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King George’s Dream*...

A letter from Grandpa Gary

To Grandson,

Vogun Wylder Boyd

Introducing …

The Messenger Man fifth great grandfather,

Indian Agent George Boyd’s,

Peerings into Anishinaabe,
American/World History &
Current Global Events,

Gary R Boyd, Pemapomay.

(Read, Watch Movies, Videos, Research or Just Look at All the Pictures)
“ ”*

“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts

and frets his hour upon the stage
and then is heard no more.
It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.”

~ *: The character, in a dismal mood of depair.

~ A play Written by: William Shakespeare* in about 1603-1607:

Praise the Lord! He has truly been raised from the dead!

So he is here fresh out of his grave!

And now Woody Guthrie* is really here from the 1930s

and he walks the face of the Earth once again!
Come one, come all:
Woody Guthrie sings about Donald Trump*!
(Music video)

Boris Johnson, maybe Britain’s next prime minister, comments on Trump*.

This story is about American, native, international and global events during the centuries prior
to the War of 1812 all the way up until over two centuries later even including events that are
happening surrounding the globally perilous year of 2018. The story I present here is also my
attempt at making people aware of the impending changeover and
* as long as Donald Trump remains in office as the US president.
This book itself, however, is my attempt to inspire my Grandson, Vogun, and all of my
Grandchildren and anyone else with an interest in World history and of the Métis (of mainly
French & native descent) and various tribes of Native Americans, of a glimpse into Eastern and

Western European history, of people of the Americas and of all human beings all over the World
during the centuries and decades revolving around the year of 1812 up until later on during 2018.

When I was once homeless for longer than at least three weeks in 1977, I tried to rescue an
abandoned boy I had found in the subway ‘neath the streets of Queens in New York City while we
only lived on the kindliness of the people on the streets. The subway worker where I had found
him said something to the effect that “He’s yours now!” and then threatened to get me thrown
in jail. My attempts to rescue “Baby Jesus*” as I had called him, went unaided by a number of
precincts, a hospital and by the social workers of the system who kept yelling at me “You
brought him into this World! You raise him!” Then they would threaten me with arrest and point
to the door. I tried to explain that someone had left him in the subway but no one believed me.

The feelings that I was having and of whom I called “Baby Jesus” during our experience of
starvation on the streets was terrifying because we were also being targeted by a gang that
was sick of his loud, anguished crying and were attacking us and threatening to kill us if they

saw us on the street. Holding him close and starving on the streets for at least three weeks
while I tried to get him some help, eventually, I had to place him someplace, anyplace he would be
safe from the men who wanted to kill us and from the cats and the rats in the alley that kept
trying to drag him away from me whenever I dozed off or as I was fending off our attackers.

He was getting his last supper as he fed from all my tears like holy wine, I finally had to place
him into a dumpster as I was praying for his rescue. I was apprehended by the police in Queens
while I tried to get him some help yet the several police officers would not believe where I had to
place him, so I just told them there was a baby in a dumpster I specified and asked the officers
to help. An off-duty lieutenant and civilians went out looking for that dumpster, yet the
corrupt* ‘captain’ (?*) over precinct 19* into which I had been beaten, shackled, gagged and placed

on Jesus’ last night here on Earth, had given the order that I incriminate myself first before

they’d go ahead and rescue him & he left him there in the cold to die like *!

While looking for work and with no one else to care for him, I could not get “Baby Jesus” any help
whatsoever from the system in Queens while both he and I were virtually starving to death. As
a newly-arrived homeless country boy* from Wisconsin that year in Queens, I feel as though the

experience that I and Baby Jesus were having was even a glimpse into the feelings of starvation
among the French people of the poor class in Paris, France during the French Révolution.
With events elsewhere in time and place, I begin this story in the middle of things . . .

On Tuesday, May 16th* of 2017, a * started going
awry two hours after President Trump’s meeting in the Oval Office* with the Turkish President, a close ally
of Vladimir Putin, * who had left the meeting with Trump empty-handed. Outside the
embassy two hours later, violence had erupted when and the peaceful Kurdish* and * protesters
(visitors, immigrants and American citizens) who had gathered there at Sheridan Circle, were quite literally
getting the shit kicked out of them by Turkish embassy security personnel upon hallowed American soil. The
Washington DC police attempted to disband the violent confrontation and eventually ran them off but the
entire Turkish embassy security team had “diplomatic immunity” and thus by international law could not be
placed under arrest for fear of igniting an international war that could even have turned globally incendiary.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan* came to power in 2003 and during his prolonged presidency
by 2017, *. So a proposed
constitutional referendum that was held in Turkey in April of 2017* was the move toward drastically turning
Turkey into such a dictatorship. * and the next day, President
Trump had personally called Erdoğan and congratulated him for doing so*. Under the Trump administration,
for this reason and for a conglomeration of other reasons, innumerable Americans suspect that if and when
America becomes a dictatorship for the first time, the staunchly loyal supporters of President Donald Trump*
will not be able to explain why they didn’t know what he was up to*, especially since he continues to lie
about his * and will absolutely & positively never have his taxes released voluntarily. Period!

Apparently ordering the attack while holding a grudge, Erdoğan looks on as protestors who oppose
his ruthless brand of politics are being brutally beaten at Sheridan Circle in Washington DC.

The constitutional referendum* that was held in April was a vote to change the nation of Turkey to a
completely presidential system. This will mean that very soon the office of prime minister, which is currently
being held by the democratically supportive prime minister * (Click for bio in Turkish*) of
Turkey* will no longer exist after the next general election. The country’s increasingly totalitarian President,
the above-mentioned, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan* apparently had set his hopes high looking forward to meeting
President Trump * by US relations with his country.

As a result of his having left the meeting with Trump empty-handed and because of the April referendum, on
Sunday, May 21st of 2017, Erdoğan threatened* that he is going to extend his sweeping (dictatorial) rule
over * (Encyclopedia Britannica) even to a much greater and to a much more oppressive extent now.
Watch this video recorded by the * which shows the Turkish President
* watching the brutal attack apparently which he had ordered upon the protestors. In the video the
Turkish embassy security seemed to have grabbed a few of the pretty female protestors at random, likely
sympathetic relatives and possibly American citizens, and had tried to take them into the embassy with them.

Reality check:
He tells it like it ain’t!
Unsuspecting Trump Supporters* Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Putin waits in the woods
! For * & his duped Alt right* allies to self-destruct!
Accompanied by the staff members of his entourage, * eventually left the scene and walked into the
ambassador’s residence on embassy row. A witness to the protest said that the violence began when Turkish
security officials had begun hitting, shoving, choking and relentlessly kicking protesters who were carrying
the Kurdish PYD* party flag. The flag represents the Kurdish* left-wing * in Turkey
which is a political group that was founded in 2003 by Kurdish activists originating from the northern
region of *.
*, * began insisting that the nation of * would now not
participate in the * (Defined*) which had been nicknamed “The Battle to End All Battles” in
the nation’s *( *). This was a “ *” operation that
is occurring between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)* against the ISIL in the region called the “
*”. This operation had the goal of isolating and eventually capturing the Islamic State's capital
*. * about Turkey’s non-participation in the Raqqa offensive.
Led by US backed forces, *, Kurds and Arabs * in * on
Tuesday, Oct. 17th of 2017 by capturing the *.

Putin’s “ *” Trump! “An Unholy Alliance*”!

Trump Wins Election!
While his colleagues were cheering at the first announcement of Donald Trump’s election victory in November
of 2016, the Russian President Vladimir Putin toasts his comrades on a job well done.

And just like * of American history * from the Americans

while * without the *,
with the loyal diplomatic support of the Trump presidency and through
*, it is now quite evident
that while toasting his comrades, Vladimir Putin had actually begun . . .

. . . *!

They came in peace!* (Mars Attacks Video Clip)

Calling him a “nut job”, Trump badmouths former FBI Director James Comey*

to the Russians in the Oval Office of the White House! The W rL L eS A EricA*!
Describing him as a “nut job” in the above photo, President Trump is visibly badmouthing former FBI Director James
Comey to his close Russian friends: former Soviet propagandist, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov* and the
Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak* in the Oval Office at the White House on Wednesday, May 10th of 2017. In the
month of April of 2017, while he was still in office as the FBI Director, James Comey had expressed informally, the
need to increase White House support in the investigation into what is now proving to be a
operation in the 2016 US presidential election.
It was precisely for this reason that President Trump fired the former FBI Director and then referred to
Comey as a “grandstander” and a “showboat”, something of which Trump is quite obviously
as well as never-endingly guilty of each and every single day.

“We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the US.
We will destroy you from within.*” ~ Nikita Khrushchev*.

This disclosure will veritably jeopardize crucial sources of intelligence gathering procedures
regarding the Islamic State (ISIS) about developing bombs in personal laptop computers. Having
been provided by a U.S. “partner” who was allied through an intelligence-sharing arrangement,
what President Trump had revealed to the Russians*, is considered to be highly confidential.
This classified information is even restricted to be intra-communicated within the U.S.
bureaucracy itself. The material is considered to be of such top secret by US officials that the
specific details of what Trump handed over to the Russians is being withheld from
American allies abroad. Jeff Pegues reported that several confidential sources have
informed CBS News that “something inappropriate” was discussed! Such as the concessions
he is willing to make with US federal dollars for building a *?

On Wednesday, May 16th of 2017, after having given a rather vague yet clearly outright denial to
the American press, National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster*, who spoke for the White House,
informed the press that the *” and later on informed the press
that the discussion was *. “This is code-word information,” said one U.S.
official who was familiar with the matter. The disclosure of this extremely sensitive
information was more than likely about intelligence gathering procedures, codes, sources,
methods and even passwords that could have even been delivered while they were shaking hands.

*, that the disclosure

of such information could cost American servicemen and intelligence as well as American allies’
servicemen and civilians their lives abroad. Yet could this disclosure save lives and whose lives
through an American alliance with another superpower? Never trust what a liar tells you.
The disclosure involves American as well as its allied partners and the US was not given
permission to share this confidential material with Russia. US officials are saying that
the president’s decision to reveal the highly classified information endangers cooperation from
a highly discreet ally that has the knowledge and access to the inner workings of ISIS.

After the meeting with the Russians, the US White House officials tried to smooth over the
damage to US international relations by making calls to the Central Intelligence Agency and the
National Security Agency who were likely not reassured whatsoever by what they were told.
The Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to give Congress notes* on what was discussed at
the meeting. Who’s soon going to be in charge of America? I’ll give you one guess, folks. Mr Putin!

We need to impeach* President Donald Trump now or we will simply be forced

to accept the fact that the Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin will very soon become a Czar who
is in charge over all of the United States of America! However,
*! Regarding the Clinton email controversy, typically these emails remain private and
the retroactive terminology of labeling them as “classified” occurred by Trump’s allies
during the 2016 presidential election. Yet, even regardless of a regular policy of
the disclosure of a candidates’ taxes for elections, Trump’s fraudulent behavior is always
enabled by complicit Republicans for him to fail to release his taxes, which he never will.

*! *!
O o
o o

*! *!

*! *!

* *? *
*! *!

Maloney’s* “B ”* and DeSantis'* “ ”*,

Make America Dumb again! * . ..

“doesn’t have a racist bone in his body*”! *! *!

A character similar to * in the movie: *

with the powerful actors: * and *.

By the looks on their faces, we can see how serious

the Trump presidential cabinet has gotten. Make them smile*.

As a result of Trump’s comments and because of his repeatedly numerous attempts at quashing* the Russian
meddling investigation into the 2016 US presidential election*, the FBI probe continues to intensify and the
White House continues to be under the spotlight* of Special Counsel *. The investigation
headed by former FBI Director Mueller, the American equivalent of the Brit, *, will most
assuredly unravel the truth. Any furtherance on the part of a number of House Republicans or Senators
toward preposterizing, stonewalling, minimizing or * and impedance toward the Russian
meddling investigation, only elicits greater and greater suspicion from the American public. If President
Trump facilitates the investigation and lets Mueller be Mueller, then there will only be less and less doubt
placed by the American public upon the legitimacy of his presidency and his accompanying administration.
* how he conspired with Putin to overthrow American democracy!

The American supporters of President Trump are appearing to non-Trump supporters as unknowingly
partaking in * Russia ( *) as part of a politically
hate-spirited scheme for the “New World Order” that he had frequently talked about during his campaign in
2016. Through his intimately *, the New
World Order that is blatantly being promoted by Trump, it appears, will only subordinate this great American
democratic republic toward becoming a province of Russia under the ultimate leadership of the ruthless
totalitarian dictator, Vladimir Putin who rules with an iron fist in his motherland of Russia.

Oppressionary or revolutionary counterforces seem imminent. With a congressman having been asked if they
were “Republican or Democrat” just prior to a shooting on June 14th of 2017, this may be exemplified by the
shooting of a Republican softball player * at 6:30 AM
that morning in Alexandria, Virginia. The
* at the scene. Could * where he
* instead of the shooter himself be the central issue that caused it? Among Trump’s endless
rantings, this is becoming another reason for him to mass purge the mainstream news media. On Oct. 10th of
2017, like the dictator he plans to be, Trump is *. In the end,
everyone’s responsible for one’s own actions* but none of Trump’s * would sure help.

The New White House.

Our Foreign Adversarial *, Putin’s Puppet, Pointing!
Putin once called Trump his: “ *” a term* which
came from the early communist era* of * [a]

Speaking directly to Trump, Kahn said: “In this document, look for the words:
“liberty and equal protection under the law”*.
During his 2016 presidential campaign, quite evidently devoid of any feelings of compassion* whatsoever
toward the grieving father of an American war hero, Trump mortified the brave gold-star father of the dead
Muslim American war hero, Khizr Kahn for objecting to Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims. The US Army
Captain Humayun Khan was awarded two US medals: the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star and then was
afterwards buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC. The funeral of the war hero was
attended by the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

At the four day July 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia reiterating his previous remark
Mr. Kahn, standing at the podium alongside his wife, Ghazala, questioned Trump’s understanding of the US
Constitution and addressed him on his proposal to ban Muslims from the US and once again told him:
“You have sacrificed nothing!” On that Thursday night the last day of the convention, Kahn offered Trump a
copy of the US Constitution from his suit pocket and told him “I will gladly lend you my copy”.

Having once berated the husband of Ghazala, Trump was asked about the incident by reporters from the
New York Times, and witlessly as some kind of divertive tactic and not for his real apparent motive, Trump
blasted out the words: “I’d like to hear his wife say something” which was quite odd with Trump’s
supposedly being a “ *” (video of: * “hates women”
* Hell—oh?! Click: . Maybe this is what Clinton was talking
about: *). In an ABC News interview, Trump insisted that the real reason Mr. Khan’s wife,
did not speak, was because she was not allowed to, evasively implying to Muslim culture.

The fake conscience of Trump tells him: “Make hard-working Americans make just a very
few of the rich like Putin’s oligarchs of Russia gluttonously wealthy Fat Cats again.”
Tricky Dick to Capn’ Trumpy Dick:
* don’t win *
and then, you destroy yourself!” ~ Richard Milhaus Nixon.

By mid-March of 2019, at the behest of his master Vladimir Putin,

the desperate Madman, *, the *,
has now become the * at * * by his refusal
to call white nationalists “highly organized terrorists*” and
is now taking desperate measures to still remain in power:

* very fine people*

By briefly showing some true patriotic American backbone, the
Republican-dominated US Senate flailingly attempted to stand up to Trump,
but in the end it kowtowed again and it did not get enough votes to override
the veto* of the would-be dictator for a border wall that could ultimately

Much like the Rebuplican-dominated Senate, emboldening Trump’s

sadistic cruelty*,
* by * in his * *.
The endless kowtowing of the Senate is also indicative of the complacency in
their apparently unwitting arousal of his maniacal followers into rioting.

Unless Americans fire Donald Trump now,

George Orwell’s* * will arrive in the year *!

And just as if that ironfisted Royal Majesty, Old King George had actually won
the War of 1812 on the American front, Americans will all soon be hailing the 2nd
* whom all Americans will be required to refer to as:

The “ *” Russian President: Czar* Vladimir Putin*!

& one day soon this will become: *! (video).

The Naztional, I mean, the * wants you

to make Americans kill whoever you want to kill again!

I want you to make Americans love whoever you want to love again.

Dear Jesus, I need you to make Americans know the proper meaning
of “the right to bear arms”*, again. Amen.
On the weekend of August 12th of 2017, President Trump commented on an act of terrorism by white
supremacists that happened in * near the downtown mall where a neo-Nazi rammed
his car into anti-racist protesters at the white nationalist rally. Heather Heyer was murdered by the neo-Nazi
driver, James Alex Fields* and several others were severely injured when Fields’ gray sedan went barreling
through a crowd of people who protested the rally to save a statue of Robert E. Lee, the southern general
who fought the Civil War to save the institution of slavery under the Confederate President Jefferson Davis.
Two policemen died in a helicopter crash not too far away from all the interaction. When Trump finally
commented on the subject, in the middle below is one of Trump’s initial more generic tweets.

Trump’s tweet failed to deal with the crux of the problem which are white supremacist groups and domestic
terrorists. Trump’s second statement on the event was also found lacking at the signing of a Veterans Affairs
Employment Act in Bedminster, New Jersey on August 12th, when he reiterated that
* for the social acts of violence that Americans endured in Charlottesville.
On the nightly news, when I saw a video of the Charlottesville attack, I felt dismayed at the violence yet
proud to be an American when I watched *( *) standing up to the throngs
of violent insurgent bullies, the * (video) the white nationalist rabble-rousers of
hatred. * helped out his boss Trump who appeared to most people not to have
the moral integrity to condemn a hate group. So Sessions simply went ahead and labeled the event as a
domestic act of terrorism which is something that Trump was clearly having trouble admitting.
Evidently, just trying to appease one of his main bases of political support which is a large segment of
white nationalists, after 48 hours *, the World and
from all sides of the social spectrum, an emotionally “blistered” Trump finally acceded that the
Charlottesville, Virginia killing of protestor Heather Heyer was a violent act committed by white nationalist
terrorists. So that Monday a rather presidential-looking Trump, finally, yet reluctantly, called
the incident for what it was: a domestic act of terrorism.

The new comments Trump gave that day were considered a grievous offense to one of his main political
supporters * “ *” * who spoke on behalf of hate groups such as the
* which advocates the political cannibalism of violence, hatred and *
over the American social system, government, political processes and natural & man-made resources.

Hate Monger and white supremacist, David Duke grimaces with delight* over the prospect
of America reverting to the barbaric behavior of America’s dark past in the Old West.
On October 24th of 2018 Trump, however, identified himself as a Naztionalist, I mean, “nationalist”!
What he really means is “white nationalist” in the likes of the hate-monger pictured above.
If Trump succeeds in making America part of Russia, then this man will not be allowed to own a gun.

In a press conference on Tuesday the following day, on Aug. 15th of 2017, Trump
went off script and once again when he defended his violent supporters many of whom are
* such as the man pictured above.

The conspiracy of Putin and quite evidently his successfully infiltrated-operative Trump to takeover America
and to overthrow democracy could still yet even now, start to work like clockwork.

While dancing to Putin’s tune, it is now becoming more and more evident that Putin’s operative
Trump is enacting his ally’s plan to DIVIDE* AND CONQUER*
Americans by inciting the violent internal conflict of American versus American.
Grandpa Gary with Grandson Vogun and his face of innocence.

The 7th generation from his 5th Great Grandfather, George Boyd*. Vogun is the
5th Great Grandnephew of George’s sister-in-law Louisa Catherine Adams*
who lived from February 12th of 1775 to May 15th of 1852, who was the wife of
John Quincy Adams* and who was First Lady of the United States from 1825
to 1829. Vogun is the * of Chief Tomah ( *).

* (Above image taken from an 1843 daguerreotype) is Vogun’s 5th great grand uncle
through marriage to his 5th great grand aunt * (born Johnson) a full sister of his 5th great
grandmother, * (born Johnson) who was married to his 5th great grandfather, *.

This book is my attempt to inspire my Grandson, Vogun and all of my Grandchildren and anyone else with
an interest in world history and of the Métis (of French and native descent), various tribes of Native
Americans, Eastern and Western Europeans, people of the Americas and all human beings all over the World
about the centuries and decades revolving around the year of 1812 up until later in the present year 2018. In
addition to that, it is my attempt at making people aware of the impending changeover from the traditional
American way of life as long as Donald Trump remains in office as the United States president.
In order to do what I had just described above, I have employed what I feel is a novel approach to
storytelling. One does not lose sight of the overall verifiable truth behind the storyline contained herein, so
without having to run to stand in line at a library or archive, to verify certain facts, modern technology has
given us the computer link* so just Left Click on the colored phrases to arrive at the reference.

Most images can also just be Left Clicked on for a larger and clearer image. Some citations for the native
material are listed at the end of this book, however, because of modern advances in computer technology; I
have used these links primarily to facilitate any needed citations and references.

A small number of the website links will no longer be working and will be revised. To record the origin of
the reference, just Left Click on the website address in your browser, then Right Click and Copy the link and
then Right Click again and then Paste it to a word document for future reference.

So for verification of certain facts, these links can take the reader to the book and oftentimes to the exact
page of any published book of particular interest on his or her own computer. There are myriads of other
avenues from which we can arrive at the “real truth” behind a story. One of these avenues is from the stories
told by elders; another is from what we have seen and heard in a documentary, have read about somewhere
in a state or national archives or merely by having precogitated the story line between the facts ourselves.

We can “connect the dots between the facts” by developing what I feel is a likely historical scenario of
events. In Native American history events are many times validated through the oral tradition of native
storytellers. There is only one of these events which I feel is possibly fictional; however, it fits into a

Since a great number of the readers of books crave novels like an addiction, for a novelistic effect, I decided
that even though it is written about in at least one publication, the simultaneous takeovers in 1817 of the
three forts: Meigs, Stephenson and Mackinac set up by Chief Tomah are what I feel is: somewhat of a likely
scenario of historical events.
Each day we experience thousands and even millions of bits of informational facts that can escape our grasp
and they are too fleeting for us unless we use a more intuitive approach for the arrival at the truth. Whenever
we tell a story, characters can take on vivid color and can come to life and they can be portrayed as everyday
real life persons of interest.
In what I feel is the old approach to writing, there were very few versions of a document and when the
general public begins to recognize a writer as an authority on a certain topic, then the author’s assertions or
statements begin to be recognized as absolute fact. These assertions that are stated as facts eventually become
“written in gold” in the mind of the general public.

For example, genealogists and researchers regard the anthropologist Walter James Hoffman’s writings as a
primary source for information. Yet it is shown right here in this book King George’s Dream*. . . (Formerly
entitled The Emissary at Ghent.) that his assertion in his writing The Menomini Indians (1896) that Thomas
Carron was the “Old Carron” who married Waupesesiu was an erroneous idea. Indeed, however, Walter
James Hoffman provided much of the research on Algonquin (Anishinaabe) history which I use right here in
this book.
In fact, the Thomas Carron (~1752 – 1817) of Anishinaabe history was actually the son of Waupesesiu
Souligny and “Vieux” (“Old”) Claude Caron (lived 1696 to 1782). During the benevolent period of the
French influence, the French settlers knew Thomas Carron as Chief Tomah’ (from the French pronunciation
for Thomas); the Menominee know him as Chief Tomau’ of Anishinaabe history and British and Americans
knew him as the Chief To’mah during their influence.

Other than just being a book that people want to read, the links I use act as citations and will allow you to see
where the information is coming from and the references are right there at your fingertips. All of us who
have contributed to this book in some way and any feedback that you have given me, including the internet,
historians, storytellers, medicine ceremonies, shaman and young and old alike, I have thought about and for
the most part I would eventually revise accordingly.

So consider yourself as part of the world community of storytellers behind this story that you along with the
history books and the hundreds and even thousands of other avenues for the arrival at the truth for the telling
of this story that was obtained from you and from countless other sources that are contained within this book.

Thanks to the countless people who have influenced this book in some way. In terms of world history, this
story is being told by you, me and all of us about natives, Métis, Americans and Eastern and Western
Europeans about how it relates to the rest of humanity.

This is also a story that is being told by a man and a World citizen who is inquiring about the nature of war
and about human events during the centuries prior to and ever since the signing of the Treaty of Ghent in
1814. It asks the question, will the present course of global nuclear annihilation that humankind is headed to
ever be changed to our living in a World of Peace?

~ Gary R Boyd, Pemapomay.

where , is Trump’s knee-jerk solution to America’s

economic problems, to * (@ *), to * and to *.
The *. The * in
*. See Google map of *.

The Day that Madmen rule the World!

Fox’s Sean Hannity* mystery client of Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen*,

proclaims Russian meddling is all a witch hunt*! Guess whom we look for!

Is everyone ready for the real life return to: The Planet of the Apes*?

Or maybe make this World trigger an interstellar supernova*?

Make friends and influence people by rabble-rousing World War III*!

Just hurry on down to your local WWIII store & amass your weapons to
reassure yourself that: Johnny Got His Gun* (movie)!

If they survive WWIII, the children of Americans, global citizens and Trump’s
believers in their so-called “racial superiority”, will all be fighting with sticks
and stones when they return for a battle of the Apes once again . . .
. . . just like in this battle over the waterhole:

Where are you DAD?* (video)

Good luck, children!*

I am dying for you, my son*! ( *).

In reverence kneeling, a sign of respect, before a *.

Must Lady Liberty now implore Trump, a traitor who is plotting to

overthrow America*, what showing respect for our flag is all about?
The right to protest is an American tradition. Vice President Mike Pence’s few minutes
of protest, however, *.

At President Trump’s behest, Vice President Mike Pence stood in a classic show of respect for the American
flag. He then left the Colt/49’er game on Sunday, October 8th of 2017 as a protest against some National
Football League players who are engaged in making a political statement. Most of the NFL players prefer to
stand with some who are preferring to kneel and a few to sit when the national anthem is sung.
The Trump administration’s conspiracy with the foreign adversarial power of Russia is ever-increasingly
evidenced by Flynn’s persistent obstruction* & such as Comey’s firing and by his
*. Various facets of the 2016 US presidential election were literally
manhandled by Vladimir Putin and this allowed him to blackball his political adversary Clinton.
After *( *) in the overthrow of American
democracy*, he now insists that kneeling during the national anthem is not a show of respect. Vice President
Pence’s protest appears to mainly be a diversion from the real issue, Donald Trump, who openly wants to
become America’s first imperial ruler. For Americans to kowtow to President Trump’s definition of how
Americans must show respect for our flag, this opens Americans up to being manipulated by Trump on our
having the very right for what and how Americans will protest. That is the core issue here.
When we are being told when to sit to and stand at the behest of a president, who had quite apparently
*, we begin to allow Trump to
take his first baby step toward becoming America’s “first” dictator à la Vladimir Putin of Russia. NFL
players have stood with the hand held over the heart when American leaders have passed legislation and have
promoted policies that have prevented a few criminals in policemen uniforms, from practicing
a wanton form of murder of whomever they so choose including former athletes.
* while his relations are
being brutally beaten and murdered by a few criminals who have been inappropriately hired
as officers of the law who were put here in the protection of the American public,
however, who are yet merely masquerading in policemen’s clothing.

* (NYT) *. He couldn’t break the GOP
fever*! *. However, Senator Flake voted in favor of the tax bill*
that will relegate middle class Americans to much higher tax raises* a few years from now.

* have serious
doubts about President Trump’s mental fitness for office.
Republican * and voted against the
tax bill, however, later on when Trump asked him to join the his cabinet, very briefly,
he did a Trumpian flip and then sought his favor.

While a * is *, intelligent & leery men *!

The party of Trump and his administration have now become Russian assets!
(Americans, soon you may have to kiss your own goodbye!)
* most of whom only parrot Putin, I mean, Trump’s dictates!
We know that Putin’s Boy, Trump, is unchristian by the continual hatred he spreads. He only loves dictators!
Agonizingly persistent tweets that endanger the entire World’s security!
In his endless attempts at obstruction, check out one of the many divertive, so-called
“investigations”, that he trumped up: the *!

Check out the Fat Cat tax plan: *!

The photograph of * by Owen Lloyd
was slightly edited by GRB Pemapomay for the cover of this book.

The following websites: Grosvenor and the website Emerson Kent.com fail to list George Boyd’s name as
one of the men in the Amédée Forestier portrait of men who attended the signing of the 1814 Ghent treaty.
However, he was the one who was entrusted with private dispatches to the five American peace
commissioners at Ghent. There were five American peace commissioners (“plenipotentiaries”) and there was
one American secretary and there was only one American dispatcher (Boyd) in the American entourage that
attended the signing of the treaty.

Since there were seven American men in the American entourage that attended the signing and there are
seven American men in the portrait; and since there are reports that support the supposition that George Boyd
was included in the Amédée Forestier painting, I am asserting therefore, that my story line is true and correct
in regard to the cast of American and British characters that are included in the painting.

And now to get back to our story line: the Treaty of Ghent was signed on Christmas Eve of December 24th of
1814 at number 8 of the Fratersplein in the Empire room within the Flemish City of Ghent in what was then
the United Kingdom of the Netherlands (See early maps of New Netherlands).

Sixteen years after 1814, resulting later from the aftermath of the Belgian Révolution of 1830, Ghent became
a town in what is now the country of Belgium west of Germany and northeast of France and ever since then,
the newly-developing country of Belgium had officially become completely separate from The Netherlands.
The Treaty of Ghent was the peace treaty that ended the War of 1812 and it restored Peaceful and Friendly
relations between the United States of America and The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. This
Ghent treaty of 1814 is what led the way toward establishing what are now the present day landholdings and
boundaries between the * and the Nation of Canada*.

While emulating a Flemish style of painting, the Anglo-French painter, Amédée Forestier accurately depicted
historic scenes and was careful to include all of the members of the American entourage that attended the
signing of the 1814 Ghent treaty. While peering at the event, George Boyd is third from the right and farthest
to the background. He can be seen in the line of sight over the upper back of the only American peace
commissioner with snowy white hair on the right side of the painting, James Bayard.

“The Signing of the Treaty of Ghent, Christmas Eve, 1814”.

Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington D.C.
Oil on canvas painting by Amédée Forestier in 1914.

The two central figures in the foreground in the middle of the above portrait are: John Quincy Adams, the
United States Ambassador to ( ) on the right shaking hands with the man on
the left, James Gambier, the British Admiral of the Fleet. Starting from the right side of the painting,
the Americans from right to left are: Jonathan Russell, age 43 in 1814; Henry Clay, seated, age 37;
George Boyd, age 33 at the signing (Boyd was not one of the Ghent treaty signers. He was entrusted
with private dispatches to the five American peace commissioners at Ghent.) James Bayard with
white hair, age 47; Christopher Hughes, the Secretary for the Delegates carrying the red
attaché, age 28; Albert Gallatin, age 53 and John Quincy Adams, age 47 in 1814.

The British delegates in the portrait from left to right are: Anthony St. John Baker, William Adams, Henry
Goulburn and as mentioned earlier are Admiral Lord James Gambier shaking hands with the lead American
“Plenipotentiary” John Quincy Adams. Boyd’s place in the portrait is third from the right and on the website
Emerson Kent.com he is merely listed as “[unknown]” or as Henry Clay whose location in the painting is
unmistakably the second from the right. George Boyd’s name went unmentioned by that website
because he was not one of the Delegates and because he was solely, the messenger man.
To Vogun and all of my Grandchildren, all my relatives, natives, people of all races of the Americas,
Europeans, Russians, Eurasians, Asians, Middle Easterners and to all people in the rest of the World
community all around the global sphere of this planet that we are living on:

What follows in this book is a letter to my Grandson, Vogun Wylder Boyd, and while it is being addressed to
him it is also a letter to all of my Grandchildren, which anyone with an interest in history will I hope soon be
wanting to see and to experience. Vogun, my grandson, your fifth great grandfather, George Boyd, was my
3rd great grandfather and he participated in the entourage that attended the signing of the Treaty of Ghent.

You can easily pick out, which one George is in the Forestier painting. After so many revisions, since so
many readers of this document still seemed to have trouble figuring out the whereabouts of George Boyd in
the Forestier painting, the thought had come to my mind of even starting a Where’s George? kind of
something with the internet until I finally decided to have a Here’s George instead.

The messenger man George Boyd in the Amédée Forestier painting.

The above likeness of George Boyd (born in 1781 and lived until 1846) is in the painting entitled “The
Signing of the Treaty of Ghent, Christmas Eve, 1814” and it is located at the Smithsonian American Art
Museum, Washington D.C. The oil-on-canvas painting was done in 1914 by the Anglo-French painter
Amédée Forestier who was known to have accurately depicted historical scenes.
The artist painted in a Flemish style of painting.
George is described as being “handsome” by more than one writer and to me he seems to resemble the
Canadian actor, William Shatner when he played Captain Kirk during the weekly series in the 1960/70s
episodes of Star Trek (Star Trek Games* for GameSamba video game). George can be seen at the center of
the Forestier painting just two figures to the right of the American, Albert Gallatin who is standing behind
the lead American man on the right John Quincy Adams who is shaking hands with the Brit, James Gambier.

Amédée Forestier is known for having been a great and realistic painter who accurately depicted historic
scenes, prehistoric paintings and landscapes so you can be quite sure that the image in the painting of one of
the men in the portrait is an actual likeness of George Boyd, who is your 5th great grandfather. Although the
Anglo-French painter, Amédée Forestier was born in Paris in 1854 and died in 1930, he is known as having
accurately depicted the two teams that met face to face without a mediator: the American and British peace
commissioners and the entourage that attended the signing of the treaty. And furthermore, beyond all doubt I
can assure you that the image of the man in the background who seems to be coming in a door, George Boyd,
is the man in the painting whom I have described and is portrayed on pages 5 and 6.

The painter Amédée Forestier was careful to include all of the members of the American entourage which
included George Boyd who was entrusted with private dispatches to the peace commissioners at Ghent in
1814. Boyd was not one of the peace commissioners and was simply the messenger man who attended the
individual dispatches of the peace commissioners during the several days surrounding the time of the treaty
signing. To say that Boyd was “entrusted with private dispatches” is just a fancy way of saying that he was a
“gopher” or a messenger man, for some of the most dynamically influential politicians in America during the
history of this time period of the first third to the middle 1800s (the 19th century).
Please allow me now to introduce Vogun’s relationship to John Quincy Adams (born: 1775 died: 1848) who
married Louisa Adams (born Johnson) and became the US President from 1825 to 1829. Louisa Catherine
Johnson was the sister of * who is my 3rd great grandmother and Vogun, my grandson, on
our family tree, Harriet is your 5th great grandmother who lived from 1784-1850.

* (in the portrait above) was the sister of * (in the two portraits
below). Louisa became a 22 year old newlywed when she married John Quincy Adams on July 26th of 1797.

So far, until President Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20th of 2017, the advent of the First Lady:
* born in Sevnica, Yugoslavia as *( *) and married to Donald Trump
in Palm Beach, Florida on January 22 of 2005, Louisa Catherine Adams (born Johnson) was the only First
Lady to have been born outside the United States. However, * married John Quincy
Adams on July 26 of 1797 outside the United States in London, England. George Boyd had become the
brother-in-law of John Quincy Adams when he married Louisa’s sister, * in 1804.
Like a cold-hearted outlaw, Trump is holding children hostage to get his money
to build his idiotic southern border wall*! Who will pay for the wall?
You will pay for the wall, America*! Minimally to the tune of $51 billion dollars*
($25 billion for the wall and $26 billion/per year for upkeep).
A good chunk of that will come out of each of your paychecks.

8 And the LORD spake unto Moses, Go unto Pharaoh, and say unto him,
Thus saith the LORD, Let my people go, that they may serve me.

And if thou refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite all thy borders with frogs: 3 And the river shall
bring forth frogs abundantly, which shall go up and come into thine house, and into thy bedchamber,
and upon thy bed, and into the house of thy servants, and upon thy people, and into thine ovens, and
into thy kneading troughs: 4 And the frogs shall come up both on thee, and upon thy people, and upon
all thy servants. Exodus 8:1-19* King James Version (KJV).
And the pharaoh hardened his heart whenever Moses shouted: “Let my people go!”
Like the Egyptians were punished by an invasion of frogs, so will be the price we
Americans pay for our disobedience unto the law of God simply to love these
mixed-blood Native American sojourners in their exodus from Central America.
The only difference is, Americans will not be invaded just by frogs . . .

. . . Americans will be invaded by Russian fighter jets instead*!

Jesus gave us a new command: “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one
another” * Jesus Christ* our Lord and Savior loves us so much as to
give his life for us on the cross so that we may have eternal life.

Welcome to America: Immigrants are undesirable here*!

Yet under Trump’s administration, Russian spies have been welcome*!
(Click on the above images for the stories).

[Read how a Texas deputy is charged with child sexual abuse of a child*!]
For whom are the American people rooting, for the wicked pharaoh, Trump or for some of
America’s children of our own future who descend from these honorable
hard-working migrants? They are the mixed-blood Native American sojourners from

Central America! The indigenous migration of their ancestors has been occurring for
thousands of years! Get used to it! Release them from the bondage of Trump’s
“worthy-of-damning-Trump-to-hell*” cages and let them enter the Promised Land!
“Every” Living First Lady Opposes What's Happening at the Border*.

Trump’s Neo-Nazi America:

The * American President Donald J. Trump

announces himself as a “Nationalist”* (Nazi, for short)!



Immigrants are undesirable here unless you are white.

In the last decade alone,
* more than they cost! A continual influx of
immigrants has always made America great. Through election* *
America’s rival, Vladimir Putin, needs to cut off one source of America’s
strength to make way for the coming Russian invasion of America*.

The Trump regime is reminiscent of Hitler’s Nazi Germany:

“Jews are undesirable here” Versus: “Non-whites are undesireable here”!
Nazi racism* against Jews* ultimately led to Nazi Germany’s defeat*.

Adolf Hitler’s pride and joy, the neo-Nazi Trump is calling out his minions

to obey his orders for his next Gestapo ICE raid:

ICE Gestapo* to begin raid on evangelical church day, Sunday, July 14th of 2019.


* who *!

Trump orders Gestapo ICE raid*.

“Holier than thou” Christians prepare to obey Trump’s order for cruelty to:

Make America sadistic again

(sadistic just like Donald Trump).

Trump’s Gestapo ICE prepares for Trump’s order as:

Immigrants in Chicago Fear ICEDeportation Raids

after President Trump’s Deadline Passes*

Immigrant Group Plans Rally after Trump Administration Says ICE Raids*

T p *.

Cruel faces of a sadist, US President Donald Trump,

the ultimate narcissist, the ultimate hypocrite!
The GOP (The disGraceful* Old stupid* Party)!

As a caravan of Christian families of migrant workers have approached

America’s southern border seeking asylum, America’s mentally
challenged* as well as mentally imbalanced* president believes that:

Trump’s inane fear of:

Zombies are coming*! “Mad ghoul trick-or-

treater” migrants*

Evidently, like a paranoid schizophrenic, “ Donald Trump*”,

America’s instable president* of the disGraceful* Old stupid* Party,
sent out an army of 5,900* thousand US troops* to fend off*
about 5000* of what apparently, seems to Trump as “mad ghoul trick-or-
treater” migrants* that slowly made their way to the US southern border.

Imminently genocidal,

Racist demagogue* & Nazi butcher*, fired tear gas* into Mexico*!
Incapable of empathy*, Donald “throw ‘em in the meat grinder” Trump!
America’s evangelical Christian leaders* are being fake Christians by defending
an amoral* man as well as a complete IDIOT*! Trump’s
* and is not its “brothers’ keeper”. By backing Trump’s racism, this
nation [great again in 2019 while the Democrats control the House*] that once
accepted your ancestors:
“your tired, your poor / Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free*”,
will, while still under the cold-hearted Trump, commit an
act of negligent homicide* upon each of the migrants
seeking asylum at the southern US border* instead!
For many of these migrants that seek asylum, deportation is a death sentence*!
Dangerously insane Trump makes insane statements in Montana*!

A Master at negligent homicide*!
Trump tries to leave the Kurds, American allies in Syria, to die*.

Pompeo also grinning like a Cheshire cat that just swallowed a canary!

I got more than complicit w * and to blackmail a foreign

dignitary into purchasing more weapons than they bargained for*
that could conceivably later be turned on us!

We admit it without admitting it!


When Vladimir Putin gets here,

* who disagree with us!


An interrogation gone awry*? With a bonesaw? Hello oh!

My grandson, Vogun’s 5th great grandfather, George Boyd is in the entourage of *
entitled painted by before the
centennial in 1914. Harriet's sister, Louisa Catherine Adams (born Johnson) is therefore his “5 great grand

aunt” and her husband, George's brother-in-law, US President John Quincy Adams, is his: “fifth great grand
uncle through marriage”, his aunt Cherissa and his Dad’s “fourth great grand uncle through marriage” and
Grandpa Gary’s “third great grand uncle through marriage”. George was born in 1779 in the State of
Maryland and was a native to next-door Virginia and he lived until 1846. George lived along the border of
Virginia in Maryland and his father, Archibald George Boyd was an immigrant from Scotland to America.

Allow me now everyone, if you will, to spell it out to clarify family relationships for ourselves, that: all
human beings on the face of the Earth have 4 grandparents: two grandfathers and two grandmothers (your
mom’s and dad’s parents). And all human beings have 4 great grandfathers as well as 4 great grandmothers,
8 great great grandfathers, 16 great great great grandfathers, 32 fourth great grandfathers and George Boyd
was one of the 64 of Vogun’s fifth great grandfathers who, of course, were married to 64 of his fifth great
grandmothers. The number of ancestral grandparents doubles with each generation that follows another.

