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During the 18th century America was inhabited by a vast number of tribes. The largest
ones included the Seminoles, Cherokees, Sioux, and the Lakota. These tribes were united into
a confederation of tribes for the purpose of having a better life. Despite that many problems
were present with three standing out as prominent.

Education was one of the major problems. Native Americans were given a chance to be
educated but the level of their education was quite poor. The problem laid in their parent`s
indifference. Therefore most of the children didn`t have the basic things such as books or
rucksacks. In addition, they often received no support from their elders. To get over the
problems of education NAs must be more supportive of their children, ensuring they have at
least the basic school materials.

Unfortunately, another common thing that sticks out is alcoholism. Indeed, almost every
second NA has drinking problems. This is mainly due to a gen that makes their nervous
system highly sensitive to alcohol. Many accidents occured due to this sickness.
Unquestionably, a law forbidding alcohol in reservations must be introduced in order to
avoide future problems.

Combining the previous two you`ll end up with a large number of unemployed NAs. As if
those weren`t enough, NA`s job appliances are often rejected due to racism. Even though its
21 century NAs are for the most part still regarded as savages. Their basic human rights are
neglected at every corner. Such a primitive view must be stopped and fought against proving
that we can call ourselves humans, not animals.

In brief, summing up poor educational conditions, alcoholism and unemployement we can

say that NAs are in no better conditions than they were during the 15 century`s wars.
Unfortunately, they are still being treated as an ethnic minority having been purged of any
human rights. People from around the globe must be educated on these facts and learn to
resent racism and selfishness.