coe Cae language ars rai rule science Tanguage arts | math Tanguoge arts language arts ruth Addddddtidcddddddd dd dd dbrtRttth VLLLLAE EEL ELLIE ELE EEE EERE a We're going on an English Adventure. Wette going to have lots of fun. Wette going on an English Adventure. You, me, and everyone! You, me, and everyone! , Rub, rub, rub on Aladdin's lamp, | We'll ask Genie for a wish, F Well meet old friends lke Mickey Mouse, I ‘And make new ones like Lilo and Stitch. | We're going on an English Adventure. We're going to have lois of fun We're going on an English Adventure. y You, me, and everyone! 7 You, me, and everyone! ; Castles and jungles ond islands in the sun, New worlds wait for you and me. Monsters and mermaids and beasts and bugs, ‘And pirates in the deep, blue sea. Clap, dap, cap, come on girls and boys! ‘Stamp, stamp, stamp, come on and make some noise! Rub your head and wiggle your nose, Pat your knees and fouch your toes! We're going on on English Adventure. We're going to have lots of fun We're going on on English Adventure You, me, and everyone! You, me, and everyone! You, me, and everyone! a ee rea LS Ot aten 1617 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 CYo _ Pages 10-11 eel ORGS Before the Page er nen Materials: Donald Duck puppet others «Put on the Donald Duck puppet and have Donald say, Hello! to you and to the class, Tell Donald, Hello! with students. ‘ + To sing the Hello song + To identify and use colors and numbers 16-30 On the Page (pages 10-11) Q ABB ssing the Hello song. (See Student Book page 16.) + Say, Open your books to page 10, Point to and name Donald Duck, Huey, Loule, and Dewey. Ask students to talk about the picture : + Play the audio for the song and have students listen. Play the ‘udio again and invite students to sing along and gesture (shake someone's hand) (~ nudioscript Say ello, hello, How are you today? Say hello, helo. How are you today? ‘Repeat fst wo lines) Hello hello. How are you todoy? HHoware you today? {Repest fest wo lines) Q ABD Listen and say. ‘Materials: Picture Cards 14 Focus students’ attention on the shapes (rectangle, triangle, circle, square). Use the Picture Cards to reinforce. Play the audio, pausing {or students to point to and repeat the shapes. T2 * Hello! Unit ddddddua J ddddldddddd WI ibbddd Audioscript | 1 eectangle rectangie 3. cicle circle 2. triangle triangle 4. square square + Next, have students say the colors of the shapes. ‘+ Have students count the chocolate shapes (6 rectangles, 8 tiangls, 10 circles, 12 squares), Play the audio and have students join in 6.8 10,12,6,8,10,12 Rectangles, triongles, Rectangles triangles, Ciclesand squares! Girclesand squares! (Repeat) Q OID Listen and say. ‘+ Review the numbers 0-15. Play the audio, pausing for students to point to each number and repeat, (husionsnt 16.7 15 192021 22752625 2627.207930 O A wie. ‘+ Write the symbols +, -, and = on the board and check that students understand, Model the example. Point out the numbers inside shapes: 5, 7, 10, 15. Tell students to create math problems that have these numbers as answers. © OSB Listen and say. ‘+ Have the Donald Duck puppet say, My name's Donald, What's your name? Then say, I'm (9). How old are you? ‘Audioscript Whavsyourname? My name's Max. How old are you? m8. ait ee) ‘+ Arrange students in small groups, Have them take turns asking ‘and answering What's your name? and How old are you? @ OIE sing the Good-bye Song. (See page 117.) + Play the audio, Have students listen and'wave good-bye, Audioscript Say good-bye, good-bye. See you next time. Say good-bye, good-bye, See you next time, (Repeat) Good-bye, Good-bye, See you next time. See you next tine, {Repeatfst2Hnes) © AWD chane. (See page 116.) Ye: Donald Duck puppet a Peture Cords 1-4 Activity Book Assign pages 4-5. Answers ‘are on page 1172, Hello! Unit © T3 Unit Overview Unit Objectives 3 +s To identify and use words describing feelings = To identify and use words for parts of the face + To pronounce s as in nose Unit Language + Target Vocabulary angry ears orange big bag happy eyes purple small books hungry mouth pink clouds sad nose red horse dinosaur hat scared surprised, my sheep sneeze tired space ranger + Recycled Vocabulary _* Expansion Vocabulary + Recycled Structures + Pronunciation + Target Structures ‘What's this? To pronounce s as in nase He's/She's (happy). I'm (happy). It's a (nose) Is he/she (happy)? They're (ears). Yes, he/she is. This isa (mouth). No, he/she isnt. These are (eyes). cross-Curricular Connections values curriculum art (drawing, making masks, puppets, posters) _ friendship Tanguage arts (storytelling, comic stip story, video) ‘math (counting, addition) music (songs, chants) science (the body) unit Materials ‘Student Book 2 pages 12-23 Video 2, Episode 1: ‘Activity Book 2 pages 6-13 “What's your favorite food?” ‘Audio CD/Cassette 2 Poster: Character Guide ‘Activity Sheets 1-4 Poster: Sword in the Stone Picture Cards 5-15. Unit 1 Test Student Cards 5-15 Donald Duck puppet TS © unit1 AHappy Facet III IT LL é bdddd ded Viddddddddddddddddddd . | : Slinky Dog the sheep Storyline (for the teacher) In. Zoy Story 2, Woody, the conboy i stolen by Al, agreed toy store owner who recognizes Fim aia Rghly collectable toy from the 19505 While waltng tbe fake o Japan to be sold, Woody mes ome new jrnds They are the fthfu horse ulsge ese the wid cowgirl; and Stinky Pete the Prospector, who craves fame and recognition. Together they form ar orignal toy set from the Nt 1950s show Woody's Rounds. and thee word eee Meanwhile, Buzz Lightyear, the loveable bus dense space ranger, Rex te fearul dinosaur, the acciden-prone Hr, Potato Head and the wise-cracking Slinky Dog embark on @ mission tofind and rescue Woody, When they eventuclly find