With anybody’s ancestral syblings: the mom’s and dad’s brothers are called uncles and their sisters are called
aunts, whose marriage partners are called uncles and aunts “through marriage”. A person’s two grandmas’
and two grandpas’ brothers are called “grand uncles” and their sisters are called “grand aunts”. A person’s
four great grandmas’ and great grandpas’ brothers are called “great grand uncles” and their sisters are called
“great grand aunts” and so on. And so for Vogun, my grandson, the sister of your fifth great grandmother
Harriet Johnson, Louisa Catherine Adams (born Johnson) is therefore your “fifth great grand aunt” and her
husband, US President John Quincy Adams, is therefore your: “fifth great grand uncle through marriage”.

The image above on the left is a German map of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in
1812. The map on the right above shows this same arrangement of boundaries depicted in 1832
that lasted from 1801 until 1922. Click on images for a clearer picture.

Only Northern Ireland remained to be part of the newly designated
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland after the
Irish War of Independence against Great Britain that lasted from 1919 until 1921.

To give us some background upon early European contacts in North America, Eric the Red and the
Norsemen of Norway and Sweden had arrived at Greenland in about 985 A.D. during the Middle Ages.
Eric the Red is often spoken about in the tales of Iceland as having founded the first
Norse settlement on the Greenland landmass.
About fifteen years later in around the year of 1000 A.D., Eric the Red’s son, Leif Erikson and
his Viking marauders and adventurers had arrived in Newfoundland. Their presence in North America
is shown by the historical reports of numerous historians, stories told in Native American folklore
and by the archeological artifacts presented as being the “only” evidence of
the “first” arrival of Europeans in North America.

Image of Beothuk on the left is reversed to show west to east orientation. Over a millennium ago, the Vikings
came from east to west, when they embarked from the shores of what by the 1700s (the 18th century) had
become called the * * which is comprised of * and * and with
* as a historically major political ally located across the * and * channels.
Five hundred years later in 1534, the French explorer Jacques Cartier first arrived in what is now known as
the country of Canada. The Mohawk Iroquois expression “kanata” for “The Settlement” became used during
the 1600s ever since a greater number of immigrants from Europe started settling in North America and
became settlers and pioneers on the landmass in relation to them that they began calling “The New World”.

In North America at that time, the colonial land of Great Britain eventually became known as “Canada” by
King Charles II (May 29, 1630 – February 6, 1685) [c] of England and by English speaking settlers, the
French settlers and by the Anishinaabeg (= Nishinabek = Anishinaabewok “the first people” = Algonquin)
who began expressing the term “kanata” by using the Anglicized term: “Canada”.

However, it wasn’t until two centuries later, that Canada by the year of 1867 had formed a Constitution and
had become a relatively independent nation that had attained a greater degree of a gradually-increasing
autonomy from: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. During the year of 1867, the leaders of
the new Canadian government signed what became known as the Constitution Act, 1867* of Canada that was
enacted by the British North America Act* (See an image above of the Canadian mascot, the beaver).

About sixty years after the lifetime of Jacques Cartier (1491-1557) sometime between 1663 and 1673, Le Roi
Louis XIV who was known as The Sun King of the country of France had sponsored a program of sending
about 800 to 1000 young French women who became called les filles du roi to the City of Quebec dans le
Province du Québec français (See map of Canadian provinces).

The Province of Quebec was only part of what the French had considered their domain in North America
which had eventually become known by the French King Louis XIV & his explorers and settlers as La
Nouvelle France (French settlements of New France). However, the numerous native nations who had
ancestrally lived on the same vast region of land, disputed the French or the English recognition that either
country had “sovereign dominion” over the land and that either country “owned” it solely as a possession.

King James Ist of England acknowledged his first English settlement at Jamestown in 1607 (in what is now
Virginia) and 612 miles away to Plymouth Rock in 1620 (in what is now Massachusetts), as colonies of the
country of England and referred to them as “New England”. The Netherlands had a separate colony (pic 2).
The Wampanoag (Wampanowog) people were the Anishinaabe people who lived inland upon the land from the shores on
which the Pilgrims had arrived at Plymouth Rock in the year of 1620. Plymouth Rock is located in what had then become
called Plymouth Colony by the English settlers and it is now called the State of Massachusetts.

Painted by: Jean Leon Gerome Ferris

Natives assisted the pilgrims with the planting and cultivating of the fruits & vegetables and after the harvest Powhatan’s
people and the pilgrims got together for one good Thanksgiving meal.* What natives later could not understand was
oftentimes the trigger-happy practice of European immigrants toward land ownership. When anyone who would enter what
the pilgrims considered “their land” unannounced and without prior permission, they could be, figuratively-speaking,
“immediately sentenced to death” by being hanged for “criminal trespass” or “legally” be shot to death by winding up on the
wrong end of a pilgrim’s musket.

In addition to the influx of the foreign concept of land ownership, starting to run rampant among the native inhabitants of
North America were the diseases such as the common cold (which was a leftover from the bubonic plague), smallpox,
pneumonic plague, influenza, measles, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, cholera, chicken pox, whooping cough, diphtheria and
typhus. Through the historic exposure of the European ancestors of the pilgrims to the germs and viruses that spread these
contagious diseases, it was soon after the pilgrims’ arrival that natives were very soon acquiring these diseases that were
dormant yet were being imported by European people and culture, and that European immigrants biologically had already
built up immunities to, however, they no longer displayed any outright symptoms anymore.

On both the North as well as the South American continents, Native Americans were relatively disease free when the first
Europeans arrived. Prior to European contact, native medicine men were highly revered and could cure virtually any disease
known to man. Yet with the influx of newly-arriving immigrants from primarily Europe at first and later on from all over the
globe, these very highly revered medicine men were at a loss when it came to finding herbal cures for these unknown
diseases that were being imported, for the most part unintentionally, from various other parts of the globe.
Inadvertently, these diseases were being carried by rodents such as mice and rats that scampered across the ropes
and planks and hopped onboard the ships of immigrants during their construction, and by stowaway pet animals
aboard these newly arriving ships to the shores of North America. Insects such as fleas, lice and ticks that rode on
the backs of these animals carried microscopic parasites that introduced new bacteria and viruses onto the
landmass of the North American and South American continents and into native populations.

Europeans had historically built up immunities to the diseases that were being spread by these animals, however,
the end result was an occurrence of mass epidemics among native populations. A severe misunderstanding
between the two cultures developed almost immediately and very soon there was intense warfare between early
settlers and natives. For several decades, Massasoit managed to keep peace between natives and colonists,
however, the influx of new European immigrants and the encroachment of whites farther and farther upon native
lands created great tension between the natives and the settlers. After Massasoit’s death in 1661*, war arose in the
bloody King Philip’s War* (1675*) led by Massasoit’s second son, Metacomet*. Much like Trump’s racist views,
natives became regarded as lower forms of human life* and viewed as able to be oppressed or killed off.

Donald Trump is making America sadistic again*!

Pictured above is derived from the oral tradition of what the ultimate fate was at Thanksgiving* for Massasoit’s
band of Wampanoag who were barbarically hanged and then burned! Such acts demonstrate the barbarism*
of war between two people who had once lived side by side in peaceful co-existence. A policy
called “heading*” (depicted above) where babies were bashed up against a tree was
a common practice in the early days of the westward expansion of America.

Likewise with * during the Second World War, under the guise of merely
being pro-Aryan, Adolf Hitler’s rise to power was obtained by vaguely or openly implying the oppression of
Jews and then by having the audacity to strive for Jewish support. Ironically, successful in winning the
support of the Jewish bankers who utterly failed to *, members
of the * completely bankrolled Hitler on his ultimate road to dictatorial power.

The main supporters that backed the head of the Nazi party, Adolf Hitler, “der Führer*” (the leader) and
the ruler of Germany by 1933, in the political madness of his struggle toward ultimate dictatorial power,
never considered that the sadist Hitler would then “trumpet” these very families straight into the
ovens (even their children!) of his trumplike *( *)!
Ivana Trump: *!
Similarly, under the guise of merely being pro-white, Trump’s rise to power was made possible largely by his
minority supporters. Ironically, this was achieved, like by calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”, by vaguely or
openly implying minority oppression. And to achieve a wider appeal among voters, Trump then purchased
support from Uncle Toms* like Ben Carson and Kanye West* to aid him in presenting the pure fiction that he
is not the utterly racist barbarian that, if he is not stopped ( *), the sadist Trump
will inevitably become toward even* * who opposes him* in the general American public.

Arsenal of a Madman* the ultimate narcissist who made “thousands” of website visits to pro-Russian,
neo-fascist and neo-Nazi web pages, Christopher Paul Hasson wrote that he was
“Dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on the earth.”
On Feb. 21st of 2019, that dangerous “Ruski*” President Donald J. Trump* was * on
such a * by a * upon members of the *.
The next day, he only came out with the palsied response: “ *”.
Yes, it is truly a dirty shame* that Trump failed to call it a *! It’s a dirty shame!

As of April 25th of 2019, Christopher Hasson will be released from custody* with an ankle bracelet before
his trial. The president’s Attorney General William Barr has the power to stop such a release of Trump’s lunatic
ally, Hasson*. Undoubtedly at the behest of Trump, Barr is following suit and is negligent about doing so.

It seems possible that the * may just succeed at committing another act of negligent
homicide upon his political opponents. Consciously or unconsciously, the visceral response of Trump and his
supporters to “Make America Great Again” is really *
so they permit threats of violence upon the news media that promote the truth instead of Fox News Fat Cat lies*.
Just like the Jewish bankers of the * who utterly failed to identify Hitler (Trump’s
hero) as a genocidal menace, Republicans are *
is also such a genocidal menace. Yet these Republicans support Trump and his plan toward authoritarian power.
Some Republicans are evidently even pleased by Trump’s plan to become such a bloodthirsty genocidal menace.

Instead: “Make America be America again, the great democracy it really is”!
President Donald “throw ‘em in the meat grinder” Trump completely refrains from calling the threat of
neo-Nazi violence against his political opponents as domestic acts of terrorism.
Trump fully exonerated his neo-Nazi counterparts, whom he called “good people*” when
Alex Fields brutally murdered Heather Heyer* for protesting Trump policies on August 12th of 2017*.
A dirty white boy in his dirty White House! It’s a complete mystery, tarred and feathered
& to us elephants he still smells like roses!

The Lifevest
Redefine collude and win, win, win! Come and get ME coppers! You’ll see who gets it first!

Who was it who said “We will bury you?” Extorting Congress to make more
of your money, his money!

‘Tis a pity. Trump told him to lie. More jobs, more tariffs, higher prices
He was good worker until he did what’s right! and boom! Less money than ever!

A Dictatorship in America is the enemy of the American people!

Manafort gets a light sentence* for treasonous

Yet, at first he only got a slap on the wrist * so . . .


Trump calls himself a “ *” yet a real man

would not: onq Ameri a t cyb *!



*! (music video)

We’ll even keep “Uncle Toms*” around, like easily taken in politician
* or naïve bloggers like * or wanna-be Nazi,
brown-skinned Jeanine Pirro* or gullible performers
like * for a little song and dance for a few years,
before we finally do ‘em in!

The reality of the relationship between the pilgrims and Chief Massasoit’s people was that the two cultures were failing
to find a satisfactory way to live side by side in peaceful co-existence. The “Puritanical” pilgrims had only recently
become acquainted with the native usage of tobacco for peace pipe ceremonies and admonished natives for the usage
of it. Attempting to Christianize them, the pilgrims had thought early on that natives who carried pouches of tobacco or
kinnikinnic* and the medicine men who had medicine bags with herbs were practicing an evil form of witchcraft and
that it was the work of the devil. The “Puritanical” pilgrims had also thought early on that the Anishinaabe custom of
the carvings on totem poles as the worship of idols. Today, real idolatry is the worship of the IQ-of-an-egg-headed
Trump who is soon going to lead many Americans to our own deaths by the riots he quite apparently plans to incite!

Massasoit’s people continued their native customs and then resisted the Puritan attempt to change them and so they
massacred them and then burned them. In reality the wooden totem was one of the tools that was used by the
Algonquin people (same people as the Anishinaabe) for the telling of the history of native forefathers and foremothers
and, in this case, of the Anishinaabe ancestors of the Wampanoag people. The Anishinaabe word for totem is dodami
which was pronounced by the inhabitants of Mackinac Island as the word “totemi” which means “what’s behind”.

Two real life images of the Wampanoag living in an Indian village like their forefathers.
The Mashpee Wampanoag people should have federal & international recognition* as an Indian nation.

Besides intermarrying with The King's Daughters a few English pilgrims wed Native American
women. The wife of Jamestown settler John Rolfe was Pocahontas who was the daughter of Chief
Wahunsonacock (Chief Powhatan), the head chief of the Powhatan Confederation of the Algonquin.

Two images of what the young Pocahontas may have looked like.

With the coming of the Europeans, a new level of internal rivalry had developed among the three
Wampanoag groups: the Pokanoket, who’s chief was Massasoit; the Nemasket, whose chief was Sachem
Corbitant; and the Narragansett, whose chief was Canonicus. In the white man’s conquest of the West, this
internal rivalry, envy and jealousy among natives would ultimately lead native peoples to mutual destruction.

The interior of a * dwelling that reflects the general native return to traditional forms of home
architecture and way of life. Natives do not all live in this manner today yet a few of the more acculturated
natives across the regions of the North and South American continents attempt to return to the traditional
way of life of those natives who have never surrendered their language and customs and manner of living.

Ancestral Anishinaabe locations of what later became recognized as

The Southern New England tribes of the Algonquin following the year of 1600.

The Hudson Bay* was named after the Dutch explorer Henry Hudson*.

After the arrival of the Dutch explorer Henry Hudson in 1609, explorers
from various European nations such as The Netherlands had arrived in North America.

Above is a painting by George Courage from Salem, Massachusetts about the folklore of the lovely
mermaids that swam off the shores of Hudson Bay and were anticipating
the approach of the explorers arriving in their ships.

Belgium, West of Germany and Northeast of France.

The country of Belgium is in dark green in the above pictorial map.

The modern day country of the Netherlands is right next to Belgium slightly to the northeast of it.

The City of Ghent is in the northwestern part of Belgium.

The southwestern border of Belgium is adjacent to the northeastern border of France.

To the right in the picture is Deutschland (Germany) the larger country due east of Belgium.
Left portrait: Queen Anne of Great Britain (1665 -1714) when she was Princess Anne of Denmark. Portrait
in 1685 by Willem Wissing and Jan van der Vaart (Details are on the Google Art Project). At first glance, the
map on the right above seems to include Ireland (in red) and Scotland (gray) in Europe in about 1700,
however, England and Scotland joined together to form The Kingdom of Great Britain in the 1707 Acts of
Union yet it did not include Ireland, which remained a completely sovereign and separate realm until 1801.

Left: arrangement of countries in The Kingdom of Great Britain designation lasted 1707 - 1800.

Middle: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland designation lasted 1801 until 1922.

Right: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland designation lasted 1922 ~ present.

The Peace and Friendship Treaty of Utrecht in 1713.

The Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 (video).

The Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 relinquished any French claim over the land surrounding
the Hudson Bay region to: Queen Anne of Great Britain (Reign: 1702 – 1714).

The Peace and Friendship Treaty of Utrecht in 1713

Between France and Great Britain and
Between Spain and Great Britain.
The 1713 Treaty of Utrecht relinquished to The Kingdom of Great Britain any French claim to the land of
Acadia & the Island of Nova Scotia, the region surrounding the Hudson Bay territories and any
French claim to what is now the Canadian Province of Newfoundland & Labrador.
The above map is of North America after (video).

Above on the left is a map of North America after the *, a half a century after the Utrecht
treaty. Above on the right is a map of the same continent two years after the 1781 surrender of Cornwallis at
Yorktown. Seventy years after the Utrecht treaty, the * (and its
*) finally settled the dispute over which European nation:
The Kingdom of Great Britain, France, Spain, or The Netherlands had been assigned what
Europeans regarded as “dominion” over what region of land in North America.
By the year of 1741, the Danish navigator Vitus Bering was commissioned by Peter I the Great to chart the
course for sailing along the coast and for logging the sighting of the Alaskan landscape for his Russian
explorers. Russian hunters would soon make frequent excursions in the Alaskan mainland and the
colonization of Alaska and the settling of Alaska by Russian immigrants would follow by the year of 1784.

However, the so-called “possession” of Alaska by Russia created tension when The of The United
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland started roaring while The Big Bear of was growling. A likely
war was averted when subsequently the Czar of Russia, Peter the Great, lacking the finances for an adequate
military presence for Russia’s roughly 400 settlers, sold Alaska to the United States in 1867 for the relatively
nominal price of $7.2 million dollars (by 2018 $116,944,569.98* standard dollars). In the year of this land
sale in 1867, Canada declared: a greater degree of independence from The United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland. However, until 1982* Canada had not yet declared complete sovereignty as a separate nation
from The United Kingdom of Great Britain as America declared itself to be in the
* which contains the basic truths that all true Americans hold dear.
“All men are created equal!” ~ Thomas Paine*.

“ *” ~ American journalist.

Donald Trump, * and his *.

Latest *: the *.

What the blankety blank happened?

A * and boom! *!

* *
is placing *. Morning Joe*.

Our foreign adversarial president, *!

Toward the overthrowing of American democracy, Trump

who is seen as a hero on Russian soil: will award 13 indicted
Russians in the Mueller probe*: The Medal of Freedom*.

The rest of the *!

* I’m the: *!

At the 48%
* rating. 30% *
Trump’s job approval before the Nov. 6, 2018 midterm was 39%*!
Donald “mind of a lizard & morals of a rattlesnake” Trump.

As if led by a pastor, millions of devout Christians flock to this man for guidance.

Eat! Oh ye Christians! Eat from the fruit of the forbidden tree! Follow your “pastor”

to the bitter end, for. . . “Ye shall be as gods!” Genesis Chapter 3 Verse 5*.

* claiming he never signed a non-

disclosure agreement that does not allow her to talk about her sexual affair with

him. However, there’s going to be holy hell for Trump to pay if the Special Counsel in

the Russian meddling investigation, Robert Mueller speaks with Ms. Daniels* in which

case, it will likely be “ *”. Looking at the eyes of Trump, I can see an

elder man with the mentality of a fifteen year old boy showing off his trophy
girlfriend for all of his classmates. This is not just all “boy talk*” as the “mind of a

lizard and the morals of a rattlesnake” Trump would have his wife Melania believe*.

Trump must often still muse on the song: * (a video performance by Santana*).

*. .


* *!
( *

A Life Lived with Dignity and Honor*:

John McCain honored with the Liberty Medal* on October 16th of 2017.
For her previously not calling torture immoral, the nomination for CIA Director,
Gina Haspel, was opposed by war hero Senator John McCain on May 9th of 2018.

The now infamous White House aide Kelly Sadler joked about John McCain’s
opposition to the CIA nominee Gina Haspel by saying:

“He’s dying anyway*”.

Draft dodger President Donald Trump’s White House refuses to apologize*!

A Life lived with Dishonor and Greed*:

Toward the overthrowing of American democracy,
President Trump who is seen as a hero on Russian soil:
will award the 13 indicted Russians in the Mueller probe*:
The Medal of Freedom*.
Do any American evangelical Christians have any questions about the irony of this?
Success for Putin’s Useful Idiot!

Trump: “No collusion! No collusion!*”! ~ “Hogwash*!” Brennan*.

Beclowning himself, Devin Nunes declared victory over the Mueller probe in April
because of the House Intelligence Committee Report* this year in 2018.
However, the July of 2018 Senate Intelligence Committee Report*
affirmed the Russian meddling attack in the 2016 presidential election.

President Putin, I mean, Trump, ordered the revelation of a highly classified source
of information named Stephan A. Halper*, on Russian collusion with the Trump
campaign in the 2016 election. Even though it may have been a political maneuver* on
the part of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein*, his apparent acquiescence and
appeasement to an order of Putin’s puppet Trump to revealing the highly confidential
source of information on the FBI agent Halper*, has veritably led to a
*. The FBI agent’s life could now be jeopardized by an ensuing response from
Putin’s Russian operatives and severely hampered by Republican partisan politics.
American democratic institutions are now imperiled by the blatant obstruction of a
lawless president* with even overt loyalty to Moscow that supercedes even American
interests! Fortunately, however, Rosenstein had a back up plan*.

I’ll just tell them: It wasn’t ME*!

(music video)

As in March of 2017: The 80 times Donald Trump had either collaborated, colluded
and/or conspired with Vladimir Putin* toward the overthrow of American democracy!
A Conspiracy between old comrades from way back. A picture tells a thousand words.
Collusion, before your very eyes! You might say “Nothing wrong with that!” There is,
if America is no longer America, the land of the free. By supporting Trump,
Americans are allying with Putin’s propaganda machine that won Trump the election.

So get learnin’ Russian. Fast! * Get Babbel*!

Pres. Troglodyte, I mean, Trump, is making America barbaric again!
This is how an abysmally treasonous* president thinks:

If the GOP had lost both the House and the Senate in the 2018 midterms, Trump would
likely have faced impeachment. He would then have immediately rabble-roused his
base to become violent and pronto, torch-bearing white supremacist mobs would have
incited violence*! This is evidenced by Trump’s blaming of Democrats for the
shooting of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise* who was shot & wounded* on
June 14th of 2017* by gunman*, James Hodgkinson who was killed in the shootout* at
*. Trump then tried to profit politically from
partisan divide by fully exonerating his neo-Nazi counterparts when
* for protesting on August 12th of 2017*.

The trail of James Hodgkinson’s political rage*!

Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Trump’s ally, Vladimir Putin,

pouncing upon & devouring American democracy, waits in the woods,
for * & for his duped Alt right* allies to self-destruct.

This is how great presidents think.

A Special Place in Hell for Trump’s right hand preacher, religious bigot Robert Jeffress*.

In the Holy City of Jerusalem, Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior died for our sins and then appointed
“holier than thou” preacher, Robert Jeffress* as the judge of all humanity both the living and the dead. While
* lay burning, suffering and dying, hardening his heart and closing his eyes
to the outside world that revolves around his tiny head, sanctimoniously and mechanically,
Robert Jeffress prays* “for the peace of Jerusalem”.

Before a very large gathering of believers in the Judaeo–Christian tradition,

watch this (video) as *: Mormons*, Jews
(including a holy man Jewish Rabbi Zalman Wolowik* standing right next to him) Catholics*, gays,
Muslims and non-believers in his unchristianlike, compassionless & trumplike brand of religiosity.

It feels that Trump’s constituent base of religious bigots and geeks are now reveling in ecstasy and saying:
Praise the lord, god is great! Yay, “Trump’s god”, the god of sadism, greed, revenge and cruelty*!


Click on the two images above for two stories on:

The infamous: Trump Tower meeting*.

In the multi-cultural America, the land of the free,

ironically, the man who proclaims on the roof tops his pride
of being a racist, Steve Bannon* calls Don Jr.’s Trump Tower meeting
with the Russians “treasonous*”. Populist, “St. Steve
‘more racist than thou’ Bannon” now takes on holyman Pope Francis*
for warning against nationalism and unfettered capitalism.
The Pope warns of a populism that gives rise to another Hitler*.


Who does this Madman dream about becoming? The Lizard King*?
Ivana Trump: !

President gone wild*: Trump is nuts*! Pavlov’s dog off his leash*!

Trump’s successfully Ignorance is strength!

Enstupefied supporters! Trump’s neo-Nazi Deplorables!

“Jews are undesirable here*!”

“Bloo a d Soil*” 6,000,000 beautiful Jewish people*

sacrifici l holocaust f his own p *
brutal deaths of 15,000,000 beautiful Germanic people whose blood got mixed with the soil of Europe*
casualties inflicted upon Germans by NATO*;
, John Bolton* ,
Trump's real holocaust* ourselves, our families, our children*, !
The former Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics*
lost a total of 25.3 million of its citizens* during World War II.

Russian autocrat President Vladimir Putin*

in his re-election recognized as “bogus”* by many in the West?!

Mainly responsible for saving the World from the fascist Adolf Hitler*, it was the Soviets who were the first to reach
Berlin even before the British and the US*. Germany lost 5.3 million soldiers* killed in action during World War II.

The Soviets had the greatest number of soldiers killed in action in Europe (more than 10.7 million*) during WWII.
By comparison, while fighting fascism on the European front, the US had over 1/4th of a million (276.6 thousand)
killed in action* which in terms of the number of soldiers killed in action is about 1/39th of
the hell that the Soviet soldiers had both dealt out and endured on that horrendous front during WWII.

Albeit, when the United States finally did get involved, all-out hell was unleashed all at once.

American GIs, are known among a lot of Germans as having been quite a bit more benevolent than the invading Soviet
army. American GIs and the British soldiers were known in World War II as caring more for the people of the nations
it was occupying. The parents of German children told them to go to the Americans and the British
“Sie werden dir Schokolade geben“ (“They will give you chocolate!”).

During an invasion of another country, the Soviets, however, having gotten involved in WWII much sooner and having
experienced a much greater relative degree of traumatic combat stress on that horrendous European front, have the
reputation of being quite a bit more malevolent and it appears to Westerners, at least, that their style of invasion is
marked by raping, bombing, torturing, pillaging and plundering the victims of the nations it occupies.

Trump proposed adopting this sadistic Russian style of conquest and had installed a former
enhanced interrogator to run the CIA: Gina Haspel* who, by the way,
now says torture does not work*.
Like a sadist, Trump appears to pine daily for torture anyway.
As of June 24th of 2019, godlessly in the name of Lady Liberty* and shamelessly*in the name of Jesus Christ,
through a genocidal policy of mass neglect, the Trump administration is torturing*
*! Vice President Mike Pence says that the Trump administration’s filthy detention facilities are
heartbreaking yet he won’t so much as provide a bar of soap. Just like Pence blamed Congress over the
government shutdown that Trump ordered, he also blames Congress over the Trump administration’s
“Pontius Pilate” washing of its hands over Trump’s mass neglect of these little children*.
Trump plans to order mass deportations but put it on hold at the request of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The evidently psychopathic Nazi in this picture is groping his rape victim as if she was some kind of lovely
animal trophy that was put here purely for his trumplike sadistic pleasure. With quite likely her son watching in the
background, the boy seems to be pleading with the soldier for one last ray hope that he would stop hurting her and that
she would still be alive. This Nazi style of invasion was adopted by some Soviets in their “eye for an eye and tooth for
a tooth” response to * of the beautiful *.

Historically, America has had many Germanic immigrants like Trump’s immigrant grandfather* Frederick Trump*
who had arrived in America in 1885* and his immigrant mother Mary* who migrated to America from Scotland and
became a US citizen in 1942* (See: Trump family history*). The large population of Germans coming to America
throughout history and with the very many German immigrants fleeing from prosecution as Nazi adherents nearing the
end of World War II and melding in, can only partly explain why America entered the war in Europe much later than
the Soviets who were fighting fascism, eye for an eye, tooth and nail, long before the Americans during the war.
Rudy Giuliani*, a grandstander and a showboat like his boss Trump, is putting words in Mueller’s mouth by
misconstruing what the Mueller team has told him about whether Trump can be indicted*. Check this out:
Andrew Napolitano* tells Fox News that Trump can be indicted*. Also check this out: Senator Blumenthal says that
Trump can be indicted*. So don’t believe everything that comes out of the mouthpiece of an administration that is
fraught with fallacies, alternative “facts”, 75 charges, 19 indictments, 6 convictions* (all increasing)
and has been engaged in a conspiracy with the foreign adversary of Russia to overthrow
American democratic institutions such as the FBI.

While his successfully brainwashed adherents still stick, Trump is waging war on
America’s law-and-order institututions such as: *, * and *
and *!

Possibly allied with China*, soon Putin and his armies could be coming to your own hometown!
And be careful when you travel abroad. Even more so now because of Putin’s puppet Donald Trump and his
insulting of foreign dignitaries, there is clearly now a “Down with America” global attitude*.

Like Chief Oshkosh of the Menominee Nation of Native Americans in Wisconsin, along with his lead retinue, was
being paid off, cajoled and eventually coerced into signing over millions of acres of land to the US government, Trump
is now selling out America to Putin’s demand not to have the so-called “Russian sanctions” enforced. Soon this will
involve real estate. Native Americans called them sellouts. It is a phenomenon that occurs with invaded peoples.

Alt-right Americans don’t know or even suspect that America has been invaded by the country of Russia.
Most of this invasion is occurring on news networks such as Hannity, Dobbs and Fox fake news;
on our own cell phones, in the newspapers and on the internet
(“What you’re seeing isn’t happening!*” ~ Trump. “ *” ~ Guiliani).
Ultimately, the collective American mind is becoming Putin’s brainwashed victim.
Right now there are not Russians at our border but there soon will be and
there appears to be a sellout (if not a treasonous) US president in the White House!

Donald Trump says that the free press is the
“enemy of the people*” just like Hitler* and another Trumpian
genocidal hero Josef Stalin*. Be careful, the stones that people
throw, get thrown back at them, just like Trump himself is rapidly
gravitating toward becoming labeled* as “The Enemy of the State*”.

Pompeo walks back comments threatening war with Iran*.

Without Trump approval, US generals order a cyber attack on Russian
power grid*(6/18/19). Trump orders a major shakeup at the Pentagon*.

Ever so patient is the smiling teeth*

of John Bolton’s war machine*.
Even if you are a civilian, this dead war hero waits eternally,

Just for ME and you!

Click here for: The Mueller Report* (2019).

No proven Conspiracy Yet and No Exoneration*. On May 29th of 2019, the Special
Counsel Mueller said that Trump was not exonerated* by his investigation and also
stated: “If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime,
we would have said so.” Consider the fact that under the Trump administration, in
a show of “good faith” to Trump’s duped American public, the US State Department
was granted $120 million dollars by the Republican-dominated US Senate
to investigate Russian meddling* into US elections but in two years the
State Department had spent precisely $0* toward that effort!
Is there really any question about Trump’s intent?
Trump’s blatant and open conspiracy against the United States government
has not elicited irrefutable evidence that can be established that will
lead to his indictment for conspiracy against the US, however,
in reality, Trump has not yet been exonerated from plotting to overthrow the
United States and he continues to openly and blatantly obstruct justice*.

“No Collusion, No Obstruction, Complete and Total EXONERATION*.”

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 24, 2019*

President Donald “the Houdini of Lies” Trump tells a masterful lie by stating
that he has a “complete and total exoneration*” ~ the Hill. What Trump hails as an
exoneration was not offered by the Mueller report*. Barr appeared before
Congress* 4/08/19 and was pressed on the Mueller report*. Two Truths (And One
Lie) About The Mueller Report*. Now it’s time to coverup: The Mueller Report*
through the assistance of Trump’s puppet Attorney General William Barr and
senators like Mitch McConnell who, along with Donald Trump, is also now* being
suspected of being a co-conpirator* into the Russian rigging of the 2016 election.
(“Russia, if you’re listening*”) According to Barr, Trump was “falsely accused”*.

Trump’s Attorney General William Barr laughs all the way to the bank with his
pro-Trump bias*. Always parroting Donald Trump, while providing zero evidence,
Barr says the previous department spied on Trump*. Popping his pro-Trump bubble,
however, Mueller did not exonerate Trump from either conspiracy or obstruction*.
Barr did! Barr reported* on 5/1/19 to the Senate Judiciary Committee*. A Democrat
tells Barr to resign for lying to Congress*. Trump/Barr distort the Mueller Report*.
Barr can be placed under arrest for his failure to testify to Congress on 5/02/19*.
In effect, what apparently is happening now is, Attorney General William Barr
Ever since President Trump fired the FBI Director, * and attempted to
quash the Russian meddling investigation, there has been an ongoing effort to
obstruct on the part of Trump and his administration. Trump never endingly tried to
quash the Mueller Russian meddling investigation & is blatantly, obviously and openly
attempting to cover up the Russian attempts to influence the 2016 US election. The
Republican Party is being endlessly complicit in the cover up and paid for it dearly
following the 2018 elections after January 3, 2019 when the Democrats took control
of the House*. The Republican Party will also pay for it dearly in the 2020 election
unless they can actually succeed in making the United States a province in Russia.

We will bury you!*

~ Nikita Khrushchev*

Even longing to be lied to, while deluding themselves into believing in an alternative
universe of false facts, regarding pre-existing conditions for health care*, Trump’s
quite evidently “gullible” followers are willing: to give up an affordable health care,
are willing * (Click: tax hike) and are even willing to
submit to a love/hatred affair with a would-be dictator to follow him off a cliff
into his inevitably false promise of supreme white control over America.
Even factions of the very minorities that Trump cloaks his promise to brutally
oppress, have shown an insane support in favor of this would-be dictator. While
Trump & Putin orchestrate these events in secrecy, in sheeps clothing, Putin waits in
the woods and laughs at the citified & countrified gullibility of America’s useful
idiots. As of September 20th of 2017, the Mueller investigation began focusing on
Trump*. Before Trump’s own business* interests, America comes second*. This is
proven by The Mueller Report* (2019 Click on link) by *
in the * investigation. 800 fed prosecutors say Trump obstructed*.


Trump and Barr buried the redacted body* of The Mueller Report* and cannot
allow it to be exhumed and autopsied by Congress for examination or they will be
exposed for their role in killing it*. *.


On Tues. April 9th 2019, the IRS commissioner Charles Rettig faced US lawmakers
on Trump’s tax returns*, which according to the letter of the law,
must immediately be submitted for Congressional oversight*.

Republicans such as Mick Mulvaney* and Mitt Romney enable the

despot Trump by saying the Dems will never get Trump’s taxes*
thereby covering up for Trump virtually on the behalf of
their master Vladimir Putin in the aiding and abetting of
Trump’s virulenty fraudulent activities*.
On April 22nd 2019, to cover up the fraudulent trail that he has left behind,
Trump sues to hide his accounting records*.

As shown by historical precedents in the past, it will just be a matter of a few

months before Congress will ultimately acquire Trump’s taxes anyway*. In these
type of disputes between branches of government*, the House always wins*.

With President Trump’s impeachment process already in a beginning phase*,

* and his taxes will become transparent*
or he will be brought down* like *.
Soon now, Trump’s goose is going to be cooked*!
By April 24th of 2019,

*! Oh no!

This looks like it might spell riggins time

for our hero, the outlaw:

Teflon Don the Con*!

(1.7 billion dollar “loser” in a single decade*)

Hillary Clinton on May 1st of 2019: “China, if you’re listening, why don’t you get
Trump’s tax returns*?” Subpoenas: Mnuchin* for Trump’s taxes,
Don Jr.* for the Trump Tower meeting with Russians,
Don McGahn* for how Trump obstructed Mueller. Trump slaps China with
tarriffs* (5/10/19) Chinese: US Hikes tariffs on Chinese goods*. Dow 16th largest
drop ever* (May 14, 2019). One deflect from being investigated card: Trump’s
Bolton inventing a war with Iran*. GOP dossier to get Trump tax returns*.
Federal Judge orders the release of Trump financial records* (5/20/19)!
Dump TrumpLand!
Make America be America again, the great country it really is!
The charismatic, *!
Let’s hope that he has the luck o’ the Irish and gets elected president. Woop!
On the second thought, with his self-deprecating humor*, maybe Bernie Sanders*,
who somewhat resembles President John Quincy Adams, or maybe Joe Biden* or
the professional persecutor, I mean, prosecutor, Kamala Harris* would be great!
Elizabeth Warren* appears to fight hard for the rights of the American people*.
We live dangerous times. Beware of an estranged* Joe Biden* bearing gifts.


Is hopefully going to save America from the brutally mercenary squeeze of the
FAT CAT on our middle class family budgets under Trump o’ nomics*!
Mueller’s Big Squeeze on Trump* and the Mueller probe are ultimately going to*
save America from its own self-destruction*. Read: The Mueller Report*!

Soon, even the

* is going to be realized. Ultimately, it will become known how
Donald Trump is just about ready to get more Americans killed by his being
a clear and present danger to our national security*!

Bought off by the booty of Putin’s plunder*, the Judas Iscariot*

Republican Party of Trump neo-Nazi deplorables* are
* and as of October 18th of 2018 were only likely to lose* the
2018 midterm elections*! During the Trump-Putin summit on July 16th of 2018*: the
neo-Nazi Trump wussed out *! Under the racist
and oppressive President Trump, uncharacteristically of the already great
country of the United States of America, we now have zero tolerance*
anity* that we are presently treating like animals*.

If the neo-Nazi Republicans had won the 2018 midterm elections,

then their solidified power would have resulted in such great repression and
oppression* of the common every day American citizen and so great a social
turbulence would have occurred among the American people, that after declaring
martial law*, to even still remain in power, Trump would have eventually
called on his Russian allies to invade the mainland United States!

An American nightmare: The death of the GOP’s Uncle Sam!
President Vladimir Putin’s Republican Party entrenches itself in*.

Russian agent Donald Trump plays a cruel joke on Uncle Sam for
Independence Day, July 4th: no more democratic elections.
Lie, bribe, cheat, steal, blackmail, hack, meddle,
threaten and then kill next.

All is fair now for the crooked

crooked Trump presidential campaign.

Trump/Putin meet at Osaka* (video).

Trump encourages America’s rival to meddle

in the next US election in 2020.

We will bury America!

Putin laughs as Trump Jokes about election meddling*.

The joke is on you Uncle Sam. Expect to say goodbye

to freedom, independence and even to life itself.
Americans now have a foreign adversary for a president.
The election is just protocol, America’s real president
is on the left in the above photograph.
It’s all just a laughing matter for Donald Trump.
Kamala Harris Won in Miami, but Vladimir Putin Won in Osaka*.

Trump is handing your property to Putin on a golden platter.

Trump plans to make the US Constitution go away by ending birthright citizenship*!

Famous last words of the

“GOP’s Uncle Sam”: “No Donald!
(R.I.P.) Fort Knox is the peoples’
Money!” ~
America’s Uncle Sam.

As an “official citizen” of Russia, “Traitor Trump” plans to be “president of the US for life*”!

Traitor Trump calls the US Constitution “ridiculous”*! He supports a Mississippi politician

who would bring back public hangings*. Don’t you dare doubt her words one bit!
Still, like lemmings, many evangelical useful idiots will follow Putin’s useful idiot,
President Donald “Dishonest John” Trump, to America’s own suicidal return to barbarism!
Come hang out in The Great State of Mississippi*! Mike Espy*, who’s he?
Cindy Hyde-Smith* wants to bring back the bloodthirsty savagely barbaric practice
of public hanging* reflective of the burning black human crosses of the KKK*!
This regional human sacrifice* was possibly influenced by the native Mississippi
death cult practice* in the region that was there for
well over 1000 years and yielded a good skull!

What a night this woman gave ME!

She yields a better skull than Melania!


The “Love of Christ” (what a joke*!) While tossing their own rope,
the tie that binds their love together: mutual racial hatred!

A Salute to ME!
Yes, there will be tanks at Trump’s Fourth of July event — but there’s a catch*

The tank paraded this year is the obsolete Sherman tank* and is only temporary.

Hate ME America so next year on July 4th I can bowl you over with the latest

Russian army tanks & bomb the shit out of you with Russian fighter jets!

I am Russian agent Donald Trump*!

I am here to take over complete control of America &

to set myself up as your provincial ruler.

Vladimir Putin will be your imperial emperor.

Refer to him as your Russian Czar.

You poor folks are now my Russian peasants!

Screw Jesus & Uncle Sam, I make babies drink out of shitty toilets*!

All praise, glory and honor be to ME, I made America hate again!

Visibly still vying on a Trump pardon, (which he is not eligible for in Manhattan)
Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort arrives for his arraignment*
on fraud charges in Manhattan Supreme Court on June 27th of 2019.


10,000 Whoppers*

Call ME a cowardly lion, ay! I’ll show them.

Crooked Hillary is sending her Flying Monkey Democrats after ME.

I’ll spook them Dems! I'll fight ‘em standing on one foot!

I'll fight ‘em with my eyes closed!

I'll fight ‘em with one paw tied behind my back!

I do believe in spooks! I do believe in spooks!

I do, I do, I do believe in spooks!

Hillary Clinton is not really the Wicked Witch of the West as the
Moscow propaganda machine would have us believe. Through Donald Trump’s

employment of Moscow’s mass hypnotic techniques*, his supporters

have been made deplorably vulnerable* to believe in all of his lies.

Hillary’s just trying to find her way back to Arkansas.

She’s just an “ *” that Trump demonized through a


If Vladimir Putin had arrived under the Trump administration, so soon it will

have been that Russian fighter jets would have flown over your own hometown!

After such great destruction of the American people and landscape*,

Americans would have then been forced* to sign the deeds to any individually-owned

Indeed, Trump would have eventually called on his beloved Russian allies

to invade the mainland United States!

Coming soon to a theater near you!

Attn: Useful idiots, Moscow!

I sell
A rica


Sweet* Russian* Revenge*!

For *.

Then you will have just read this and wept!

(Don’t you ever dare say that nobody didn’t try to warn ya!)

Trump met with Putin secretly to discuss the details of the surrender by
the Republican Party of the United States to the Russian Federation*.

This is veritably what it amounted to that Putin and his puppet Trump agreed

to at the Helsinki summit. Americans, let’s familiarize ourselves with

our possibly imminent leader, the first

*: Czar* *!
If the Republicans had won the midterm of 2018* (both the House and the Senate),
then The Star Spangled Banner* would have eventually become demoted

to the provincial anthem of an American province in the country of Russia.

The Russian national anthem* would’ve become the national anthem of America!

* to the highest bidder*!

Trump’s insanity is a self–serving and it is seemingly a not-so-well disguised and even
* with the complete and unrelenting support of
Trump’s “brainwashed-by-Moscow Americans” who are gullibly only making Russia*,
Qatar*, China* (ZTE*) and Trump greater than they already are again! While he still
throws juicy red meat to his constituents such as in Nashville, Tennessee*,
the gullible American public is getting ripped blind by Trump and his associates!

