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To commemorate the birth anniversary of Sh. Srinivasa Ramanujan , a genius

mathematician, and to actively promote interest of students in the subject, DPSG
celebrated GANIT(Growing Aptitude in Numerical Innovations & Training) Week
from 16th to 22nd December, 2014 as per the schedule given by CBSE.
The following activities were conducted at DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL
GHAZIABAD during the GANIT Week:
16.12.2014: Lecture on Mathematics by Eminent Mathematician :
Dr Madhusudan ji, a gold medalist, M.Sc in Mathematics from CCS university, P.Hd
from IIT Kanpur was invited to share his ideas on the topic Mathematics is the
Mother of all Sciences with the students. Students interacted very well with him and
enthusiastically asked their queries and answered the questions asked by him aswell.
17.12.2014 :Essay Writing Competition: An essay writing competition was held for
class IX on the topic Mathematics is the Mother of all Sciences. The activity saw
enthusiastic response from students as well as teachers. The best five essays were
acknowledged and rewarded.
18.12.2014: Quiz Competition
House wise quiz competition was conducted for class VII students.
3 rounds were held:
Round 1 had questions related to Mathematicians and their contribution in
Round 2 contained Arithmetic problems and
Round 3 was the rapid fire round.
Two students from each house were selected. Students participated actively and were
enthusiastic about it. Rest of the students of class VII observed the quiz and were
equally excited.
Winning team was Cauvery House with 44 marks. Godavari House was II with 24
marks and Jhelum came III with 15 marks.
19.12.2014: Experience sharing on innovation by teachers and students
Experience Sharing on Innovation took place between teachers and students on
19.12.2014 in Mathematics Lab. Teachers and students shared their experiences with
each other through various mathematical activities. It was a great fun having these
activities in Math lab. Highlights of some of the activities that took place are as
As a part of the schedule, Class X did hands on activity on finding surface area and
volume of combination figures, as provided to them in the Math Lab.
The students were divided in groups of four-five each. Each group was given
combination shapes like a cone surmounted on a cube, hemisphere on cuboid, cube on

a cuboid, etc. They then measured the shapes with measuring tapes and found the
surface area and volumes. The activity not only ensured hands on work, but also
enhanced conceptual clarity of difficult topics like transformation of 2D to 3D.
Students enjoyed the activity to the hilt and performed the task with much enthusiasm
and diligence.
Students of Class VIII did an activity based on verifying Eulers formula for
polyhedrons. Students sat in groups and they were given various 3-D shapes. They
were asked to observe the shapes and find the numbers of faces vertices and edges.
Students recorded their observation and verified the formula f + v e = 2 where = no.
of faces, v= no. of vertices, e= on of edges. Students were very excited to actually
touch and count the faces, vertices and edges. They understood the activity well and
enjoyed doing it. They shared their experiences with the teachers and other peers and
brought some good points ahead
Students of Class VI did an activity to find the number of faces, vertices and edges
of 3D shapes by using Math Lab kits. They were asked to observe the 3D shapes
present in Math Lab tool kits for class VI and then observe and write the number of
edges, vertices and faces of the 3D shapes.
20.12.2014: Screening of films produced by Vigyan Prasar
A film on the concept of Tessellations produced by Vigyan Prasar was shown to
students of class X. A brief discussion was taken up by the teacher with the students
to clear the concept of Tessellation. The students enjoyed watching the film and
understood a new concept.
22.12.2014 : Origami and poster making competition to be followed by a formal
culmination function.
Activity on Origami was taken up with class VIII students and Poster making was
taken up with class VI students. The students actively participated in the activity. The
objective of this activity was to practice fine motor skills. The creative skills of the
students were also enhanced and it was thoroughly enjoyed by them. The students
learnt to make beautiful Santa Claus, Christmas tree, flowers, boat, 3D snowflakes
and much more. The best five posters and origami things were acknowledged and
rewarded by special recognition certificates.