hi, Woody & torn betwen his now Jrlends, with ther quest for museum stardom, and his loyalty to Ris old fiends and Ris Beioved Andy. inthe end ll but the meonest of the characters reach a hanpu ending, and Andy has some more roy t Love Character Guide (page 4) Introduce students to the Toy Story 2 characters. Hold up the Character Guide at the beginning of the Student Book (or use the Character Guide poster). Say, Open your books fo page 4. Play the audio, QED atioscript Busey, ex, Potato Head, The Prospector, Jesse, Woody, Bo Peep and the sheep. Buzz ighyeer Spky Dog Atappy Face! Unit * T5 Lesson 1 Page 12 Disney/Pixar Scene: In this scene from Toy “Story 2, he tays have come to rescue Woorty, Led by Buzz Lightyear the space ranger, they have found a way into Al's ‘apartment. They find Woody with Jessie, the Prospector, and Bullseye. Buzz Light: tear, Mr, Potato Head, and Slinky Dog are ‘ery happy to see Woody, but Rex is tied from the rescue effort. Jessie ts sad. She thinks Woody is leaving, The Prospector is angry because he thinks Woody belongs With his gang, Bullseye is surprised to see Rex the dinosaur come ito the ‘apartment! Lesson Objective | + To identify feeling words Target Vocabulary angry, happy, sod, surprised, tired Recycled Structures Who's this? | Is this (Bullseye)? Expansion Vocabulary cowboy, cowgirl, dinosaur, space ranger Cross-curricular Connection ort values curriculum friendship T6 © Uniti AHappy Face! OG betes aay eoe Cb Bien Fad ond tee, ee Before the Page + Wave to students and say, Hello! Have students respond by saying Hello! Say, Listen! Play the Hello song, Say, Let’ sing! Have them sing along with the audio. + Point to yourself and say, My name's (Mr. Perez) Listen. Say, Hil. My name's (Mr. Perez). What's your name? Have the student or puppet respond, Hello. My name's (Carmen). | -/ write on the board, Hi. My name is What's your name? and ‘My name’s____. Have students form pairs to ask and answer. } | Finally, choose students at random, Say, Hi, my name's (Mr. Pees: | whar’s your name? Have the students say their names. | on the Page (page 12) OB iissten. «+ Set the scene. Hold up the Student Book to the Disney/Pixar scene fon pages 12-13 and say, Look at this. Point to the characters. Say, lLook, This is Buzz. This is Woody. Thisis Jessie. This Is Pete. (IF you wish, play track Ad of the Disney/Pixar Character Guide so | students can review the names in the story.) + say, Open your books to page 12. Cup your hand by your ear and say, Listen, Play the audio. — | | [muds tone oka seca esa Lightyear. Lookat the cowboy! He's Woody. Look atthe cowgil She's “esse. And look! There's Pete EE Jddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd / e¢ + Ask questions to check for understanding, Point to Buzz Lightyear. Ask, Who's his? 1s this Bullseye}? How many toys? and so on OQ AB Listen and say. * Point out the pictures of Bo Peep at the top of page 12. Say, Look at Bo Peep. Play the audio once and have students lust listen. 4. tied thea 5. surprised surprised ‘Audioscript 1. happy happy 2 sad sad 3. angry angry. + Play the audio again and have students listen, point, and repeat Repeat the audio or read the words and have students make faces, @ OB Listen. Find and stick. + Make sure students have the stickers for the activity. Say, Stickers. ‘+ Tell students to tum to pages 12-13.) Make sure students understand that they will listen and mateh the sticker to the picture, according to what they hear. *+ Play the audio. Have students find the characters representing ach feeling and place the corresponding sticker as they listen Pause the audio after each item. Check their work ‘Audioscript ook at the Prospector. He's angry. Look at Jessie She's sad, Look at Woody. He's happy. Look at Rex. He's tired, Look a Bullseye. He's surprised. After the Page Handprints Materials: paper, colored pencils Hand out one sheet of plain white paper to each student. Ask students to trace the outline of one oftheir hands on the paper. At the end of each finger, have students witea word describing a feeling Inside the tip of each finger, have students draw a face Silstating the related feling. Allow students to decorate their handprints. Display the handprints onthe wall, and use the drawings to review language from time to time Bingo Material: Activity Sheet 1 (Teacher's Resource Book page 5) (one copy per student), scissors Hand out the Activity Sheet copies. Ask students to name the feelings on the cards. Cut out in advance or have students cut out the éards and arrange them faceup in three tows of 3 Say, He's/She's (surprised) and have students turn facedown the matching card, ‘When a student tums over three cards ina vertical, horizontal, oF iagonal line, he or she calls out, Bingo! Play rounds as time allows, Activity Shoot 1 oper colored pencils le Activity Book Assign page 6, Answers and auuioscript are on page T172, AHappyFace! Unit * T7 4 Before the Page Materials: Picture Cards 5-9 + Play the Hello song and have students join in. ++ Display Picture Cards 5-9 (happy sad, surprised, angry ted), Point to each card and encourage students to call out the items. = debel On the Page (page 13) GAB tier. pone and eos a + Say, Open your books to page 13. Review the characters in the «= «Focus students’ attention on the sentences. Play the fst partofthe © > a Audioscript tired. He's happy. She'ssad, _ Lesson Objectives «Focus students attention on the Disney/Pixar scene. Play therest ©) + To talk about feelings of the audio. Have students listen and point to themselves and the — + Tosing (stress, rhythm, characters os they repeat the sentences. . {ntonation) - ea Target Structures Audioseript mre He's surprised ) e's /She's (sad). He'shapoy. Hesangy. aa Ym (tired). She's sad. Hestire. ea Recycled Vocabulary || nove paste ms ining cea ond vin, He = (ane naps ace seeieet s (happy). Tell them to point to themselves when they say I’m (tired). . Expansion Vocabulary Ss cowboy, cowgitl, dinosaur © Ciww sing. (See page 117.) a A © Play the audio once and have students just listen. cross-curricular Connection ua — music ‘udioseript = | Everything's reat.'m happy today! Hey heyhey She’shappy today. He'shappy todey. _Don'tbe sada doy! ~ Everthing'sgreot.Im veryhoppy! _Counttothree Hoorey!Hoorey! Hooray Hooray! Andctap with me. oe She ssad today. He's sad today. happy today! Everything’ bod. m verso. sheshoppytoday.Hes | Boo oo! B00-heo! Boe-hoo! happy today. | | Boorhoot Everything's great. fm very : happy! Hooray! Hoory! Hooray! Hooray! ED Sldddddddddddddddddd ©? 