The American system of justice does not bow to the whims of a would-be dictator
and soon it will prevail once again. If Trump can’t stand all of the heat*, then he
should get the hell out of the kitchen and live in Moscow where his true heart lies.
In essence, what
*, Oleg Deripaska*, is setting up a Russian provincial
cabinet in Washington DC. The oligarch Deripaska had his sanctions lifted by Trump
and had even added a Trump transition member to his company’s team.
Trump’s Russian-induced brainwashing of the GOP*, is still working like
clockwork and now the Republican Senate has now become a Russian asset.
As of Jan. 7th of 2019, Trump’s job approval rating was 40.2%*. By Jan. 15th of 2019,
*. By 1/29/19 Trump’s job approval
was 39.8%*! Click: *.

* and corrupt politician* with a brand of Pork

Barrel* to certain districts and Pay to Play* to foreign special interests. In addition
to his above shenanigans, he has been engaged in his personal swampy dealings with
the Ukraine*. Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, was allegedly paid $400,000
to set up a meeting* between the Ukrainian President and President Trump.
The Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko*, however, who is not a puppet of Putin*
like Trump, met with Trump at the White House in June of 2017*.

Vote for:

Russian agent Donald Trump*!
Make America Stupid again!
Make Americans make Russia great again!

Sign the deed to your property over to your designated Russian oligarch!
You have until midnight Dec. 31st of the year 2020 to comply!
(Or you will be dematerialized*!)
Little green men*:

They come in peace!*

Privet! Your designated Russian oligarch: ME!

Watch ME speaking about my border wall: “The Iron Veil of Russia”*

(video) of my Republican Party’s Lord & Master, former
KGB Director of Soviet intelligence of the Communist regime:

The “ *” Russian President

Czar* Vladimir Putin*!

Slim Dickenson
Fighting the spread of Communistic imperialism on behalf of
America’s resilient* Democracy*, a Menominee native,
Llewellyn Paul Dickenson, US Army, a much-decorated war hero,
died bravely on the killing fields of Vietnam on May 3rd of 1969.
Click this link: *.
Determine yourself what the truth is about Slim Shady’s dealings with Moscow.

Sellout madness among Trump’s loyal MAGA supporters like Uncle Toms* such as Kanye West*!

Click here for further light on another questionable & highly corrupt Trump*
and his pay-to-play shenanigan with the country of Qatar*.

The * American President Donald J. Trump congratulated Putin

in the victory in his re-election recognized by many in the West as “rigged”.
How do you think Russian autocrat President Vladimir Putin, an ex-KGB agent for the Soviets, feels about
the neo-Nazi fascist delusions of President Donald Trump? From previous experience with the Russians
during the Cold War*, history tells us that Vladimir Putin could be just waiting for the right moment to stick
a knife in his back and to begin even something like invading the Alaskan mainland in the United States!
Yet mindbogglingly many Americans are knowingly or unknowingly supportive of a takeover of America in
the insane worship of our idols: the Devil and Donald Trump, I mean, wealth and Donald Trump,
(for example, the Deutscher (German) worship of “der Führer”). In an American nation that
is losing its collective mind, we are even willing to sacrifice ourselves and our families
all in the name of American Greed* and in selling out to our Russian invaders.

Ever since *, the same phenomenon had

historically occurred with the indigenous people of America whenever many of our Native American
relations unknowingly sold out our native people, resources, land and sovereignty to our colonial European
invaders. Likewise unknowingly, Americans are now selling the United States to Russia for little!

In President Trump’s TrumpLand, many of Trump’s supporters, US citizens of European descent
(72.4% of the American population*) largely get what they want, that is, white supremacy, yet in our own
homeland, Americans will very soon become second class citizens in an American province in the country of
Russia. Democrat, Republican or Independent, we all soon become subject to the country of Russia and soon
we will all become subservient to our Russian invaders. I ain’t no Paul Revere but still I keep yelling:
“ *” Get Babbel*!

“ We have met the enemy and he is us* ”!

America has been attacked to the equivalency of a * or a 9/11 attack* in the
“seemingly unnoticeable and invisible” cyber realm by the country of Russia and this is being accomplished
through the implementation of Russian trolls & bots*. America’s *
are, figuratively speaking, engaged in an international soccer game in which the soccer ball is the
American psyche and the goal is the successful brainwashing of the American public.

Through an unchanging frog-leg-reflex-like response of loyal Trump supporters, the United States is now getting
a hefty taste of the insanity that infects the population of an invaded nation when it completely baffles
many patriotic Americans how the majority of
* and doing nothing while *!

Likewise, with Menominee Indians of Wisconsin during the 1800s, traditional Menominees were completely
baffled how Chief Oshkosh would allow himself to be cajoled and coerced into eventually selling out
the Menominee Nation by signing away millions of acres of Menominee land to the US government.

Continuing on this same course Trumpian politics will eventually lead America to be hailing as
“ ”, the Russian President: Czar* Vladimir Putin* as the first Czar of America*! Many Republicans,
knowingly or unknowingly, are now pledging allegiance to the country of Russia and to the dictatorship for which
it stands until we become one nation under Putin, complete with oppression and mass purges for all*. In this
Putin-Trump new world order, in essence, Putin gets the West, and Trump, so to speak, gets the “ownership” of
America (TrumpLand) over which he becomes the king. Watch: Megyn Kelly interview with Putin*.
Who’s wooing who in the Trump-Putin love affair*?
Patrick Wintour* the Guardian July 21st of 2018.

Moscow Donald!

It is absolutely urgent that Americans realize that US democratic institutions are being attacked by
the country of Russia to the equivalency of a * or a 9/11*! This is actually being
accomplished in the cyber realm through the implementation of Russian trolls & bots*.
* who watch Fox fake news, Moscow’s brainwash channel, are gullibly allowing themselves to
become successfully brainwashed! Yet no one on the Alt-right seem to even know of to even care about it or
are being knowingly complicit in what they do know about the cover-up about the Russian invasion of
America. Who needs to think when Moscow’s useful idiot in chief, Trump does all the thinking for you?
Read this: Critics of Trump say he is committing treason* Peter Baker, Sydney Morning Herald 7/18/18.
Take a closer look at the innumerable claims of treason after Trump’s evidently horrid performance at the
Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki*. Louis Jacobson for Politifact on Monday, July 23rd, 2018 at 1:15 p.m.

Politico Magazine ~ 7/16/18 ~ Only the brave dare call it treason* Jack Shafer July 16, 2018.
*. Adam Davidson New Yorker magazine 7/19/18.

Putin’s peasants!
Make Americans vassals to a foreign power again*!
Patrick Eddington July 24, 2018
A nation of vassals, a nation of sheep

The American President Trump is assisting and encouraging America’s historic rival, the country of
Russia, in President Vladimir Putin’s endeavor to successfully brainwash the American public.
Naively, like gullible sheep, through the mercenary Republican-dominated US Senate, the American public
even allowed Trump to hand over classified material on Israeli intelligence about ISIS over to the Russians*.
However, this was done in order to establish peaceful and friendly relations with Russia.
* had saved a number of Russian lives* in
St. Peterburg* yet it appears to have placed ours and our allies’ at severe risk and it may have even been a
danger to American national security and to the American way of life! Should Trump have his security
clearance revoked! We need to impeach Trump now* or one day Americans could be required to learn
Russian or to face severe oppression! It appears likely that Americans have a Russian agent for a president.
History shows us that great nations can be taken over by other great nations
and this could actually come to pass. So get learnin’ Russian! Fast! Get Babbel*!
Trump’s insanity is not even a disguised anti-Americanism with the complete and unrelenting support of Alt right
Americans who are unknowingly moving America to make Russia, Qatar, China (ZTE*) and Trump great again!

The insanity of an invaded people runs aberrant, for example, during World War II, while the Jews were being
gassed and incinerated during World War II, make a special note of the fact that
* concentration camp alone! In order to keep them dead
quiet about the holocaust, toward the ending of the war, all 4000 of these pure Deutschers were ordered to be
rounded up, languished and then were gassed to death along with the pure Jews who were exterminated there.
As it was in WWII, that included, along with all the pure Jews, other mixed-blood Jewish people of various
nationalities such as: Russians, Americans, Yugoslavians or Polish or various other random global nationalities
even Mexicans! If that is the case, history shows us that any American could wind up being forced into one of
Trump’s sadistic internment camps, even the people who are now supporting President Donald J. Trump!
Click here to * through: *!

We are all witches, I mean, sinners in the eyes of the Lord, but this is ridiculous!
Click here for details on how: Donald Trump is truly a wicked man .
Like Donald Trump’s idol Adolf Hitler, history shows us that wicked men can eventually take over
countries and do wicked things to other human beings. What happened to these honorable migrant children?
A completely inexpensive DNA test is all it would take to determine parenthood.
The Fall of Rome* (video*) and America’s decline as a global power*.

Jeffery Epstein, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton*.

Slick Willie visits Orgy Island*.

*. Also Click: Bill & Epstein*.

Slick Willie, Crawlin’ King Snake and Epstein*.

American decadence

Is leading to America’s decline!

Famous friends say about Epstein*, Trump kept a good eye on Epstein* .
Then: Trump called a “Terrific guy” and

Now: “Not a fan”, that much I can tell you*.

The * Epstein had


Hanging by a thread*: Trump’s Labor Secretary (above left) gave

Epstein a sweetheart deal* that saved him from more severe jail time in 2008.
US Labor Secretary *.

Epstein pleads not guilty* on July 8th of 2019.

Like with Trump’s hero, Adolf Hitler, Trump’s cruel and inhuman administration
*. Treating them like
animals and placing them into dog kennels, Trump evidently regards them as animals
or as lower forms of human life*. Where are the children*? The completely inept,
bumbling, cruel and inhuman Nazi administration of Trump continues to fail
to let anyone see what is becoming of these children. Like the Jews of Trump’s
hero Hitler, many people don’t know and many don’t even seem to
care if some of them were barbarically cut up and used for body parts*?!

B *!
Were they sold off or * to
make money for Trump’s eugenics enterprise*? Check out:
the criminal immigration law eugenics and white supremacy*.

Any man of God who is truly a man of God would stand up RIGHT NOW and condemn this
action of separating parents from children! Soon the country of contemporary
America may just go down in history as just another barbaric yet
technologically advanced nation like Nazi Germany.

Above far left is Trump’s former campaign manager* for 144 days, Paul Manafort*
in his jailbird outfit. Now he got a total of 7 ½ years plus a new indictment* (3/13/19).
To most Americans and World citizens, Trump is truly wicked human being*.
Neverendingly, he makes up total fabrications and outright prevarications as
one of the greatest criminal * (the book) of all time.

Alienating America’s friends and allies at the NATO summit* who would assist the US
in a nuclear war is the name of his game, yet quite evidently, Trump is only making
Russia first again. The Republican party of Trump Congress of the past two years
was looking like a bunch of dead head clowns* and it was providing the greatest
material ever for satire! Through the fiasco of its own Republican
blind support for Trump, the staunchly partisan Congress had
only temporarily jeopardized its own ability as an oversight* institution.

Movie: *. According to the following research project:

Hitler’s DNA tests show that
*. String Hitler’s effigy up on your cross. Besides his dominant
Austrian roots, he also had black as well as Jewish roots! The KKK needs to have DNA
tests for some innumerable surprisers of maybe even: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz*.

Donald Trump was first 100 days in office, and supposedly he “could not” be
impeached*, when the resignation of his former National Security Advisor Michael
Flynn* seemed to make it known to the public regarding the role he played in
Trump’s *. With the co-operation
of George Papadopoulos* following his guilty plea and with Flynn’s co-operation
following his guilty plea*, “the there, there” is continuing to pile up there in
the files of the CIA and the FBI. Soon we will find out exactly how Trump colluded*!
This evidence of the Mueller probe* on the Russian conspiracy to takeover
the United States cannot be made public prior to judicial hearings regarding
the matter because it would taint the investigation with partisan bickering
and media bias. On Monday 9/17/18, Trump ordered the Russia investigation
to release the classified text messages* of top former FBI officials
(Jon Swaine in New York City). In his most obvious effort to obstruct the
investigation thus far in September of 2018, in a futile attempt to render
the investigation as completely invalid, Trump is tried to invoke the divine
right of kings to get these highly classified texts opened up to the public.

You don’t get one Obama. Putin won’t give you one.

Yes, Trump colluded with Russia*!

The there, there will be damning for Trump* because:

Humpty Dumpty Trumpty*, Trumpty is the Big Bad Wolf*!

So don’t forgit ta . . .

Git ‘er Done*.

Make America Great Again,

Throw the Trumpster in the Dumpster*!

Or be prepared when Putin gets here to have Trump sign

all your land deeds over to your designated Russian oligarch*!

Through Donald Trump’s active brainwashing of the American

public & by Moscow’s influence on social media and

the infrastructure of the cyber realm*,

America is actually now being taken over by Putin’s Russia!

Are there any American patriots left in the party of Trump?

Putin & Trumpley
Greatest Reality Show on Earth!
Russian fighter jet and Russian navy day parade*!

Walk softly but carry a big whip* to show Trump

how he must lash his obedient GOP elelphants into surrendering
American sovereignty* to Putin and to Mother Russia!
Witness with your own eyes and ears

Greatest criminal master of deceit of all time!

Live on TV on Jan. 8th of 2019*: Trump’s State of the Deception*

& I mean, Union address*! *.

Witness false facts put forth as truth* by the
Houdini of Lies himself,
President Donald “Dishonest John” Trump!
bullcr fr *.
Check out: the eagle eye of fact check 1/08/19* (fact check*).
Fact check: F 5 9 *.
Putin’s fake president Trump rubbed Russian snake oil in your ears*
when he was prepping America to declare his phony national emergency*.
He then declared his fake national emergency on Feb 15th of 2019*. In
reality, the Fat Cats are skating off completely free from having to pay
for the wall. Veritably, under the Trump administration, the wealthy no
longer have to pay taxes anyway. Trump’s tax cuts only benefit
the top 1% of the US population* who will get 83% of the gains!

Trump is merely trying to grasp billions of dollars of precious

life-saving emergency funds in order to build his wall so he can
gain more control over American land by declaring eminent domain.
Trump has abused eminent domain determinations in the past*.
Just for starters, he plans to declare eminent domain over all the lands
along the US border with Mexico. However, now he will run into
complications* and we can stop him from doing so*! Trump will ultimately
be expecting only the poor and the middle class to pay for HIS WALL.
Witness how your paycheck will soon dwindle to pay for
the wall that Trump assured his base Mexico would pay for.
Come watch as millions of gullible Americans who watch Fox fake news
begin surrendering America to Russia by swallowing the fiery sword of
Trump’s lies about his fake national emergency*! Trump is
manufacturing a real national emergency by threatening to shut down
the border which is attracting more migrants.
(Fox news anchor Chris Wallace*, however, seems forthright.)
Click here for: The End of the Republican Party*.
Promises made* Promises broken* for middle class America!

Trump’s supporters, lost in the prophecied biblical idolatry of a would-be

antichrist, are also now being hounded for the multiple billions of dollars,
along with the rest of America, to build an “IRON CURTAIN”.
On Feb. 15, 2019, the president planned to pilfer funds from other sources.
It will be compounded by upkeep and so $8 billion dollars is just a start*.
Billions of dollars of taxes will have to keep being paid & Americans will eventually
become slaves to keep supporting what appears to be Donald Trump’s, I mean,

Vladimir Putin’s great veil of Russia!

Trump is a Russian agent*! This will soon become evident by the Mueller report
findings* and subsequent findings in other courtrooms from related court
proceedings*. After all, Trump’s wall is simply not only be a matter of whom he
is fencing out, it is also a matter of whom he is fencing in: US! Within and outside of
the American republic, it seems highly evident to ME that “Big Brother” Putin’s
plan could simply be to pen Americans into one location as US useful idiots
are being prepared by our rivals for our eventual slaughter!
Completely at American and Russian expense, it appears quite evident to ME that,
by being a traitor to you and ME, Mr. Trump will become unbelievably wealthy.
Do you really believe that Trump loves anyone else but himself?

Who will pay for Putin’s Iron Curtain, I mean, my Trump wall?
Mainly, you, middle class America, will pay for my wall!
Not Mexico!

Fat Cats won’t have to pay for my Trump wall. They veritably no longer pay any
taxes anyway! I’m mainly counting on you and the poor class to contribute a good
portion of your paychecks in taxes so I can brag to my cult, I mean, base of
successfully brainwashed Trump followers, about being a winner. We borrow from
PRECIOUS LIFE SAVING national emergency funds to pay for what would be
a political win for ME. Get ready for tax hikes later on!
ME and Vladimir are counting on your willingness to support us in this effort.
We are relying on your adequate complete brainwashing and your gullibility
into eventually making Americans surrender America to Russia!
Trump invites Russians to hack Clinton emails: “Russia, if you’re listening”*
Make Americans Make Russia Great Again! Vote Donald Trump!
Surrender your property to your designated Russian oligarch!
You have until midnight of Dec. 31st of the year 2020 to comply.

With but a single vintage shot of the finest Russian vodka,
when Russia rigged the 2016 election in Donald J. Trump’s favor,
Vladimir Putin had begun taking over America!

Jakelin Ameí Rosmery Caal Maquin*,

the 7 year old girl who died in Border Patrol custody.
“ *” saith the Lord.

2nd Guatemalan child dies in US government custody; medical checks ordered*.

The bottomless shame of the Trump administration* in regard to the deaths
of migrant children at the southern US border*. Fortunately now:

The Justice League is back in town!

The Democrats seize control of the House*!

The Formidable Rep. Nancy Pelosi assumes the gavel as House speaker*!

Congress approved a bill to cut $700 billion from health care*. Also, the

* has determined that 32 million people will be

dropped from health care* and that it will also drop 23 million more people* from

the program. * called the Republican health care bill

“compassionate”. Apparently, what Mulvaney really meant was:

“You’re lucky we didn’t propose abolishing the health care program altogether!”

Trump’s: “Let Obamacare implode!” really means: “ ”

without any input from any Democrats, medical professionals or economic

experts so that ME and the other Fat Cats can have more of your money!”

Trump is a $1.17 billion loser*.


I don’t like the Donald.

Americans chant:

“If you can’t trust the messenger, then don’t trust the message!”

In other words: Since Trump lies continuously, then don’t trust whatever he says.

As is exemplified by the innumerable lies of President Donald Trump*.

Taxes are only for Atom Ant* and his little friends. “Up and at’em Atom Ant!”

With the exception of a few years he actually paid* taxes, Trump don’t pay taxes* .

“ *.” ~ Quote from super wealthy, Leona Helmsley*.

Fat Cats*

I decided to unmuzzle myself so I can come out in support of Roy Moore* of whom
innumerable witnesses have accused of sexual misconduct, pedophilia,
molestation, rape, and unpermitted touching. For white men it’s Okay.
A white man has white privilege. Let’s have lots of good old workplace sex.
Besides, who really believes victims of sex crimes anyway?

God forgive me for being a “

coward & hiding* to support this nut! ”

0 0
0 0

I’m letting the Fat Cat have his way with Americans. It’s good for business,
trust me. I really let my true inner self speak out in support of Roy Moore*
this time. I’ll unmuzzle myself again sometime soon. Roy Moore is just
practicing white privilege. The girls “just let you do it” anyway.
* ( *)! So get ready, girls. Brace yourselves!
This is all done to the applause of the dead-head followers of my Trump Party*,
I mean, Republican Party like Mitch McConnell* and Paul Ryan*, who serviley
continued to follow my dictates like penguins in single file.
It feels great to be god, let me tell you!
I will be the greatest president ever, trust me!

Ex-wife Ivana Trump said:


Subsequent to the first Trump/Clinton debate, Hillary Clinton had cited documents discovered
by that make Trump’s taxes now more visible to hard-working Americans since, as of
September 29th of 2016, they show that Trump didn't pay any federal income tax in the early
1990s and in 1995 his company lost $916,000,000 and that he only earned a relatively meager $3.4
million which is mere “chicken feed” for an annual income among real billionaires.

It is not a huge asset of a “based-on-credit billionaire” such as Trump, who didn't pay any
federal income taxes in 1978, 1979 and 1984, evidently for a total of 18 years in all. After being
ordered by a federal judge, these documents only represent a mere blip of his tax returns and it
was only presented for his lawsuits and loans so it appears that Donald Trump has been
basically lying all along. This cover-up is exacerbated by the news media which
seems to urgently need to focus more upon . . .

. . . . THE * OF *!

*10,000 LIES*


Dems not really so unhappy Trump is president, he is doing

irreparable damage* to the GOP*! *!

Eminem* “Slim Shady” the song: * ( *) w/ Ed Sheeran*.

ME and Mini-ME* Make America first to abdicate

climate control practices!

Meet: Moe, Larry & Curly Trump.

When you watch: *! (Video episodes).

* called Trump “an f---ing moron ”.

Trump’s brutal mobster lawyer, * is on the far right in .

Headline in the Washington Post: “The man who showed Donald Trump how to
exploit power and instill fear.” Click here for another story of the
homosexual, Roy Cohn* who died of AIDS. The former New York Mayor,
Ed Koch is sandwiched between Trump and his mobster associate, Cohn
who was Sen. Joe McCarthy’s “ *”. Cohn was American mafia.
Trump’s election, however, was engineered purely by the Russian mafia*.
After the vice presidential debate on Tues Oct. 4th of 2016,
“apparently won” the debate according to Clinton’s supporters
because Mike Pence’ running mate:

Trumpty Dumpty sat on a wall and Trumpty Dumpty would have a great fall and all of
Trump's horses and all of Pence’ men, weren't quite able yet to
put Trumpty together again.

Humpty Dumpty* Trumpty!

was royally sitting onboard Trump’s sinking ship.

Yet Hillary didn’t even sit on the wall but she was not the only 2016 presidential
candidate who might have made a big mess of it all* (Putin’s propaganda video).

And all of Hillary’s experience and all of Hillary’s charm

couldn’t make her win more votes over when
the Alt-right started becoming John Law’s long arm*.

In true banana-style-republic diplomacy “Lock her up!” became the

deplorable slogan for the abhorable support of the un-American policies that were
being proposed by this cold-hearted presidential candidate and would-be dictator.

To the unwary President Trump’s apparently oblivious pleasure,
Michael Wolff* bashed the press then gained access to the White House*!

Hopefully, Wolff’s observations on the gross dysfunctionality of the Trump White House will help
the American people know how to protect ourselves from our adversarial president.
Trump supporters are losing their collective minds by a cult-like Trump worship like the Germans
worshipped der Führer, Adolf Hitler. American people, evangelical Christians and even white supremacists
are being naïve to think that Trump places the American people before himself
in his brand of ME first politics* in *.

The Spy Who Shagged ME “Very Funny” Dr. Evil in a

Austin Powers video clip* Jerry Springer video clip*

Trumpty Dumpty “the Kim Jong-Un” Powers’ worst nightmare:

Michael “Dr. Evil” Wolff!

Trump-Russia dossier*
Christopher Steele*

Click on this link for the book: Fire and Fury* by: Michael Wolff*.


I use

We are just about this far from blowing ourselves to smithereens!

“ ”

We need a reality check:

I am truly sorry to disappoint you gentlemen,

but you are not really planning a frickin’ global war here!

Trump can’t come out and toss firecrackers, I mean, nukes!

“ *” * book by .


Or accept the probability of the coming


His Holiness, Russian Orthodox Catholic
Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia*.

*. *.

The Russian Orthodox Catholic missionary to the Aleut natives, His Holiness,
(1797-1879 , Ivan Evseyevich Popov-Veniaminov) arrived in 1823 to what was
internationally recognized as Russian America and is now the State of Alaska in the United States.
Russia has historically made attempts to gain a foothold in North America*.

The presence of gold in Alaskan territory was evidently underestimated by His Eminence, Czar Peter the
Great when, in the next several upcoming decades that followed the 1867 sale of Alaska to the United
States, the entire world was stunned when Alaska was starting to experience a series of gold strikes.
These gold strikes started with just a few prospectors in 1861, then after 1867 with several major
gold strikes that followed. All of these highly lucrative gold strikes finally
started culminating with the Klondike Gold Strike in 1896.

To a certain level of an egregious pollution of the environment
and the spoiling of our Mother the Earth, out
and through the spaces of its teeth, the
is still spitting out oodles of pure unadulterated Alaskan gold nuggets
in the *.

Inland off the coast near the straights of the Alaskan mainland,
while the eagle still ravenously feasts upon its prey, 55 miles away from
Russia* and several hundred miles farther out across* the
from the Aleutian Islands* to the Kamchatka Peninsula*,
voraciously, a hungry Imperial Big Bear* of *,
watching us, with envious eyes . . . just like Big Brother*,

. . . is still growling to this very day!

The illegitimate Trump presidency* was obtained by fraudulent means*:
The THERE, there*! Paul Ryan tells: THE BIG LIE*:

ME? Lie?

“He won the election fair and square*!” ~ Ryan.

Yeah right!

Just Click here for only the tip of the iceberg of the real truth about the
coordination between Putin and the Trump campaign:

Whistleblower reveals Cambridge Analytica* covert dealings!

Kremlin Trump *

Putin * Trump campaign.

A steady flow of Russian rubles ($300,000,000 US dollars X 2*)

through * and

information through back channel dealings*

between the Kremlin and Donald Trump.

As the Mueller investigation* (update for *) steadfastly

draws toward its eventual completion: Believe in THE BIG LIE* no more or:

Make America duped again by a Benedict Arnold turncoat politician*!

A Dictatorship in America is the enemy of the American People!

* Hero in Great Britain*

Donald Trump (ME politics) Benedict Arnold (Patriot-turned-British loyalist)
Americans must now realize that the actual threat to American liberties does not come from our
foreign rivals such as Russia or North Korea, but from the enemies within our own democracy.
Read the book: “It is a Shakespearean tragedy of epic proportions.
The names change, the times change, but treason remains the same dark, despicable crime.”

Benedict Donald: A Comparative Analysis

of Benedict Arnold, Donald Trump, and Treason*.
America’s imminent ruler: Czar* Vladimir Putin*!
The Crisis Facing America*: The Dissolution of the United States*!

The real enemy of the people*: The Treachery of Donald J. Trump*!

Well done It will soon be:

my boy! ME time!

In their so-called “secret” meeting,

Putin makes his boy Trump a figurehead!



Because of Republican partisanship in the Party of Trump,


* * two diplomatic compounds*!

We Kn w N ha P tin H s n rum *!


Many Americans will die because of Trump*!

Peter Strzok is an American hero*!

*! Strzok fired*!

The politically motivated firings of the FBI in Trump’s effort to obstruct*

the Russian meddling investigation: James Comey*,

Andrew McCabe* and Peter Strzok*.

American lawmen are here to serve the American people and American
law & order enforcement agencies are Trump’s real adversaries simply

because Trump was commissioned by Putin to destroy American unity.

Ask not, what you can do for your country.

Ask, *!

Can * & not tell about *?

*! The *! Teflon Don the Con*!

* is my only option. Purge *!

On 3/16/18, Trump fired McCabe to obstruct the Mueller probe*!
As of December 10th of 2018, Trump was finally in real legal peril*!

After the first day of the , the 1st great debate
between the two presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Monday,
September 26th of 2016: while having *, Hillary Clinton appeared to
be basically, *. In her emails * and
held only potentially classified information. Even though most of the emails from Hillary
Clinton’s private server involved personal matters, many of the emails had been retroactively
termed as “classified” ever since Donald Trump began running for the office of the US president
in the 2016 election. While the candidates were still running for president in 2016, during
one of the debates, the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton aptly called the
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a “Big Bad Wolf*”. Seven months after the
Trump era began after his January inauguration, by August 25th of 2017, with *,
* Arpaio* and * having blown into Texas,

“Trumpty” The was busy:

*is making health care implode!

Unwary Republicans &

Colluding Russians A few Sly Foxes

“Trumpty” The is blowing down

* of
The H us s o th US ov rn en *: The *!
Both Trumpian and Russian comrades are using bots* to muddy the public image of the FBI so
that Putin’s marionette President Trump can successfully overthrow American democracy.
In January of 2018, * continued to obstruct the Russian meddling
investigation by discrediting FBI Deputy Director
* that there is no need to further investigate the 2016 US
presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The FBI Director
*, *, trumped up a *.

Ironically, *, who was dissecting the Trump

campaign’s collusion with the Russians, as of the second week of May of 2017, reporter
Bastien Inzaurralde of * had
revealed to the Russians, some critically sensitive information regarding American
intelligence gathering procedures. On Wednesday, May 10th of 2017, according to U.S.
officials, * to the
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov* and *
in a White House meeting in the Oval Office where they were warmly greeted.

*, however, had saved a number of
Russian lives* in St. Peterburg* yet it has placed ours and our allies’ at severe risk.

Ah, the privileges of the Alt-right*. Just good old boys never meanin’ no harm,

We are listening to Ronald Plump, “Uncle Putin’s Boy*” tell us:

“Infiltrating your government was the easy part, so now” “ *”

& ask us: “As your president, * my boss, Mr. Putin?”

All bought and paid for * of your *!

The unchristian Crusader. *!

7 of 396

Justice is a formidable challenger!

Trump has no executive privilege* over: The Mueller Report*.

Conservatives against Trump*. Trump can run but he can’t hide*.

Soon now, the goose of the outlaw Trump is going to be cooked*!

You don’t get one Obama. Vladimir, my boss, won’t give you one.

White privilege* is something that only goes wild* on my ship of fools*.

* (11/17/16).

Since Trump’s tariffs the Stocks are dipping* and the Stocks are slumping* (6/11/19).

All of Trump’s fiascos and shenanigans leads one man to draw up some:
Articles of Impeachment against Trump*.



We’ll be back in several hours, folks. Just be passive and let us brainwash you!
Keep letting the phrase: “No collusion, no collusion!” sink into your subconscious.
Just like in the book 1984 by George Orwell, we will soon be taking over
complete control of your society and your very minds themselves.294
Read the prediction from the prediction professor about Trump*.
Over the skies of the old * is ...
. . . Which is somewhere that the quite evidently out-of-touch-with-reality* Donald
Trump when he was a 2016 US Presidential candidate, had repeatedly refused to admit
to the American Moon landing. The reality of it is that American astronauts had
actually walked on the surface of Earth’s Moon* (video*) during the Apollo 11 mission*
in July of 1969 when they radioed back to NASA:

“ *”

As a resource on a *, Trump has relied heavily upon his

crackpot science advisor, Roger Stone* for his view of scientific reality.

However, for the scientific truth, read the books of *, a disabled

guy, who was an Einstein caliber physicist, about
*, instead.

A traitor to the American space program, Trump readily casted doubt upon the
veracity of the Moon landing and sided with what the
Russians whispered in his ear that Americans never made it to the Moon.

Through Russian manipulation of Trump (by salving his ego no doubt) and through the
expertise of modern Russian science, Trump’s campaign was aided and abetted by the
Russians* by wielding a formidable program to suppress the American vote.

On Oct. 26th of 2016 the

On Nov. 7th of 2016 Trump’s relationship with the RNC got sour.
The vote got really tight and Comey’s Halloween Clinton emails,
Had completely re-affirmed the previous conclusion
that was reached in July 2016.

In a completely different but connected political arena, an ever-increasing list of
women having stated that Alabama Republican candidate * molested them
when many were under aged teenagers. Click *. With Roy
Moore denying the allegations and even remaining in the race at all, along with
Trump’s past history of bad behavior, the modern day American model of manly
behavior is fastly becoming: the pedophile, the molester, the rapist and the corrupt
politician. *!
Will someone wake Roy Moore up to the fact that *?

When does Alabama’s favorite * hit the fan?

Keep * out of office.

*! (Petition)
And keep the * on the dinner table where it belongs with Doug Jones*
singing the song: Sweet Home Alabama * by
and not have it hit the fan when a re-invented Communism & a facist Capitalism &
crooked politics take hold in America even more than they are
with Trump & his swamp filled with his slithery convicted associates.

In a completely “separate reality”, When you watch this Honeymooners* video:

Think of Hillary Clinton as “MacHillacuddy”and think of Donald Trump as Ralph
Kramden. Then this could very well have been the “real” way that Hillary Clinton
would have become* elected by the electorate as “The convention manager
of the Raccoon Club” and won the 2016 US Presidential election based on:

“ ”* (video)

(The Honeymooners w/actors: Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, Audrey Meadows & Joyce Randolph).

This “skinny repeal” bill would have abolished Obamacare! John McCain casts
“ *”: “No!” Like in the above Honeymooners video.
Trump’s so-called “ ” impending nightmare, where he
ov !?!
Trump decided to gut the health care program instead by making it implode in
9 years while letting Americans die by his .
Like Putin, Trump is here to take over the US. Yet the whole World hates Trump,
who has evidently & openly conspired with Putin* to *.
While he was employing the classic Communist technique of continual repetition that
was performed in 1917 by Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov* who was better known in the
1940s and in the 1970s by the hipp es* in American street jargon as: *,
Trump *
upon the face of the American public before his November 2016 election.
While his mouth still seethed with its untimely hatred, many Americans,
continuously taken in by his lies, like a drug addiction as if they had
been successfully brainwashed, evidently started becoming conditioned like
Pavlov’s dogs*, when they started believing in his daily dismal distortions of reality
about the American economy and the way of life in our American democracy.

Trump’s * (Click on image for Opus Comix).

The Russian President

* with the US President Donald Trump coming in a close second.
If they don’t get what they want, the * and
very likely the Russians can now blackmail President Trump* ( *) who
completely subserviates himself and American interests to President Putin as well.

And just as if that ironfisted Royal Majesty Old King George had actually
won the War of 1812 on the American front, we Americans will all soon
be hailing the 2nd Emperor over all of America of whom
all Americans will soon be required to refer to as:

The “ *” Russian President: Czar* Vladimir Putin* (*)!

& one day soon this will become: *! (video).

The spirit of true Christian brotherhood involves a high level of compassion for one’s
fellow human beings. However, following what seems to masses of the protesting
American public as his phony conversion to Christianity, unless like ,
President Trump is enlightened by * sent by a
much *, the * such as portrayed in the book:
( *) that mankind had experienced during World War II, appears
to be slowly gravitating bit by bit into becoming America’s grisly reality ever since
Trump’s January 20th 2017 Inauguration as .

And since Trump lost the popular vote by three million votes, the Electoral College
elected him president. So contrary to the US Constitution, Donald Trump is now openly
attempting to enact his plan to become an active US dictator* (clip). And contrary to
the US Constitution, it is now becoming even more evident that many of the
bureaucratic Fat Cats of the now Republican-dominated Senate, could care less if he
actually becomes such a ruthless dictator* as Hitler just as long as they can eat of
the golden crumbs that fall off Putin’s dinner table and still remain in power.

Confer: (read: ) ( clip)

(trailer), (movie: 1993).

* becoming Nazi Concentration Camps*! * who *!

message from Pocahontas* Hold on tight! You will be dethroned*

And * as well, Because: “ *!”
“For a religious leader to question a person’s faith is disgraceful!*”

are u

Repudiate Donald Trump!

Delegitimize him in 2019!

Vote him out in 2020!

Like the prophecied rapture of formerly faithful Christians* to the *
instead of Jesus Christ and His all-embracing love, by his use of racial enmity,
Trump successfully seduces evangelical Christians* to his fear & hatred and
daily elicits this deep-seething hatred across the face of the entire Earth*!
To the pope’s questioning of his faith in Christ, sanctimoniously, like a cult leader,
Trump rebuked His Holiness, the Pontiff, Ist with the admonition:
“For a religious leader to question a person’s faith is disgraceful!*”

* *
* tio

Clinton Foundation*

Putin’s backchanneled stories

about Trump’s political opponents*.

FBI Director, James Comey* a “grandstander” and a

“showboat”* .

I want you, TRUMP, to sow discord and create disunity among Americans.


“DEPLORABLE ME”! “I voted for Donald Trump!” ~ Quote from the Alt-right.
Reality: *!
Reality: Vote Republican! Shut down the US! Make America part of Russia*!

“ *” * I want you!

Latest excuse of a Trump supporter for his entanglements with the Russians:

“He’s a businessman! Business is business!”

The subserviating of America to Russia will prove to be the real business of Trump!

This could lead to: 1) his own impeachment* from office as US president to:

2) a RICO* trial for racketeering or even to: 3) his being charged with
* with the adversarial power, Russia and its supreme ruler: Vladimir Putin.

The Russian Equivalent of the Emperor:
Napoléon Bonaparte Crossing the Alps,


Soon to become
The Czar over all of America,


So like Pavlov’s Dogs* without your awareness Big Brother* Putin
predetermines your choice for president
and then impacts your choice for whom to vote.

* performed by * (band) in * ( *).

Be *.

Don’t be like a lab rat and a product of modern Russian science.

Win, win, win out instead! Don’t be a sucker for Trump’s fake labels*.
And skip the small stuff like election results, we have bigger fish to catch!

Manuel Noriega*

To fear someone is giving them more power than they already have.

Former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt* once said:

"The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”* (Video*).

some sudden change of heart,

exercises empathy
to do what our


(The Emoluments Clause*).

Trump dog-whistles & bullhorns his neo-Nazi followers*!
When the democrats win an election, they cheer, become very happy and
joyful, celebrate and then proceed to do some hard work to build a better
nation for ALL AMERICANS. Trump’s empty threat of Democratic violence*
if the Democrats had won both the House and the Senate during the
midterms was just a guised message to the Alt-right to become violent.
As of the end of October of 2018, in the attempt to disqualify black voters,
the Russians were trying to rig the election by going after the voting
machines in Texas and Georgia*. Donald Trump’s Russian ally, the genocidal
Vladimir Putin, is the man behind the attempted election rigging*!
Check out these links on how the 2018 midterm elections were
being compromised: How they try to rig the elections*: Harper’s pdf,
How to rig an election*: Spectators, How they rig elections*: YouTube video
& A hacker demonstrates how voting machines can be compromised*: CBS news.

Violence is what dictators, neo-Nazis and racial supremacists instigate

because they believe that their race in power is the only one that
is worthy to exist. Because of the so-called “superior blood*” of the
dominant Aryan race, American Aryan white nationalists want
to oppress, to enslave and to kill off the other races of mankind.

President Trump, who brainwashes his followers at public rallies with

Putin’s propaganda, is inciting violence on behalf of his master Putin to
disrupt American unity. In the 2018 US midterm election, the Democrats won
the House and Trump may just get himself impeached and then shortly
thereafter tried for treason like his idol Adolf Hitler in 1924*. Hitler’s
trial and conviction for treason is what placed his name and the name of his
Nazi party into everyday demagoguery. Yet, eight years later Hitler lost his
1932 bid in the election for the German chancellor and likewise in a short
matter of time* (comment of James Comey*), Trump’s disgruntled Alt-right
maniacal followers will become violent like Trump’s Nazi idol
Adolf Hitler’s radical followers* did and thereby in a military
coup d'état propelled Hitler into power a year later in 1933. In their violent
attempt to make Trump rise to prominence between 2018 to 2020, Trump’s
neo-Nazi adherents will then force truly patriotic Americans to have to
defend themselves in the race war . . .

. . . that America’s mentally instable

President Donald “Dishonest John” Trump is attempting to instigate.

With madmen like Trump ruling the World then mankind is very likely soon
going to war itself out of existence. I love you America. I love all humans.
Let us have a peaceful Earth without war, suffering and bloodshed.
Think about your children.

Everyone will suffer excruciating pain, devastation and

sorrow if America’s mentally instable president
has his way with Lady Liberty herself.

This Land is Your Land*!

(Music video by Woody Guthrie)

Trump is a traitor to the American way of life!

America belongs to Americans not to Vladimir Putin!

Veteran investigative journalist, Bob Woodward*

portrays the Trump White House in chaotic fear and disarray.

Trump ranks at the bottom in terms of presidential greatness*!

Trump is a Liar, the king of fear!

We must be brave even though we live in dangerous times* under Trump.

I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration*.

Written by a senior official working in the Trump administration

for the New York Times in an anonymous op-ed:
“The bigger concern is not what Mr. Trump has done to the
presidency but rather what we as a nation have allowed him to do to us.
We have sunk low with him and allowed our discourse to be stripped of civility.”

In an earlier August op-ed, a retiring Admiral McRaven

wrote a searing op-ed on Trump*: “Through your actions, you have . . . humiliated us
on the World stage and divided us as a nation,” McRaven wrote. On November 9th of
2018, Trump made more of his unendingly divisive remarks while leaving for France to
meet with Macron* where he made more divisive remarks to Macron*.

In the European movement for the possession of the land on the North American continent, adjacent to
Alaska in the country of Canada during the 1800s the territories of kanata would eventually develop into the
above Canadian provinces after the signing of the British North America Act (also called the Constitution
Act, 1867). Queen Victoria and her successors still remained the executive government that guided Canada
through events until the British Parliament’s authority was ultimately transferred to an independent Canadian
Parliament by Canada’s Constitution Act, 1982. That was when Canada had become a completely sovereign
and separate nation from Great Britain.

The above daguerreotype is of Augustin Grignon Sr. (1780-1860) who was a prominent figure in Menominee
history. He was the 4th great grandson of the French fur trader Pierre Esprit Radisson and was a mixed blood
European descendant whose ancestors originated in Canada. Augustin Grignon Sr. (1780-1860) and Therese
Manateesee Grignon (born de Kaury, 1770-1805) were the father and the mother of Augustin Grignon, Jr.
(1803-1871) who was appointed by the US government as the “captain” of a mixed blood band of
Menominee. Augustin Jr. (1803-1871) had married the full blood Anishinaabe woman named, Matilda
Mahwahsay, who was better known as Nomakoqkiu (Beaver Woman). She was a powerful Anishinaabe
matriarch that has descendants from both the Menominee and Ojibway (Chippewa) Indian nations today.
Augustin Grignon, Jr. was appointed by the US government to “captain” the mixed blood band of
Menominee in 1849 because he and other mixed bloods natives received a nominal fee to accept a status as
non-Indian in the eyes of the US government. However, speaking sovereign wise, the son of Augustin
Grignon, Sr., Augustin Grignon, Jr had served as a chief on the Menominee tribal council of chiefs during
the mid-1800s up until the year of his death in 1871 when he was killed by the infamous Acquinimi the 3rd
(whom we will discuss later on in this book). Check out the: Boyd Website/Tribal family tree*.

Because of his status as a sovereign chief, Augustin Grignon, Jr. is considered to be a full blood native in
accordance with the policies and procedures of the Menominee land field agent A. L. Hook who clarified the
rules for the determining the Menominee blood quantum in 1949. Through the hard work, intelligence, the
political influence of Augustin Grignon, Jr. and the charismatic influence of Nomakoqkiu (Beaver Woman)
during the 1800s among the Anishinaabe, they had acquired “ownership” (in the European sense) of a large
amount of land in what is now northern central Wisconsin.

During the late 1500s and 1600s, the possession of furs had almost become like the possession of
gold. Consequently, the competition between Anishinaabe clan villages for the fur trade had very soon
become much rougher and it even got to the point of killing one another off for greater control of it. As
the wealth and the power of various groups and clans that had collected a super-abundance of furs became
immense, then great envy and control over trapping animals and an all too entirely brutal, fierce and vicious
competition had developed primarily at this time between these very same native clans and groups of clans.
Stalking, bushwhacking, killing and robbing someone of their furs was happening on an everyday basis.
This surge for control was at first over the fur trade and later over the control of the fishing industry
& for control over mining, for iron ore, raw timberland, sawmills as well as for the
farmland and the procuring of other resources such as copper, lead, farmland
and for the lumber to build new homes and workshops.

With the arrival of Europeans came the metal traps, muskets, machines and the technology that made the fur
trade become even more of an indispensable means of subsistence for natives so much so that it was
becoming virtually necessary for family survival and for the survival of the clans and the groups of clans. As
the fur trade became greater, the divisions and envy between clans and rival groups became even greater and
the gruesome competition for control over furs and other resources came even to the point of the decimation
of entire fellow clans of the Anishinaabe by other fellow clans of the Anishinaabe.

During the 1500s and 1600s, out of the cruel and merciless ancestral competition for resources among
natives, separate tribal groups very soon sprang into being, bringing about the separate tribal identities such
as the Omaeqnominiwuk (Menominee), Otchipwe (Ojibway, Chippewa), Odawa (Ottawa), Bodéwadmi
(Potawatomi) and the Sauk & Fox (the Anishinaabe ancestors of the Sauk & the Outagamie, the Mesquaki).

This mutual decimation among Anishinaabe clans and groups of clans was not unlike the decimation of the
Huron during the 1500s over land and women by their fellow Haudenosaune who later became called the
Six Nations of the Iroquois. Such decimation was also not unlike a more recent comparison in the American
frontier especially during the last half century of the 1800s in the Old West which involved the massacres of
American Indians by the United States Cavalry and various territorial militias either for their gold resources
or even suspected gold resources underneath the land upon which they had dwelled in their Indian villages.

The Anishinaabe ancestors who inhabited Mackinac Island for thousands of years ancestrally referred
to themselves as Omaeqnominiwuk which meant wild rice people. This was more of a loosely used term by
the Anishinaabe for the Algonquin who lived on wild rice as one of the main staples of the diets. It also
included a great portion of ancestors from various regions of origin such as the: Ojibway, Ottawa, Cree,
Kickapoo, Sauk & Fox and Potawatomi ancestors. Wild rice is the translation from the Anishinaabe term

During the 1600s, one of the scouts, of the early French explorers, voyageurs, and coureur des bois, had
described the wild rice plant that grew on rivers and in lakes as being like “oats”. However, when the wild
rice was brought to them, it took some time for these early French pioneers to get used to eating it, so they
described it as “foolish oats”. Hence, they gave it the name folles avoine and very soon these French
pioneers had associated this name with the ancestors and descendants of the full blood and the mixed blood
native inhabitants of Mackinac Island whom they referred to as Les Folles Avoine (“the wild oats people”).

When expressing the concept “Algonquin” the term “Anishinaabe” (the “first people”) has roughly the same
meaning as the term “Mamaceqtawuk” which was the term that was used on Mackinac Island: however, the
literal meaning of the root expression “Mamaceqtawuk” was slightly different “Kyaec Mamaceqtawuk”
which means “the Ancient Ones”. During the time period of the 1600s, the closest to the modern term
“Menominees” was “Malhomines”, which was coined by Pierre Esprit Radisson (1636-1710) and was
derived from the Mamaceqtawuk term (same as Anishinaabe or Algonquin) manomin for wild rice.
“Maroumines” was also another European way of saying the Anishinaabe term: “Omaeqnominiwuk” for the
“wild rice people”. Ancestrally referred to as Mamaceqtawuk, the term Anishinaabe refers to the Algonquin.
However, the name that became widely used by the early French explorers to refer to the island’s inhabitants
was “Les Folles Avoine”. During the mid-1600s, these Algonquin natives were seasonally encroached upon
in the region surrounding Mackinac Island by the ancestral hunters of the Haudenosaune (Iroquois).
However, because of Mackinac Island’s somewhat inaccessible location and because of this encroachment
by the Haudenosaune and later on also by European immigrants, it became very soon that these Mamaceqtaw
ancestors slowly began migrating toward Bay de Noc and Noc Baye near Escanaba in what is now Upper
Michigan just north of Wisconsin.

According to Father Frederick Baraga who wrote in the book “A Dictionary of the Otchipwe Language”
(1878) the name “Michilimackinac” comes from the word “mishinii-makinaang”, (“at the place of many
snapping turtles”) which was used by our Anishinaabe ancestors. The island, which is only 3.8 square miles
in area, eventually became referred to as Mackinac Island by *.

Previous to the 1600s, when our Ojibway ancestors and relatives would sometimes pass by the island in large
canoes while paddling across the juxtaposed Lake Huron or Lake Michigan, they began describing our
Menominee ancestors who inhabited Mackinac Island with the term “Mishinimakinago” which seemed to
them as some strange Indians residing on the island:

“who are rowing through the woods, and who are sometimes heard shooting, but never seen.”
~ Father Frederick Baraga (history).

Blue, The Enchanted Wood. Photograph by Amber Zoe.

Similar to a creek on roughly the 4 square mi. in area and the 8 mile in circumference Mackinac Island.
Following his lifetime, Pierre Leduc dit Souligny, properly written as Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny* (1699-
1764) through his marriage to Françoise Massé*, this husband and wife partnership had left a legacy of
becoming progenitors of a lineage of chiefs which was passed down through the powerful Anishinaabe
ancestral Ottawa matriarch Françoise Massé to their son Chawanon Souligny (Pierre fils) who was born on
Mar 30 of 1732 (the 1721 date of birth is incorrect*) and lived until 1821. It is documented that Pierre and
Françoise were wed together in a Christian wedding in 1731. Subsequently, however, Françoise died in 1733.

After Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny’s death in 1764, as a rightful heir to his estate on Mackinac Island, the
French recognized his son Pierre Jr (Chawanon) as an executor of the estate. This Pierre Souligny
(Chawanon), who was 7/8ths French and was 1/8th ancestral Odawa, (Ottawa) had become recognized as the
TsheKatchekemau by Menominee ancestors and was previously known by France as the “Grand Chef des
Folles Avoine” and by The Kingdom of Great Britain in 1778 as the “Grand Chief of the Folles Avoines”.
The inhabitants of Mackinac Island whom the British knew as “The Folles Avoines” then began to look to
Chawanon for leadership primarily at Bay de Noc and Noc Baye near Escanaba in what is now in Upper
Michigan in the US. This is where Chawanon’s father Pierre’s trading posts were located quite likely in the
1740s. Pierre’s son Chawanon was considered by these Anishinaabe as the chief of a buffalo clan village
located near the settlements at Escanaba and the nearby Noc Baye. Escanaba was 55 miles north of the Bear
Village at Minikani which today is near the City of Marinette-Menominee at the lower part of Upper
Michigan and the northeastern Wisconsin border.

Chawanon’s son Akwinemi the IST was born in about the year 1770. Not much is known about him other than
that he evidently lived a somewhat obscure life and that he was the father of Chief Oshkosh. About 57 years
later, the son of Akwinemi the IST whose name was Chief Oshkosh (~1795-1858) would become appointed by
the United States government as the head chief of the “Menominee Tribe of Indians” by the year of 1827.
Photograph by Jeanie Mertens from * USA.
Because of the westward expansion of European culture, these newly created tribes among the Anishinaabe
and other Native Americans were gradually being pressured more and more into living in separate locations
by European immigrants, settlers and, in addition to this, also by newly encroaching native ancestors. The
result was that eventually each of the numerous clans and villages of regional Anishinaabe (Algonquin)
peoples, historically speaking, have only recently banded together into what are now known as distinct
“Indian tribes” as “Indian bands” or as “Indian nations” of Native Americans since the early 1800s.

As stated earlier, ancestrally all of the Anishinaabe peoples, clans and villages who subsisted on wild rice had
freely referred to themselves as Omaeqnominiwuk. However, they had also described themselves by other
various expressions such as by the term that was used on Mackinac Island as Kiash Machitiwuk (from Kyaec
Mamaceqtawuk “The Ancient Men”).

This term implied to their being members of the Anishinaabe (Algonquin) confederation of natives which
was bound together by various dialects of the same language as well as a bloodline and a political affiliation.
This included all of the various peoples who have descended from wild rice gatherers such as the Ojibway,
Ottawa, Potawatomi, Kickapoo, and the Sauk & Fox.

Map entitled American Indian Map by www.history-map.com

The landholdings of the Algonquin confederation extended across a vast region of North America from the
east coast to as far north as what is now Newfoundland, Quebec and Ontario in Canada and to as far
southwest to what is now Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado and even included numerous far off
Anishinaabe among whom were the ancestors of the Cheyenne and the Arapaho tribes in North America.

The common binding force of the Algonquin confederation (the largest area on the above map in a medium
shade of brown) was its dialects of the same language, similar customs, a similar clan system and an annual
gathering of the Midewin Society at Mackinac Island. The chiefs of the four doors governed as is conceived
by anthropologists the loosely held alliance within the various Algonquin peoples spread all throughout the
entire confederation across North America.

Following the 1600s when these Algonquin ancestors started gradually migrating away from Mackinac
Island, by the mid-1700s, Chawanon situated his village near
* in what is now Upper Michigan. This was 55 miles north of the
Bear Village at Minikani which today is the modern City of Marinette-Menominee at the lower part of Upper
Michigan and the northeastern Wisconsin border.
In what became Wisconsin 200 years later in the late 1600s, the HoChunk ancestors (Hočągara) who later
became known by the settlers as Winnebago are pictured above in a medicine lodge. The ancestors of the
Sauk & Fox and the HoChunk people resided in villages side by side in this pre-Wisconsin region and they
began dying off because of warfare and the myriads of incoming ravenous epidemics. Besides conflicts with
immigrants, inter-tribal warfare with the tribes started forming and moving west because of the westward
expansion of European culture and the influx of new diseases, simply by contact. These were only two of the
major reasons why the native population decreased so drastically during the centuries following 1500.
Later on in the late 1600s/early 1700s the Anishinaabe ancestors at Mackinac gradually began migrating
more and more toward the Bear village at Minikani, near what is now Marinette-Menominee on the
Wisconsin and Michigan border. Thousands and thousands of Anishinaabe ancestors are buried at the nearby
ancestral graveyard located there. The inhabitants of Mackinac Island were some of the only Algonquin
ancestors who referred to Algonquin as the “Anishinaabewok” however, they mainly preferred to refer to
themselves as the “Mamaceqtawuk” and later on the expression became a bit slurred over and expressed as
Kiash Matchitiwuk (from Kaeyac Mamaceqtawuk meaning the “Ancient Ones”).

The more northerly Ojibway ancestors referred to Algonquins as the “Anishinaabeg” (= Nishinabek =
“Anishinaabe” = “the first people”) and used this expression over the term that was used by the natives of
farther south of what is now the country of Canada in that region of North America. The Algonquin language
and culture was widespread all throughout North America. Cree ancestors for 50 miles north of Mackinac
Island into what is now Sault Sainte Marie in Canada and even for hundreds of miles farther beyond, referred
to Algonquins as “nēhiyawok” or as “Wakashunaape”.
Introducing some historical background on some Anishinaabe natives in Wisconsin.

The French explorer, Jean Nicolet de Belbourne (1598-1642) first arrived in what is now Green Bay,
Wisconsin in 1634 on the shores of the Red Banks at “la baie des puants” (a “puant” is displayed in the
above photo) “bay of the stinking cabbage” which today is six miles east of the City of Green Bay. “La baie
verte” was so named “the green bay” by (See image*) (1567-1635) the Governor of
La Nouvelle France, which included what would become Wisconsin 200 years later. After Jean Nicolet de
Belbourne (oftentimes simply referred to as Jean Nicolet) the next generation of French explorers to arrive
in the region were the French fur traders who would become known as the “sultans of the wilderness”.

Rupert’s Land was officially owned by the Hudson Bay Fur Company (1670 to 1870).
Rupert’s Land was a territory that included what later became the Canadian provinces of: Ontario, Quebec,
Manitoba, parts of Saskatchewan, Alberta, Nunavut Territory 200 years later. Radisson extended his fur trade
to some of his collaborators: the ancestors of the Ojibway and to the ancestors of the Lakota. Being located
in the Hudson Bay drainage basin, Rupert’s Land encompassed over a third of the territories of what, after
the 1783 Treaty of Paris, was still considered part of The Kingdom of Great Britain in North America.

Pierre Esprit Radisson (lived from 1636 to 1710) is my 9th and is my grandson Vogun’s 11th great
grandfather who, along with his fellow fur trader Médard des Groseilliers, had set up the Hudson Bay Fur
Company in 1670. When Radisson and Groseilliers, who was Pierre’s brother-in-law, had set up the Hudson
Bay Fur Company, the British government considered Rupert’s Land as a large part of the territories of the
British Empire in mainland North America during that day and age. (See definition of British Empire).

Accompanied by his fellow trader and brother in law, Groseilliers and with no one to oppose them, Radisson
and Groseilliers were considered to be the “sultans of the wilderness” by the early explorers and pioneers
( sing Highwayman* music video) and they were welcomed by the natives and were
highly esteemed as well. “We were Caesars, there being no one to contradict us.” ~ Pierre Esprit Radisson.

A rather * would sometimes occur. France (on

left above) considered Rupert’s Land as part of its domain. England (on right above) and the Kingdom of
Great Britain, considered Rupert’s Land as part of its domain. However, Rupert’s Land was officially
“owned” by the Hudson Bay Fur Company for two centuries. Native Americans never thought of land as a
commodity that could be bought and sold. No one could own the air, a river, a mountain or the sky and no
one could own the Mother Earth. Yet there would be many disputes with natives if the land that immigrants
had settled upon was within ancestral hunting lands or upon the burial grounds of their fore parents.
From their home base in Rupert’s Land, Pierre Esprit Radisson and his company extended their ventures into
the region where Anishinaabe ancestors were located on Mackinac Island and they had even reached what
are now known as Noc Bay near Escanaba, Michigan and the Cities of Marinette/Menominee* on the border
of the States of * in the United States.

Pierre Esprit Radisson (1636-1710) was called a coureur des bois, a “runner of the woods” who collected the
furs from the native and immigrant frontier trappers and he was also what is called a voyageur, a “traveler”
who transported the furs to their destinations in the cities, forts and ports. In the year of 1681, Radisson and
his brother-in-law, Médard des Groseilliers, had controlled the fur trade with their cartel the Hudson Bay Fur
Company in Rupert’s Land and it encompassed the entire region surrounding the Hudson Bay.
Together Radisson and Groseilliers organized a fur trade cartel called the Hudson Bay Fur Company in 1681.
In the 1600s and early 1700s, the fur trade was of primary interest to the French as furs were in an extremely
high demand in the European market. So right from the start with the French, as well as later on with other
European immigrants and settlers, trading and trapping animals for their furs as well as for food was a major
means of subsistence for these native ancestors. Trapping animals for furs had very soon become an even
indispensable means of subsistence ever since the first Europeans arrived in what was then becoming known
as the territorial frontier of “Canada”, which came from a Mohawk term “kanata” for “the settlement”.

Evidently, while having been completely aware of the lucrativeness of the trade, the early pioneers and
European immigrants of the regional villages and settlements commissioned blacksmiths to design metal
traps for the acquiring of the pelts from various animals in the forest wilds of the Great Lakes region. Almost
immediately, even more so, the fur trade started becoming an indispensable means of subsistence for natives.
However, the very effectiveness of using metal traps had created a super-abundance of furs and almost from
the start, this fomented divisions and envy between native clans when the early European pioneers vied for
whom they would carry on trade for control initially of the fur trade and later on for the procurement of other
resources such as copper, lead, farmland and for the lumber to build new homes and workshops.

The arrival of Pierre-Esprit Radisson in an Indian camp in 1660.

From a drawing by the artist Charles William Jefferys.

Because of an overwhelming demand for furs in Europe to make fur coats, top hats, gloves, wallets, purses,
and boots and so on, back in those days in the late 1600s and the entire century of the 1700s, furs were
somewhat like being worth their weight in gold and were highly valued items to be bargained with or traded.
Clans and groups of clans that controlled the fur trade, could obtain great power and wealth in the obtainment
of much needed trade items that only explorers could supply such as iron implements, eating utensils, tools
and for the caliber of *.
Sometime after the * in the 9th century, * in the
th th
13 century and was first spread to Europe by the 14 century following along the old silk routes of Marco
Polo. See: the history of guns as told through pictures* and the history of the firearm*.

*. *.

The type of * worn by Jean Nicolet when he fired two muskets into the air at *.

During the late 1600s, the French explorers Duluth, La Salle and Radisson ventured into the Great Lakes
region to trade for beaver, otter, mink, muskrat, deer, and bear furs and hides. Louis Jolliet and the Jesuit,
Jacques Marquette explored the pre-Wisconsin region in 1673 following along the Fox and Wisconsin River
Waterway en route to the Mississippi. “TsheKatchekemau” is the variously-spelled Anishinaabe referral to
the head chief of whom the French had called Les Folles Avoine which means the same as the Anishinaabe
word “Omaeqnominiwuk”. A newspaper article resulting from the research by William R. Hunt: “Le Roy, De
Carrie and Carron Families” in the Appleton Post Crescent on May 26, 1998; "Family History Project" Page
6, sheds some light upon the fact that the “Shawano” mentioned in the article, was the one who was known as
Chawanon, and was referred to in Hunt’s research project as the son of Old Claude Caron and Waupesesiu.
One step further in the research indicates that Chawanon (Pierre* Jr.) was actually a brother of Waupesesiu
and they were both the children of Pierre Leduc dit Souligny (Soulinier lived from 1699 to 1764) and the
mixed blood Métis woman named Françoise Massé who was 1/4th ancestral Ottawa and 3/4ths French.
Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny Jr. was named Chawanon because of his 1/8th Odawa (Ottawa) ancestry. With
Chawanon having been the great grandson of the powerful Anishinaabe matriarch named Marie
Mitéouamegoukoué of the ancestral Ottawa, he was regarded with a certain high degree of status and
prestige among Anishinaabe ancestors of Mackinac Island and of the surrounding region. Menominee
ancestors were called “the Folles Avoines” by the Kingdom of Great Britain ever since about the late
1740s. The French pioneers and explorers referred to these ancestors as Les Folles Avoine for
wild rice people. In 1778, Chawanon then became recognized as the head chief of
“the “Folles Avoines” by The Kingdom of Great Britain.
With his also having been the son of Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny* who was a highly influential fur trader
in the region, Chawanon (Pierre fils*) had soon become regarded as the “TsheKatchekemau” (head
chief) by the descendants of Les Folles Avoine. Chawanon’s sister, Waupesesiu (Little Wild Potato) who
was also Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny’s offspring, had married Claude Caron whose father had also born the
same name as he.
Claude was nicknamed Glode and his mother is often proclaimed by people who claim to know, that she
was an Abenaki woman. However, Glode’s mother is listed as Elisabeth Perthius* and she was born on
Feb 7, 1676/77 at Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Île de Montréal in Quebec, Canada. She was purely of French
descent. Claude (Glode) had the same name as his father, Claude Caron* who was also purely of French
ancestry and he was born on August 1st of 1672 at La Prairie, Montreal* in the Province of Quebec,
Later on Chawanon’s sister Waupesesiu, bore a son named Thomas Carron. Thus Chawanon was an
uncle to who was destined to become better known in Wisconsin history as Chief Tomah and in
Menominee history as Chief Tomau. He was born in about 1752. Chawanon was the father of a son
named Akwinemi who was the father of Chief Oshkosh. The family name “Oshkosh” began with Chief
Oshkosh and it was then passed down as a family surname. Chawanon was also begat the lineage of the
Shawano family which also became passed down as a surname. During the late 1700s, he resided in a
village encampment that was gradually branching off from Noc Baye toward Minikani (Marinette-
Menominee on the Michigan/Wisconsin border). Just before the 1800s, at about the turn of the 19th
century Chawanon moved his buffalo clan village from Noc Baye in Escanaba to the west bank of the
Fox River in Le Baye (Green Bay).
This bay was ancestrally referred to as Pucwihkit by the Anishinaabe who lived in the region that later
became known as Wisconsin. This was 55 miles farther south from Minikani, while with other
Anishinaabe (Mamaceqtawuk) relatives, the great Sauk and the Outagamie (Fox) ancestors, then resided
nearby about fifteen miles east of Green Bay at what is now Bay Shore County Park in Wisconsin. The
right-nearby Sauk and Fox earth fort on Page 127 is just three miles farther east along the shoreline of the
bay and it was also historically considered part of the “Red Banks” where Jean Nicolet de Belbourne first
landed at a HoChunk village that was located there in 1634.

Sometime after 1720, the governor of La Nouvelle-France, Philippe de Rigaud, Marquis de Vaudreuil (in the
above portrait) who lived from around ~1643 to October 10th of 1725, appointed Chawanon’s father, the early
French pioneer, Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny*, as the head man over the native fur trade on Mackinac Island.
Anishinaabe natives performed the acquisition of furs by trapping various animals and bringing their pelts to
the trading post that was located right there on Mackinac Island.

These Anishinaabe natives had also supplied many of the pelts that the voyageurs on the rivers of the
mainland had acquired from trappers which they carried across the channel straights to the island. Then these
animal furs were brought to the cities such as Sault Sainte Marie, Quebec and Montreal and elsewhere in the
surrounding vicinity of the Great Lakes region.

Pierre Leduc dit Souligny*, (or Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny*) was well-accepted by the French settlers and by
the Métis as well, however, because of his oftentimes ill-humored temperament which resulted from his brutal
training as a French legionnaire, at first, he was sometimes regretfully received by the Anishinaabe natives
who inhabited Mackinac Island. His brand of justice was brutal, ruthless, cruel, swift and firm. It was such
that, even though he had the complete support of the French army and eventually the undivided support of the
island’s inhabitants, one might think of Pierre Leduc dit Souligny as a kind of French pirate who had finally
found his island. Regardless, very soon he became well-received by the Mishinimakinago.
From just a matter of trapping animals and bringing them into the trading post in exchange for goods, Pierre
started turning the collection of furs into a tanning enterprise that employed European immigrants, the mixed
blood Métis and the island native portion of the enterprise that at first was primarily based upon his
employment of the island’s native inhabitants. The German immigrant John Jacob Astor later officially
formed the enterprise into a major tanning industry along with a trading post and he founded a factory there
on the island that was centrally and ideally located in the fur trade region of the Great Lakes.

The French pioneers and settlers referred to the Métis and full blood natives as Les Folles Avoines who
worked for the enterprise and lived on the island. Inevitably, “Soulinier”, as the French called him, was
recognized by Métis ancestors and by the French as the leader of the regional native fur trade.

In 1731 because of his marriage to the powerful Ottawa matriarch, Françoise Massé who was regarded as a
primary heir of the powerful ancestral matriarch, Marie Mitéouamegoukoué (1631-1699), it was sometime
soon after his having been commissioned by Philippe de Rigaud, Marquis de Vaudreuil that
Pierre Leduc dit Souligny had become the recognized head of the fur trade that was centrally located there on
Mackinac Island. At first, this fur trade business that was pivotally located on the island, had mainly involved
Les Folles Avoines and the full blood Anisinaabe natives who were employed as trappers & tanners.

After the fur trading enterprise continued growth in the late 1600s, it entailed more of the newly arriving
immigrants who resided on the approximately 3.8 square-mile in area Mackinac Island. For centuries prior,
Anishinaabe natives would pass by in giant canoes on one of the adjacent Great Lakes: such as on Lake Huron
to the east of Mackinac Island or on Lake Michigan which is to the west of it. The more northerly Ojibway
ancestors of the Anishinaabe called the island natives “Mishinimakinago”. The furs that were being collected
on the island when the settlers arrived were being acquired by many of the island’s native inhabitants. After a
factory was set up on the island, the furs were being tanned by newly arriving settlers and by the natives as
well who were eventually appointed to menial jobs working in the factory that was located there.

Mackinac Island, Michigan St. Ignace, Michigan

Lake Huron Lake Michigan

View from an aerial perspective, overlooking Mackinac Island from the northeast to southwest. To the right
side in the above photograph, Lake Michigan is to the west and to the left side in the above photo, Lake
Huron is to the east. Mackinac Island is the second largest island just 4.7 miles east of the tip of the peninsula
that points to the left where * is located just to the right of the middle of the photo.

Lower Michigan is to the top of the picture and the Sault Sainte Marie State Forest in Upper Michigan can be
viewed all along the very bottom of the above picture. Moving toward the right in the right in the above
photograph, it is just 4.7 miles from Mackinac Island to St. Ignace in Upper Michigan* and well beyond the
lower right hand corner of the photograph, it is just 45.3 miles *.

Before the 1500s and the coming of the Europeans this was toward the ancestral location of the tribe that
later became known as the Cree which was hundreds of miles beyond the lower right hand corner of the
above photograph in the upper portion of it all along the south shores of Hudson Bay in what is now the
Province of Ontario, Canada.

The Cree (Western, Central and Eastern) were ancestrally located along the south shores of the Hudson Bay.
Mackinac Island resembled a turtle, so the Anishinaabeg simply called it “Mitchimakinak” which means “big
turtle”. “Mitche” means “big” and “maehkaenah” now pronounced “mikana” by Menominees is spelled and
pronounced differently in the term “mackinac” as “makina” and it refers to a turtle. The term for the island
became the expression “mishinii-makinaang”. The painting that is on the following page below is of Fort
Michilimackinac (from the Ojibway expession “Mishinimakinago” which seemed to them as some strange
Indians residing on the island: “who are rowing through the woods, and who are sometimes heard shooting,
but never seen.” ~ Father Frederick Baraga (history). The fort was built around 1715 by the French on the
northern tip of the mitten-shaped lower peninsula of present day Lower Michigan which is about seven miles
across the straights from Mackinac Island.

Eventually, in what the settlers referred to as “Canada” ever since the French explorers first arrived in the
1600s, following the end of the French and Indian War (1754 to 1763) in the year of 1763, France
relinquished the Straights of Michilimackinac and the surrounding Round Island and Washington Island to
The Kingdom of Great Britain along with the territory en La Nouvelle France (New France).
Between the Great Lakes of Huron and Michigan at the Straits of Mackinac the term for “Fort
Michilimackinac” in what is now called the State of Michigan refers to the three historic military posts that
were located in the region. Along the south shore of the straights on the mainland at what is now Mackinaw
City in Lower Michigan, early French explorers arrived by 1634 and established a Jesuit mission that was
guarded by the French army in 1671. Nine miles across the Straights of Mackinac along the northern shore,
the French army constructed a fort at St. Ignace in 1690 in what is now Upper Michigan.

A new stockade was constructed at the top of Lower Michigan on the south shore at Mackinaw City in what
is now Michigan in 1715 and the French held onto it until the old wooden French fort was eventually
captured by the British army in 1761 during the Seven Years' War. Fort Michilimackinac was captured by
Anishinaabe rebels during the Pontiac's Uprising in 1763 until the British army re-captured it one year later.

In accordance with the , the Anishinaabe were ordered by the various European armies
that were occupying land in North America to surrender the island back to the British army. However, during
the year of 1763, the Kingdom of Great Britain considered Fort Michilimackinac as the sole property of its
own imperial empire yet it had very soon discovered that it was not secure enough to be defended.
Henceforth, in 1780 The Kingdom of Great Britain relocated the fort by moving it to a more secure location
on the southern shore of Mackinac Island right above and all along the 150-foot limestone bluffs located just
above the narrow straights and just south of the island and north of the present day *.

The terms of this 1783 Treaty of Paris (pictured above in the famous yet unfinished painting) ascribed the
British to surrender the new limestone fort on Mackinac Island to the US. During the American Revolution
two years earlier in 1781, the British constructed the large limestone bastion of defense 8 miles away in the
more secure location on Mackinac Island. After the October, 1781 surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown two
years later the terms of the 1783 Treaty of Paris designated the British to surrender it to the Americans,
however, a tenacious and adamant King George III ordered his military not to turn it over to the US.

This led to the British to reluctantly surrender it to the United States until finally well after the 1796 Treaty
of Paris was signed. By the year of 1800 Mackinac Island became designated as part of Indiana territory in
the United States and by 1809 it became designated as being in Illinois territory. By the time period that
, its possession became a matter of dispute until 1815 when
the war concluded and by 1818 it had finally become designated as being in Michigan territory (See link).

By the late 1600s, the continual expansion of European settlements on the North American continent brought
an endless encroachment of European immigrants upon the ancestral Anishinaabe homeland of Les Folles
Avoines (ancestral Menominee, Omaeqnominiwuk). At the same time Les Folles Avoines were being
encroached upon by the Haudenosaune (Iroquois) who were moving westward for better hunting grounds
because of the westward movement by European immigrants and because of what had become a continually
major depletion of the amount of the wild game in what is now the State of New York.

The early American colonialist who became somewhat of a myth, Paul Revere had possibly not yelled out
“The British are coming!” on his eventful ride from Lexington to Concord, Massachusetts in April of 1775
because the term “British” was not in wide usage yet during that time period in American history. It may
come as somewhat of a surprise that it seems that even among the English and the Irish people, that the term
“British” wasn’t really widely used yet until well after the Second World War during the Baby Boom
generation in the late 1940s in the United States. Yet, however, the term was used to a certain degree even
since 1707 when the Kingdom of Great Britain was formed. To further research “the inscrutable British”
Click on these links: The English Army, Timeline of the British Army, and Great Britain. Several decades
before the War of 1812 most of the colonialists of Concord, Massachusetts where Paul Revere has been
documented and well-storied to have ridden through on a horse, considered themselves to be the loyal British
subjects of King George III of what was then called: The Kingdom of Great Britain before the year of 1800.

Concerning the Anishinaabe natives of Mackinac Island, our Algonquin ancestors identified themselves
according to their individual names, their clan, the origin of their clan village and as Mamaceqtawuk (the
people), Anishinaabeg (first human) or ancestrally by the Cree as the nēhiyawok, the “people”
(Kinêhiyâwiwininaw nêhiyawêwin) “the Cree language is our identity”. Prior to the coming of the white man,
Mackinac Island was quite possibly the original location of a major yet somewhat reclusive, Turtle Clan
village and the island was ancestrally known as “Turtle Island”.

Also used by the Cree was an ancestral Cree reference to the Algonquin confederation as Wakashunaape (a
bent beak person), a reference to an eagle totem (a painted & carved-wooden clan emblem) on the totem pole
with a bent beak. To the inhabitants of Mackinac Island, Anishinaabe meant to being of the Mamaceqtawuk
which means the same as Anishinaabeg = Apishinani = Anishinaabe = Anishinani = Wakashunaapek =
Wakashunaape which were all various references from various Anishinaabe dialects for “the people” of the
Algonquin confederation.

When the British occupied Mackinac Island in 1761, they then began calling the island the modern day
“Mackinac” which can be viewed *. Originally, Les Folles
Avoines ancestors inhabited Mackinac Island which is right off the tip of the mitten shaped Lower Michigan.
Our Anishinaabeg (the collective plural for Anishinaabe) ancestors had originally, for hundreds or possibly
even for thousands of years, referred to the inhabitants of the Island of Mackinac as Mishinimakinago, which
was the term French explorers of the early 1600s adopted as an expression when they began referring to the
island as “Michilimackinac”. The Menominee, Ojibway and Cree ancestors were once part of the same
Mamaceqtawuk whom the Cree knew as the nēhiyawok and the Ojibway knew as the Anishinaabe. Prior to
the 1600s and 1700s; these ancestors were gradually being cordoned off into separate locations and there was
no such thing as a “Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin” or a “Cree Nation of Canada” or an Ojibway Tribe.

Anishinaabe: also called Anishinini and Apishinani in some of the various locations of the Algonquin
people just before 1800. The eastern Algonquin tribes of the Wampanowog, what is now located in the
eastern United States, were also fellow blood relatives within the Anishinaabe confederation.

In the fateful year of 1492, when the arrival of the Italian seafarer, Christopher Columbus and his mariners
was first discovered landing upon the shores of the Island of Guanahani (San Salvador in the Bahamas) by
the Taino inhabitants, Columbus thought that he had arrived in India so he began calling the inhabitants:

“los índios” (“os indianos” em Português) “the Indians” of the Taino natives* of the region.

Ever since then, by English-speaking peoples, the aboriginal inhabitants of North and South America had
gradually become referred to as “Indians”. They had arrived upon a phantom group of islands, that
Columbus and his português mariners had begun calling: Arquipélago das Antilhas in Portuguese and later
on the English began calling that chain of islands: the Antilles archipelago. While most Native American
ancestors migrated from China 25,000 years ago*, one theory links Europe with America and even goes
so far as to say that: Stone-age Europeans 'were the first to set foot on North America'*. In time we’ll know.
Prior to the first voyage of Columbus (on right in picture is the island of San Salvador) and his other voyages
and those of other European explorers such as Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, “Indians” were not yet
known as Indians, “Algonquins” were not yet known as Algonquins and “Menominee” and Ojibway and
Potawatomi were not yet known by the names that they have today. It was almost three hundred years later
during the beginning of the 1800s when the separate native tribes of Indians of the North American continent
were merely coming into existence. The terms for each tribe of the Algonquin and the Iroquois as we now
know them today happened from the interaction between native and European nations.

Photograph by Jeanie Mertens


Deriving from the ancestral expression “Omaeqnominiwuk” the Anglicized term “Menominee” would
eventually come into vogue by the year of 1817 which was well over three centuries after the 1492 voyage of
Columbus. Potawatomi ancestors were not yet known as Bodéwadmi (keepers of the fire), Ottawa ancestors
were not yet known as Odawa (traders), Ojibway ancestors were not yet known as Otchipwe (puckered
moccasin), the Sauk were not yet known as the “People of the Outlet” & the Fox ancestors as Mesquaki (Red
Earth) and Cree ancestors were not yet known as Christeno, (the Hudson Bay people) from which expression
the tribe’s name originates.

Surrounding the year of 1800, the Mamaceqtawuk were still yet

Developing into distinct entities called Indian tribes.

Previous to the era of the 1800s, our native ancestors were not yet referred to by the modern American term
"Menominee" which came into vogue from around 1800 to 1817 after the Menominee Treaty of Peace and
Friendship was signed with the United States. The Anishinaabe ancestors that harvested wild rice freely used
the term "Omaeqnominiwuk" to regional natives who subsisted on wild rice as one of the staples of the diets
of the various Algonquin peoples in the region of the Great Lakes.

These are Algonquin ancestors from whom very large portions of Ottawa, Cree, Ojibway, Menominee,
Kickapoo, Potawatomi, Sauk, and the Fox (Meskwaki) people have descended. Regional dialects of
Algonquin natives, the “Mamaceqtawuk” (the “human beings”) had various terms for this concept of the
“first people”. They were known by the term Mamaceqtawuk by the Algonquin natives on Mackinac Island
and by the more northerly Ojibway ancestors who resided in what is now Lower Canada, they were known
by the term “Anishinaabeg”.
Ancestrally, prior to the 1800s, our Anishinaabe ancestors didn’t yet completely identify themselves
according to separate tribes because the various tribes of natives were still coming into existence and were
only starting to become recognized as distinct entities. These newly developing tribes were being localized,
relegated and corralled into what were called “reserves” throughout Canada and as “reservations”
throughout the United States. Our Anishinaabe ancestors and relatives identified individuals according to
their personal name, according to what clan they belonged to and from where their clan had originated. For
example, a man’s name could be Mahwahsay (Wolf) of the Bear clan from Minikani of the Anishinaabe.

American Bureau of Ethnology records shed some light upon the fact that in the late 1500s in what had
become known as North America, early French explorers first arrived to the region east of the St. Lawrence
River and asked the natives on the eastern side of the river about the natives who lived on the western side.
In answer to the explorer, the eastern natives described the western natives as “algomequin” which simply
meant “the people who live on the other side”.

These same French explorers then adopted the term and the English later adopted the same term as
“Algonquin” and it eventually came to mean those natives who spoke a dialect of the Anishinaabe
(Mamaceqtawuk) language which was among many other terms for this concept of the “Algonquin people”
in various regional dialects. Our Ojibway ancestors and relatives historically referred to the Algonquin as
“Anishinaabe”. The term that was used by the inhabitants of Mackinac Island for the same concept was
Kiash Machitiwuk (“Ancient Ones”). This was a bloodline as well as a language and confederation of natives
that was not really so “loosely held together” as is conceived by native elders.

At the longhouse on Mackinac Island is where an annual ceremony was attended by many regional chiefs
and shaman of the Algonquin nations of the Anishinaabeg (today called Anishinaabe).
The natives on Mackinac Island referred to the Grand Medicine Society, as the “Mitawin” whereas Ojibway
ancestors referred to it as the “Midewiwin”. This confederation was bound together by the chiefs of the Four
Doors (in the directions of the Four Winds ~ north, south, east and west), similar customs, by various dialects
of the same language and by the religious rituals and medical practices of the Grand Medicine Society which
met yearly on the island of Mackinac.

Today, the expression is often pronounced by the shortened version “Medewin” literally meaning
“Mitaeh” heart + -win society “the way of the heart”. Eddie Benton Benai (Pictured above), an Ojibway
elder & shaman, affirms that this was a reference to the heart beat of the drum.

Our Cree relatives and ancestors of the Anishinaabe referred to themselves as nēhiyawok (“the people”).
According to the late Joseph Waukechon, another term for the concept of the Algonquin was Wakashunaape
as was spoken by his Cree ancestors. A Menominee-Cree descendant, “Joe Slide” as he was called, was the
descendant chief of the bald eagle clan (kineu) and told me the story of how his ancestor, Chief Waukechon
was “shot by the hired gun” of the Original Chief Oshkosh in 1852.

Another Menominee elder whom I considered to be knowledgeable was named John “Manny” Boyd (1910-
1988); “Napoose” explained to me that ancestrally individuals of the same clan had the right to reside in their
respective clan villages all throughout the Algonquin confederation.

For example, a wolf clan individual was able to reside in any wolf clan village throughout the confederation
because they were actual blood relations, through their father’s clan. Because of this, amongst most
Algonquins, a person was not permitted to marry into his or her father’s clan.

Joe Boyd (Satterlee) was the father of John “Manny” Boyd (Napoose). When Joe grew up in the mid-1800s,
he lived with his mother Mary Keskesheka in Chief Oshkosh’s band which was situated at Lake Poygan near
the present day City of Oshkosh. Joe Boyd was my grand uncle and he was the son of Alfred Boyd (1843 to
1921). Joseph was the half-brother of James Louis Boyd (1874 to 1942).

Ojibway ancestors referred to Menominee* ancestors on the Mackinac Island with the use of an Anishinaabe
term derived from the word manomin* for wild rice. The term “wild rice people” was expressed by the use
of the term “Omaeqnominiwuk”. Among the ancestors of the Ojibway, Menominee, Potawatomi, Ottawa,
Sauk, Fox, Kickapoo and other regional nations, this term was used loosely to refer to the Algonquins who
subsisted on wild rice. Several tribes that descended from among the “first people” the Anishinaabe had
employed the term spiritually as a common bond.

However, the original term the Ojibway ancestors of the Anishinaabe referred to the inhabitants of the
Mackinac Island was Mishinimakinago*. Early French pioneers and explorers referred to the island
inhabitants as Les Folles Avoine (wild rice people) during the early 1600s. A few years under a century by
the late-1600s the original Mishinimakinago had begun migrating away from Michilimackinac*.

Not very long after that by the early 1700s, a migration away from the island led these Anishinaabe westward
toward Bay de Noc in what is now in Upper Michigan*. By the 1750s, Chawanon (Pierre fils) had then
become recognized as the head man over the Métis and of the full blood natives who resided near Bay de
Noc that were engaged in the fur trade business. Pierre Souligny’s son, Chawanon became part of a buffalo
clan village over which he became recognized as the head man that was located at Noc Baye near Escanaba
in Upper Michigan (Google Maps*) where his father * that was located there.

It was about 68 years after the lifetime of the early fur trader Pierre Esprit Radisson when he passed away in
1710 and about 170 miles west of Mackinac Island that Chawanon Souligny (~1721-1821) had finally
become recognized as the head chief of “the Folles Avoines” by the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1778.

Chawanon had a buffalo clan village was located 55 miles due northeast of Minikani. Just before 1800, a
migration away from Escanaba led 55 miles farther south to the “Bear Village” Minikani. It was located
where US Highway 41 is today near the modern-day Cities of Marinette, WI and Menominee, MI are located
today. Several decades ago, these two cities were officially recognized as Marinette-Menominee on the
border of Wisconsin & Upper Michigan.

The British referred to these natives with the Anglicized form of the expression “the Folles Avoines” from
the French expression Les Folles Avoine (the foolish oats people) at Pierre’s village at Noc Baye. The name
Minikani simply means “village” in Anishinaabe. Check out these other *
and for Marinette* and Menominee*.

Sometime around the year of 1800, a new migration led to what had then become known as the Old King’s
Village in 1805 in what was then called Le Baye which soon became called Green Bay in Michigan territory.