2 282 ‘+ Play the musiconly version of the audio (track A28) and, encourage students to sing with you, Present gestures for the students to use: to show happy, a smiling face; to show sad, a sad face; to show bad, thumbs down; to show great, thumbs up; to show boo-hoo, wipe away tears; to show hip hip hooray, raise both arms. After the Page Sound Effects Record some friends or fellow teachers doing the following; (1) someone crying and sobbing, (2) someone furious, muttering and growling grmrr, (3) someone giggling and laughing, (4) someone ‘yawning and sighing, (5) someone gasping from shock and surprise. Play your audio for the students, and have them identify each feeling expressed. You may want to write the target vocabulary on the board as cues. Expansion Vocabulary Write on the board: space ranger, dinosaur, cowboy, cowgirl. Explain that these words describe characters in Toy Story 2. Point to Buzz. Lightyear and say, Space ranger. Point to Rex and say, Dinosaur, Point to Woody and say, Cowboy. Point to Jessie and say, Cowgirl, From School to Home Materials: paper, glue, colored pencils Have students make an envelope, Show how to fold a paper in half ‘and glue or tape the sides together. Have students write Faces and Feelings on the front of the envelope and decorate it with a face showing one of the feelings in the lesson, Have students put their Bingo cards in the envelope. Tell them to show the cards to their family, and identify and demonstrate for them each of the feelings oper AHappy Face! Picture Cords 5-9 Unitr ¢ T9 Lesson Objective * To practice the language presented on Student Book page 12 bell ‘Activity Book: Assign page 7. Answers fare on page T172. TA10 © Uniti AHappy Face! (Qe tne nny hh trent nm QF ican witeaoa eater om Before the Page Materials: a ball ‘+ Show students a ball. Point to yourself ‘and say, My name is (Mr./Ms. Pere). ‘Throw the ball to a student and ask, What's your name? Have the student answer and throw the ball to another student, asking the question again. On the Page (page 14) © OB Listen and say. Circle the different ones. + Explain that two ofthe (rabbits) are the same and one (rabbit) is different. Play the audio, Have students just listen | Audioscript 1. He's hapey. He's happy. He's sad. 2. She's tied, She's surprised, ‘She's surprise. 3, He's sad. He's angry. He's ad. ‘+ Show pictures of two of the same objects. Then show a picture of Cone different object, Point tothe different one, and say Different. ‘Odd-one-out. Write diferent = od-one-out on the board. ‘= Say, Open your books fo page 14. Flay the audio again. Ask students to circle the odd-onesout on the page. Check answers as a class. (Answers: 1. sad, 2. sad, 3. angry) @ A roo at 6. Write avout the different ones. pela elie 7 ate texan th Soler are radente complete other two sentences (AREWer 15a eas After the Page We're Happy Materials: Picture Cards 5-9 Have students form five groups and assign each group a feeling: tired, happy, sad, angry, surprised, Have groups practice showing the feelings. Then display Picture Cards 5-9. Point to one of them and say, He's (happy). The group assigned that feeling stands up and repeats, He's happy) while making a (happy) face. Continue. Mime a Feeling Have students stand up. Aska student to mime a feeling, Call on. ‘another student to guess the feeling, (He's) (sad). Ifthe student is correct, he or she mimes next and picks a classmate to guess, Ifthe student is not correct, he or she sits down, after repeating the correct response. THIGH THEHTHEHRHHHTTODODHODDODOODDODODS Before the Page Materials: Donald Duck puppet; Picture Cards 5-9 ‘Have the Donald Duck puppet say, i fends. Ym Donald Duc. I'm happy today, And you? + Display Picture Cards (happy, sad, angn, ted, suprised). Begin clapping iythmically. Say, Listen. Say, Pn ‘happy: (Clap, clap She's sad. (clap, Gap) He's red. (lap, clap, clap lap). Continue clapping, and invite students to Join in. Go slowly until students are ‘comfortable. Say the pronouns loudly. OF Heth were rsh On the Page (page 15) OP match. Write He's or She's + Say, Open your Boks page 15. Hold up the Student Book and pont to Activity 8, Go throug the example and have students match, Be sure they se he an she correct. (Answers: 1. He's2. He's 3. She's 4, She's 3. He’) Lesson 4 Page 15 Lesson Objective * To practice the language presented on Student 800k ove 13 QD took at 6. Point and eat + ein to the example in Act 8. Say, He's eng Pott another cure and al ona student tosay the sentence. Have dente = form pairs. Have them take tums pointing to the pictures and oe Cesdiraee ten After the Page ala Duck pn 9 Make a Mask, Sing a Round i Materials: paper plate, craft sticks, colored pencils ge Hand outa pepe plate soda raftsick to each made Have ‘shed pce students get out their colored pencils or markers and glue, Tell students to make a happy mask to use with a new song, To the tune (of Free Jacques (Brother john, or Are You Sleeping? in English), sing: Lam happy. 