The agreement in the above certificate is being presented: To Chawanon Grand Chief of the Folles Avoines
by Frederick Haldimand, Governor of the British Province of Quebec in 1778. This was the official
statement by the British government that recognized Chawanon as being the head chief of these Anishinaabe
descendants of Mackinac Island ancestors who were previously referred to as “Les Folles Avoine” by the
French and then during the British régime they were being referred to as “the Folles Avoines” by the British.

The series of epidemics was arising because of the inadvertent conveying of these epidemics by immigrants
and this started ravaging native populations. In addition to this, all of the warfare over the fur trade in the
1600s left the region relatively sparse and it was being vacated by the great Sauk & Fox, the Kickapoo and
various other Anishinaabe ancestors and other native people such as the HoChunk. This left the northeastern
central pre-Wisconsin region somewhat open for the habitation of the remaining survivors and for new
arrivals to it from other native nations and from European settlers to reside upon the land.

Pierre Souligny’s children: Chawanon (“the south” + n ending = southerner) and his sisters Waupesesiu and
Waupesepin were only some of the Métis along with full blood Anishinaabe ancestors whose home normally
prior to and during the mid-1700s was Mackinac Island.

That was when his village encampment started gradually branching off from Noc Baye toward Minikani
(Marinette-Menominee on the Michigan/Wisconsin border). Sometime in the late 1700s Chawanon moved
his clan village from Noc Baye in Escanaba and later on just before 1800 he moved his village encampment
to the west bank of the Fox River in Le Baye (Green Bay in Michigan territory that later became Wisconsin).

These ancestors had moved to this region while by European immigrants and settlers, they were still being
recognized as Les Folles Avoines (Wild Rice People* = Omaeqnominiwuk in Anishinaabe) during various
migrations sometime between the 1600s up until the 1800s. Chawanon’s last village was at Le Baye and
while experiencing senility, he died at the age of 89 in the year of 1821. It is widely said among Menominees
today that he was 100 years old when he died but based on genealogical research he was actually 89.
About 12 miles northeast of the Old King’s Village to Red Banks and six miles east of what is now Green
Bay is the HoChunk village at the Red Banks is where Jean Nicolet de Belbourne and his French adventurers
first landed in 1634 while they were exploring the Great Lakes and were looking for what they thought was a
new route to (territories throughout various time periods of the Chinese) and the rest of the Orient.

Jean Nicolet, landing at the Bay of Green Bay a mural by Franz Rohrbeck, 1910
At the Red Banks landing, Jean Nicolet de Belbourne, presuming that he had arrived in China, had adorned
himself with a gold-laced clothing material called damask China that was bedecked with flowers and birds of
variegated colors. He appeared before the mystified HoChunk and the nearby Sauk & Fox (3.8 mi. down
shoreline to the earth fort) some of whom had thought that they were encountering a mysterious white spirit
that was descending from an ethereal higher realm or plain of existence. Before these mystified HoChunk
and the Sauk & Fox ancestors, technologically-speaking, he was doing just that very thing.
The HoChunk ancestrally resided centrally at the bay of Green Bay at Red Banks in what is now Wisconsin.
Ancestrally, the HoChunk spoke a completely different language from the Algonquin (Anishinaabe,
Mamaceqtawuk) and called themselves Hočągara (Hochungara) “fish eaters” however, some references state
that this means “people of the big speech” the grandfather people from whom the Lakota (Sioux) people have
descended. The HoChunk were not yet known by the name which the settlers called them “Winnebago”. This
was a name that was derived from the Fox word “Ouinipegouek” meaning “people of the stinking water”.

For roughly about 1500 years the HoChunk have ancestrally resided in what is now Wisconsin. Surprisingly,
these HoChunk ancestors were the main progenitor of the prolific Lakota Nation (Sioux) from whom the
Lakota people have originated. The HoChunk people descended from the mound-building culture that was
ancestrally located in what is now the Louisiana and Mississippi delta region of the southern United States
(Click these links: * cultures). Yet the HoChunk have only somewhat of
a distant awareness of exactly how these native ancestors had descended from a mound-building culture from
the southern delta region along the Mississippi River*.

Jean Nicolet de Belbourne orchestrated his arrival in 1634 and when he got out of a small water craft on the
shoreline, he pulled out two muskets and then fired them off into the air. Some of these HoChunk and
Anishinaabe Sauk and Fox ancestors, thought they were encountering a Thunder being from ancient
Algonquin mythology. It seemed to the HoChunk and Sauk & Fox that a ghost had arrived after having
stepped down from the exotic and ethereal carrack, a large ocean going vessel from Europe that was sitting
farther out into the “green bay” which they had known as “Pucwihkit” a bay on Lake Michigan.

Against the background of the sky above the bay, the sails of the ship on the far off horizon of the “green
bay” which was a bay on Lake Michigan, to the HoChunk and the Sauk & Fox ancestors, the explorers
seemed to come down from the clouds and they seemed to be descending from some kind of higher plane or
a greater realm of existence and technologically-speaking, they were doing just that very thing.

The picture above is a residential beach today at Jean Nicolet de Belbourne’s landing at Red Banks.

Many of these native ancestors thought that the explorers were the Thunder beings of Anishinaabe
mythology and only the more naïve ones had much later found out they were as human as themselves.

Because of these early encounters with the explorers, when these white “Spirit beings” aboard the mysterious
ship stepped down onto the natives’ canoes, these explorers appeared to the dark skinned natives as white as
ghosts. These early HoChunk and Sauk & Fox natives had never seen the results of European technology
before. It seemed to the natives who witnessed the landing that the explorers who accompanied
Jean Nicolet de Belbourne were the Thunder beings of Anishinaabe mythology. However, they would soon
discover that the explorers were as human as themselves.

At first, the natives thought that the muskets they were brandishing were what they conceived of as “thunder
sticks”. Guns were first invented by the Chinese* over 1000 years ago. Surprisingly the invention had only
arrived in Europe during the 1200s, which was well over two centuries later, and during that 13th century
A.D. was when finally the gun technology behind the manufacture of a more advanced weaponry first started
being developed on the European continent.

It was eventually thought among Native American ancestors that the possession of one of these muskets the
natives called “thunder sticks” could instantly make a man into the incarnation of a “Thunder being”. And
through a major fur trade with later explorers, the adolescent braves among the Sauk & Fox ancestors would
eventually acquire the possession of a rather large arsenal of muskets and a large supply of gun powder.

A woven design of the Ottawa (from Odawa = trader) of the head Thunder being from ancient Anishinaabe
mythology. This native notion of Thunder beings is a parallel idea to the Christian notion of archangels. In
this ancestral Odawa (today spelled “Ottawa” which means “traders”) Anishinaabe design above is the great
thunderbird Anamikee which was conceived of as a giant golden spirit eagle. It was conceived by the
Anishinaabe, that lightning bolts could streak forth from a Thunder beings’ eyes and that it could destroy any
person or being instantaneously at any time or in any place.

Ancestrally and most likely for millennia prior, these Thunder beings were thought to require offerings of an
ancestral tobacco mixture such as kinnikinnick, which is a mix of various herbs, and to be thankful to the
Thunder beings for the bringing of the rains and the replenishing of life and to remain calm and unafraid of
it. Before a thunderstorm when Anishinaabe ancestors put tobacco down as an offering to appease the
Thunder beings, then they would remain calm. The bald eagle kineu and smaller birds were servants of these
great Thunder beings that were conceived of as Spirit beings that were like gigantic golden spirit eagles.

Unlike it is today, in ancient times the golden eagle was much larger than the bald eagle and it could grow to
gargantuan sizes. Sometimes it can even grow to immense sizes today such as in the above photograph and
no doubt in ancestral times it could grow to even much larger sizes than in the above photograph.

An Anishinaabe Deerskin war bundle wrapper

portraying a prophetic vision of the events of a great battle in a future.
Before a thunderstorm, Anishinaabe natives would place kinnikinic down on the ground as a form of offering
to the Thunder beings to let the lightning pass by them without hurting any one of their loved ones. It was
said by native elders that part of the ritual was expressing gratitude to the Creator for another day of life.
A correlate of the practice of making a tobacco offering before a storm to modern technology is that when a
person is afraid, the body will tend to give up its positive ions which tends to attract the negatively charged
end of the lightning bolt that comes into contact with the Earth.

If, however, a person remains calm, their body will tend to give up its negative ions into the atmosphere
instead. Since like forces repel one another, a calm person’s body will tend to repel the predominantly
negatively-charged end of the lightning bolt that most oftentimes comes near or that reaches the Earth.

About 12 miles east of the University of Wisconsin Green Bay at Bay Shore Park, there are still remnants
located there at the park of the earth fort that was part of an ancestral village made out of limestone bricks on
the high cliffs above the bay about one hundred feet above the bay of Lake Michigan shoreline.

Above is from pamphlet that is sometimes handed out in regard to Bay Shore Park. In the upper left hand
corner is an X mark that is labeled lime kiln. The ancestral Sauk and Fox Indian lodge of the Kiash
Matchitiwuk was used as a * during the late 1800s to make mortar for laying bricks,
fertilizer for growing greenery, for use in industry and for other purposes.

Made out of limestone bricks, this ancestral stone hut is still partially intact in the side of the cliff and can be
seen there and explored freely even to this day. At Bay Shore Park twelve miles east of Green Bay on
Highway 57 going toward Sturgeon Bay, WI is the remnant of a Sauk & Fox “thousand year old Indian
lodge” which is only four miles east of the HoChunk village at Red Banks where Nicolet landed* in 1634.

This Indian lodge was part of an ancestral village that was located along the bay of Green Bay and it was
occupied by Sauk and Outagamie (Fox) ancestors. Side by side and only 4 miles east of the HoChunk village
at the Red Banks area, the domicile of the Sauk & Fox (Outagamie) ancestors, who resided at what is now
Bay Shore Park, was once historically considered part of the Red Banks along the bay of Puchwihkit. The
early pioneers called it "green bay" which is off the shore of the City of Green Bay in what is now in the
State of Wisconsin in the United States of America.

The Wisconsin Historical Society records display an article entitled “Red Banks Site of Historic Earth Fort
Built by Indians” from the Milwaukee Journal, dated November 2, 1924. The article above (Click on image)
tells that these stone huts were part of Red Banks and the earth fort was occupied by Indian ancestors whose
descendants became the Fox: the Sauk (“people of the outlet”) and the (the Fox,
which means “ ” people) of these original Anishinaabe ancestors.

Four miles east of the Red Banks HoChunk village toward Sturgeon Bay is what is now Bay Shore Park and
is what is now called an earth fort, an ancestral native stone hut village of earth lodges that was constructed
by the use of limestone bricks. The earth fort is historically considered an integral part of the Red Banks.
At the time of Jean Nicolet’s arrival in 1634, these and people were Anishinaabe
(Algonquin) ancestors of the Kiash Machitiwuk with whom Menominee, Potawatomi, Ojibway, Kickapoo
and numerous other Algonquin ancestors were generally one people who also freely referred to themselves as
Omaeqnominiwuk (“wild rice people”). Wild rice was the main staple of their diets along with other
vegetation and wild game.

Pemapomay, Watching Over You, tells his story in the “thousand year old” Sauk and Fox Indian lodge of the
Kiash Machitiwuk. My presence in the photograph shows the relative size of a man in relation to the lodge.
The photo above was taken of only one of the numerous limestone brick huts or earth lodges at the Bay
Shore Park that now lay underneath the forest floor. Listen to the video “ ” by the band.

About twelve miles east of the University of Wisconsin Green Bay at the park there are still remnants located
of the earth fort that was part of an ancestral village made out of these limestone bricks on the high cliffs
above the bay.

With only the remnants of the earth fort lying under the woods, buried under the rock, the rubble and the
under-brush at Bay Shore Park near Green Bay, Wisconsin only the remnants are there of a single hut of the
earth fort village that vaguely resembled a castle-like structure of other numerous stone huts.
The adolescent braves of the Sauk and the Outagamie ancestors who lived there at the earth fort during the
1600s became well-equipped with the iron axes, muskets, other weapons and implements that they had
traded for furs with the early French explorers and pioneers and they made an attempt to seize power
amongst their fellow members of the Kiash Machitiwuk.

These young adolescent boys were some of the ancestors of * virtually the
*. Likely having been very agile, athletic and audacious and while brandishing their
newly acquired “thunder sticks” from the explorers, all at once these adolescent braves thought that they had
become incarnate Thunder beings from Anishinaabe mythology. They then had tried to seize power among
their fellow Anishinaabe at Minikani (the Bear Village, what later became called Marinette-Menominee). In
the ensuing interaction of the battle, they had killed the son of the chief and thirty young braves who were
there at Minikani which was the higly influential grand native village in the region.

It was very likely that their attempt to seize power was finally thwarted when inevitably they had run out of
gunpowder and it became very clear that suddenly they were no longer the Thunder beings that they and,
others’ whom they had convinced, had envisioned themselves to be. So after they were eventually run out of
Minikani, sometime after their attack, these young braves were forced to flee The Bear Village.

Evidently, the great and the wise old Sauk & Fox head chief at Red Banks realized the repercussions of such
an attack by his young men upon the young men of Minikani so then he had fasted for ten days and saw in
his vision exactly what he must do. He knew that his people, the great ancestral Sauk and the Outagamie
would very soon be attacked at the castle-like structures at the Red Banks. Other Algonquin ancestors who
lived at Minikani (Marinette* and Menominee*) were soon joined by innumerable ancestral braves of other
Anishinaabe ancestors of the Ojibway, the Ottawa, the Potawatomi and numerous other ancestral nations.

The humongous number of these gathering braves were joined by braves from other nations and they had
soon assembled and then paddled an entire armada of hundreds of giant canoes traveling the distance of
about 30 miles across the bay from Minikani. When they had arrived at the earth fort they had it completely
surrounded and secured sufficiently yet they were severely exhausted and did not especially relish the idea of
wiping out their fellow Anishinaabe relatives as they had been ordered to do by the chiefs at Minikani.

So then they rested down below the cliffs and slept until the morning arrived. Aware of the impending doom
of his people at Red Banks, the great and the wise old Sauk & Fox head chief then quietly led his relatives
out of the earth fort complex sometime during the still of the cold dark night.

On the ancestral Anishinaabe home front of what later had become called the Menominee tribe by 1817, the
“Old King’s Village” of Chawanon became relocated in about the 1760s from Noc Baye in Escanaba to Matc
Suamico, the Big Sand Bar village, at La Baye (Green Bay) where the Neville Public Museum is today. This
area surrounding what is now the City of Green Bay is just south of the Town of Suamico which was then
called Matc Suamico (the big sand bar) by these Algonquin ancestors.

This “Old King’s Village” on the west bank of the Fox River in Green Bay was eventually called
“Menominee Castle” and it was 253 miles away from the original location of Les Folles Avoines at Mackinac
Island. The main portion of these Algonquin ancestors of the Menominee lived in nearby clan villages such
as Suamico, Duck Creek (“Sepsep Sepiusa”), Ashwaubomay, and also at Michilimackinac and at what is
now Marinette-Menominee (the “Bear Village” at Minikani) and at ancestral villages throughout the pre-
Wisconsin region (Anishinaabe place names and clans in what is now Wisconsin).

The photo below: the site of the “Old King’s Village” which is now part of Green Bay in Wisconsin.

The above picture is of where the site of Chawanon’s Indian village was re-located to from the previous
location at Escanaba sometime before the year of 1800. This migration occurred sometime after the year that
his father Pierre Souligny had died in 1764. It is on the grounds of the Neville Public Museum at the corner
of Dousman St. and Museum Place in Green Bay in Wisconsin.

This native village encampment of migrated from its Escanaba location to what would become known as his
“Old King’s Village” where the grounds of the Neville Museum in Green Bay is today.

Above the shoreline on the far side of the Fox River in the photo, Hagemeister Brewery could be seen in
1830. Chawanon had died in 1821 and he was Chief Oshkosh’s late grandfather. Nine years later in 1830 at
his grandfather’s village, Oshkosh killed Okewa, who was purported to have been a Pawnee Indian.
Oshkosh was soon apprehended by the Michigan territorial authorities and this led to the first major trial in
Green Bay history in which the original Chief Oshkosh faced the possibility of being hanged for murder.

The painting below is entitled Spearing Salmon by Torchlight and is a painting by Paul Kane shown at the
Royal Ontario Museum. By the light of torches & in canoes, Mamaceqtaw (Anishinaabe) Menominee
ancestors are spearfishing on the Wakoh Sepiu (Fox River) during the night. Over two centuries after 1600,
was when the term “Menominee” to identify an Anishinaabe tribe of Indians had come about by the time the
Menominee Treaty of Peace and Friendship was signed with the United States at St. Louis, Missouri in 1817.

After the Original Chief Oshkosh had become appointed in 1827 as the head chief of the Menominee tribe of
Indians by Governor Lewis Cass of what was then Michigan territory, Chief Oshkosh adopted the bear clan
totem, Owasse, as his emblem. In the book Oshkosh the Brave by Phoebe Jewel Nichols (Mrs. Agnes Look
Around), she quoted * who was his son as saying: “My totem is the bear Owasse”.

Reginald’s father the original Chief Oshkosh was recognized as the supreme leader of the Menominee Nation
in the eyes of the United States yet there was internal dissent among the fourteen reconized clan chiefs over
his being recognized as the head chief. A great grandson of the original Chief Oshkosh was named
*. He had once lived and resided at Egg Harbor in Door County in Wisconsin and was
fiercely proud of his being the great grandson of the TsheKatchekemau*, Chief Oshkosh.

Having been a pioneer out on the old frontier amongst the ancestral Odawa and Ojibway natives of the
region and having learned ancestral Ojibway of the Anishinaabe (ancestrally the same as Mamaceqtawak)
language and customs, George Boyd objected to Gov. Lewis Cass’s appointment of Oshkosh as the
Menominee head chief. Chief Oshkosh was known as being able to consume large amounts of the white
man’s fire water and Boyd referred to him as being, to use his exact word, a “scoundrel” for declaring
himself as the bear clan chief.
The Menominee Clans Story.
Menominee Artist James F. Frechette, Jr.

Oshkosh had set it up that clans would continue to be passed down through the father and that a man could
not marry into his father’s clan, however, in about seven decades after Oshkosh became the head chief, the
ancestral Menominee clan structure started toppling into veritable extinction by the year 1900.

Ancestrally the function as head chief was not an inherited position yet with his being the grandson of
Chawanon the TsheKathekemau, in effect, he had inherited his chieftainship from him. Yet it was from an
external source, Lewis Cass of Michigan Territory who appointed him as head chief. Based upon what
numerous Menominee & HoChunk elders and shaman have stated and upon historical reports, Chief Oshkosh
was 1/32nd ancestral Ottawa, ½ HoChunk, 1/4th black and 7/32nds French. Whenever anyone would question
him about his ancestry, Oshkosh would retort back boastfully “I’m the only full blood Menominee left!”

Also, within what had become known as the “Menominee Tribe” in 1817, Ahkinipowa (Tall Earth Stander)
was recognized as the true chief of the bear clan. In 1827, however, Oshkosh, shortly after his appointment as
the Menominee head chief, disenfranchised Ahkinipowa from his being recognized as the chief of the bear
clan, which had become the largest and most powerful Menominee clan. The Bear Clan Village at Minikani
was located in what are now the cities of Marinette* & Menominee* on the Wisconsin/Michigan border.

Passing clans down through the father was unlike the Haudenosaune, “The People of the Longhouse”
(Iroquois) who, in recent centuries at least, have passed down clans through their mother and a member of
the ancestors of the Six Nations could not marry into their mother’s clan. Algonquin ancestors could not
marry into their father’s clan because they were considered blood relatives and actually were even despite the
fact that many members of the same clan were only distant relatives from various lands of the Anishinaabe.

In the red region above, the first Algonquin people, our Anishinaabeg ancestors referred to themselves by
various terms of various dialects such as: Mamaceqtawuk, Wakashunaape, Anishinani, Anishinaabe and
Apishinani. Nonetheless, the ancient expression “Mamaceqtawuk” was the most popular with regional
Algonquin near and within what later had become known as “Michigan Territory” by the year of 1805.

During the last five centuries since the arrival of Columbus in North America, the Haudenosaune developed
into the Six Nations of the Iroquois: the Cayuga, Mohawk, Tuscarora, Seneca, Oneida and the Ononadaga
(the capital) the last location which is now in the State of New York was from where the Tatodaho head chief
of the Haudenosaune was chosen. On the map in the picture above, the confederation of the Haudenosaune
was situated in between the two sections of the red area on the east coast of North America and the central
region of it. It is part of the blue area that is wedged in the middle on the right in the map.

Obwandiyag (Pontiac)
Born about 1720 – Died on April 20, 1769

Through alliance with various Indian tribes, the British were the ultimate victors in the French and Indian
War, which began in 1752 and ended in 1763. This French loss resulted in the Treaty of Paris in 1763 and in
that same year, the royal proclamation of King George III of Great Britain recognizing a separate territory for
native nations, promised to adhere by it.

Great Britain, however, instead of leaving the region as it promised by the Treaty of Paris, increasingly
fortified its stronghold within native territory. The uprising began in May of 1763, when native tribes from
the Great Lakes, Illinois and the Ohio River region were in an uproar over the tyrannical policies practiced
by British General Jeffrey Amherst on behalf of King George III of The Kingdom of Great Britain toward
treating native tribes as conquered nations, especially within the Great Lakes region.

The above picture is a modern day artist’s conception of what a Caron family crest might look like. Whether
the Caron family in France had knights and bore a family crest on their shields is not known. “Vieux” Claude
Caron, known as “Glode” by English-speaking settlers, was born in Montreal in the Province of Quebec.
Vieux means “Old” in French and his actual name was Claude. He was referred to as (Vieux)
“Old Claude Caron” or simply by the name of “Glode”. Glode was born in 1696 and he died in 1782.

In historical records, the father of “Vieux” (Old) Claude Caron was also named Claude Caron who had lived
from 1672 to about 1710 and was a descendant of Jean Nicolet de Belbourne (purported by the Canadian
genealogist Pierre Lagacé). Claude’s son was also named Claude who was the one nicknamed “Glode” and
was listed as “Vieux” (Old) Claude Caron. Glode’s mother’s name is listed as Elizabeth Perthuis
(Elisabeth Perthuis*) who along with his father, Claude Caron, both of Glode’s parents had only French
backgrounds and ancestries.

At the age of 86, “Vieux” Claude Caron died on the two-mile canoe portage between the Wisconsin and Fox
Rivers on November 3rd of 1782 near what is today’s Town of Portage in Columbia County in Wisconsin.
Click on *. Claude Caron had accomplished much prestige among the Anishinaabeg because of
his charisma and because of his marriage to Waupesesiu, who was a daughter of a powerful
Métis* (French/Ottawa) matriarch named Françoise Massé.

By Claude’s refusal to partake in Pontiac’s Rebellion in 1763, this “Glode” Caron, as he had become called
primarily by the pioneers of English ancestry, kept many Anishinaabe ancestors out of Pontiac’s Uprising.
This rebellion was being stirred up among the Anishinaabe against the army and the settlers of what was then
called: The Kingdom of Great Britain and it was on the frontier during that era of contact between European
immigrants and settlers it was being aimed primarily at immigrants of English descent.

A painting by Marlene Vachon.
A small town located on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River east of Quebec City.
Glode originated from land that is what is now in Canada east of Montreal in the Province of Quebec and
farther south in what is now New England where Abenaki land is located. Historically, Glode had been
purported by many Anishinaabe to have been the son of a Frenchman and an Abenaki woman and many
Menominee elders have said that Glode was half Abenaki and half French.

However, the records do not indicate that this was actually the case. Modern-day Abenaki elders will state
that Claude Caron was well-known in the region of ancestral Abenaki homeland by their tribe and that in fact
“he was a white man” and that actually he was of pure French ancestry and had only a French background.

Abenaki Indians are one of the five tribes of the Wabanaki Confederation:
Mi'kmaq, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy, Abenaki and Penobscot.

Claude Caron otherwise known as Glode had historically been purported by Menominees to have been half
Abenaki and half French, and verbatim, almost like a broken record, surprisingly as if rehearsed, many
Menominee elders would always repeat the very same words: “I don’t know but I think that he was half
Abenaki and half French.” However, the historical records do not reflect this at all and upon a careful review
of his ancestry, it reveals that he had only French ancestors and that in truth he was a full blood Frenchman.

Glode spoke at Pontiac's war council before the rebellion in 1763.

Actor Jean-Claude Caron.

“Vieux” Claude Caron may have looked like this modern day descendant of the Caron lineage. The actor
pictured above is quite possibly a descendant of Vital Caron who was a brother of the father of Glode:
Claude Caron. The two brothers Vital and Claude Caron were early French pioneers in the region of Quebec.

In the year of 1763, Waupesesiu’s husband, “Vieux” Claude (Glode) Caron strove to protect the settlers from
the master plan of the Ottawa ancestor of the Kaquatosh family of Menominee progenitors. Pontiac (born
~1720 died 1769) and the ancestral Ottawa chiefs were dissatisfied with the stereotypes of natives as being
branded as savages. On a lighter side, in a caricature of events about 60 years later in American history watch
this episode of F Troop: “ *”. (Sorry *, but even you and I both
can very easily laugh ourselves hysterical at this one.). Watch episode: *.
Watch Ringo Starr*: Photograph* and Paul McCartney* performing: *.

The early French explorers, pioneers and immigrants had readily intermarried with the Anishinaabe.
However, naïve European misconceptions by a few other European nationalities of various origin about
frontier life among new immigrant arrivals had led to lies and misconceptions that were being spread about
the native people. This brought about a rationale for the ruthless exploitation and the extermination, mass
murdering and serial killings of the various members of the villages and clans of the Anishinaabe spread
throughout ancestral Algonquin territory. This influence to a certain extent had even eventually reached the
Menominee ancestors at Mackinac Island, the Mamaceqtawuk (Kaeyac Mamaceqtawk) “The Ancient Ones”.

On April 27th at Pontiac’s famous war council during that year of 1763 on the shores of the Ecorse River
about 10 miles southwest of Detroit an impassioned and eloquent, ancestral Menominee patriarch, “Vieux”
Claude Caron spoke out, refusing to join Pontiac in his uprising against British settlers. Even though
“Glode”, as he was called by English speaking immigrants, was not a hereditary chief, he had begotten a
lineage of chiefs and achieved the prestige and charisma that made him regarded as a chief by the
Anishinaabe inhabitants of Mackinac Island, by the French settlers and by the natives in the region as well.

The above picture is derived from a print of a wooden engraving done by Alfred Bobbet in the 1800s on
Pontiac's War. With Bald Mountain pictured in the background of Pontiac's famous war council, the Ottawa
ancestor Pontiac rouses Anishinaabe (Mamaceqtawuk) chiefs and warriors to rid the region of the British
soldiers & settlers. Claude Caron spoke out and convinced many not to follow fellow Anishinaabe the Odawa
(Ottawa) Chief Pontiac who was trying to recruit warriors to partake in his uprising that year in 1763.

A video Performed by Bruce Springsteen*.
The Edwin Starr performance* (video) of the song written
by Norman Whitfield* “War” on the Motown label (lyrics*).

* by *! *
This was the so-called “Pontiac’s rebellion” that really involved numerous Algonquin chiefs and it was
aimed mainly at what the settlers often called “the English army” which before the year of 1801 since 1707
was recognized by both the British and other nations as the army of:

The Kingdom of Great Britain (1707-1800).

The British designated territories of Ireland, Channel Islands, Mann
& Brunswick-Lüneburg are shown in pale green above.
Union with Ireland by the year of 1801 until 1922 during the time period
when this nation was recognized as: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Speaking either in French or a pan-Algonquin dialect, such as Ojibway or Abenaki, at Pontiac’s war council,
a 70 year old Glode convinced many ancestral Anishinaabe chiefs and warriors at the war council
to refrain from entering the conflict.

Concerning the people of Les Folles Avoines several decades prior to the year that Thomas Carron was
born in about ~ 1752, the French people themselves as well as historians spelled the almost mythical name
“Caron” with one R; however, the anthropologist Walter James Hoffman spelled it as “Carron” with 2 Rs.
“Vieux” (Old) Claude Caron is the “Thomas Carron” that Walter James Hoffman mentioned in his work:
The Menomini Indians (1896). Walter James Hoffman erroneously refers to “Vieux” Claude Caron
(Glode) as “Thomas Carron” however, it was Glode’s son, Thomas, who was the one that was
known as “Tomau” by Menominees and was known by the settlers as Chief Tomah.
The name Tomau is also a family name within the Menominee Nation today.

More accurately describing Tomah, Hoffman was really referring to Claude Caron and not to his son Tomah
(Click on top Page 54) who was only about the age of eleven in 1763 at Pontiac’s war council. Seventy nine
years after his death, Claude Caron (“Glode” the Ist) was mistakenly referred to as the “Thomas Carron” that
anthropologist Walter James Hoffman cited in his Genealogy of Thomas Carron. Three of Claude Caron’s
sons were: Konot (Claude Carron, Glode II, Kenote family), Tomau (Tomah, Thomas Carron, Tomau family)
and Aiamita (Augustin Iometah Carron) which can be viewed on the diagram below. The Kinnipoway,
Tourtillott and Wilber families in the Menominee tribe have descended from Aiamita: spelled as “Iometah”.
Menominees have historically known Thomas Carron as “Chief Tomau” whom the settlers knew as Chief
Tomah. Thomas Carron’s name is erringly listed below at the very top of the diagram and instead the real
Thomas Carron is referred to in item 2 as “Tomau”. Claude Caron was the father of Chief Tomah “Thomas
Carron” whom Menominees knew as “Chief Tomau” whose mother Waupesesiu was the sister of Chawanon
who became the TsheKatchekemau* (Head Chief). Chawanon was Chief Tomau’s uncle.

Click on this link for Hoffman’s Genealogy of Thomas Carron in the above diagram.
“Vieux” (Old) Claude Caron (Glode I) and his wife Waupesesiu had three sons who had all become chiefs of
the Menominee. The first of these Caron chieftains was: Claude, Jr (from whom the Kenote family has
descended) who was called “Konot” and was also known as Glode II (born about 1750 and died in 1804).
Glode II died before his younger brother Chief Tomah was the head spokesman for Les Folles Avoines.

The second son of Claude Caron was: Thomas Carron (Tomah lived from ~ 1752 and died in 1817.),
who oddly but true, as many elders, such as the late Bruce Wilber Sr. had repeatedly stated, and the
anthropologist Walter James Hoffman had documented in the book,
“The Menomini Indians,” on page 56, that Thomas had become recognized as
the progenitor of the prairie chicken clan.

The third son of Claude Caron was: Chief Augustin Iometah Carron who was born about 1767 and died in
1865 and became the chief of the bear clan, which had become the most powerful clan among
some of the mixed blood ancestors of the Menominee people.

Thomas Carron, otherwise known by the Menominee as “Chief Tomau,” was the father of Josette Carron,
who was the father of the sisters: Wabenowabon and Okemawabon, (in the family tree of Chief Keshena).

Chief Tomau’s father Glode I (Claude) had become known as the “Old Chief” and was purely of French
descent. Tomah’s uncle, Chawanon Souligny (Soulinier) was born in 1732 and died in 1821.


Although Menominee ancestors among the Anishinaabe already had a concept of a Creator which
was expressed by the term “Ouisekechuk” (Creator) or by the expression “Mamawakoqnenau”
(Father of us all), it was Christian missionaries that imported a clearer idea about One God.
Natives had many spirits and one might as well say many of our ancestors were polytheistic
yet the Christian missionaries reminded us and reinforced our faith in a Creator God
which we expressed by the term “Kitche Manitou” (Great Spirit).

The American Bureau of Ethnology Ethnological Reports, however, states that the Europeans had
originally imported this concept of a “Great Spirit”. Our Anishinaabe ancestors were being told by Christian
missionaries about a great loving spirit father, a Thunder being, who had become human. This Thunder being
taught many people how to love one another and taught people not to be greedy and to share the wealth.

But many humans did not live by his teachings about love and so then they kept themselves and
one another from listening to him. Then they took him and hung him on a tree. On the third day
after he had died, he rose up from the dead and ascended into heaven. One day he will return to
our World to judge all of mankind, the living and the dead, and his kingdom will have no end.

Through intermarriage with European immigrants, these Anishinaabe ancestors had soon become
Christian and there were many intermarriages between natives and Europeans. The Frenchman,
Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny, Sr.* was born on June 17th of 1699. Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny was first
married to Françoise Souligny (born Massé) on * in a Catholic church in Montreal*.
On March 30th of 1732, their son Chawanon was born and was given the Christian name of Pierre.
Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny Jr. was known as Chawanon* by these mixed blood Anishinaabe ancestors.
Françoise Massé was the mixed blood biological mother of Chawanon, Waupesesiu and Waupesepin.
After the death of their mother, Françoise Souligny (born Massé) in 1733, twenty three years later,
Chawanon’s father, Pierre Leduc Dit Souligny, Sr. married Charlotte Sauvagesse in 1756.
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To get back to our main story, in the year of his father, Pierre Sr.’s death in 1764,
Chawanon (Pierre Souligny Jr.)* had possibly first become recognized as the Head Chief
(TsheKatchekemau*) of Les Folles Avoine (ancestrally called “Omaeqnominiwuk”
meaning “Wild Rice People”) before these Menominee
ancestors among the Anishinaabe were even called “Menominee”.

Chawanon (Pierre Souligny Jr.)* had first officially become recognized by Old King George III
of * as the Menominee head chief (TsheKatchekemau*) of whom
the British were designating as “the Folles Avoines” in 1778.

Whom the French called “Les Folles Avoine” the “Wild Rice People” on Mackinac Island in the 1600s, were
first officially called “Menominee” by the year of 1817 at the Treaty of Peace and Friendship in St. Louis.

Chawanon was the brother of Waupesesiu and Waupesepin and became known as a chief when he was a
participant in an ancestral * somewhere near what is now called
* and what is the home of the Noc Bay Trading Company*.

Chawanon* (Southerner), sometimes referred to as Shawano, had begotten a son named Shawano who was
the progenitor of the Shawano family lineage in the Menominee Nation. Chawanon had also begotten
another son named Akwinemi (the IST) who was the father of Chief Oshkosh,
who had become recognized as the head chief of the Menominee tribe in 1827.

* The City of Oshkosh*

“Minneota” is the name signed on the bottom of this above painting entitled Indian Maiden, Canoe, Bow and
Arrow by Fox. This painting reminds me of what Waupesesiu Souligny, an ancestor from whom virtually
countless if not all Menominees have descended, would look like while experiencing the native Mamaceqtaw
(“human being”) roots of her mixed-blood ancestral Ottawa mother, Françoise Massé and of her full blood
Mamaceqtaw ancestrally Ottawa great grandmother, Marie Mitéouamegoukoué (1631-1699).

Waupesesiu herself was genetically one eighth ancestral Ottawa and seven eighths French. In regard to her
mother’s ancestry, according to an uppermost authority on this topic, this is what the Michigan Habitant
Heritage, Vol. 32, # 4, October 2011 has to say about Waupesesiu’s genealogical ancestry:

“The mother of Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny’s first wife, Françoise Massé, is Marguerite Couc dite Lafleur,
daughter of Pierre Couc dit Lafleur de Cognac and Marie Mitéouamegoukoué, an Algonquin, who married
16 April 1657 in Trois Rivières. Thus, Françoise Massé’s descendants have Native American ancestry, as do
Charlotte’s descendants.”

In a reverse image on the left below of the painting entitled Dreamwalker*, the *, while
reflecting her mixed blood Métis and Ottawa ancestry, is what may have resembled *,
one of the wives of Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny. It is based purely on an * that
a * during that day and age had portrayed. In the following links:
are * who also may resemble *( *).

The above painting on the right is the conception of the artist Karen Noles of the pristine beauty of the Métis
people that a young Native American girl had portrayed. Pierre had begotten descendants by Françoise
Massé (Note 2, next Page 201) as well as by Charlotte Sauvagesse*. Agathe had later marriage unions and
died in 1801 and was barren. Click on each of these four images for a better view of the picture.

Waupesesiu and Waupesepin were the daughters of Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny and Françoise Massé. The
“Waupesesiu” that we have listed in the Menominee tribal records is listed as a full blood Menominee. Or
was the beauty that she portrayed somewhere between the picture on the left and the picture on the right?
When we carefully review Waupesesiu’s genealogical record, it looks like the beauty that she portrayed had
been more like the picture on the right because, in actuality, she was genetically one eighth ancestral Ottawa
and was seven eighths French. Nonetheless, modern Menominees today are genetically an average of about
5/8ths Algonquin in ancestral Anishinaabe (=Mamaceqtawuk) bloodlines and native blood from other origins.
Around the time span from 1500 to 1800, native men were dying from wars and evidently were more
susceptible to getting diseases than women. Myriads of epidemics such as diphtheria, influenza, cholera,
small pox and other contractible diseases were being introduced from all areas of the world. Because women
bear children, Mother Nature seemed to have endowed native women, with a greater immunity to diseases
than men. Among the natives, the result of this and with men dying off in wars, was that there was very
many more women than men. Native women had to either accept a polygynous marriage to one native man
or to marry outside the race, and hence many did as such by marrying men who were of European descent.

This is the reason that the Menominee today have so many European surnames that are the result of a
marriage between native women and white men. Many of these above surnames were passed down from
early immigrant white ancestors who were serving in the US Army during the 1800s, such as: Dodge, Boyd,
Lyons, Frechette, Chevalier, Grignon, Tepiew, Madosh, Kakkak, Menore, Melotte, Sturtevant, Beauprey,
Pecore, Peters, Petersen, Lepscier, Pocan, Dickie, Basina, Davis, Tucker, Wilber, Teller, Caldwell, Perote,
Powless, Calvert, Ermatinger, Fredenberg, Miller, Blumerich, Reiter, Hesse, Fowler, Olson, Munoz,
Fernandez, House, Heath, Lafromboise, Gristeau, Kelly, Leroy, Warrington, Dixon, Haack, Smith, Summers,
Cox, Johnson, Ponfil, Satterlee, Wescott, Long, Gauthier, Plass, House, Martelle, Tourtillott, Martin,
Richmond, Spurrier, Firgens, Vigue, Besaw, Lamotte, Boivin, Soman, Cardish, Fossum, Whitney, Wheelock,
Menchaca, Canavichnaugh and later marriage unions such as Alegria, Guzman, Escalante, Snow, Perez,
Cleveland, Otradavec, Goodwill, Chapman, Tatro and so on.

Menominees retained an equal number of ancestral surnames such as Waupoose, Kaquatosh, Kakwitch,
Keshena, Waukau, Kenote, Mackimetas, Waupekenay, Washinawatuk, Waubeno, Oshkeshequoam,
Oshkenaniew, Menominee, Komaniken, Wychesit, Nesaukee, Natchewiska, Shegonee, Matchopatow,
Neconish, Pyatskowit, Awonohopay, Pamonicutt, Winneshiek, Askinette, Pamanet, Penass, Waukechon,
Waupochick, Waubanascum, Pamanet, Pamaskaw, Nahwahquaw, Oshkosh, Kenote, Kitchenago, Tomau,
Pyawasay, Shawano, Shawanokasic, Kinnipoway, Okatchicum, Notinukey, Wynos, Gomeyosh, Sanapaw,
Towasapan, Wiskeno, Okimosh, Shawanowat, Annamitta, Hawpetoss, Shawanomita, Shawanopenass,
Shawano and Zhuckahosse; & Menominee names translated into English such as Fish, Deer, Snake,
Thunder, Crow, Beaver, Corn, Wolf, Bear, etc. Menominees also have descendants of a full blood ancestor
who was adopted by a white man whose European surname was passed down, such as Smith and Latender.
During this time period in our history, Menominee ancestors, are described by anthropologist Alanson
Skinner as being “polygynous”. This meant that only men could have more than one wife and very rarely
women were also allowed to have more than one husband but not at the same time as it was with men.

Such was the case of Harriet Longley (on left and her mother Natawika on right) who besides, when she was
young, having been a beautiful woman, had possessed a powerful love charm medicine bundle that was
passed down to her. It was a doll that included the desiccated (pulverized) hearts quite likely of once famous
lovers of an Anishinaabe equivalent to a Romeo and Juliet (video) of English heritage.

Romeo and Juliet* (1968 scenes from movie)

The love charm medicine bundle also contained desiccated love potions such as Mamaceqtasaeh (“the little
man” *) that they collected in the local region of what is now the Michigan and Wisconsin. The
medicine bundle also had likely contained such herbal medicines as * which was a root brought in
through trade from far away southern lands from as far away as the Mayans in Central America (See the full
movie: * for a modern writer’s portrayal of early *) and from what is now the country
of Peru in South America. It also had likely contained the herb * brought in through trade with
southern natives and what is now Texas. Of these love potions, Maca and Damiana were brought in by the
Algonquin ancestors of the Kickapoo who were called the Coahuilteca Indians who lived in what is now NE
Mexico and SW Texas and traded goods with natives from as far away as Central and South America.

Ginseng Maca root Damiana

The that was passed down in Harriet’s family from her mother * was
purported to bestow her with the power to make any man of the whims and fancies of her fickle desires, to
fall madly and passionately in love with her. With her owning of such a bundle, however, there was only one
drawback: although they were living obliviously happy lives together, after each marriage to the unfortunate
groom, within one year after being married consecutively to each of her five husbands in a row, each one of
her blissful and bespelled husbands had died from unknown causes. It was only widely acceptable among
Menominee ancestors for a man to have more than one wife. The Christian influence and what is considered
the modern day virtues of contemporary American society led Harriet to surrendering the
* love charm to the United States Bureau of Ethnology in the early 1900s.
Border between the United States and Canada in the Great Lakes after the 1783 Treaty of Paris.

Peace negotiations ensued in 1764 that lasted for two years until thenceforth in 1766; The Kingdom of Great
Britain changed its policy of treating native tribes as conquered nations. Even though most of the British
forts were either captured or demolished, Britain still retained a few ports and forts within native territory.