1am happy, HAPPY, HAPPY, Can you see? Can you see? Look at me. Look at me. Students hold up their masks each time they sing the word happy. Finally, have different rows of students sing the verses as a round. (The frst row sings the first line alone, When they sing the second. line, the next row of students begins singing the fist Line at the ‘same time, and so on.) Later, you can change the verse so the first line i Fe 1s happy. 1am happy and the last line is Look at him. Look at me. Assign page 8. Answers ‘are on page 1172. Atfappy Face! Unit1 © T11 Lesson 5 Page 16 Before the Page seo ‘Waite the following words, scattered all over the board: arms, hands, fngers, legs, fet, tes, head, funny. Point to parts of your body. Ask, What’ this? iaaa ‘and What are these? ‘On the Page (page 16) Ocm fen and say. ‘Before class, prepare a paper plate ‘mask on a stick, with eyes, a nose, ‘and a mouth, Cut two ear shapes from index cards and glue or staple them to the mask, Altematively, draw a face with ears on the board. + Ask, What’ this? as you point to the rnose and mouth, Ask, What are these? ‘95 you point to the eyes and ears. If no fone knows ears, have the class repeat the word a few times as you point to the ears © @ toa itn on nr. Lesson Objectives + To identify parts ofthe face + To talk about feelings ‘+ Say, Open your books to page 16. Polnt to Activity 10. Say, Listen and say. Play the audio and have students repeat. Target Vocabulary f ee a a ee 1, anose anose 3. eyes eyes Recycled Vocabulary 2 amouth amoun 4. ears eas ‘ongry, happy, sad, surprised, tired; ‘big, small; arms, feet, fingers, hands, head, legs, toes Recycled Structures He's/She's (ana), ‘What's this? What are these? @ Caw BB Lxten and number Seek and soy + Point to Activity 11, Say, Look atthe faces! Tell me. What colors are there? Then say, Listen and number. Play the first item on the audio. Do the example with students and show the match. Audioscript 1, Asad mouth and big ears + Play the rest ofthe audio and have students write the numbers (answers: Ieft to Tight: 2,4, 1, 5,3) Agrasenene aa Scene 2, Angry eyesanda smal nose 3. Ahappy mouth andsmallears 4. Asurprsed mouth ord big eyes 5. Tred ees onda big nse + Make sure students have thelr Activity 11 stickers, and that they ‘understand they will listen and match the sticker to the picture, ‘according to what they hear. Play the audio and have students place the stickers. Check students’ work. ee wy, we or eer TA2 © Unitt AHappy Face! RMBEUL TCU Pee a =< .— =< Tt => a_ = a ae a, a Ae — = ES - wa aS @ Caw @ bookeae 1. Listen and say. Then pla. + "Play the audio. Have students look atthe faces, listen, and repeat ‘Audioscript rim happy! + Point out how happy describes face number 3. Have students form ppairs and have them take turns picking numbers and identifying the expressions, using the dialogue as a model. After the Page Bitinguat Puzzles ‘Model a puzzle on the board, Point out that one word isin Spanish ‘and its equivalent isin English. When students understand what to {do, have them form palrs to generate more puzzles with the target ‘vocabulary. Possibilities include nose /nariz, mouth /boca, eyes/ojos, face/cara, and head/cabeza. Provide help os needed, Have a few students show thelr puzzles to the class. fefR[ETTATS) IBEc} These puzzles are a good way to help students remember key vocabulary. Encourage your students to keep a section in thelr notebooks for their puzzles. Donald Says ‘Materials: Donald Duck puppet Hove the puppet call out instructions, such as, Donald says touch ‘your head, Students listen and cary out the instructions. If you give ‘an instruction without including the phrase Donald sas, students should not perform the action. Ifa student performs an action not preceded by Donald says, that student is “out” and should sit down. The last student left standing wins. I time allows, ask a student to ‘come up and lead the activity. Recycle other body parts vocabulary ‘such as arms, legs, fingers, toes, head, tummy, fet. Donald Duck puppet Activity Book Assign page 9. Answers ‘and audioscript are on page 1172, AHappyFacel Uniti * T13 Disney/Pixar Story: Mr. Potato Head is a popular toy. He has pieces that can be taken off and put back on. In this story based on Disney/Pixar Toy Story 2, Mr. Potato Head has lost parts of his ‘face. First Woody finds his ear, and then Bo Peep finds his nose. Mr. Potato Head is happy that he has all the parts back together. But then he sneezes and loses them again, and so he feels sad. Lesson Objectives + To review target language » To understand a story Target Vocabulary ears, eyes, mouth, nose Recycled Vocabulary ears, nose; happy, sad Recycled Structures What's this? It's my (ear). Y'm/Fie's/She's (happy). Expansion Vocabulary ‘louds, hat, sheep, sneeze Cross-Curricular Connection Tanguage arts values Curriculum empathy T14 © unitt Atappy Fac Before the Page Materials: an envelope with paper slips, one set per group + Before class, prepare paper slips (or hhalves of index cards) for each group. Each paper slip can have one of the following items on it: red, green, pink, brown; teddy bear, kite, jump rope, doll happy, sad, angry, tired; mouth, nose, ears, eyes; eraser, ruler, pencil, book. Have students form groups of five to six students. Put a set of words into an envelope for each group of five to six students, + Have each group classify the words in the envelope, sorting them into logical ‘categaries, Don’t provide the categories too soon; let students do some critical thinking. Supply colors, toys, feelings, body parts, and schoo! supplies only if needed. Set a time limit, and then have groups describe their categories. On the Page (page 17) ® Op