However, after the War of Independence was ending by 1781, The Kingdom of Great Britain started losing
control in the eastern region of the United States and finally surrendered to their colonialist and French
victors at Yorktown, Virginia (middle picture above). Two years after the Cornwallis surrender at Yorktown,
a treaty was signed at the Palace of Versailles in the 1783 Treaty of Paris. It assigned the Americans, which
had become by this time . . . “the Big American Eagle” its share of control of most of the Great Lakes region,
more like what is now south of the lower Canadian border in the eastern half of the North American
mainland of the United States.

This 1783 Paris treaty assigned the Imperial Lion of what was then called The Kingdom of Great Britain its
share of control of roughly what is now north of the southern Canadian border. Hence, the embattled British
domination was virtually ended in the southern Great Lakes region and any such dominance there was almost
completely eradicated within jurisdiction of the United States by all of the major conflicts during the
American Revolutionary War.
New Spain
King George III wanted what is now most of the western United States to fall under his dominion.

In 1812, The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland was invading land in America which it had given
up following the American Revolution. Consequently, two years after the 1812 War began, King George III
still remained adamant, tenacious and reluctant to give up control over a very large area of land which it had
invaded and seized from the colonists of New England during the two decades from 1763 to 1783. This also
included land in Canada, the United States and roughly even what is now the entire region of what is now the
Mexico. Ever since the 1500s, Hernán Cortés and his Spanish conquistadors considered Mexico as being a
colony of Spain and it was considered an integral part of New Spain.

Even yet while the War of 1812 was approaching its fateful climax by the year of 1814, the incessantly
tenacious and obsessive temperament of the King George III of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Ireland would still not relent without having all of North America.

By all the major skirmishes, while events started nearing the end of the 1812 War, it was twenty nine years
after 1783 that the British influence was virtually ended in the southern Great Lakes region. The British
dominance there almost became completely extinguished upon the landholdings of the United States.

By the year of 1814, complete British control in the Great Lakes was virtually coming to an end
during that point of the 1812 War. Astoundingly, however, King George III still commanded his army, navy,
government, Parliament and people of Great Britain to adopt a never-ending attempt to gain complete control
over all American lands and resources and particularly over the strategic geography of the Great Lakes.

Nonetheless, the innumerable British invasions during the 1812 War were ultimately destined to climax
in a solemn agreement between the United States of America and The United Kingdom of
Great Britain & Ireland. On the Eve of Christmas in the year of 1814, the boundaries between
the British-controlled Canadian region and the American-controlled United States region
would become somewhat *.

The Kingdom of Great Britain*.
The Union of England and Scotland*.
May 1, 1707.

King George III.

Lived from 1738 to 1820.
Reign: As the King of The Kingdom of Great Britain* 1760-1800.

King George III* in Coronation Robes.

Reign: As King of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland*: 1801-1820.

Oil Portrait by Allan Ramsay* in 1762.

Painter Allan Ramsay lived from 1713 to 1784.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland*

Lasted from 1801-1922 when it became:

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland* (1922 until* March 29th of 2019*).

King George III was:

Born in London of English and French descent and was a descendant of Sir William Wallace of Scotland*.

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See Great Britain after Brexit* and Scotland after Independence Vote*.

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technology that had involved the rigging of the electronic voting apparatus*. With technology
being what it is today, * It is also a
likely scenario of events that * to bury
the American people through voluminous amounts of propaganda that inundated the
media (Hannity, Dobbs, Pirro, Watters, Jones) with programs and materials aimed at
dissuading the voter from voting for Clinton. The 2016 election was being rigged by the Russians
and *.

Maybe Americans should grant immunity to a computer expert like “ ” (movie)

Ed Snowden* and bring him back to the United States. Americans seem to be forcing
into exile many of its own democratically supportive computer experts who have
fallen under the control of a foreign power or ruler such as Ed Snowden under the
thumb of the Russian President Vladimir Putin*. In early Dec. of 2016, then President-elect
Trump’s once cabinet hopeful *
than the “ ” (movie clip) ever did.

Crying Foul Play against Trump’s presidency!


Headline in * (Click this link): “ *”.

Fake news? Read first before you tell what he did.
Trump’s brutal mobster lawyer* associate * on the right in *.
Headline in the Washington Post: “The man who showed Donald Trump how to exploit
power and instill fear.” Here is another *,
the “ * who died of AIDS.

Judge *
and Trump * (video).
Donald Trump is the Troll King!
What Trump’s political allies were really looking for is exemplified by a Norwegian
play entitled *Peer * (animated videos) in which the instable * who
represents a ruthless dictator that is evidently a * such as
Mr. Trump. Trump’s political allies were supporting his political campaign to give
Americans the idea of providing a solution to the necessary changes that
Americans feel we need to enact in our domestic and foreign policies.

Yet the deplorably un-American approach of placing oneself into the basket
of backers of a would-be dictator is even hugely deplorable* when it
comes to resolving the moral aspect of creating legislation that
affects America’s socio-economic policies.
This ultimately only plays right into a trap that was set by
the troll king Trump’s “bromantic”* equally-as-mercenary friend, Vladimir Putin*
who once referred to Trump as his “most useful idiot*”. This
term* “useful idiot” came from an early 1917 communist era* of
[a] who was better known by Americans in the early 1940s and
by the hipp es* in American street jargon in the 1960/70s as: *.

Without question, Trump’s support of Putin is a reigniting the old days of the
Cold War* in which “The Imperial Big Bear” of Russia* is now revitalizing the former
Soviet Union and once again is starting to
* (Click to see video and Click on this link the: “Children of Aleppo*”) upon its
neighboring sovereign republic nations including even the innocent civilians
within the proximity of the terrorist organization called ISIS*.

Apparently, like just the United States during the war in Vietnam could have cared
less about the North Vietnamese, whom our own brave American soldiers referred to
as “Gooks”, America merely cared more for a “democratic” foothold in Asia. On the
same token, sometimes it seems that Russia cared less about ISIS* and were more
concerned with the conquest of its neighboring sovereign republics simply for the
land, the nation and its resources. As of October of 2017,
*. However, from an American’s standpoint, the conquest element
of the Syrian, Georgian and Crimean land grabs by Russia, seem to many in the West
to be worse than what the Americans GIs did in Vietnam and seem
only somewhat similar to what the Iraqi war was for the US.
This Russian invasion of Syria is a reason for a major re-emergence of Communism
in the Northeast quadrant of the World. It seems it was simply Putin’s puppet
Assad and his land grab that deployed bombers to “Bomb the shit out of 'em*”
(To quote Trump). Conquest seems to be the sole Russian game plan and America
apparently cares more for people. Let us hope that America can show the love of
Jesus Christ* to the rest of the World. Everyone, including most Muslims agree
that the insane organization of ISIS* must be completely eradicated.

Yet to rid ourselves of these ruthless terrorists, it seems mandatory for

Americans, that it should be done by someone with morals and not by someone such
as Donald Trump who even once had been alleged to have raped a 13 year old girl* as
well as exemplified by the video of * (Uncensored copy*).
Like the prophecied Christian embracement of an antichrist, Trump just gets
another free bowl of Mulligan stew. Jerry Falwell Jr. says Trump, a man who forces
little children into cages, is Jesus-like. Unlike the sadist, Donald Trump, Jesus Christ
was the kind man who said “Let the children come to me*”. Falwell has a tiny memory
when it comes to loving others but a large memory when it comes to *& *.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin seem to be undoing everything that the prolific
President Ronald Reagan* of The United States* and the eminent *
of The Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics* had accomplished by the dissembling of
the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The *
king’s friend, * seems to be concerned along with some Americans
involved in the Trump administration that many Americans could very soon now be
dying in civil battles that will involve white supremacists, the middle class, the poor
and minorities*. This will also result in the deaths of police officers* and could
ultimately even erupt into international wars which, potentially, could only enrich
Putin and the troll king’s own greedy coffers and those of
the super-wealthy American and Russian oligarchs.
In February of 2017, Trump had already signed an executive order for a huge tax
break for the super-wealthy*. In the long run eventually the working class grunts will
have an increase in the taxes that come out of hard-earned paychecks* rather than
the super-wealthy paying even an iota of their fair share. The working class will
patriotically, obediently and masochistically continue to bear the weight of paying
the exorbitant tax burden in complete subservience to the rich for the Fat Cats
who continue to be veritably exempt from having to pay any taxes at all.
*, Fat Cats live solely off the fat of the land, exploit
governments’ resources and wage taxes for their own mere boon and benefit.
Historically, wealthy American Fat Cats have justified their lack of patriotism by
enacting a policy of out-and-out tax evasion by administering an opiate upon the
people by the use of the mesmerizing term: “trickle-down economics*”. With a servile
faith in it placed by the working class, this concept hypnotizes the poor class which
masochistically humbles itself before the rich and has historically accepted a life of
servitude in favor of the wealthy. Europeans have always had Kings, whereas
Americans have always had individualists and to remain individualistic,
we must preserve our true American democracy.

In the second presidential debate on Sunday, October 9, 2016*, based upon the
efficaciousness* of her well-prepared statements, Clinton seemed to ME to win
in what the opinion of many of her supporters by her presentation were
“real solutions” for America’s social and economic problems. Yet even regardless
of *, along with his presumed expertise in business
entrepreneurship and economic enterprise, Trump is now developing his “golden plan”
that involves the imperialism of the Fat Cats subduing the poor.

The * starts off first by * and minorities.

* will then expose us to the fickle whims of another
ruling madman like Kim Jong-Un while the two leaders toss nuclear bombs back and
forth like a couple of spoiled boys playing with firecrackers. Imperialistic America
and would-be imperialist North Korea will then inflict an unimaginable degree of
suffering upon the rest of the World. Two weeks after he took office,
* Trump’s travel ban on Muslims and
* of 2017 only raised a lot more questions.

Watch the video: *

Click on these two links for a full transcript of the third debate* between Donald
Trump and Hillary Clinton (You Tube video)* on Sunday, Oct. 19th of 2016.
As of December 5th of 2017, this pernicious author of establishing of his own
vision of greed, fake facts, immorality and crooked dealings, as being true,
moral and just, the master of deceit,
* by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
Our would-be dictator is furious! In exchange for his unbending support, Trump
got $300,000,000 million dollars from one infusion* and an additional $300,000,000
million dollars from another infusion of * for his 2016 presidential
campaign. Toward upwards of a couple billion dollars in the quest for a New
World Order, Putin’s big payoff, in effect, is purchasing the right to claim
dominion over the United States as a Russian province under the ultimate
dominion of himself as the Czar over his puppet Trump’s America.

As of August 15th of 2018:

Andrew Miller ducked out on the Mueller probe*

to challenge its legitimacy all the way up to what the deluded
power-monger Trump supposes is his Supreme Court!
There is an evidentiary trail of money laundering* and there are
the cyber tracks of Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort* as well as
“ *” leads that prove definitively that Trump was colluding with
Russia* ever since he publicly televised his request of Russia
to hack Hillary Clinton’s classified emails on Day 1*.
In some of these other leads, the originator of the birther
conspiracy that defamed Barack Obama by saying that he was born in Kenya,
Jerome Corsi* is deeply tied to WikiLeaks and to Roger Stone*
and was to be charged with perjury.

On May 31st of 2019, through the Fox fake news Russian

propaganda network, Jerome Corsi makes his move in support of his
beloved boss Donald Trump and of his beloved master Vladimir Putin*.
Check out the Russian roadmap for Vladimir Putin’s takeover
of America in Corsi’s book: Killing the Deep State*. And Check this out:
* by Alex Nichols.
Trumpty goes to grade school!

Useful Idiot*!

The Spelling contest!


the “smocking” gun*

instead of:

the “smoking” gun.

Teacher gives him an F for the day.

Now he must stand in the corner

and wear that dunce cap!

Check out the not-so-presidential,

Trumpty Visits the kindergarten*! (funny video)


Great job comrades!
Now let’s conspire in private in a back room with no American news media and no
notetakers and through impenetrable Russian back channels. Robert Mueller will not
be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that we are really conspiring to
overthrow global democratic institutions and that our conspiracy is working like
clockwork! [Democratic institutions are organizations such as Parliament, Congress,
the Senate, the Department of Justice, the FBI and the CIA.]

On Wednesday, May 10th of 2017, Trump gave classified material on Israeli intelligence
about ISIS over to former Soviet propagandist, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey
Lavrov* and the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak* in the Oval Office at the White
House. However, this was apparently done in order to maintain the then currently
stabilized relations with Russia.
* had saved a number of Russian lives* in St. Peterburg* from a terrorist
attack yet it appears to have placed American and allied lives at severe risk.

As for the Great Wall of Russia, Humpty Dumpty Trumpty is still sitting on his wall.
Nonetheless, through his own repeated lies, innuendoes, distortions, threats,
systemic sadism, voter scare tactics, and apparent conspiracy with the Russians to
assist him in his campaign’s insidious distortions of reality, Trumpty never had his
much-expected great fall during his 2016 presidential campaign. Instrumentally
through Trump’s increasingly evident conspiracy with the Russians*,
all of Trump’s horses and all of Pence’ men had actually succeeded in putting
Trumpty back together again that year in 2016.

By October of 2018, John Bolton*, by then President Trump’s National Security

Advisor, sold out America to Russia much like his boss Trump did in July of 2018 at
Helsinki, Finland*. By
*, US President Donald Trump thereby proclaimed that America
is the loser* and then he surrendered America’s place as a global superpower*.
While Putin is the beneficiary, the US is chopped liver and, figuratively
speaking, Trump is letting Putin give it to him right up the old tailpipe! Tallyho!
Goodbye, (Do svidaniya) Democracy’s Uncle Sam! You were once a great nation!
It may soon be time to say: Привет*, (privet) Царь Владимир Путин, Czar* Vladimir Putin*!

America’s allies are Trump’s worst enemies*.

Trump “sleeps in bed” with America’s #1 rival, Russia*!

Astonishingly, among Trump’s most loyal supporters and even

in both the Senate and the Congress, many members of Putin’s
* (note the apparently
brainwashed responses of the tweeters below the David Jolly video)
do not even know or suspect that Trump is a traitor to America.
Trump’s treachery shows that he is a true traitor*!
Max Boot responds to Putin’s offer to interrogate Americans*.
Dems want Trump’s interpreter to testify, several Repubs go berserk*!

Two cornerstones of “Trumpian Logic”:
It is not being a cruel & inhuman racist, when dealing with the
people of another race, to separate the little children from their
parents and place them into tiny cages akin to dog kennels.


It is not being a traitor (& thus guilty of high treason) to

conspire with a foreign adversary of your nation in order to rig
the election for you to become your nation’s president.


Czar Vladimir Putin addresses his generals veritably saying:

Support Donald Trump!

Make America Stupid Again!

Make Americans Make Russia Great Again!

A Thieves’ Thanksgiving*: The Art of the Fat Cat*.

From Fat Cats to Egg Heads*.

America’s changing elite.

US midterms of 2018: Democrats take control of the House*.

Republicans hold on to the Senate.
A setback for Donald Trump.

Trumpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All Putin’s horses & all Putin’s men, could yet put Trumpty together again!

President Donald Trump’s: “Twitter & shitter” diplomacy*!

The Peerings of what the goings on were during Colonel George Boyd’s
Professional life & the world events surrounding his lifetime.

An early depiction of what was then conceived as an accurate map of Michigan Territory (1805-1837).
Robert Stuart (born in 1785 and died in 1848) was an immigrant from Scotland and was a political rival of
George Boyd. Stuart worked as the head representative of the American Fur Company, which was founded
in 1808 by John Jacob Astor (born in 1763 and died in 1848) who was a German immigrant.

Because of the policies of John Jacob Astor and of William Henry Puthuff, as long as Puthuff was the
Superintendent Indian agent at Fort Mackinac, immigrant fur traders did not fare very well by his refusal to
grant them licenses and by his repeatedly referring to these immigrants as “foreigners” even though by the
natives, Puthuff himself was regarded as a foreigner. Immigrant fur traders who worked for the American
Fur Company were completely unaware of a new law that was passed by Congress in 1816 that only allowed
American citizens to obtain licenses to trade for furs within the boundaries of the United States.

Puthuff saw this as a splendid opportunity for himself, so he took advantage of every chance to seize furs
from immigrants and then place a $50 ransom upon them for their return ($50 in 1816 equivalent to $809 in
2013). Establishing a ransom for the reacquisition of the furs by the traders was proper protocol yet it was
most likely that the life endangering methods that he employed to appropriate the ransom was not. Being the
days of the old frontier, this meant holding innumerable immigrant fur traders at gunpoint; confiscating the
furs they collected from native trappers who worked for the American Fur Company, then by Puthuff’s
demanding the ransom from these traders to release the furs back to them.
In his involvement with the Anishinaabe (=Algonquin = Anishinaabeg = Mamaceqtawuk), the peerings of
the events of what George Boyd was personally witnessing in the region surrounding Mackinac Island
among the Mamaceqtawuk people (later referred to as “Menominee” in the early 1800s) was surrounded by
the Treaty of Ghent itself which was surrounded by the World events of that day and age in the late 1700s
and in the early to mid-1800s.

Regional Territorial Changes 1800 to 1838 surrounding what became called Wisconsin territory in 1836.

Source: from maps in Alice E. Smith, The History of Wisconsin: From Exploration to Statehood (Madison),
(Vol. 1 Page 201) State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Copyright 1973.

Now let me introduce to you some background historical information about Colonel George Boyd’s
professional life that he experienced personally and witnessed as a private merchant and a public employee.

The island where Fort Mackinac (also referred to as Michilimackinac) is located about ten miles to the
northeast off the northernmost tip of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan Territory and in June of 1819 Boyd
was sent there by the US government to replace William Henry Puthuff as the Indian agent at the fort on
Mackinac Island.

The agency at Fort Mackinac, founded in 1780, was set up to serve American needs for the native fur trade
and the Indian agency at the fort, which was a very large component of the agency, was a way for the United
States to implement treaty agreements that were made with natives in the region.

George Boyd initially worked at the Indian agency at Fort Mackinac for five years learning agency business
during which time; it was Puthuff’s policy to refuse to grant licenses to incoming immigrants. During the
early 1800s, the United States Office of Indian Trade (Click #75.3) had established a fur trading company
and tanning factory for furs largely acquired from natives in the region who were evidently supplied with
metal traps from the company store (pictured above). Boyd became an Indian agent at Fort Mackinac in 1819
and he later became the Superintendent of the Indian agency in 1824. Very likely to the relief of many an
immigrant and native alike, when Boyd became the head of the Indian agency at Fort Mackinac, he finally
replaced Puthuff and thereafter Boyd thence had more openly granted immigrant traders licenses.

Traders Robert Stuart and Ramsey Crooks, who themselves, were immigrants from Scotland, continually
lobbied for Puthuff’s removal. Robert Stuart strove to have government Indian agents in the region enforce
regulations that primarily benefitted only the company. Puthuff enforced this policy by not responding so
much to the needs of natives who had signed solemn treaties and agreements with the United States
government. The natives worked for the company, collecting furs by trapping various animals, in regional
forests within Michigan Territory. George Boyd objected to Robert Stuart’s endeavor to primarily benefit
only the American Fur Company which was neglecting these treaty agreements.

Boyd was a Colonel in a regiment of the US Army and it was his duty as a member of the army to enforce
the 1817 treaty in accordance with the letter of the law, by implementing governmental policies that were
benefitting the US government as well as fostering the mixed-blood-native Métis and the full blood
Anishinaabe natives who were integrally involved in the fur trade. Like George Boyd, who was a native of
the Virginia/Maryland border, William Henry Puthuff was also born and raised in Virginia. Puthuff had a
spotless record as a rifleman in the 2nd Regiment, however, sometime during his term of office when he was
an Indian agent on Mackinac Island from 1815 to 1824, he became unbalanced, heavy-handed and paranoid.

William Henry Puthuff was likely one of the main proponent of immigrants who had engaged in the
spreading of malicious slander about Menominee ancestors by dehumanizing natives in general through a
vicious and dehumanizing rumor that reached the governor of Michigan territory, Lewis Cass (pictured
above) who had actually reported to Washington in June of 1816, referring to the 2000 braves returning from
the American War with Great Britain as “starving natives” to quote Cass’s exact words:

“In 1814, Michigan Territory had an adult male population of about 800, facing 2000 Indian braves
impoverished by the war for a very large portion of the year, subsisted on roots and at one period of the war
they killed their children and ate them”. ~ Governor Lewis Cass report to Congress in 1816.

From the book A Shovel of Stars, The Making of the American West by Ted Morgan, Copyright 1995.

These sorts of malicious deceptions were the result of a general attitude that was prevailing among European
immigrants while they were settling into what they had viewed as a “New World”. Natives went to war
against the United States to protect native children from the harmful dangers of the western expansion of the
European influence that was spreading such absurd forms of malicious stereotypes and misconceptions. It
has been documented that braves would rather die in place of their children and native women would shield
their children from the incoming bullets, spears and arrows of invaders. It was Métis relatives such as
Thomas Carron who was known as Chief Tomah and full blood natives who were born on Mackinac Island
or descended from these of our ancestors in Minikani (Marinette-Menominee) and Matc Suamico (Green
Bay) that had sided with the British during the 1812 War about which this obscene lie about the 2000 braves
who returned from the war in 1814. Thomas Carron was 15/16ths French and he was 1/16th ancestral Ottawa.

I, Gary R Boyd, Pemapomay am a 7th generation descendant from Chief Tomah Carron, the father of Josette,
whose daughter was Sasos, the wife of Chichipinquay, the Squinter who was also known as Alexander
Robinson. The depraved rumor about the 2000 braves return to Mackinac Island in 1814 was itself
completely fabricated by frontier characters such as William Puthuff. Two years later, the ensuing vicious
ideas about natives that were being fabricated would become veritably broadcasted by the territorial governor
in his 1816 report when incredulously Lewis Cass had outspoken the rumor's hurtfully malignant words on
the floors of the US Congress. And since the rumor was so blatantly vicious and deceitful, it is a complete
wonder why Puthuff worked at the Fort Mackinac Indian agency as the Superintendent again thirty three
years later while once again representing United States interrelations with the natives from 1857 to 1861.
In regard to these 2000 braves returning from the war to Mackinac Island, the imbalanced Puthuff was most
probably one of the originators of the outright vicious, gross, and dehumanizing lie about the Métis and
full blood natives, most of whom were allies of the British in the War of 1812 with the United States.

Such lies and misconceptions were being fabricated, manufactured and were spread around in the name
of American progress no matter to what extent of exploitation, oppression and oftentimes even the
outright extermination that it inflicted upon its native inhabitants.

By the year of 1817, many of these Anishinaabe tribes had allied themselves with
the United States and so did the people who now became known as the “Menominee tribe”.

The European influence was also introducing the horrifying Christian notion to the Native Americans that the
pagan non-believers in a prophet they were calling by the name of Jesus Christ were going to a proverbial
hell filled with flames and * forever.

Yet this Christian fundamentalist belief will at times admonish someone who does not believe in this notion
and even a few fundamentalists believe that everyone who does not believe in their vision of
Jesus Christ and the World is possibly going to * when they die.
A question for my fellow evangelical Christians.

The Fat Cat at his finest on the Judgement Day.

On a solemn day in June on D-Day, before the crosses of dead war heroes*,
Trump insults prominent Americans: Robert Mueller* and Nancy Pelosi*,
at a U.S. military cemetery in the country of France.

On the Judgement Day, what will the Lord say to a man who speaks
with the forked tongue of a rattlesnake, seething with venom
and hatred for his fellow Americans before the ghosts and the
graves of American dead war heroes? Judge not lest ye be judged*?

Will the rich not enter the kingdom of heaven?

In the Holy Bible, it is written that Jesus once told his disciples:
“Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter
the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel
to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich
to enter the kingdom of God.” Matthew 19 23-25 Verse: 26*.




The re dy r of id ot-in- :
a *

Rak o s h t ng c ls f e l*
Trump wants to torture his enemies*, says: “We have to beat the savages!*”

(music video)*

Originally on the Beggar's Banquet album .

The Rolling Stones performing *, at Zilker Park, Austin, Texas,

October 22nd of 2006.

The Master and Margarita: The Truth about Lies* ~ Satan has his way in Moscow in

the events during the 1930s and in the 20th century (link)

( )* * on Wikipedia.

The Nicolas Romanov II family was brutally murdered* in the year of 1918

In the town of Alapayevsk* in the City of Yekaterinburg* *

Russian division (province) Sverdlovsk Oblast*.


Watch the full movie: Gladiator* Maximus Decimus Meridius*

(Watch: Video clip*)

( * 2.0*)

“ * ”~ (Read: text*)

With the maximally-superlative New Zealand actor Russell Crowe* (bio )

*: *( * *)
“I need loyalty, I expect loyalty,” Drop the investigation.*!
~ Trump to Comey in the Oval Office on Feb. 14th of 2017.

Two days before the 2016 US presidential election*, James Comey released a letter to
Congress* that cleared Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing for the second time* since
July of 2017*. This action, however, almost had singlehandedly led to Clinton’s not
getting elected. Just by doing so, Comey had inadvertently clinched the election for
Trump*, so three weeks after the election, the day after Trump’s National Security
Advisor Michael Flynn resigned on the 13th of February of 2017, Trump invited Comey
to dinner at the White House and after asking Sessions and Pence to leave the Oval
Office*, Trump asked Comey to stop investigating* Michael Flynn’s Russian ties.

Of the casualties inflicted upon Germanic peoples by the Soviets,
Adolf Hitler’s true “Blood and Soil*” was the sacrificial holocaust of his own people*
by the brutal deaths of 15,000,000 Germanic people*
whose blood got mixed with the soil of Europe at the hands of the Soviet army
(not to mention the casualties inflicted upon Germans by NATO* Allied Forces);
likewise, in a new world war that Trump & John Bolton*
appear to plan for us, Trump's real holocaust* will ultimately
be , , *, the American people!

In regard to the Clinton emails, contrary to regular FBI protocol, James Comey released
Hillary Clinton’s newly discovered emails two days before the election. However, had he not
done so, if Hillary got elected as president, it would invalidate her election on Day 1.
By regular FBI protocol, the new Clinton emails that were discovered by the Russian
military were to be released after the election. Since Donald Trump got elected, Comey
would inevitably have gotten fired on Day 1 after Trump’s Inauguration.

For a parallel in history to the rise of the genocidal tyrant Adolf Hitler, eight years prior
to the German candidate Paul von Hindenburg* getting elected in 1932 as
“der Kanzler” (Chancellor) of the Reich under the Weimar Republic* thereby
politically defeating Hitler, Hitler was found guilty of treason in 1924 and was
sentenced to five years in Landsberg Prison,[3] where he dictated his book Mein Kampf*
(“My Struggle”) to his fellow prisoners, Emil Maurice* and his deputy, Rudolf Hess.[2][3]
However, Hitler only spent 9 months in prison and was then released.

Then eight years later, Hitler lost his 1932 bid for the German chancellor under the
Weimar Republic and a year after that, his Nazi followers rose up in a military
coup d'état and placed him and his Nazi Party into power in 1933.
If Trump is rightfully arrested and convicted of treason, let’s hope that this disgruntled
“Adolf Hitler phenomenon among his followers” doesn’t occur with Mr. Trump.
As of December of 2018, young neo-Nazis in America are apparently already being
indoctrinated and nurtured by Vladimir Putin’s allies to rise up in revolt by staging
violent neo-Nazi demonstrations upon the relatively peace-loving American public.

Again, in regard to James Comey’s release of the Hillary Clinton emails,
releasing the Hillary Clinton emails two days before the election
is what ultimately allowed former FBI Director “Maximus” James Comey,
ample time to lay the groundwork for:

Mueller Time*! (video)

FBI probed Donald Trump for possible secret

Russian favors, report says*.

The F.B.I. Opened An Inquiry Into Whether Trump

Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia*.

The FBI raids the home of former Trump campaign
manager Paul Manafort*.

Manafort Accused of Sharing Trump Polling Data

With a Russian Associate*.

The definitive Trump-Russia timeline of events*.

The FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation

into Trump after Comey’s firing*.

Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen gets his office raided

by the FBI 4/11/18*! Cohen upset*!
CNN on raid of Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen*.
As a result, Trump planned to fire Mueller the next day
on the 12th of April of 2018*!

Cohen was about to flip at any time* on 6/20/2018
Michael Avenatti: Cohen’s no patriot* (7/9/18)!



Instead of being an imperial ruler, however,

Trump is Putin’s puppet king.
Vladimir Putin is a real life Napoléon* who
will take over America* if Americans let him!
Trump also plays the part of the gullible
US President in the latter part of this book.

Through the manipulation of cyber space, the Russians are taking advantage
of the American electoral process. Since
*, ever since Trump’s
*, the once-called “ *”, started beginning
to gain control in the Northeastern quadrant of the globe once again. More
than just that, now it is possible for Russia to even take total control over

Lady Liberty herself*!


! !! ( )* *!!!!!!!!

“Maximus” James Comey testified on June 8th that in the Oval Office Trump
tells him: “ ” * ~ Trump
to Comey. Before Congress, former FBI Dep. Dir. McCabe affirmed Comey’s
testimony*. Placing Trump in the shady light of obstruction in the meddling
probe, hardcore Republicans go berserk over the truth findings of the FBI.


Former FBI Director * President Donald Trump*

A * A Fabricator of *

& his American compatriots*. & his * (Click for lists*).

Will the real liar please remain seated?

We have lots more questions for you!

The Farmers’ Almanac* “forecast” by Pemapomay:
Vladimir Putin Cyber Weeds invade the crops of the American psyche.

Donald Trump

Vladimir Putin Putin Cyber Weeds must

be yanked out by finding

The roots of Kushner*, Flynn*, Manafort*, * and scads of

others to the Turkish lobbying that was linked to Russia*!

Sally Yates* introduced the first blow to Flynn on May 8th of 2017.

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican
form of government.” Article 4, Section 4, US Constitution*.

Pavlov’s dogs*, (Ivan Pavlov*) through the good old classic conditioning* of

of it as “
“ *”
ME Politics! “ *” ~ Michael Cohen.

*! *

FU Michael, I’m in it for Number One: ME!

So what am I to you now, Donald

CHOPPED LIVER ?!!!!!? (You got it!)

No one can save Trump from himself*


Cohen’s business partner in a cab company, Evgeny “Gene” Freidman*
“the taxi king”, pleaded guilty to tax fraud on May 22nd of 2018 and now is
required to cooperate in any ongoing investigations*.
Cohen said *! The Big Shoe Dropping* in the Mueller probe!

Cohen on GMA show on 7/2/18*! Truth index on (7/9/18)*!

Cohen cooperates on (7/25/18)* Flippin’ like a flapjack on 7/26/18*!

Cohen found guilty on 8/21/18 then makes a cooperation deal*!


* that begin to *!

and received * in a plea bargain.

* yet he can still get *

because of his having made a *.

The prophet who founded Christianity, Jesus Christ, who is considered by most Christians
to be the Incarnation of the Creator, told us to pray for our enemies. So instead of
torturing them, pray for them because, * will be
*, or much worse, an infinitely torturous hell
awaits these “ *” * on the day of their
eternal deaths. Various religions have various ways of viewing the World and Man’s place
in it. The ancient concept of the Earth as being the center of the universe was expressed
by the Greek-Egyptian, Ptolemy* and is also conceived by what is written in the Bible that
literally tells us: the Sun circles around the Earth in its path*. Incredible as it might
seem, 1 in 4 Americans actually still believe in this primitive caveman notion*
that the Sun revolves around the Earth in its path* and 2% believe the Earth is flat*.

Historically in the Earth centered worldview, the Earth is conceived to be at the center
of the universe. *, however, it is actually a primitive
notion that the Sun physically encircles the Earth on a daily basis. Many Christian
fundamentalists, who normally profess a literal view of the Bible, will shun this
fundamental Biblical teaching and will side with the modern scientific view of the
Sun-centered model of the universe of Nicolaus Copernicus* and Galileo Galilei*.

This model of the Sun-centered instead of an Earth-centered universe is that:

while rotating* on its axis (turning),

the Earth “revolves*” around (goes around) the Sun in

its orbit* (“circular” path around it).

The astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler* established that the path
of the Earth around the Sun (orbit) is slightly oval-shaped (elliptical*)
and does not make a perfect circle in its route (trajectory). Also, it does not really
“revolve” around the Sun* but rather the barycenter of the solar system*.

Along with the holy scripts of the Bible and other sacred writings of various cultures,
these writings mainly teach a person about the wickedness of sin and about how to
live a good moral life. And along with being a guide for living, a notion of Christian
fundamentalist faith is that: the Bible has the complete truth on how the World came
into being and that it is, in fact, a science book that determines their view of scientific
reality that: the universe was created five thousand, six thousand or 10,000 years ago*.

To help form your own scientific view of the World just Click on the following link:
Science studies facts. Spirituality teaches us how to live and how to get along with others
through love and kindness. Yet in spite of one’s own worldview*, Christian fundamentalists
are sometimes persecuted by terrorists* and like all peace-giving religions, a
fundamentalist Christian has the inalienable human right to have one’s own vision of
the universe and how it came into being. One day coming soon all people will live in
peaceful co-existence across the face of the Earth and all human beings will honor
the human rights of others to believe in their own peace-giving conceptions of how the
universe came into being. The bottom line is: Either we finally obtain a lasting
peace in this World or all of Mankind will soon cease to exist from a nuclear war.
If we humans continue yet to embrace Trump’s hatred and to act with racial animosity
toward one another then humankind will soon perish forever from our solar system.

America’s of their faith in Europe. Likewise with
Mohammedanism and Islam, many a Christian was barbarically tortured to death in the name of the prophet
Mohammed and likewise many a native pagan was barbarically murdered in the name of Jesus Christ. However,
real Christians are said to show their faith in Jesus Christ through showing love to others. Jesus Christ is the
Incarnation of the living God, the prophet who founded Christianity and it is said, he was crucified on a cross so
that all of humanity can save our eternal souls. By showing our love to our fellow human beings, we can go to an
eternal paradise upon our deaths in the afterlife on the Judgment day. Christ is revered as the spirit of God himself
and he told his followers: “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” (Matthew: Chapter 22 39) and that love
itself is the greatest of all His commandments.

One of the Ten Commandments from the Old Testament: “Thou shall not kill” has become meaningless to many
people across the Earth and as a species of life, mankind seems to now be experiencing its death throes. Christians
see all of humanity awaiting the return of Jesus Christ who resurrected from the dead three days after his own
crucifixion and believe that this was when humankind had experienced our Savior’s Resurrection. On the left
below is mere sample of the myriad of violent Biblical teachings from the Old Testament in the Holy Bible:

Versus: the evil modern practice of ISIS:

Mankind is heading straight downhill on a hell-bound train toward the cataclysmic nuclear destruction of the
entire World. The modern fundamentalist Christian faith being hijacked by the seemingly absurd worship of
Donald Trump by many of his cult-like followers. Hopefully, Trump will see a blinding light from above and will
see that the real terrorists are ourselves: all fallible beings, filled with human biases America, Russia, Islam and
North Korea. “They will know we are Christians by our love*” goes the Christian hymn. Faith in a Higher Power
is shown in one’s acts of compassion for others. The opposite is also true that we will know Trump is
unchristianlike by his hatred. When the Pope questioned Trump’s faith, Trump’s response was: “F
!*”. Does Trump have ANY genuine compassion at all? *!
As was perpetrated by cowboy outlaws and Indian renegades upon one another during all the brutal acts of
warfare out on the range, Christian fundamentalists, Russian Orthodox Catholics or Muslim terrorists often
oppress or kill a people off who do not believe as they do, in order to terrorize or to convert the rest of them.

“ *” (Psalm 118: 22).


“My Sweet Lord” ( ) by the Beatle: George Harrison. (Top songs).

Why not just let Muslims believe in the peace giving truths that are in the Quran* not
* to spread *? Christian Fundamentalists
believe in the , so why not allow Buddhists or any religion to believe in the
peace giving truths in what they were taught by their ancestors to believe? And why not allow someone like
Ronald Reagan, Jr.* who does not believe in a God to believe as he does? ( )* .

Oppressing a people to convert them to a Muslim way of believing, a Jewish way of believing or to a
Christian way of believing runs contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ. “A new command I give you:
Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John* 13: 34 Whether a person
believes that Jesus Christ is the Creator Incarnate, the Living God, the Christian reality of all life and even of
the entire universe, is that Jesus is still God! The promise of Jesus is this: In the Heavenly Kingdom of
Paradise: “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there
be mourning, nor crying* nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” .

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not
perish but have eternal life.” John 3: 16 *. Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth and the life and no one
comes to the father except through me.” . Click to see: *.

Christ likened our preparing for the next life in a parable of ten virgins* (Image of ten virgins*). When we
finally live a good compassionate life and practice through faith in the
, then on one fateful day, we will live happily with Jesus in Paradise where there will be no more
hunger, starvation, suffering, fear, shame or sorrow Forever and Ever* (music video*) without end. Amen.

Dome of the * in Washington D.C.

His Holiness * of Moscow and all Russia * at the Trinity Lavra* (monastery)
of St. Sergius of: * in Moscow by “celebrating”
The 700th anniversary of the birth of St. Sergius of Radonezh* with
The * in a choice Photo Op. Click: *.
Watch: * and * Versus: *.
* = The Whopper*.
There is no need to thank ME for your support!
To put it in your colloquial Southern lingo:

Ya’ll done been brainwashed* by our Russian trolls* & bots* & by Big Brother*!

The Whopper will rule America!

You will be seeing ME soon!

I’d do anything for a “o, da, on delayet!”

Trump Tower Moscow*, (“Oh yes he does!”)
I mean, Big Whopper! о, да, он делает!

The free press is “ *”! (history*)

~ * ~ The Big Whopper*!


The Putin Murders A Brief History of Putintime*.



What will I do, if you don’t let ME takeover the United States?

Simple . . . I will kill you!


We brainwashed you to elect: Wuss Boy Trump*! *!


Some of us among the wealthy are conspiring to unleash upon the nation, the
imparting of more of America’s wealth to just a few of the wealthy and
to the Russian oligarchs we owe for our feudal oligarchy.

The control over your finances is evangelical hypocrisy at it’s finest.

“Holier than thou” folks impose their beliefs onto you to take control over
your livelihood. The unborn is the least of their concern (Click to enlarge).

The alt-right’s fake regard



What’s really sacred to Trump is the conquest of America’s coffers on

behalf of his master Vladimir Putin.
*. Get ready to have Trump drain the bank
accounts of some of America’s wealthy* just like what Trump’s hero:
Putin did with a few of the Russian wealthy through Deutsche Bank*.

Completely disregard the request of Senate Minority leader, * that

* during * that was just fake news. Even though we
Republicans run the White House, the Senate and the Congress, the Democrats
held the key, figuratively speaking, to when we opened Congress and the Senate back up.
(Mike Pence thinking: Jesus, please forgive me for this whopper).

Click here to watch a video of the great big whopper that

Vice President Mike Pence told US troops in Jordan:
Since I am second in command, and even though it was my party’s choice not to pay
you during the government shutdown, the Democrats are completely responsible for
our choice not to pay you for your courageous and loyal service during the shutdown.


“ *!”

~ *

Dems v. Trump: Budget deal OK’d* though *.

Trump’s quote on Feb. 7th of 2018: “ *”!

Big Whopper #2 started occurring in March 2018 and whenever Trump will
have blamed the Dems* for a government shutdown over * by saying:

The Democrats made me do it*!

(Trump blames Dems on January 2nd of 2019)
T *!

Trumpty Dumpty’s *!

I want my “IRON CURTAIN*”! ~ Trump

O Week 1

O Week 2

“Tear down this wall*!”

~ Ronald Reagan*

“ rese

“ g *”

~ *

“ s *”

~ Rachel Maddow*

Stone Clinked* * Cohen testifies*

eachm *!

Another big shoe drops in Mueller probe!
* January 25th of 2019.

*, I mean,

Sinking like a Stone:

Wall to cost mucho-mega multiples of billions of dollars*.

The Roger Stone topic is included in this broadcast by Joy*.

Trump set the table* for where we are:

Guess what’s for supper*!?


Deduct $40 from each

future paycheck.

FAT CATS pay $0!

Hell No! This won’t go!

Ignoramus Trump calls the geniuses of central intelligence: “idiots”*

for the CIA not identifying the border dilemma as a major crises,
for CIA reports that ISIS is still a real threat in Syria* and for the
CIA report that Iran has been in compliance with the nuclear treaty*.
By backing out of the Iranian nuclear accord*,
Trump could now finally be transpiring his WWIII and
could possibly be getting his “get out of an indictment free card”!
Politically, Hillary’s already done been
crucified but a fresh Easter egg
is always quite revitalizing.

Meanwhile, . . .

Trump’s Deutsche bank financial records subpoenaed*.
Trump administration officials to be subpoenaed by Congress*.
For non-compliance with Congressional subpoenas,
Trump administration officials could even be jailed*.
The House always wins* in these type of disputes
between branches of government*!
America’s foreign adversary of Russia
has successfully infiltrated the US government
through President Trump and his administration.
Unbeknownst to his unsuspecting followers,
Trump calls on Mother Russia*
to invade the American mindset, assets and
landholdings through the cyber world.
The very minds of the American people have now become affected.
On March 2nd of 2019, Trump engaged in brainwashing
his successfully enstupefied supporters at CPAC with a 2 hour
stream of rantings and freshly-backchanneled Russian lies*
when the not-so-presidential, Trump delivered
his most profound exclamation in a one word retort:


exclaimed Trump at the

all to the raucous applause of the unwary,
the successfully brainwashed
stooges & suckers seated in his unwitting audience.
While he is being prepped to be indicted by the Department of Justice
for conspiracy to overthrow the United States,
Trump shouted his most profound retort
during the speech signifying that,


Trump’s Government shutdown was the longest in US history*.