Listen to the story. + Ask students {o open their Student Books to page 17. Give them a ‘minute to look at the pictures, Point to the different frames and elicit key vocabulary words and structures such as He's happy. Point to the characters and ask students how they feel. Play the audio and encourage students to read the story as they listen. (frame 3) Mr. Potato Head: It’s my nose! Bo Peep: Here, frame) Mr Potato Head: Thank you. Now Im happy. (frame 5) Mr. Potato Head: Aao....CHOO! (frame 6) Woody: ops! Now he’s sad, f Audioscript (frame 1) Woody Whae’shis? Mr Potato Head: les my ear (frame2) BoPeep: —Andwha's tis? + Say, Look at page 17 and listen. Play the audio again while students follow the story in their books. After the Page Act It out Materials: tissues, hat Play the audio again, Pause after each line for students to repeat. Encourage students to mimic the gestures and voice of each ‘character. Rehearse as necessary. Then arrange students in groups 6 ae “~s ~ = ~ =s PITTI Ebb dbddddddd d déé ro a of 3 and have them act out the story in their groups. Provide simple Props, stch as tissues for sneezes, a hat. Invite groups to act out their story forthe class, Story Sequencing Materials: Activity Sheet 2 (Teacher's Resource Book page 6) (one for each pair or group), scissors Have students work in pairs or groups of four and cut out the frames of Activity Sheet 2 (Storyline Cut-out). With books closed, have each Pair put the frames in the correct order. Encourage students to tell the story again, orto tell their new story if they have ordered the frames differently. Then play the audio again so that students can check thete work, A Very, Very Short Story Bo Peep is one of the characters in the story, but Bo Peep is best knovin as the subject ofan old, traditional English children’s rhyme, which follows: Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep And can’t tell where to find them, Leave them alone, and they'll come home Wagging their tails behind them, However, for your students, you can make a very, very short story ‘h, sad Bo Peep! No sheep! No sheep! Mini-Book Materfals: Activity Sheet 2, scissors, tape, colored pencils Have students use the cutout story frames to make their own mini- books. They can color or paint them and sew, staple, or clip them together, From School to Home Have students take their mini-books home. Ask them to read the story to their family. Expansion Vocabulary Have students look at their books again, Use the expansion vocabulary for this lesson (sheep, clouds, sneeze, hat) and point to ‘these objects in the picture. Say the name of each and write it on the board, Say the names again and have students point to them in their books, Ask students to say the colors of some ofthe objects to. check their comprehension, — = MM x J Activity Sheer 2 ‘envelopes AtlappyFace! unit1 © T15 ¢ Before the Page Materials: Activity Sheet 1, Activity Sheet 3 (Teacher's Resource Book pages 5, 7) (one per student), envelopes + Make one copy of Activity Sheet 1 and [Activity Sheet 3 for each group. Cut a total of fiteen cards from both. Cut ct the sentences describing feelings. Put the cards and the sentences in. an envelope Givea set to each group, On the Page (page 18) @ CB Listen and surmber. Say. + Say, Open your books to page 18. Point to the small boxes. Students listen and ‘write a number in the circle by the picture that matehes the word (Answers left to right: 2,1, 4, 3) Soe) Db Fie nena cor DP errata Match Desa crdeporer ne 4128 stea Lesson 7 Page 18 Audioscript 1. nose nose 3, ears ears Lesson Objective ‘mouth moult eyes eyes jecti 2 mouth mouth 4. eyes. eyes «To practice the language presented on Student Book BWA 100k at 14. Listen and color. e 16 ae ‘Materials: colored pencils 2 Have students take out red, orange, purple, and pink pencils. Play Ee the audio. Pause after each sentence fr students to coor. | Audioscript | iesafed rout Theyre cuptegyes iesoneranggaoie. —Theyrepiakears pope bag xe IED coor away Snes 183 | (GP Unscramble ond write. Match. ‘Students write the unscrambled words, Show how the letrs in «sey tind ees are the same Point out the lin leading from the word to ‘Woody’ face. Students use the letters under each blank ine to fon words for pars ofthe face. Check answers. (Answers 1. eyes verkert 2, nose 3, ears 4, mouth) 9911 @ 100k 2 16 irl yer © no eee ein ene neon eee eee eer aloe After the Page Puppets ‘Materials: paper bags, markers ‘Before class, make a puppet. Ask students to point to the eyes, nose, ‘mouth, and ears. Have students make puppets, and work in palis or small groups. Assign page 10. Answers ‘are on page T172, T16 ® unitt ‘A Happy Face! Lesson Objective * To practice the language presented on Student Book page 17 Recycled Vocabulary far, nose; happy, ad; these, this Recycled Structures ‘What's this? Ws my (ean). ‘Ym happy). He's (sad), cross-curricular Connection language arts Before the Page + Write scrambled words on the board: ‘sen, tomuh, ade, reas, yese, Haye students form groups. Give them 2 or 3 mimutes to unscramble the words. Then one member irom each group Writes out the group's words on the board. Call out the words (nose, mouth, head, eats, yes) and have students point to their body parts. On the Page (page 1 © GED Listen, read, and number. + Ask students to open their books to page 19. Give students time to look at the story frames, Point out the circles in the upper let comers and say, Listen tothe story. Write the nuraber here. *+ Play the quello. Pause for students to look and write numbers. (Answers: left to right: 4, 5,1, 2, 6, 3) [/ Audiontint 1. woody Whos is? MiPotata Head: i'smy er. 2, Bo Peep And wha’ this? 3 MiPotato Head: Fee nose! 0 Peeps der. 4. Me Potato Heed: Thankyou Nw im bappy 5 Me Potato Head: a... cHOO! 6. Woody: (Oops! Now he's od. @ seer ct 10 Crete yerorna sane a a Feat ae ae pe ore area ars After the Page Touch Your Toes Have students stand in a circle or line. To the student on your right say, Touch your (toes). That student touches his or her (toes) and then commands the student next to him or her, Point your (mouth). That student performs the command and then gives one to the next student, and soon, As an extra challenge, speed up the ‘commands and actions. Review head, arms, hands, finger, tummy, eqs, fet, oes, ees, ears, nose, and mouth, AHappy Face! Unit: * T17 or Lesson 4 Page 20 Lesson Objectives ++ To ask and talk about feelings + To ask yevhno questions with be + Tozelate new language to one's own life Target Vocabulary faungry, scared Target Structures Ishe/she (happy)? ‘Yes, he/she is. No, he/she isn't Recycled Vocabulary ‘angry, happy, sad, surprised, tited Cross-Curricular Connection art T18 © Uniti AHappy Face! Before the Page Materials: box with lid, two markers or pencils of different colors + Before class, put one of the objects Into the box and put on the lid. In class, show the box and shake it a few times. Act curious and puzzled. |Ask, What i #2 Shake the box again. Pat it next to your ear as if you are listening ta the box. Ask, What is it? Is ita (bal)? Is ita (pen)? Gesture for the students to repeat after you, [sit (ball)? Is ita (pen)? + Write on the board, isit__? ‘and Yes, itis and No, It sn't. Invite a student to the front, Have him or her ook into the box and say, t's a (marker). Ask him or her, Ist (blue)? Gesture forthe students to ask guestions about color, [sit (orange)? The student who can see the marker answers, No, it isn't or Yes, itis. On the Page (page 20) @ OB Listen and say. «Say, Open your books to page 20. Point to the boy and gitl at the top of the page. Say, Look, The bay has a picture. The irl has a picture. Tell students to listen to the dialogue and repeat what they hear. (eee Ishesaa? Yes he's. «+ Askstudents fo explain why the gil is happy and the boy is angry, (One-word answers such os birthday are OK.) “= You may want to refer now to the question/answer pattern you ‘wrote on the board earlier Isit__? and Yes, itis and No, it isn’t, Erase it in the question and answers, and substitute she. In the blank, write sad. (Doing this helps students see that the new pattern builds on the old pattern they leamed before.) @ CBD iiston. Point and sey. 4» Focus on the pictures. Explain that students wil listen to the audio, point to the pictures, and repeat, Play the first three items and have students listen and say. OLE TLET TTT TITIIT IIT IIIT IVD DOOD OP ORD Te JIN e dad i Ad Audioscript 1. seared seared 2 tied — tired 3. hungry hungry Isshescared? Ishe tired? Isshehunary? + Play the rest of the audio and have students listen, point, and. repeat. Audioseript Isshehungry? Yes sheis Isshescared? Yes she's Ishe scared? No, hei Hes ted. @ A drow tient show onda Have students look atthe empty frame on the page. Focus on the litle faces in color, Point to one and ask, Is the (red) face (surprised)? Ask about several of the faces ‘+ Focus attention on the Word Bank. Ask students to draw a picture ‘of a classmate, showing one ofthe feelings in the box. When they hhave finished, have students form small groups and ask about and ‘describe their pictures using language such as, Who's this? This is (Sandra). Is (she) (tired)? No, (she) isnt. (She's) ang). After the Page Throw and Talk Materials: Activity Sheet 4 (Teacher's Resource Book page 8) (one copy per pair of students) Before class, cut out and tape together one cube for each palr of students. In class, hand out the cubes. Demonstrate lightly tossing the cube on a desktop. Students ask about the picture that is on top ‘of the cube each time. One student tosses and asks, Is (he) (tired)? The other student replies, Yes, (he) is or No, (he) isn't. (He's) (surprised). Then its the other student's turn to toss. Feelings Collage Materials: magazine pictures, poster paper, glue Have students form groups. Have ready cutout magazine pletures ‘of faces showing different feelings, or give each group a stack of ‘magazines to look through and cut out faces from. Each group will ‘make a collage, arranging and gluing faces on their poster paper. You may want groups to label some of the faces using sticky notes, ‘or you may want to have no labels and use the posters for oral practice. Display the posters on the classroom wall. Have students look at the different posters and ask and answer questions about them, such as, Is (he) (sad)? No, (he sn’. (e's) (happy) and so on. glue Activity Sheer poster board ‘magazines box with ‘Activity Assign page 12, Answers ‘and audioseript are on page 1172, °T19 AHappy Face! Unit Before the Page Materials: Student Cards 10-13, one set per student + Have students sing Hands, Fingers, ‘Legs, and Toes and hold up Student Cards (nose, mouth, eves, ears) at the appropriate moment as they sing. Hands, fingers, legs, and toes— legs and toes. Hands, finger, legs, and toos— legs and toes. [yes and ears and mouth and nose. Hands, fingers, legs, and toes— legs and toes! on the Page (page 21) @® GD isten. point and say. ‘+ Say, Open your books to page 21. Point to the letter 5, and say, Listen. As you. say the next thtee words, exaggerate the Z sound S has at the end ‘of each word: nose, eves, ears. Play the audio. oe | Audioscript | Ss /2/ nose eyes ears DZ taster Point ond sor. bone 23 -> == 8 ee Lesson Objectives ‘= To pronounce s as in nose * Tossing and chant (stress, rhythm, intonation) Recycled Vocabulary fears, eyes, fingers, hands, legs, ‘mouth, nose; angry, happy, sad, tired Recycled Structures Ym thappy). + Continue to play the audio. Have students listen, point to the pictures, and repeat. He/She/It is (hungry). i Tudloscript nose nose oe os He/she/ttisn't (ted). Sea cross-curricuar Connections | | @) CLD MP tisten.ci ‘ort, math, music eR + Play the audio and have students Usten carefully Students ook at ‘the words and circle the word that matches what they hear and ‘what they see. (Answers: 1. eyes, 2 nose) ss _id e and write. Listen again + Continue to play the audio and have students repeat. [ Seeteeeeae & CB chont. «Ask students to look at Slinky the dog and say how he may be feeling. Play the audio once and have students just listen. EES LILI IIE EEE EE Jhb bb bb bbliid ddl dddd dd dblddhiddl Audioscript Two eyes two ears, (One mouth, and a nose. ''m happy today. And quess what? itshows! Two.eves, two ears, One mouth, and a nose. 