If not gone unchecked by Congress, Trump’s plan for a border wall

will ultimately, sell America out to Putin on a shutdown platter.

FBI investigated President Trump for possible secret Russian

favors*, reports say Mike James, USA TODAY.


On two separate occasions, when asked by reporters, these two

men had the same identical laugh and called it “absurd” and
“ridiculous” that Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign
had anything to do with Russia.

On 8/21/18, Manafort was convicted on 8 counts* that included five

counts of tax fraud, two counts of bank fraud and one count of
failure to disclose a foreign bank account.
Give US this day our daily bread!

Trump socialism*:

FAT CATS are always first in line!

Swamp creature Scott Pruitt* in the background

giving a big thumbs up to *.

Trump is first in line to collect his one true love:

fresh from US Treasury, his solid 14 Karat
golden loaf of taxpayer-funded bread!

Just keep working under

Trump’s corrupt administration*.

The upper class is always first in line

for government-funded socialism*!

You middle class and lower class fellers in line

on the other side of the door might collect a
couple of golden crumbs in a couple of years!

Trump made socialism great again*!

Now let’s: Make Jared Kushner* Great Again!
Let him not only be * interests but
also let him boost his own personal wealth by billions by allowing himself to be
* like by Russia and by Saudi Arabia.

“ *”

Still diplomat*.

“Don’t worry Daddy, I’ll have my hands on the nuclear button again soon!”

Take a flyin’ leap America, Make Jared Kushner First*, Again!

We Americans are being nostalgic to become like the Europeans in the days of
yore throughout history and submit to monarchies. We American
supporters of Trump (1 in 4 Americans*) who are predominantly of
European descent* (72.4 % of the American population) are yearning for a
return to feudalism* and to thiefdom, I mean, fiefdom*, in the days of old,
when there were kings, princes & white knights in shining armour.
We are here to serve him because, Trump is a king* and Jared is a prince*.

Woop, woop, woop! On the 2nd thought! I changed my mind. Any man who’s
always smiling like Alfred E. Newman* oughta get thrown under the bus*!

This country wasn’t made for you and me. It was made just for:

“Big Bad Don*” (music video)
This, however, is how most of America feels about:

Trump’s Plan*! (music video)

And what we really need is: God’s Plan*. (music video)
Once there were greedy land barons roaming the land of Europe, commanded
by kings, the ruthless totalitarian dictators of nations. We Americans
of European descent want to become like the dukes and vassals of
this administration by giving up all that we have to come
and follow our fearless leader Trump. Behold below on the left:

The World’s totalitarian dictators Versus: Our instable would-be plutocrat.

~ Heilongjiang* Eating sour grapes!

Sessions attends dinner with Rosenstein and Francisco*

SNL video: A weasel in a pumpkin patch* w/ Kate McKinnon* and Alec Baldwin*.
Trump not to fire Sessions* but the Donald unpredictable*. Sessions resigns*!

Some of us among the super wealthy are conspiring to unleash upon the nation,
the imparting of more of America’s wealth to just a few of the wealthy
and to the Russian oligarchs we owe for our feudal oligarchy.

Trump’s evidently phony regard for: Trump never gets kicked out of Club
*. Plutocrat for failure to pay Putin
Money is really what’s sacred to Trump. the stiff dues the US is paying him*.
American Corruption Is a Serious National Security Threat*!
The invasion of America through cyberspace* and my being one of the players
in the conspiracy to brainwash everyday Americans & evangelical Christians*
through Russian disinformation in the social media network* and
Fox fake news* is really working like clockwork.
*! Show more cleaveage! We don’t need these duped
Americans to think, when we are really helping Russia* to takeover America*!

I just keep getting richer* and richer* and
with the Houdini of Lies for a father in law,
now I got my Alfred E. Newman smile back.
ME O Worry?

Hobnobbing Fat Cats

Policing the corrupt president’s attacks on the news media*
by Joshua Geltzer and Laurence Tribe (March 20, 2019).
If Russia were to invade Europe, Here's how America should respond*.
Read this to see how Russians working in America feel:
In a war between the US and Russia, America would be obliterated*.
China and any nation now has all the highly-classified information*
they need from Jerad & Ivanka’s private phones* as well as from
seven other members’ phones of the incompetent Trump administration*.

Click here for: The Gangster in the Oval Office*!

A six pack of Trump investigations*. Click on the image below for:

What the hell do you have to lose but Trump’s criminal enterprising*
and the sale of the great country of America to Russia*?
17 of the known investigations of Trump, his campaign and Russia*.

Go ahead. Make my day!

Mine is tinier, I mean, bigger (I think* video).
(We shall soon find out* by what the Dems do in the House*!)
My advice to you, Señor, is to:
Watch out for scads of sharp teeth in 2019!


I tole you Señor, we won’t pay for your bleepin’ wall*!

I’m the Houdini of Lies,

How’ll I lie my way out of this one?


I’m a genius, I have a very high IQ!

I do believe in IQs, I do believe in IQs; I do, I do, I do believe in IQs.


We have met the enemy . . . and he is Trummkopf!

A *!

Hastily wrapped up with a tweet bow on top, Trump* is congratulated

by Putin*, Assad* and * for backing out of Syria!

Trump discards advice of allies*, US intelligence*, and

even numerous Republican Senators* such as Lindsey Graham*.

Yet, on the other hand, following his brutal assault in Syria,

Putin was withdrawing his major war in it in March of 2017*.

It’s hard for Trump to end the Syrian intervention*.

American allies, the Kurds are now threatened*

by Turkey’s Erdoğan and Syria’s Assad.

In the American history of the settling of the Old West* (movie*) during the 1800s and prior, the imported
and frightful Christian notion of a hell coupled with an increased dependence upon alcohol was implemented
by the settlers as a means of a bargaining tool for the acquiring of new land. Whenever an agreement was
being made with Europeans immigrants, a large number of barrels of vintage corn beer & rye whiskey were
rolled out by brewers, suppliers and traffickers. The signing of such an agreement would be cause for a big
old hootenany of American settler, European immigrant and an accompanying Native American powwow.
These ensuing types of shindigs were largely responsible for introducing distilled alcohol to native peoples.
A problematic dependence upon alcohol had become instilled upon a large portion of natives, who were
already predisposed to it for the lack of never having been exposed to imbibing large quantities of it before.

The above painting representing Manifest Destiny is entitled

American Progress (1872) by John Gast.
The phrase “Manifest Destiny” was first used itself in the 1840s by eastern politicians of the
Democratic Party* and it expressed the European notion that the white race of Europe was destined to take
over complete control of North American land and resources. This notion, which was formally written up by
John Quincy Adams, was officially brought into American governmental policy by the American founding
father, James Monroe (1758-1831) in his presidential address on December 2nd of 1823.

The phrase “Monroe Doctrine” itself was first coined in 1850 and it was the formal declaration of the notion
of an “eminent domain” of the American government to take native land and the land of the immigrant white
pioneers in America for the use of business entrepreneurs who controlled the railroads and for other US
governmental endeavors. Very soon a policy of racial bias was being performed in American history at the
behest of the type of politician who employed a political platform that proposed to the settlers (some of
whom were planning) to wage war even against their peaceful Indian neighbors. This was done so that a
crooked politician such as, by *, could gain control over Indian lands
and could even delegate to business entrepreneurs the ownership of land on which the pioneers and early
settlers had toiled so hard to build upon: their ranches, farms and villages* (See full *).
When can compare this implementing of the policy of eminent domain in modern American history today with
Native Americans, blacks and Hispanics and other evidently gullible members of minorities that have allowed
themselves to be manipulated by the racist Mr. Trump, we can look at parallels to Donald Trump in history.
Also, in the 2018 senate run-off election in Mississippi, many black voters supported Cindy Hyde-Smith, the very
woman who would apparently hang many black people* “indiscriminately” again!

When we compare this pattern in world history of the ironic historical phenomenon of the political support by the
very people that a racist politician promises to oppress, take a deeper look at the goings on in the Nazi world
prior to World War II. Adolf During the early part of the 1930s decade just ten years prior to World War II, under
the guise of his merely Pro- * rhetoric, Adolf Hitler was actually promising that he would oppress the
Jews (See The Virtual Jewish World) and then once he came into power in 1933, he followed through with his
actual agenda which was the savage oppression of all the Jews within his grasp.

While failing to take his * (colorful educational video) rhetoric seriously, the Jewish bankers who were
involved with the German Jewish Association, bankrolled Donald Trump’s cousin, * before his run
for der Kanzler of the Reich which was the position of the head of state of Germany in the 1932 election under the
Weimar Republic. [Rep. Ilhan Omar* makes a mildly * tweet: *!]

Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner owns the building at 666 Fifth Avenue where the
“Mark of the Beast” 666 computer chip* was developed. Eerily, the young upstart*, Kushner, once officially
had and still has widely-extensive powers on Trump’s cabinet*. “Mark of the Beast*” implants are still being*
suggested as mandatory for all US citizens*. Ironically, those very minorities who supported Trump in his big
push for power in America may be the first to enter his “ *” (Sung by *)
&: by Joel Rafael*! &: * &: by Emcee Pee*. Videos: Black Trump Supporters* &
Hispanic Trump supporters*. Read about the one third of Hispanic voters* who voted for Trump. Watch the
entire movie: Nuremberg*2013 w/ the big time actor *. [See: Trump’s oppression of Latinos*!]

Although Hitler’s bid for chancellor was unsuccessful in the year of 1932, this election is what placed Hitler into
the national spotlight in all German political circles of the day and a year later in 1933, this is what roused his
Nazi followers to rise up in a military coup d'état and place him and his Nazi Party into power thereby making
him the German (der deutsche) (Chancellor). During that year, Hitler replaced the title of “der kanzler”
the German head of state*, to the title of the head of the Nazi party “ “the leader” of which, originally
twelve years earlier, he had first become elected* in 1921.

Trump’s blood relative, Hitler yearned* for his hopeful heartthrob: a girl named Stephanie Isak.
This attractive young Jewess was also known as Stephanie Rabatsch.
Watch video of the “greatest speech” of: Der Führer*. Watch Adolf Hitler. Also watch a clip from a movie
of: Der Führer. Now please watch: How 150,000 German Jews served in Hitler’s army and watch this
baffling video regarding the Jewish support of Adolf Hitler before World War II. And make time to read
about the Association of German National Jews, the Jewish organization which rescued Hitler when he was
going to kill himself over the young and vibrant Jewish girl named Stephanie Isak, who was also known as
Stephanie Rabatsch. Read: Boy has crush on Jewish girl, boy gets rejected, boy kills Jews of Europe, an
article on how Adolf Hitler’s rise to power transpired the defeat of his own Germanic people during WWII.

The ex-wife of Donald Trump, Ivana says that *. And

as absurd as it may seem, how soon we fail to learn that history will repeat itself if either we let it happen or
we even encourage it to happen by voting for a man who seemingly and even blatantly wants to become like
* (image). Just by allowing ourselves to be possible gullible members of the poor, the middle class, the
working class, ethnic minorities and of a certain percentage of the wealthy, many people are taken in by his
false promises of feeding them a generous helping of some of his “golden orange marmalade” from the tables
of an elite faction of the super wealthy who had already received several major tax breaks* in 2017.
With Trump’s new tax plan this elite faction of the super wealthy now receive even more yuge tax breaks*!

I’m following Trump* supporters off a cliff*!

The following is a copy hotgobalnews.com where the KKK endorsed, Trump who had thumbed his nose at
American democracy by disrespecting American democratic principles when he implied that Barack Obama
was a liar (video) by attempting to delegitimize his place of birth. As it turned out, the above image on the TV
screen most likely had been created by some of the “ ” that we’ve all heard about on television.
Actually, however, much of this disinformation* is constantly being manufactured by Trump’s collaborators* the
Russians but it had also included his son and others such as Manafort and Flynn to discredit the mainstream
American news media. Putin’s idol * often characterized the Russian mainstream news media in the
1930s as “ *” which is the same expression that Trump often uses by mimicking Putin’s
hero when speaking publicly. This so-called “American” President Trump and this so-called “Christian” Trump
proposes to build unAmerican: *.

Putin’s Boy: “ *” Donald Trump! Versus: France’s *!

The were finally only beginning to be implemented in March 2018
by the Trump administration*. Nonetheless, by 1/29/19, the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska*, a Putin ally,
had his sanctions lifted by Trump and had even added a Trump transition member to his company’s team*!

Trump’s racist comments about referring to former President Obama as being “a lying nigger” were merely a
blatant implication. Yet the transparency of his personality, his past failure to rent to black people and by his
racist comments leads many American people to believe that he is prejudiced against black people and people of
various nationalities. His disrespect for the American war hero Senator John McCain*,
* during several of his rallies and other examples of his behavior also show that he has disdain for
American war heroes and their families such as the gold-star father Khizir Kahn*, the father of Humayun Khan*,
a Muslim American Army captain killed in Iraq and for the gold-star widow *, mother of La
David Johnson*, a black American soldier killed in Niger.

* said: “ *”!
Nonetheless, based upon innumerable undisguised examples of Trump’s blatant racism* in the RollingStone
Magazine the story about Trump’s calling Barack Obama a “nigger” as it was written only
yet is not uncharacteristic of Trump. Also, some of the
* themselves in order to *.
Watch * for some latest in-depth journalism that helps us to unravel the real news and
exposes Trump’s fake news agenda much of which was started by himself in order to snow job the public, a
trick called “disinformation” that he learned from his Russian comrades and collaborators.

Read the story written during the 2016 campaign: [WASHINGTON – Earlier today in a press conference
held by Donald Trump on behalf of the Republican Party, Trump spoke vigorously about the current United
States president, Barack Obama on his ethnic background. Trump claims that Barack Obama is ‘secretly’
Muslim. This is due to Obama’s middle name being ‘Hussein’. When Trump confronted Obama, Obama
denied being Muslim and said he grew up with Muslims around him but never has he practiced Islam. That’s
when Trump called Obama “a lying nigger” for allegedly hiding his ethnic background of Islam.
Obama was surprised at Trump’s choice of words and obvious racism, and replied with “I assure you I am
not Muslim, though this has gotten ridiculous. Calling me a nigger will not make me feel bad for myself, but
it is making me feel bad for you.”]

Click on this video link and one can readily see that
*. Also, Click on this link for a video from
roadtofametv.com that was uploaded from April 27 of 2011 for the non-existent “lying nigger” reference.

Fact check ~ Question: Were 400 white South African

farmers murdered last year*?

Answer: No, that is not what’s happening.

Trump is prevaricating his forked tongue to slither out

a lie about the so-called the killing of white farmers* in South
Africa and is under fire for his false claims about the scale
of the so-called killing of these white farmers*.

Trump invented this blatant lie about the South African farm
killings* to divert attention from himself and as a dog-whistle
in order to alarm his white nationalist supporters.

Trump knows now that he has to face the US judicial system as

a defendant and may even go to prison for tax evasion, fraud,
money laundering, racketeering or for conspiracy to
commit treason with a foreign adversary.

Donald Trump Jr. is being caught rather red-handed in a lie. In the photo above, for the very first time,
he is being asked about how he had been * from a Russian lawyer
named * that Russia had *.
Donald Trump Jr. was informed by the lawyer that the
* and that
the Russians wanted to *!
So with his father, President Donald Trump’s seemingly outright planning, collusion* with the Russians and,
yes, outright * as of the month of February of 2018,
suspect it or not, Vladimir Putin’s takeover of America could start yet to work like clockwork. Since
* Putin and again at the *, Putin
had very probably instructed Trump on how he will be able to turn America into a dictatorship.

By Trump’s failure to release his taxes, America could soon become prey to the real ruthless dictator that
Trump, seems to rather openly, and is not really hiding deep down inside of himself. America was braced for
violent racial purification measures and possibly even, the start of some *
that could have yet occurred during the long, hot summer of 2017* (music video)! Trump calls trusty
*, “fake news” and agencies like Fox News that support him, as reputable news agencies.

I wonder why*! *? I’m exploring Trump’s idea of torture*. Dad has us kids do errands for him too!*
* & another*! I hear the Chinese are rather good at this! Ivanka, once you went* instead of *!

Similar platforms of Trump and his other hero (besides Putin), the ruthless dictator Adolf Hitler.

See Trump's ancestral immigrant history* and his stance on immigration*. Before he becomes like his
rather *, check out a January* and *
and so now please sign the current: * petition. Now read about the
* that at one point wanted the *.
In a May poll, * in 2017.

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo says that he does not believe such a thing as a deep state in the CIA and the
FBI*. The same term is *. There is an anti-democratic coalition in Turkey* that
is called a deep state that is out to overthrow democracy in Turkey. The term “ *” often
* (video) is frequently parroted by Trump during his speeches and it means the exact opposite, that is,
the concerted effort on the part of patriotic Americans out to put an end to Trump’s anti-democratic policies.
Trump often parrots other terms straight out of Putin’s playbook, terms like: * which
in an all-out purge of the news media could come to mean what it currently means with his idol Putin:
“anything that anyone says bad about him!”

* *
* *

The American nationalist (“Nazi”, for short) President Donald Trump has called writers such as
Jamal Khashoggi*, of the Washington Post,
an “enemy of the people*”.
Saudi Arabia was only somewhat “under pressure”
from the Trump administration* for details
on the initial disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi*.
Senator Bob Corker originally suspected*
the missing journalist was murdered!
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman* is trying to deflect from the Khashoggi murder*!
US intercepts show the Saudis planned to lure Khashoggi to Saudi Arabia*.

Click: Istanbul, Turkey on Wikipedia*.

Click: Image of the City of Istanbul on a Google map* Also: Istanbul on Google Maps*
Turkey has 'shocking' audio and visual evidence of Saudi journalist's killing*.
Evidence of Khashoggi killing*.
MSNBC Lawrence O’Donnell*.
Senate forces an investigation*.

The Trump administration was negligent in Khashoggi’s murder by the President’s decision
not to notify him about the danger of going to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul!

Trump claimed he didn’t want to mess up a multibillion dollar arms deal with the Saudis.
U.S. weapons makers rattled over Saudi Arabia deals*.
Trump’s administration was negligent for its failure to notify Washington Post writer
Jamal Khashoggi of the danger of entering the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

Video shows a team of alleged Saudi assassins* was sent to kill

journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Turkish media says.

Journalist's disappearance tests Trump's close Saudi ties*.

Trumpocchio caught in another big whopper!
Geppetto, the truth-seeking media, is uncovering the truth.
Trump’s $110 billion dollar arms sale to Saudi Arabia was not real*.
By Glenn Kessler October 11, 2018
“I know they’re [Senators] talking about different kinds of sanctions, but they’re [Saudi
Arabia] spending $110 billion on military equipment and on things that create jobs, like jobs
and others for this country. I don’t like the concept of stopping an investment of $110 billion
into the United States.” Trump’s remarks made at White House, Thursday, Oct. 11th of 2018.
Trump’s comment of $110 billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia was fake news*
The arms deals so far have really amounted to $14.5 billion dollars*!
Germany bans its arms deal with an evidently dangerous Saudi Arabia*.
In spite of Trump’s lies, the truth shall be made known in a: !
Khashoggi disappears 10/02/18* and then Saudi’s say no more oil on 10/05/18*.
The horrific butchering of Jamal Khashoggi was recorded on his Apple watch*!
The Turkish government has audio and video recordings of the entire event*!

President Trump vowed what he was calling “severe punishment” if Saudi Arabia is
found to be guilty of Khashoggi’s death*! Trump considers punishment* on 10/16/18
and then defends Saudi Arabia* tooth and nail one day later on 10/17/18!
Al Jazeera: Saudis finally admit to killing Jamal Khashoggi*.
Saudis admit killing Khashoggi at the consulate*!
Turkey, a Saudi rival, may shed light on what Trump’s relationship was to Khashoggi’s
gruesome murder. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan* of Turkey says the
murder was planned days in advance*! Turkey has 'shocking' audio and visual evidence of the
Saudi journalist's killing*! *!
The CIA determines that The Crown Prince ordered the killing of Khashoggi*.
While hoping for another potential multi-billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia,
President Trump would like to believe* in The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman*.
However, in order to give us the complete picture of Khashoggi’s brutal murder, in
mid-Nov. 2018, President Recep Tayip Erdoğan demanded the extradition of a cleric*.

“Make middle class Americans peasants again!”

“Pontificating Mitch*” is getting richer by leading
the GOP’s attempt at the dissolution of the United States*!
However, if the GOP is prevented from dissolving the United States,
it must first start by stealing your income* to pay off the big deficit* it
has built up by following the fraudulent agenda of
President Donald “Dishonest John” Trump.
“Pontificating” Mitch McConnell is doing dastardly damage to the United States*!
The ruse of a Fat Cat for stuffing his pockets with more grasp of your money!

5,900 US troops* to fend off

“mad ghoul” migrants seeking asylum!

Another mentally challenged* & mentally imbalanced* Nazi leads a great nation to
perdition! Unbeknownst to Trump’s Orwellian brainwashed supporters,
Trump is merely a puppet in Putin’s plot to: Make America downtrodden again!
“ *”

Enigma of the century*!

It took 2 years for Americans to finally figure out that


It is taking Americans another 2 years to *

& *.

I decided to stop hailing my idol, the magnanimous Mr. T!

It’s finally time to impeach him* or he will
take the entire Republican party down with him* . . .

. . . For the migrant children who died on our watch*.

Neighborhood Bully* (Lyrics*)
He’s a

Jokerman* (Lyrics*)

Music video streams by Bob Dylan*.

Above the Law

His Imperial Majesty
President Donald John Trump

Mafia Don & The Shoe Shine Boys

About to give them his tiny, I mean, tip

Graham, Barr & McConnell*,

That inimical band:

Mafia Don & The Shoe Shine Boys.

Barry Blitt’s “The Shining”*

About an extremely instable president

By Françoise Mouly*
May 23, 2019
The so-called “ *” yet only
temporarily successful politics of hatred & ignorance*:

. . . Dr. Ronny L. Jackson*

Is Trump a brainwashed proclaims Trump’s health
Manchurian candidate*? “Excellent” 8 times* and even
though he is not a geneticist
. .

says T has “excellent genes”.

Sanjay Gupta talks reality*.

The hard-working, the brave and the strong people of the beautiful City of New York have a dark legacy
(Watch movie: * with the superlatively great actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-
Lewis and Cameron Diaz) and a relatively recent tragedy in the history of New York that Donald Trump
seems to be exploiting so that we can all share in a seething vendetta for the Twin Towers disaster (pictured
above). We can all now share in Donald Trump’s knee-jerk reflex diplomacy which is to simply
“Bomb the shit out of ‘em!” and it will eventually take us on a disastrous and fatal course
toward another barbarous war in which more Americans will die.

See the videos and performances about the 911 Disaster: Fragile* by Sting*, Where were you
when the World stopped turning?* by Alan Jackson*, * by *,
* by * and * by *.
Rachel Maddow: gun laws regarding the *.

New York Times: *.

NBC News: ss o ng La V once ll ur 2 *.

In what is now one of the bloodiest mass shootings in American history, from a multi-windowed hotel suite
at Mandalay Bay Casino & Resort, *, who had no criminal record*, sporadically and
intermittently spilled a barrage of gunshots from what sounded like automatic machine gun fire onto an
outdoor Harvest country music festival in Las Vegas. * was the son of the notorious bank
robber *. Something does not sound right here. We must exercise
* or there could be another lynching like it was in the Old West when many a
cowboy was used as a scapegoat by the guilty culprit, and was hanged for a crime he never committed.
On one hand, just 90 days earlier, Stephen Paddock was purported to have been allied with ISIS which was
trying to claim responsibility for the act. On the other hand we have gazillions of bots that are invading
Facebook and Twitter and the rest of the internet, that were designed to make Americans hate one another by
causing division between the American left wing, Antifa, and the American right wing, the Alt-right. How
could Stephen Paddock, who had just won a whole bunch of money at the casino, become digruntled and go
up to his suite to commit one of the most heinous acts in American history?

To top it all off, did Paddock really collect 23 guns and was rumored to have piles of Antifa literature in his
apartment? However, Paddock kept to himself* and there was no real evidence linking Paddock to Antifa*.
Eric Paddock, the brother of Stephen Paddock*, said that he had no political affiliation* at all.

Paddock’s girl, *, returned from abroad in the Orient. It sounds a bit fishy to me and I don’t
believe everything we see on the surface of it. The man was nuts! He didn’t need a reason to kill à la killing
for killing’s sake. He had guns!

The day right after the Las Vegas massacre, shallowly, while people were agonizing, Trump said:
“ *”. Likewise shallowly, while people were agonizing over the Florida
school shooting in mid-February of 2018, Paul Ryan* said Congress would not even consider questioning*
the * of citizens to bear arms. In February of 2017, Trump signed a stark-raving-
mad Bill into Law* * (Rachel Maddow ). Congress was making it
possible* for the mentally insane to purchase weapons*. Republicans said they did not want to "stigmatize"
them by passing it into law.

Trump and his servile dead-head Republicans have blood on their hands* and are 100% at fault for
* by insane men who by Trump’s mere signing of a bill into law,
were being given their *? (Song by Bob Dylan* Song *).
Check this audio visual out: License to Kill* sung by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers*.

As of February 1st of 2018, *. Are Republicans really open to a

ban* on *? Bump stocks are gun attachments that can turn a regular gun into a veritable machine
gun by turning it into a semi-automatic weapon. Nonetheless, the NRA still wants you to kill whoever you
want to kill, again! The next mass murder will stain * * with even
more human blood! *! Check out the article in The New York: Times* and Daily News* on
*, even while they are attending high
school, being able * that were made for mass killings.
See about the back channel dealings of rubles that have been found
All Americans, Europeans and people across the globe deeply share the concern over terrorism, yet is the
solution to ally ourselves with foreign adversarial terrorists ourselves and to trigger a nuclear war in which
most or all of mankind would most assuredly perish? During the campaign prior to his election, Trump’s
seemingly blatant racism against minorities had once led to concerns over why he should have been
disqualified to run for the office of US president for his openly hurtful comments towards: Native
Americans, black people, Muslims (see article), Mexicans, the poor, anyone with a tan and for his
psychopathically-conceived cacophony of other minorities.

Yet regardless of how you look at it, a racist is a racist is a racist and by any other name, is still a racist, and
Donald John Trump seems to be just like from All in the Family, a
(Excuse me but, this is America. We have a free press remember? Watch: insults video). Some people who
personally know Mr. Trump know him as “someone who does not have a racist bone in his body” even
though he has repeatedly made racist comments, had failed to rent to black people and has appointed
a racist, .
Let’s hope that, like Archie Bunker, President Trump will at least be forgivable. As a Christian, it is next to
impossible to forgive Adolf Hitler who is the idol and was a blood relative of President Donald Trump.

An article appeared in the London Evening Standard on March 4, 1966 that caused the entire Christian
World a whole lot of consternation. The article “How Does a Beatle live?” was being written for the
newspaper by a journalist named Maureen Cleave and it caused a worldwide uproar about John Lennon
quoting him as saying: “Christianity will go,” said John. “It will vanish and shrink . . . I’m right and I’ll be
proved right. We’re more popular than Jesus now. I don’t know which will go first, rock ‘n’ roll or

Among Trump voters, 96%* still lended him their blatantly staunch support* and during his 2016
presidential campaign and following his inauguration, many of Donald John Trump’s supporters appear to
have contracted “Trumpitis”. This affliction is characterized by a rapid occurrence of the rising of blood
pressure and acting out in fits of rage over non-Trump supporters. Even the suggestion of the possibility of
* causes the affliction to be exacerbated and made manifest. To see a
video of such a man who clearly displays a severe case of the symptoms of this malady, just Click on this
link: *. Notice how Jones reacts to suggestions that he is helping the Russians by
supporting Trump, then check out the *:
I’m sure you will agree with my diagnosis and then you can just call me “Dr. Gary”. Trump approval 39%*!

Even after he was caught in just another one of his long list of the of , Donald
* still regarded whatever he said as being the undeniable truth. Even to many of his
*, regardless of Trump’s *,
*, alternatively- *, * and *, the
very words of their idol Trump seem to appear to them to be more important than the words of Jesus Christ.

Among the predominance of his most staunchly loyal supporters regardless of

* and his * his lies had become words that “ *”.
Adding another to his enormous pile of scandals, check out a s *.

Yet even regardless of *, Donald Trump’s wealth is still worshiped and glorified
and much like Beatles* superstar John Lennon*, among his most loyal followers, he even
* and its accompanying Christian morals and ethics (e.g. Trump's groping
of an actress* (Click here for the *) of supposed “faithful” Christians. In spite of
*, even fundamentalist Christian evangelicals such as Jerry Falwell,
Jr. remain in continous awe of Trump* and of his biases, power, money and influence as the US president.

John Lennon

with wife

Yoko Ono.

With every second of an amazingly powerful yet highly volatile World leaders such as Madman, the
“Honorable” President Donald John Trump or fellow Madman, the “Honorable” the North Korean President
* are ever so near that nuclear button, we are taking our families and our children straight
down hill on a hell bound train on a perilous course toward an out and out
global nuclear suicide* (Watch: * from *)!

In an all-out nuclear annihilation, the core of the Earth itself is like a nuclear bomb that is just waiting to
get detonated. The crust of the Earth is only 25 miles thick. In an all-out nuclear war it seems quite
plausible that the * could crack open like the shell of an egg along the fissures*
that run along the edges of the *.

With enough unleashed nuclear power, very probably this bursting open of the Earth’s crust and potentially
even of the * and the Earth’s core, will devastate the entire World in
a nuclear cataclysm that would most definitely even reach cosmic proportions.

Conceivably, such a cataclysm could even be enough to cause a * ( *) or a *
( *) by triggering the entire * to explode. Take
those madmen who are our World leaders away from those nuclear buttons or the life expectancy of all our
families and our children will end soon! All of mankind will more than likely perish in a nuclear war!

For some information on what’s beneath the Earth’s crust Click on the links & images below.

Earth’s Tectonic Plates*


Is it possible that there really is a (movie clip) like Ed Snowden who

could put an end to the nuclear threat that we face simply by neutralizing all nuclear
buttons carried by these highly volatile, mentally unstable, self-serving and
extremely fickle World leaders? Oh where, Oh where has Julian Assange gone?
Oh where, Oh where can he be, where we really need him, instead of where he
constantly wreaks some sort of divisive havoc upon the American public?
Even though Julian Assange helped his boss Trump out by helping get him elected,
Attorney General Jeff Sessions
*. What did the Donald say? Nicht! No! Nyet! Click these links and to get
a clear picture of * and * and also this link:
*. On Apr. 11th of 2019*, Julian Assange was finally placed under arrest*
and is awaiting extradition to the US. Julian Assange has gone to jail anyway*!

As of May 8th of 2017, * about Michael Flynn’s involvement with

the Russians yet she could not comment on any of the classified material. It seems
quite possible that this classified material would spell out the
* for
a * with ultimately, *,
the Russian President, *.

President Trump to be awarded the “Nobel War Prize*”,
I mean, the Nobel Peace Prize!

It is fake fact* that President Donald Trump won a Nobel Peace Prize* or that he is
even seriously being considered to be awarded one. Numerous Republicans on Capitol
Hill, however, are trying to nominate President Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize. After
Trump even questioned why civilians should be avoided* when he ordered two missile
attacks on Syria*; risked a nuclear war by threatening nuclear “fire and fury”
upon North Korea; promised to murder not only terrorists but also
their entire families while promoting their sadistic torture,
* are supportive of the nomination of Trump*
by Representative Luke Messer from Indiana* for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Weird Russian Mind-Control Research Behind

a Dept. of Homeland Security Contract*.

Mere products of the modern Russian science of mind control and conditioning,
President Trump’s successfully brainwashed adherents and supporters mindlessly
chant “Nobel, Nobel, Nobel!” at his rallies and are giving him all of the credit for the
reunion of North and South Korea at their Peace Summit*.
In a nightmarish brainwashing exhibited in the book* 1984* by George Orwell*, Trump
supporters, many of our family members, friends, people we love, are entirely under
the control of the Moscow propaganda machine. Moscow has such hypnotic power over
many of these Trump supporters* that, the Moscow propaganda machine could
actually make a yuge number of Trump supporters, to show support for Trump, stand
on their heads, pat their bellies and say “bow wow” IN UNISON at 12 noon on Thursday!

Ignorance is strength, ask: “ *”!

or *, “ *”.
In a Reaganesque gesture of peace equal to “Tear down this wall*”, On 6/30/19, Trump
is the first sitting US President to step into North Korea*. On the border, the three
World leaders walked back and forth between the two nations. Ironically, yet, a
*, Trump is also a divider among America and its allies*.

In April of 2018, the North Korean President Kim Jong-Un* and South Korean President
Moon Jae-In* seem more than likely to be eligible to be be awarded* the Nobel Peace
Prize *. A Nobel Peace Prize will go to an anti-
nuke group* instead. President Moon Jae-in, however, stated that he feels that
President Trump deserves the Nobel award*. That may seem so in relation to the
Koreas. Christ brings us His love, however, in relation to America, on a daily basis,
by his endless lies, Trump brings us his hatred by bringing deep-seething divisions
within the American people and by rousing Americans to the brink of civil war.
Putin wants Trump supporters to prepare the way for a Russian invasion
of America by his use of classic DIVIDE* AND CONQUER* techniques.
Meanwhile, *!

In America today, Donald Trump (Trump’s idiotic moments video)

is proclaiming that he is merely being pro-white and in like fashion
, Adolf Hitler, this is just a guise for
his actual agenda which first involves *
and then the ruthless racial oppression and genocide that follows shortly thereafter.
Click: Trump’s pardoning of convicted Arizona racial profiler* ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio*.

* named Doctor David Dao MD* from a United Airlines flight* and . . .

. . . the * for
using the restroom just prior to takeoff (and was given only half his fair back in
compensation) makes it blatantly obvious how Trump is putting the legalized policy
of racial profiling into practice. Ultimately, by oppressing the poor and minorities,
only the mainly wealthiest members of the white race with a few token wealthy
minorities (“Uncle Toms*”) will profit from Trump’s tenure as president.

The brutal assault of and the violent * involved

the airline personnel giving him a broken nose, damaging his sinuses, knocking
out two of his teeth and inflicting upon him various other physical injuries
as well as pain and emotional suffering. When he boarded the airplane,
Doctor Dao was weary after several hours of travel and waiting for his flight.

Immediately the day after his violent expulsion from the airplane instead of focusing
on the past indiscretions of *, *, * and *
and so on; or on the brutality of the way in which Doctor Dao was dragged from
the airline, Fox News Network, which is barraged by sexual harassment
cases and biased towards Trump tried to find some kind, any kind of dirt on the
unfortunate doctor*. Dr. Dao was accused of trading drugs for sex.

In regard to *,
* like Christ defended a prostitute* saying:
“Judge not, lest ye be judged*” And “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone*”.
Falwell beclowns himself again* whenever he misconstrues the words of Jesus Christ:

Judge not Charles Manson* for his brutal murders of Sharon Tate & Roman Polanski* lest ye be judged.
Let he who is without sin cast the first stone at Adolf Hitler for *.

Judge Trump, lest ye be judged* for cold-heartedly standing idly by

while his * of political cannibalism prevails!

For soon ye shall be judged by a man who is profit motive for his own
selfish business interests, not America’s.
Yet, the American President Trump calls Assad’s April 8th of 2018 chemical attack upon civilians
“atrocious”*. Trump’s concern for the children of Syria in the chemical attack seemed actual, however, the
“real reason” for the previous US campaign in Syria was that the Trump family makes a mercenary million
dollars a whack* for each *. Another reason was that it made it look like he was
finally standing up to Putin. *.
Did somebody say witch hunt*?
The area gets a bit gray between black and white but take your pick which
witch is a true conspiratorial witch! To DIVIDE* AND CONQUER* on the behalf
of his boss, Putin, Trump now needs an attack on American soil* so now he is
inciting violence* by his neo-Nazi supporters* against his political opponents.

There have been twenty indictments, six convictions*, evidence of

obstruction*, collusion* and outright conspiracy* between the Trump
campaign and Putin. With the intent to overthrow American democracy and
set up an American oligarchy*, evidently, Donald Trump*, Michael Cohen* and
Paul Manafort* coordinated with Vladimir Putin to get Trump elected*!

On May 8th of 2018, Fox & Friends* morning show briefly mentioned the topic
of a Russian oligarch’s payments to Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen. A
company used by *
got typical payments of $1 million from a US company tied to the Russian
oligarch Viktor Vekselberg*. Cohen received $500K* in one payment.

To his successfully enstupefied supporters, thus saith the Trump:
I am the lord thy demagogue, ME & Russia love only YOUR GOLD.

Thou shalt not have the love of Jesus before ME*!

Richard Pinedo*

Alex van der Zwaan*

Paul Manafort*

Rick Gates*

Michael Flynn*

Michael Cohen*

George Papadopoulos*
Sam Patten*

All Guilty!
Jesus was only guilty of loving all!
All the Convicted felons in Trump’s orbit*!

How many of Trump’s advisers were convicted*?

Charged by the special counsel
Charged Charges

Roger J. Obstruction Charged

Stone Jr*. of an official Jan. 24,
Longtime proceeding, 2019*
informal making false
adviser to statements
Mr. Trump and witness

Michael D. Lying to Sentenced

Cohen* Mr. Congress to 3
Trump’s (pleaded years in
former guilty* Nov. prison
lawyer 29, 2018) Dec. 12,

Richard Identity Sentenced

Pinedo* fraud to six
California (pleaded months in
man who sold guilty* Feb. prison
bank 12, 2018) Oct. 10,
accounts 2018*

George Lying to the Sentenced

Papadopoulos* F.B.I. about to 14
Former conversations days in
campaign with people he prison
adviser believed were Sept. 7,
working on 2018*
behalf of
guilty* Oct. 5,

Charged by the special counsel
Charged Charges

Paul Tax and bank Convicted

Manafort* fraud, false of
Former statements, financial
campaign being an fraud
chairman. unregistered Aug. 21,
The big agent of a 2018*
handoff*. foreign
Polling data*. principal,
Feb 14, 2019* obstruction
of justice

Twelve Conspiracy to Charged

Russian commit an July 13,
intelligence offense 2018*
officers* against the
conspiracy to

Konstantin V. Obstruction Charged

Kilimnik* of justice June 8,
Russian 2018*
linguist and
associate of

Alex van der Lying to Sentenced

Zwaan* investigators to 30
Lawyer who about days in
worked with conversations prison
Mr. with Mr. April 3,
Manafort Gates 2018*
and Mr. (pleaded
Gates guilty* Feb.
20, 2018)

Charged by the special counsel
Charged Charges

Rick Gates* Financial

Former fraud and Pleaded
campaign lying to the guilty
adviser F.B.I. Feb. 23,

Thirteen Conspiracy to Charged

Russian defraud the Feb. 16,
nationals* U.S., 2018*
and three conspiracy to
related commit bank
companies fraud,

Michael T. Lying to the Pleaded

Flynn* F.B.I. about guilty
Former conversations Dec. 1,
national with the 2017*
security Russian
adviser ambassador

Charged in related cases

Charged Charges

Bijan Conspiracy Charged

Kian* to violate Dec. 17,
Former federal 2018*
business lobbying
associate rules
of Michael
T. Flynn

Charged by the special counsel
Charged Charges

Ekim Conspiracy* Charged

Alptekin* to violate Dec. 17,
Former federal 2018*
business lobbying
associate rules and
of Michael lying to F.B.I.
T. Flynn

Maria Conspiring to Pleaded

Butina* act as a guilty
Alleged foreign agent Dec. 13,
Russian 2018*

Michael D. Tax evasion, Sentenced

Cohen* bank fraud, to 3
Mr. campaign years in
Trump’s finance prison
former violations Dec. 12,
lawyer (pleaded 2018*
guilty* Aug.
21, 2018)

Sam Failing to Pleaded

Patten* register to guilty
Lobbyist work as an Aug. 31,
linked to agent of a 2018*
Konstantin foreign
V. Kilimnik power

By The New York Times

(re-edited by GRB Pemapomay for this book)

In December of 2018, President Trump was on the verge
of firing Robert Mueller*, the special counsel for the
investigation of Russian meddling into the 2016 election.

(The year before the Great Depression*)

Donald Trump embraces Herbert Hoover protectionism*!

“Mister, we could use a man* like (video) Herbert Hoover* again!”

Harley Davidson moves to Germany*!

US GDP lowered weekly jobless claims rise*!

Trump exaggerates about the economy because of his tax cuts*!

Like skipping stones across the water,

the economy appears to be skipping high*!

*! *! *!

*! economic mirage*!

Happy days are here Ambien*!

*! *! *!

Shutdown’s Economic Damage Threatening to End Growth* (1/15/19)!

Cost of Trump shutdown* $6 billion by Friday 1/25/19*!


Overall estimated cost of Trump shutdown: $11 billion dollars*! Enjoy.


Like Unsuspecting Lambs, Americans Are Being Led To The Stock Market Slaughterhouse*!

Largest deficit spending* ever by any administration! US debt just topped $22 trillion*!

Aging economic 263K jobs

Expansion* low unemployment*

Wall Street:

2019 recession* *

*! *!

Santa Crash would soon be there*!

See what Trump o’ nomics does for ME, I mean, the average US citizen* ($0)?


Trump’s administration $12 billion in farm welfare aid*!

Trump’s ‘amazing’ economy doesn’t add up*! Click on image.

Trump’s Inaccurate Claim That the U.S. Is:
‘the Fastest-Growing Economy in the World’*!

The Gross Domestic Product* (GDP video*):

the total value of everything produced.
The US GDP has been rising fast up a steady slope since 1950.

Trump tariffs will hurt the US economy*!

Bloomberg: Inflation is coming thanks to Trump’s Tariffs*!