'msad today, And guess what? shows! + Play the chant again. Have students chant with you, Do the chant ‘again, but this time have students start the chant loud and happy, ‘and end in a whisper and sad. After the Page Body Math Ricidles Write the following “math problems” on the board 0+ 1 nose = 2ears + 2 ears Zeyes + 2 eyes + 2eyes = 4.legs + 4 legs ~ 4 legs + 4 legs = Hove students say the answers, for more promunciation practice: I nose, 4 ear, 6 eyes, 16 legs. Now, referring tothe fist three problems, ask, How many people? Students should be able to say one for the first, two forthe second, and three forthe third problem, For the fourth problem, ask, How many elephants? Stadents should be able to say fur Guess the Word Divide the class into two teams. On the blackboard, draw spaces for the number of letters in a word from the page, such as ears (four spaces), Teams take tums guessing the word, asking Is i eyes)? Answer only Yes, itis or No, it isn’t. Give a point to the team with the cortect guess. Words to use inclucle nose, eves, ears, mouth, and happy and sad, Student Cards 10-13, ‘Activity Book. Assign page 13. Answers ‘are on page T173. A Happy Face! unitt ° T24 i Before the Page De © bree foes Poy GP tect 28. wee Lesson I! Page 22 Lesson Objective * To practice the language presented on Student Book page 20, i hungry, model Donald Duck puppet After the Page Star T22 ® units ‘A Happy Face! Materials: Donald Duck puppet Pat on the Donald Duck puppet and shave him say, I’m angry. Have one student point at Donald and ask the other student, Is he angry? The second student says, Ves, he is. Donald, why? In an angry voice, have Donald say, I don't have legs! Have students form groups of three. Have them think of a conversation to have about Donald. Remind students to use I don’t have If the question they ‘ask las angry, sad, tired, hungry, oF surprised; and to use I have if the ‘question they ask has happy in it. On the Page (page 22) ® BO drow 3 faces. Ploy. + "Say, Open your books to page 22. Point to the game grid. Say a letter/umber combination, Show how you trace one finger from the letter on the left side of the grid and one finger from the number on top until the two fingers meet at a face. Point to the three boxes with blank faces. Have students draw three faces, each one showing a different feeling; scared, tred, Point to the boy and gitl talking below the grid. Read their dialogue aloud and have students repeat it. You may want to show how to find the face in A2 as another example. Then have students form pairs and ask each other questions according to the BD A rook 0026. write Direct students to look ot Activity 26. Have them find the eter uber combinations onthe gra Then have thm complete the Sentences with information fom te pictures, You may review the fiat example, (Answer: 1 andr, 2. hoppy. 5 ted 4. surprised, | S'she's scare, 6. She'ssod) Draw a large five-pointed star on the board. At each point, write ‘one of the following words: tired, scared, angry, hungry, sad. Tell students they will isten and then call out one of the words on the star. Model the activity. Say, an orange and a banana. Students say, Jhungry. Have students listen as you say words such as no toys (sad), shark (scared), bed (tired), and so on. You may review and include other words students know, such as Frankenstein. Before the Page ‘Materials: hat, sunglasses, tissues + Showa hat and ask, What for? Say, Head. how and ask what oer objects are for yes nose On the Page (page 23) @® CD Listen and cheek (v). Liseen again and say. + Students listen and check the word foreach pcre, Pay the aud. (Asers: 1. eyes 2 nose 3 eat) Audioscript 1. eyes eyes 2. nose nose 3. ears ears * Continue to play the audio and have students listen and repeat, ol sh chsh sk sk eeheshaal ae Audios es a = SF essen objective (eae le or *"Toproctic the language ~ ee rs @ OW Listen ond moteh. Chant ~ page 21 + Play the audio and have students match, > 7 Audioscript: os Two eyes, two ears, Two eyes, two ears, seat een Onemouths anda ose > kerr cal ase ale a & . Andguesstt shows! Andguess ua show! Student Cards a BEE | ater the page & ; = Make Matching Pairs = “Materials: Student Cards $-13 (one set per student) a) ave pais of stents mix their sets of Student Cards and place a4 them facedown. The fist student tas two car faeup the cards aera azethe same the tent ses the word in a sentence ard keeps 44 i | them. If they are different, the student tums the cards facedown, sna Reemese cer ‘and it is the other student’s turn. The winner collects the most. > abcd Reward Sticker Say, Good work! Students put the Reward Sticker i thelr book. Show the Video Play Video 2, Episode 1: “What's your favorite food?” Video 2, Episode 1 Unit 1 Test The Unit 1 Test may be administered at this time. See page 45 ofthe Teacher's Resource Book. Unie 1 Test AHappyFace! Unitt * T23 DITTE Unit Overview Unit Objectives + Totalk about toys * To identify plurals * To use aand an * To pronounce y as in yoyo Unit Language + Target Vocabulary action figure iguana bicycle monster board game ow! car puzzle comic book robot dinosaur spaceship dollhouse teddy bear elephant + Target Structures Isita spaceship? Yes, itis, No, itisn't Are they puzzles? Yes, they are. No, they aren't, ‘They're (comic books). Cross-Curricular Connections art (drawing) Tanguage arts (comic strip story, role play) ‘math (counting) music (Songs, chants) Unit Materials Student Book 2 pages 24-37 Activity Book 2 pages 14-23, Audio CD/Cassette 2 Activity Sheets 5-8 + Recycled Vocabulary car numbers 1-6 doll big shapes cat pen angry present happy small surprised yo-yo tired + Recycled Structures What are these? What's this? What is it? {sa (sandwich), What are they? kindness Picture Cards 1-38 Student Cards 16-38 Poster: Character Guide Unit 2 Test Donald Duck puppet + Expansion Vocabulary alien ribbon balloons Tug birthday streamers bow wall door ‘wrapping floor paper present Pronunciation the letter yas in yoyo Values Curriculum respect for others SS LTT 4 biddddd i Ni ta Ws ‘Storyline (for the teacher) Lilo & Stitch tells the story of Lilo, alonely, but imaginative young girl who lives on the beautiful island of Hawaii with her older sister Nani, Lilo has no friends, preferring to live in her own make-believe world. Nani decides to allow Lilo to have a pet to help fil the litle girls life Unknown to the two sisters, their new pet dog turns out to be a seemingly dangerous alien, whom Lilo names Stitch. Stich was designed to destroy everything, but Lilo's care for him slowly changes hs personality. Having no parents, the girls are threatened with separation, and so must fight ta stay together. The three form a tight bond of jriendship and family together, and ultimately Stitch proves that even something produced to destroy can instead create something beautiful Character Guide Introduce students to the Lilo & Stitch characters. Hold up the Character Guide at the beginning of the Student Book (or use the Character Guide poster). Say, Open your books fo page 4. Play the audio. CED hudioscript stich Lio, Noni Let'sPlay! Unit2 © T25 ip Btn Find ant ek Lesson | Disney Scene! In this scene from Lilo & Stitch, we see Lilo and Stitch in Lilo's home. Lilo is making a spaceship from the colored shapes, while Stitch is sitting ona dollhouse, tying to read one of Lilo's comic books. Lilo and Stitch have become great friends since Stitch's arrival from another planet Lesson Objectives + To learn toys vocabulary + To review shapes and feelings Target Vocabulary comic book, dinosaur, dollhouse, puzzle, spaceship Recycled Vocabulary ‘angry, happy, sad, surprised, tired cross-curricular Connection ort values Curriculum sharing T26 © unit2 Let's Play! | 5 Greet students and say, Hello! Play and sing the Hello song, Encourage students to say hello to each other. «+ Draw faces on the board to show feelings: happy, say tired, angry, suprised. Begin clapping rhythmically. Say, Listen. Say, 1'm hope. (Clap, clap) She’s sod. (clap, clap) He's tired. (clap, clap) She's ang (Gap, clap) He's suprised. (clap, clap, clap, clap) Repeat once or Gries more. Invite the students to join in, Go slowly until students ‘are comfortable. Then gradually speed up. D OED Listen. Pwo seene, Hold up the Stadent Book showing the Disney scene se ee 25 and say, Look a ths Say, Open your boost page on ages he characters fom Lio & Stich, Say, This sie Shes happy Ths Stich, He's happy to. «Ask students to identify the characters. Hold your hand to your ear ‘and say, Listen. Play the audio. snts understand by having students watch you + You can help stude J point vo the characters and items in the book as they listen 10 the en they hear the Endio again. Smile and point to your smile whi word hapey. eh irate aR Neale te al ile ru eddie x Idd didi didided ddd erreeee DTT Q QB Listen and say. ‘+ Focus students on the toys at the top of the page. Ask, What are the colors? Play the audio and have students repeat and point to each toy. Audioseript 1, adolihouse adolhouse 2 apuzzle apuzzle 3. aspaceship aspaceship 4. adinosaur dinosaur 5 ‘comic book acomic book ‘+ Check comprehension. Ask, What color is the (dinosaur)? Is the (dollhouse) ed? and so on. © ip BB bison Find ana siete ‘Make sure students have the stickers for the activity. Say, Stickers. ‘Tell students to turn to pages 24-25, Make sure students understand that they will listen and match the sticker to the pplcture, according to what they hear. ‘+ Play the audio, Have students find the (gray) toys on the pages and place the corresponding sticker as they listen, Pause the audio after each item, Check their work Audioscript What's this? Whats this? Whar’ this? nsadolihouse, _it'saspaceship. _t'sacomic book. What's his? What's his? L_ tesapuzte. ‘tsa dinosaur After the Page Stand Up, Sit Down Materials: Picture Cards 16-20 Hold up a Picture Card of a toy such as a dollhouse and say the ‘word. Ifthe word you say is correct, students stand up and repeat the word. Ifthe word you say is not correc, students stay seated and. tell you the correct word. Continue with puzzle, soaceship, dinosaur, comic book Picture Pass Materials: paper, colored pencils Have students draw and color one of the toys. Seta time limit. Divide the class into two lines and have students face each other. Students facing each other show thelr pictures and take tums talking about thelr pictures, 1's (ted and yellow). It’s (a spaceship). ‘Model this with a partner rst. Then clap your hands and gesture for the students to pass their drawings from one to the other. Have students repeat with their new drawings, Then clap your hands ‘again and have students repeat the activity