Trump brags all the way to the bank while taking ALL of the credit
for the downturn in the unemployment rate.
Unemployment started going down in the Obama administration.
Always cognizant about peoples’ IQ and always blowing people
out of the water when it comes to IQ awareness,
Trump lately denounced Robert De Niro* as:
“A very low IQ individual” as he does with everyone who criticizes him.
The following seems to be quite apt about whether Trump even has an IQ.
J. S. Melton, B.A. from Loma Linda University, La Sierra (1967)
wrote in Quora: “Oh, certainly. Everyone has an IQ. Judging from his
verbal skills, I’d say that Trump’s IQ is probably somewhere between
50-74 (moron) and 85-94 (dull). I’m being quite generous, for I could have
justifiably assigned him to even lower levels of intelligence — to either
imbecility or idiocy. Quite honestly, though, I don’t think he’s that stupid
. . . but, then, Forrest Gump’s

Momma used to say that ‘stupid is as stupid does.’ ”

Write this down! Next one, “a posthumous pardon for *”!

And you can quote ME on that!

Judge hypocrisy lest ye be judged by hypocrites*.

Putin in his Victory Day parade celebrating his
cyber-invasion of US elections*?
Trump is encouraging this takeover of America by Russia*.

Ypa* (hooray)! It’s time for Oh no! Babchenko is still alive*! It was
another single vintage shot almost time. Americans are now wearing
of the finest Russian vodka! caps making fun of our boy Trump
chanting loudly on the street:

Throw the Trumpster

in the Dumpster*!

No one’s giving ME 300 years in prison!

Trump’ll pardon ME, I know he will!

You’re a good guy Manafort but I’m in this for ME!

You think I give out pardons for free?

ME & Putin are: THE UNTOUCHABLES*! You’re disposable!
Manafort mute* while Gates* testifies. Banked on Trump pardon*.
Manafort convicted of 8 counts* 8/21/18!
Manafort flips* & co-operates with the Mueller probe* 9/14/18!
By 11/28/18, however, Manafort only feigned cooperation with Mueller*
and is now to be sentenced more severly for his fake cooperation.
By 12/07/18, Mueller determines that Cohen only partially cooperated*.
Trump directed the payments to Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels*!

Political bed partners in crime always meant to be lovers.

Conspiracy between a *
and the *.

The country of the United States of America is being sold out to

the country of Russia by a turncoat to the American way of life
President Trump*. For example, contrary to the US Constitution,
as of May 9th of 2018, Trump threatened to take away the licenses
from two news agencies*. On June 13th of 2018, Trump made an
attempt at ordering the CNN news agency out of existence.

Trump’s money is evidently his only concern and his bank account
is evidently his only priority, first and foremost, even before
the sanctity of individual human life*.
In his neverending quest for your money, longing to be lied to in the
name of white supremacy, the Alt-right* places boundless faith in
the pathological lies Trump tells them each and every single day.

However, showing that he is only enacting policies based upon the
behest of his master Vladimir Putin, Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen*
collected $500K from a Russian oligarch linked to Vladimir Putin*
after the 2016 election. ’* attorney Michael Avenatti
uncovered* this in May of 2018 (Click links). Like a bloody wound,
the red meat of Trump’s money trail to Putin* is soon
now going to be exposed to the open air for everyone to see.
Don’t rise up in a neo-Nazi revolt like Putin wants you to do and
don’t make your procurement of Trump’s blood money* your priority!

Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, is our Higher Power*. Place your faith in
His hands or in whatever you conceive a Higher Power to be and
not in the hands of misleading politicians nor in the immorality
of often-called "unscrupulous men" such as Donald Trump*
or EPA Dir. Scott Pruitt* to do your contorted bidding.

As of Friday September 22 nd of 2017,

Two of Trump’s cabinet members were under
investigation for wasting taxpayer money on private jets*
by Jen Hayden of the Daily Kos Staff.

The NRA has funneled money from Russia to Trump* and his allies. Even in
the aftermath of the Parkland school massacre*, the NRA was taking an
action that only promoted the sale of more guns: to teachers in particular*.
It is astounding that Nikolas Cruz is being flooded with fan mail while he is
imprisoned*. Trump doesn’t really care about you and your children
and their safety when he fails to mention that
Nikolas Cruz had been an active member of a neo-Nazi
white supremacist hate group*!

Yet, in spite of that, it’s absolutely insane that it was mostly beautiful
white kids and beautiful minorities and staff * who were killed at Stoneman
Douglas High School in Parkland*, Florida. Lending consolation, money, fan
mail & support from the public other than by family members to Nikolas
Cruz amounts to the white race committing suicide and such an act is being
complicit in the macabre reward for such a crime.

This is the age of cyberspace and Big Brother! Such a benefactors’ name
is no doubt placed onto a database of potentially
approving-of-such-a-crime-minded people.

Never forget that . . .

* *

Welcome to TrumpLand*!

While he still throws juicy red meat to his constituents,

501 Days in Swampland* dealing with Trump’s corruption* & his brand
of Pork Barrel* to certain districts and Pay to Play* to
foreign special interests such as the Ukraine* and Qatar*,

by The Mueller Probe* that just kept on marching forward!

In order to flood the swamp with Russians and corrupt politicians and to
mask what he was really doing*, Trump is clearing the way* for
the coming Russian invasion* of America by diverting public attention
toward the Southern US border*. By going easy on Russian sanctions*,
Trump is, in effect, making way* for the advent of:
The “ ” Russian President: Czar* Vladimir Putin*!
Some new Russian sanctions would have been imposed on April 9th of 2018*
when the Russian markets went reeling* and the Syrian conflict loomed*.
However, US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley had to correct Director
of the National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow who said that she was
confused* that the Russian sanctions were not to actually be enforced.
Trump simply changed his mind about the sanctions* and then he let
Nikki Haley take the heat* so he gave her all of the blame.
White House Chief of Staff John Kelly* is purported by White House
staffers to have once called Trump an “Idiot*”.
Who was really responsible?
It is quite evident that Trump supporters still do not even suspect by
now that swamp creature Trump*, is
preparing America for a Russian invasion* in which he
will become a turncoat in favor of his beloved Russian friends*!
The Gospel of Hatred* according to Trump*!
The ANTICHRIST* in his glory, trapping backers in his racism!

No one comes to Putin * * *!

* performed by * (band) in *( *

Trump’s final command*: Don’t believe your eyes and ears!

“What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening*.”
~ President Donald Trump at VFW in Kansas City on July 24th of 2018.
Trump asked veterans to forget what they see and read
and just to listen to him instead.

Trump supporters waved Russian flags last year at CPAC on Feb. 24, 2017*.

Sydney Morning Herald* Putin’s poodle*

Open treason for Trump’s supporters*

“Russia’s flag is firmly planted in American soil*”! ~ Jim Carrey*.








( *)

Come to me my evangelical minions, I am thy savior. I am he who hath been sent

unto thee. Those who fail to worship ME will be disgraced in the end when the
*: ME, Putin and * blow this World to smithereens in a nuclear inferno!

Then the whole World will know that I am he who hath been sent unto thee
to giveth unto thee what thou requireth of ME!


Even at the cost of American freedom and democracy!

And even at the price of an all out nuclear war in which all of
mankind will surely perish* when our bodies & souls leave this World behind!
Behold, America’s * president,

“ *” cites “ *” countries, *.

*, and his ongoing racism.

The American president rules with true idiocy* and *.




A highly capable US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson*, who’s talent was

not really utilized by Trump, called Trump a “F---ing Moron*”!

* on America!

* reportedly said the

highly competent US National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster* who was
replaced with the one-thing-on-his-mind war hawk John Bolton*.

“ *” Trump asked a foreign policy adviser

3 times during a meeting, reports Joe Scarborough news anchor of MSNBC.
The all-out use of nuclear weapons will wind up with “666 D. J. Trump*” in
charge of demolition, while inflicting upon all of humanity
an excruciatingly nightmarish & hellful end-of-the-World scenario*.

After we took the bait and agreed with Trump’s corporate tax plan to lower taxes, then nine years later*
* like one of Rocket Man’s rockets! The Fat Cats will simply now instigate another
so-called “money-making” war and will simply want you to agree to give them more of our taxes out of our
hard earned paychecks* again. As presented by corporate interest, check out the: * News
( *) for some * that makes Trump seem simply wonderful.

Even if the * say that the Moon is made out of Wisconsin cheese*,
with these images parading across the screen of Fox News, the viewers (particularly men),
will tend to fall into complete agreeance with whatever they are saying.

Many just want to know who Trump has been hating lately. And that old " "*
*: *, *, Harvey Weinstein*, Roy Moore* and Bill Cosby* have all
pro *, that they
* along the way. At one of their expensive night clubs, they may have misinterpreted a
song like * by * which is just a mere celebration of good healthy sexuality. Click
on the image below on the right for some real doozies and if you are male and you like women,
just notice your mouth salivate at the sight of such allure.

The super-rich have an alternate reality of deception that relies heavily upon classic conditioning* to prey
upon the poor and the weak so that the Fat Cats can have their way with you, so to speak, by raping your
mind with ideas and images that leave you salivating like Pavlov’s Dog. When Trump lies continuously
about his political opponents, he uses an old trick that a lot of us men have learned a long time ago: when
* over and over that our women will eventually believe us.

Some of us men, only those of us who really do love our women, have bright white haloes over our heads.
Yet most of us men * (video*).
Beware of strangers bearing gifts!
Meet the Billionaires Who Run Trump's swampy Government*! NINA BURLEIGH 4/5/17

They’ve been coaxed out from their fat-cat mansions and off of their luxurious yachts by Trump to
make Trump great again ~ along with these very, very greedy people who are robbing Fort Knox blind.

Pay no attention to that man standing behind the Donald*!

So intelligence, you’ve appropriated

the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West*, ay!
Very resourceful!

Go away and come back tomorrow!

I’ll have to hobnob with my brother wizards

and give the matter some thought. Now go!

Beware of Rich People Who Say They Want to Change the World*.
Anand Giridharadas Aug. 24th of 2018.

The winners of Society seem to be so very generous,

until you wake up and realize what they’re really selling:

They’re really working for “the other guy”: Vladimir Putin!

I got ‘em! You didn’t!

It sucks to be you, poor boy!

Smile for the camera girls!

Pastors love ME! Christians follow ME!

I am the model for how men should live their lives.
Come worship the flesh of ME, my wealth and my lifestyle.
I am superman and I am god! We just practice white privilege anyway.
The girls “just let you do it”. Grab ‘em by the -----* (Uncensored version)!

So drop your panties and brace yourselves ladies!

The Russians are coming*! rossiyane idut! россияне идут!

The Next Recession* Will it be shallow but long or deep but quick?
We outline two possible scenarios JOACHIM FELS JUNE 2017.
Trump brags about the GDP as it rises at a fast pace*.
The US GDP has been going fast up a steep slope since 1950.
(Graeme Wearden 7/27/18).
Inviting the Next Financial Crisis* what economists say*:
Trump’s administration* (8/22/18).
How a booming US economy can cost Trump his presidency* (Michael Boskin).
Trump says impeachment could hurt the boom.
But he is hurting it NOW* 8/26/18!
The US lacks fiscal space to act when the next recession comes*
(Jeffrey Frankel) 8/28/18.
It’s Putin’s party: Vladimir Putin’s popularity among Americans.

Putin’s agent Trump* and his *!

Click: “Putin’s boy”, Trump on declaring a national emergency*!

America’s real national emergency: The West is unprepared for Russian

election meddling*. Party of Putin, I mean, Trump cheap talkers* refused
to do anything about it. As of March of 2018: The US State Dept.
Was Granted $120 Million to Fight Russian Meddling.*
In two years it Had Spent $0 toward that effort!

Quite evidently, Trump welcomes this takeover of America by Russia.

Abe Lincoln’s Republican party has morphed into a Russian asset*!

May I suggest renaming it to the “Repubputin party”?

When it comes to male and female relationships, a few of us men who have wandered down by the
wayside have been a bit like: * (You Tube video* by *)
but that’s what *. Listen to the feelings of an abandoned boy
by * in the song:“ *” (music video).

Morning Joe* & * Rachel Maddow* Lawrence O'Donnell*

Go to * and to * for news networks that use a diligent effort for the arrival at the truth of
the political, economic and social undercurrents going on in the World and within the United States.
*! Wealth stays at the top! It is just an excuse for
the wealthy Fat Cats to keep getting richer by keeping middle class Americans in the blind.

The news anchors on this page show us how the super wealthy subjugate the American economy to
serve the self-centered needs of the rich to make the economy lean more toward draining itself
into their own bank accounts. Because of their own greed and hard work, many members of Trump’s
administration are wealthy and like Trump, America is really here to serve the avaricious who are
not really here to serve America. The wealthy brainwash the gullible to get more of your hard-earned
money. The middle class does not admit its own naïveté and thereby becomes the victims of the rich.

Anderson Cooper* Chris Matthews* Chris Hayes*

By supporting the free press of American democracy, America’s new war heroes are fighting for you on
your behalf upon the battlefield of the American psyche over the control of your mind from the Russian
invasion that attempts to pre-determine your choices. Putin’s Russian meddling in the US election
process is making a way for Trump to impose his bastardized brand of capitalism & Eastern socialism*
upon the face of Western democracy. Watch the CNN and MSNBC news to help you get a clearer
picture of the reality of solid facts: Ana Cabrera*, Hallie Jackson*, *, Erin Burnette*,
Katy Tur*, Fareed Zakaria*, Chris Cuomo*, * and *.

The super-rich alternative reality uses deception that relies heavily upon the use
of the establishing of false conceptions as absolute fact in order to prey upon the poor and
the weak. It employs classic conditioning techniques that takes advantage of our desires.

Classic conditioning = boy sees picture of sexy girl, boy salivates at the sight associating
the accompanying message as pleasant that (even though D. J. Trump may really just be a dweeb
like ME): the so-called “Honorable” D. J.Trump is an absolutely wonderful human being.

The Fat Cats subjugate the unsuspecting by preying upon your own livelihood and it is
money-motivated to fill their own greedy coffers. While following Trump’s master
* as part of his ongoing process of ,
Fox News pumps out volumes of some of the real “fake news” that Trump keeps talking
about. In order to get the spot lamp off himself, Trump continues to try to overthrow
American democracy by accusing others of the very thing that he himself is guilty of.

Sen. *, however, as of
Oct. 31st of 2017, Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager from June to Aug. of 2016,
*. The so-called “Trump Revolution”
may really just be a newly-reinvented * after all ( *)!
The legacy of the idiot in chief*:
the his inept and bumbling administration*
The Dishonest Donald John Trump*! Note the response by Colton:

Replying to @realDonaldTrump
. @realDonaldTrump you are honestly an invalid idiot. Please go away. Please go away tomorrow. As soon as you
can. Please. At least do some good for the world. Resign. Then you can go live a happy life at the Trump Vegas.

With Trump’s becoming the 2017 US president, then like Adolf Hitler, he is vainly
attempting to attain the power and be able to follow through with his racist notions
of the oppression of all minorities even including all Latinos. His inadequate regard
for Latinos is evidenced by his dilly dallying assistance* in his inept delivery
of vital goods to the Puerto Ricans following the 2017 hurricane disasters.
While thousands of Puerto Ricans lay dying, apparently food and supplies were left on
purpose in locked impenetrable metal trailers on the loading docks. Ironically, despite
Trump’s disdain for Latinos, many Latinos backed Trump during his 2016 campaign.

Check out the polling on President Trump’s favorability ratings as of the end of
January of 2017 which headline read: Americans think Trump will be the worst
president since Nixon*. Now check out Trump’s favorability rating of 37 % * in
November of 2017 and a beginning of Dec. 2017 approval rating of 33% * and
check out Trump’s overall approval rating at the end of the year by
Dec. 7th Trump’s approval rating was 32%*.

Trump’s overall approval rating at the end of May of 2018* of 41.5%.

The October 24, 2018 Trump approval was 42.9%*!

Trump’s job approval before the Nov. 6, 2018 midterm was 39%*!

In the Gallup poll, Trump’s job approval rating as of December first is 38%*!

Trump’s approval rating for December 18th of 2018 is 42.2%

Although the economy seems to be booming, it only booms for the top 1% of the nation.
The boom for the top 1% of the population is being be paid for by corporate tax cuts
for the wealthy and by the blood, the sweat and the tears of the poor and the middle
class. By borrowing from our future income there will be a major tax hike in nine
years hence* when the next administration will have to patch the economy
back up from the damage that was done during this feckless administration.

Signed into law by Trump, The Fat Cats will skate off completely free. The big
corporate tax cuts make Republicans look like heroes when the state of the
US economy is only booming because of the foundation that was layed
during the Obama administration. Check out the fact that:
the state of the US economy during the Obama administration surpasses
the state of Trump’s economy that is getting laid* during this administration.

In the name of Manifest Destiny, I mean, “national security”, any members of a

minority as well as the general populace are now becoming the subject of
more frequent random police checks, unlawful searches and seizures
and other invasions of the Constitutional right to privacy.

However, oftentimes our law enforcement authorities are often out-fire powered by
many of the threats to national security on the streets. For instance, by being
allowed to carry an AR-15, a 19 year old boy can legally be better-equipped at killing
mass numbers of people than a great number of soldiers during the Vietnam War.

Nonetheless, many times the very fire power that police officers use as a defense
against these unreasonable threats to our national security can sometimes be used
against the members of minorities or the common everyday man, woman or child or
anyone on the subway* or on our streets. Are we getting better at getting the
violent riff raff out of circulation, while still honoring * and
the Constitutional rights *?

Through the governmental policy of eminent domain, President Trump is to usurping

both private and commercial property all along the southern border wall*.
If you are interested in real estate then watch this video:
“Donald Trump and eminent domain*” and read the Washington Post about:

“Donald Trump’s Abuse of eminent domain*”!

Think of the man who resembles Trump during the eminent domain scenes in the
movie: Goin’ South* (Click for movie) with the quintessential American actor Jack
Nicholson and the fantabulous actress Mary Steenburgen from Arkansas.

Also watch: (full movie) of the way territorial governments

abused the policy of eminent domain in past American history of the early 1900s
with the legendary actors Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins
and the lovely Julia Ormond.

The bullied poor under the kleptocracy of D. J. Trump* You are not worthy of ME*
When by 2027 the 2018 tax cuts become yuge tax hikes*! the Dishonest Donald John Trump!

Ma & Pa Missouran dealing with Trump’s revenuers*

When like all along the US southern border wall*, the
Dept. of IR declares “eminent domain”* on Missouri land!

In American history, the Monroe Doctrine of Manifest Destiny was evident of a somewhat narcissistic
prevailing notion of Europeans which resulted in a notion of Western superiority. It was conceived in this
notion that: “We are the smartest, we are the hardest-working, we are the most advanced, we are the best-
looking, we are the most powerful, we are the most righteous, we are destined to be the wealthiest people on
Earth and we are destined to rule the world.” The modern politician President Donald Trump* epitomizes
this * and its accompanying false sense of superiority to the rest of humanity.

The thinking among American politicians that laid the background for the Monroe Doctrine started occurring
just after the Mexican War of Independence which was a Mexican victory over Spain in the time span
of the 16th of September in 1810 to Sept 27, 1821 which is what led to the yearly Mexican Independence Day
celebration which is called El Grito de Dolores on September 15th.
This 1821 Mexican war for independence from Spain is sometimes confused by white Americans
(“gringos” a lightly derogatory slang more or less) and foreigners with the yearly celebration of the Mexican
victory over France at the Battle of Puebla on the 5th of May in 1862.

This celebration of Mexican independence from France* (Mexican music video*) is called el Cinco de Mayo
which means exactly that “the 5th of May”. The above two celebrations are performed by Mexicans in
homage to these historic struggles of a free people for independence from the European country of Spain in
1821 and for independence from the country of France in 1862.

James Monroe’s policy came from the American formal declaration that European countries would no longer
interfere with the American conquest of the New World. It also declared that the countries of Europe would
no longer continue to colonize the New World or to interfere with the affairs of the United States, Mexico
and the other nations of the Americas.

The United States would view any new efforts by European powers for colonization in the New World as
hostile and aggressive actions and if it were to occur, it would become the basis for the intervention of war.

And since the Indian was being viewed as merely just a little above an animal in the views of Manifest
Destiny, it was considered as completely OK to move right in and to take over their land no matter to what
extent of the immense amount of humiliation, degradation, human suffering, decimation and massacres that it
inflicted upon them, oftentimes even to the point of their outright extermination.

Libelizing Mexicans:

Trump’s racist “logic” for an isolated crime.

The high school massacre at Parkland, FL

That killed 17* was committed by a neo-Nazi.

He is white, therefore,

it was committed by only one individual.

The Mandalay Bay massacre that killed 58*

was committed by a disturbed individual.

He was white, therefore,

it was only committed

by a disturbed individual.

Christopher Watts* is being alledged to have killed

his wife and two children.

He is white, therefore, it was committed by an individual.


Mollie Tibbetts was murdered by

an illegal immigrant*.
He is Mexican, therefore,
all immigration laws are flawed* and
it was committed by the entire Mexican race.
So Mexican immigrants
should be deported.

The Aryan race* originated in Iran and spread to Europe and India: Aryan, Shah Rukh Kahn* above.

Today, everyday Americans face the decimation of Americans because we are not being viewed as human
beings by a few insidious factions of our fellow human beings from the Middle Eastern cultures. Other than
in outward appearances, in essence alone, this idea of a ” *” has come face to face and is
precisely mirrored by a “Middle Eastern narcissism*” which will tend to * to
believe that it is the destiny of an elite faction of Middle Easterners to rule the world*, to dominate the land
and to commit numerous insane acts of terrorism either upon anyone even resembling Americans or upon
any of their very own *.

Students of human nature express the concept that it is wholesome and healthy for a human being
(read text*) to feel a true sense of self-worth. Watch and listen to Whitney Houston in this video about
herself when she had genuinely achieved some good wholesome feelings of self-worth: The Greatest Love
of All*. The resulting sense of self-esteem will allow a person to love others and to live a truly happy life.
Yet whenever this urgent need for self-esteem has not been met, the very nature of self-love itself is such that
it can tend to become aberrant when it becomes inclined toward eliminating someone else or something else
just to pretend to prove that it is the only person or thing that is worthy to exist. Like the Greek Narcissus,
through his own committal to his own false sense of self-esteem and its downward spiraling self-deceptions,
this will bolster any sort of mechanistic-minded terrorists’ obsessive need for self-conceit and it will tend to
compel itself to fulfill the prophecy that he has become one of the damned . . .

. . . by gazing into an exact mirror image reflection while continuing to falsely admire
its own false beauty for all eternity, for all eternity, for all eternity, all eternity, ...
eternity, eternity

*: “ *”

The Sweet Scent of the New World Odor ( *?)

* *

Owns * and rising, much of it ruthlessly

stolen from his Russian countrymen and “conquered nations” such as Georgia*,
the Crimea* and Syria*. By comparison, before he ran for president, Trump often
boasted that he owned *. It is all largely based on credit dollars.

(The value of the US dollar will drop*)

This is America !


This is America* on Trump o’ nomics !

“We’ll know our disinformation program “In our country, the lie has not
is complete when everything the become just a moral category, but
American public believes is false.” a pillar of the state.”

~ William Casey, CIA Director ~

at first staff meeting in 1981. Russian writer

Just one, will Civil rights icons, John Lewis and Elijah Cummings and the
object* to Trump’s presidency* for his blatantly oppressive
policies, such as the travel ban on Muslims, which temporarily got blocked by a federal judge*
and as of June 26th of 2017 has been conditionally reinstated*? Evidently, the protestors will
continue to object to the Russian interference with the 2016 US election that instrumentally
provided the adequate leverage to Donald Trump’s campaign victory over Hillary Clinton!

Similar to his idol Adolf Hitler, Trump elevates himself to an inate superiority and then he de-humanizes
anyone whom he dislikes or that gets in the way of his acquisition of the wealth of the masses of Americans
of various ethnic backgrounds. The same sort of de-humanization occurred in the history of the American
Old West where Native Americans were not considered as “human beings” according to the philosophy of
Manifest Destiny and its prevailing notion of European superiority. It was considered as “self-evident”
among some Europeans and corrupt politicians similar to Trump, that they could rouse mercenary
perpetrators with the ideology that they were destined to move in, to dominate and to exploit the land and the
native inhabitants even to the point of extermination through a series of barbaric acts of the decimation of
entire native clans and villages.

A perverted and a debased type of stereotyping of natives in the form of such “little white lies” were
historically told in the name of this type of prevailing attitude among European immigrants that it was the
Manifest Destiny of white European immigrants to rule the land on the North American continent. Such
genocide was perpetrated predominantly against the native inhabitants yet even upon the early pioneers and
the original white settlers that inhabited the land on which the continual influx of new and unruly settlers and
immigrants wished to occupy. The “ends justified the means” involved the genocide of natives and of the
American descendants of pioneers and of the early European immigrants who were already living on the
desired land and it meant inflicting an insane type of stereotyping and dehumanization of natives. It is one
major reason why immigrant Europeans historically referred to natives as mere savages even before the
founding of the United States in 1776. This genocide occurred to no matter what extent of human suffering
that it inflicted against fellow human beings who were completely innocent of these contrived crimes.

This type of dehumanization was commonplace in the United States in the 1800s as is exemplified by all of
the innumerable and the absolutely barbaric massacres by the US Cavalry and militias such as, to name only
a very few: at Sand Creek in 1864, at Washita River in 1868 and at Wounded Knee in 1890. Yet natives
often fought back in major battles against much greater forces. However, a few renegade outlaws had
perpetrated some aberrant massacres upon the completely innocent white settlers and non-compassionately
simply thought of it as stemming the inflow of new settlers and immigrants that were inhabiting the land.

In the above photograph is an eyewitness to the Sand Creek massacre, Howling Wolf (born 1849 died 1927,
Southern Cheyenne) after he was imprisoned at Fort Marion in Saint Augustine, Florida in 1875.

The primary motivation for the mass insanity that occurred with the settlers was instigated by a few adept
and mercenary politicians over the control of the resources contained within the land. And while there were
actually a rather great number of epic, heroic and ferocious battles between the settlers against the Indians, in
the name of Manifest Destiny, many of these massacres of natives are mistakenly referred to as “battles”
when they were actually perpetrated against bands comprised of predominantly women and children while
the warriors were out hunting for the vanishing buffalo herds and other wild game. See: *.

During the early 1860s, Colonel John Chivington of the Colorado militia hated all Native Americans and had
conspired a plan to kill all Indians by obtaining the assistance of Governor John Evans of Colorado who was
an instrumental supporter of Chivington's insidious plan. These two early American immigrant settlers
planted the false notion among the people of Denver that gold was contained within the earth underneath the
land upon which the Anishinaabe people of the Cheyenne and the Arapaho dwelled in their village.

The “official” story about the Sand Creek Massacre of the Anishinaabe of Black Kettle’s village of the
Cheyenne was completely fabricated by John Chivington. Like the US President Trump in 2017 who
fabricates stories and spreads his political cannibalism & racism to win the public favor of a dominant mass
of voters, Chivington utilized his tall tale of gold through the political process so that he could win the favor
of the Denver public and obtain public office by becoming re-elected as the local territorial Sherriff again.

Above is a pen, ink and watercolor Ledger art illustration by the Cheyenne warrior Howling Wolf* of the
Massacre at Sand Creek in late November of 1864 where a minimally estimated 70 to 163 women and
children were killed while most of the warriors were out hunting for the vanishing buffalo herds. By the end
of the 1860s and the end of the American Civil War (1861-1865) bison were starting to disappear as a
species and were in grave danger of becoming extinct. In the above ledger art drawn by Howling Wolf,
according to the his conception, it can be noticed that Indian scouts, with bullets flying over their heads, are
leading a lone warrior into a trap where he is shot by Colonel John Chivington’s Colorado militia on the left,.
The above ledger art was a gift from the Mrs. Jacob D. Cox Collection in the year of 1904.
Pertaining to the Anishinaabe on Mackinac Island from whom the Menominee Nation descended, in the early
1800s, with the influx of new immigrants from various national origins, a fishing industry was developing
that employed many of the island’s native inhabitants. Yet the politics of the local economy was becoming
oppressive and brutal toward the natives and particularly toward the Indian men who lived there on the
Island. Mackinac Island was pivotal in the fur trade, yet it supported a very large degree of fishing and the
industry that had developed there employed natives who performed the menial tasks to assist the white
settlers and immigrants from various nations who were employed there. Prior to and during the two decade
period of 1763 to 1783, there were various political struggles brewing between the French, British, Canadian
and American immigrants and the settlers who had come to live or to work seasonally upon the island.

While having even only menial employment working for the oftentimes oppressive barons of the fishing
industry and receiving minimal wages, at the same time, these Anishinabek ancestors were fully capable of
fishing for the super-abundant food supply of fish of all sorts and varieties that were contained in Lake
Huron off the eastern shore of the island and in Lake Michigan off the western shore of the island.

Prior to and during this historical time period, Great Lakes sturgeon could grow as large as seven feet long
and weigh over a thousand pounds. At times they can even weigh as much today, for example: in the above
photograph. Anishinaabe ancestors had been fishing in these lakes for innumerable thousands of years and
had passed their manner of fishing down to their descendants on the island and beyond to their present home.

In the 1970s in Neopit, Wisconsin on the Menominee Indian Reservation above is a

photograph of young Menominee descendants of Métis fishermen from Mackinac Island.

To unmask the “little white lie” that was being told about the “starving natives” returning from the war in
1814 as described by Cass before the US Congress, take a look for yourself at the location of Mackinac
Island which sits right in between two gigantic lakes and is just ten miles to the right off the northernmost tip
of Lower Michigan which can be clearly seen in the satellite photograph below and is shaped like a mitten.

Click on this link to the above satellite photo image of the vast region surrounding Mackinac Island and
Click on this link for a Google map image of the island. The following link is for a south to north space-
photo map of the island from above. On the right of the island is Lake Huron to the east and to the west of
the island is Lake Michigan. In both the map as well as the satellite photograph, you can see that the
Mackinac Island is still covered with trees in large swathes of its area. This very area today is still filled with
wildlife as you can visually see on the map by the amount of wooded area that it entails. In the early 1800s
there were immense forestlands on the eight mile in circumference island of Mackinac and nearby right
across the channel at St. Ignace and near Mackinaw City in Lower Michigan and on Bois Blanc Island.

Mackinac Island has forest area that is similar to an old wagon trail in The Netherlands.
The above photograph entitled Tree Tunnel was taken by Ton l‫ ع‬Jeune.

Almost a century later, the logging industry, which would result in the eventual relative depletion of wildlife
in the region, had not yet gone into full swing until the late 1800s and the early 1900s. In the early 1800s,
these gigantic forests were much more immense than they are today and they were teaming with wildlife and
they are still are teaming with wildlife today.
Above view of Round Island from the Lake Huron side of Mackinac Island near Sugar Loaf
Rock. Looking southward in the above picture, Round Island is in the distance in front of Bois
Blanc Island and Lower Michigan is in the background over the horizon and farther to the right.

A drawing of the view of Mackinac Island from Round Island in 1869.

The image of the photograph Twice as Nice by Cathleen Tarawhiti is reminiscent of the image below.
The British attacked Fort Mackinac on July 26th of 1814 and continued to battle for it until they finally
captured it on August 4th of that year. The British held onto Fort Mackinac until July 18th of 1815 when the
Americans took it over again. After 1815, when Fort Mackinac was in American possession, it was no longer
needed as a strategic border defense against Canada and The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

After it solely became used as a military base from which American troops could be deployed to other
locations, Fort Mackinac was almost abandoned numerous times. This is why it eventually became used
more and more merely as a port and the fort there became a military depot that was used as strategic base for
troop reserves that were on hand for any further military engagements in the Great Lakes region. Previously,
about twenty two years earlier during the 1790s, while the island was under the jurisdiction of the British
régime, it became used for a major fur trading post that became pivotal in the region.

Painting of Mackinac Island by Seth Eastman (1808–1875).

As mentioned earlier, malicious misinformation, was propagated in 1816 before Congress by Governor
Lewis Cass of Michigan territory about the Anishinaabe (Mamaceqtawuk) warriors of Tomah while coming
back from the war to Mackinac Island in 1814 and about their generation that had sided with the British. This
malicious rumor had serious repercussions upon the feelings and sentiment of our full blood Anishinaabe and
Métis ancestors. It was a year after 1816 that Cass had given his baseless and inflammatory report to
Congress. As a response, the members of the ancestral Menominee Warrior Society (Naenawehtawin)
simultaneously took over three US forts in the year of 1817 when …

… The 65 year old, Tomah, his brother, the 40 year old, Iometah and other chiefs such as a 22 year old
Oshkosh (the grandson of Chawanon) Souligny (the grandson of Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny) and the 34 year
old Kaush-Kau-No-Naïve known as Grizzly Bear (the son of Colonel Samuel C Stambaugh), inland from
the southwestern shore of Lake Erie in the northwestern portion of the former Ohio country (statehood 1803)
initiated three simultaneous occupations of the forts: Mackinac, Stephenson and Meigs.
The stories of these takeovers are only briefly mentioned in the oral tradition of native elders.

By that year of 1817 since there were no longer any major Indian battles to encounter in the region and
because of the technological development of western expansion, the forts had become somewhat of a thing of
the past and were becoming completely antiquated in their usefulness to the US government.

Fort Meigs* and Fort Stephenson* (Sandusky*) in Ohio and Fort Mackinac* on Mackinac Island*.

For all practical purposes, this story about the 1817 capture of the three forts by the Menominee chiefs has
been “swept under the rug by American historical writers” so to speak, and not much is mentioned in history
books about the capture of the forts by the Menominee Warrior Society, yet it was a major event in
Menominee history and it was crucial to the identity of whom historically called themselves
Omaeqnominiwuk, the French had called “Les Folles Avoine”, the British had called “the Folles Avoines”
and the Americans would begin to call by the term “Menominee” at the 1817 treaty signing with the US.
Although there was a great amount of an armed interchange, these takeovers were somewhat easier for the
Naenawehtawin (Menominee Warrior Society) to appropriate.

The fort at Mackinac had previously been successfully occupied by Iometah and several of these chiefs in the
year of 1812 when they assisted the British army in the capture of the fort. The young Oshkosh participated
in this takeover when he was a young warrior of 17 years old.
However, these occupations against the Americans were re-enactments of a previous eleven-day siege in late
April of 1813 of Fort Meigs and of the nearby Fort Stephenson (formerly called Fort Sandusky) during
August of 1813 that ended with the sieges being dispersed. Under the administration of President James
Monroe in 1817, the result of this unpublicized occupation of the three forts (Mackinac, Meigs and
Stephenson) by Tomah, Iometah, Oshkosh and Souligny is that it went unnoticed by the American public and
the world. However, it led to the US which sent representatives that were involved with 1817 treaty
transactions into agreeing to the Menominee 1817 Treaty of Peace & Friendship and it recognized the newly
designated “Menominee tribe” as an independent nation of Native Americans.

Chief Tomah, after whom the City of Tomah, Wisconsin was named (Tomah historical marker) and the rest
of the Caron and Souligny families of chiefs and their relatives that were pre-eminently recognized by the
British in 1778, were not being recognized by this 1817 Menominee Treaty of Peace and Friendship with the
US. They no longer were to be recognized as chiefs because they actually initiated and were instrumentally
involved in the capture of the three forts from the United States government in the year of 1817.

Thereupon, the US representative at the treaty signing, the Michigan Territorial Governor, Lewis Cass
purposefully shunned the prestigious Caron and Souligny families as Menominee Chiefs by not recognizing
Tomah, Iometah, Oshkosh, Souligny, Grizzly Bear and the rest of the chiefs, who were all Caron and
Souligny descendants, that had spearheaded the takeover of the three forts.

On the other hand, in this 1817 treaty, the United States was recognizing many of the Menominee ancestrally
full blood clan chiefs who signed their X marks next to their names such as: “Warbano” (Waubeno, Wolf
and Waupoose families and relatives are descended from the wolf clan chief, all the Ws are coincidental);
“Innimikee” (Anamikee, thunder clan chief); and “Weekay” (the Calumet Eagle). An ancestor of the
Komaniken family (Kominikey) was the thunder clan chief. Several Menominee families are descended from
this thunder clan chief who signed both of the treaties of 1817 and 1827.

Most of the braves who lived upon and surrounding Mackinac Island went to war for the British until the
year of 1817 when the Menominee Treaty of Peace and Friendship was signed with the US. By the 26th of
December, after the proclamation of the Menominee Treaty of 1817, Fort Mackinac became completely
surrendered up to the Americans.

Four years after the 1813 takeover that was spearheaded by Chief Tomah of the Forts Mackinac, Stephenson
and Meigs and was assisted by the army of Great Britain, the 1817 capture of these same three forts by the
Menominee Warrior Society was equivalent to, as if the warriors had enacted three successful Novitiate
takeovers in 1975 all at the same time, instead of just the one takeover of the Alexian Brother’s Novitiate in
Gresham, Wisconsin on January 1st of 1975. This highly publicized takeover of the Alexian Brothers
Novitiate in January of 1975 was met with vigorous opposition by the members of the surrounding
communities of Gresham, Tigerton, Embarrass, Bowler and the Concerned Citizens of Shawano County.

It started to be on the brink of gravitating toward a modern day nightmare war that would have been
disastrous to several communities in Wisconsin. The Novitiate takeover could have even resulted in the mass
madness that was occurring over a century ago in 1885 in Arizona and New Mexico. It was possible that
even in this day and age, that the Novitiate takeover could have turned into a matter of “whites versus
redskins” once again. For example: The Atchison Daily Champion in Atchison, Kansas, published an article
on Oct. 9th of 1885 that told of settlers in Arizona who across the state were hunting for Indians and were
commissioned to “hunt for redskins, with a view of obtaining their scalps.” A scalp taken from a dead Indian,
young and old alike, were valued at $250. Such barbarism has apparently just happened in Syria at the hands
of , whose Russian army had ruthlessly invaded it. It seems that, in
war there are no good winners, the wicked victor takes the spoils.

Regardless of the nationality, who could the next scapegoat be for whites, blacks, yellow or red people across
the face of the Earth? No matter how unimaginable and inconceivable it is, as what happened during the
French Révolution and in Russia during the early part of the 20th Century, history shows us that such victims
of oppression could ultimately turn out to be anyone of us great or small, populated or not so populated,
super-rich or poor, powerful or weak: you, me or them. The Bible says: “Blessed are the meek: for they
shall inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5.5 *). “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and
sisters of mine you did for me.” Matthew 25: 40. Referring to the fate of the rich and the poor in the
afterlife, the Bible also says: “So the last shall be first, and the first last. For many are called, but few are
chosen.” Matthew 2016 *. Jesus once told his disciples: “Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is
rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a
needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” Matthew 19 23-25 Verse: 26*.

Since President Trump owns shares in the Dakota pipeline and since he has failed to release his taxes and has
failed to divest his interest in his companies, which is what American presidents have done since Nixon,
contrary to the Emoluments clause in the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution, Trump had made the order
for the resumption of the construction of the Dakota oil pipeline project.

No discriminator of race or nationality, while passing through Lake Oahe in North Dakota, like a big black
snake, the oil pipeline sporadically defecates while slithering across the American landscape. Poisoning all
who come into contact with and drink from the water table’s fateful brew, the inevitable oil leaks and spills
contaminate the drinking water all along the pipeline. This effort is now sullying the gravestones and sacred
graveyard of the Standing Rock Lakota nation. Oil spills and seepage into the drinking water from this
underground pipeline will ultimately lead to the deaths and sickness of the Standing Rock people and various
nationalities of people from the adjacent communities all along wherever the pipeline bends and turns.

By deploying a platoon of army tanks to take the protestors out of life altogether, President Trump evidently
ordered the all-out obliteration of the people who attended the demonstration at Standing Rock. It was
reminiscent of what happened at Wounded Knee where Chief Spotted Elk’s docile band was surrounded on
all sides by the entire 7th Cavalry and four Hotchkiss cannons and then systematically had become some
more of Uncle Sam’s genocidal victims. President Trump’s response to the Standing Rock protest was
Trump’s cue for an all-out military assault that he had planned to transpire upon the protestors.

It seems quite possible that the Standing Rock protest was Trump’s anticipated cue for his first ruthless and brutal act
of genocide against minorities or quite apparently whomever else he is intending to exterminate in the already great
country of America. As in the month of December in the year of 2016, many military veterans from all over the US
were returning to the Standing Rock protest once again to .

The Standing Rock protest could have turned out just like with Trump’s idol Adolf Hitler whose first act of
* occurred on * . It seems that Trump’s plan was to wipe
them out and continue onward and then push for further acts of genocide against whomever else he deems as unworthy
to exist. Yet a blatantly avaricious and pernicious * when he
deployed the platoon of US Army tanks that was well prepared to take the protestors out by any means possible even
up to and including out-and out an act of brutal genocide!

As for the struggle between the rights of Native American citizens to bear arms, however, native and other American
citizens are precisely now not being able to possess weapons. Gun laws should be made equal for all nationalities. At
the Standing Rock protest against President Donald Trump’s oil pipeline, in which he owns shares, the mainly native,
with some protestors from other nationalities in this peaceful protest, did not possess any weapons. Only an undercover
agent had his gun confiscated as a decoy for someone to blame and they blamed the peaceful protestors. And as a
result, a very large number of the brave and peaceful protestors were rounded up and charged with felonies and were
then shuffled off to Hitlerian-style work camps and detention centers.

Unbeknownst to the American public, these neo-fascist* detention centers could possibly be Trump’s sadistic
“internment camps” that he kept talking about during his campaign in which he presented the fascist ideology he
espouses*? On Dec. 15th of 2018, the UN says the US must stop child detentions*. Set in a backdrop of Trump’s
political cannabalism, Trump insists on your money* to end his government shutdown. Who really pays for the wall*?

Getting back to the topic of the Mueller probe, with any of Manafort’s collaborators questioned, including Trump, the
Special Counsel Robert Mueller will most assuredly unravel the truth. The investigation is said to be nearing
completeion as of Dec. of 2018*. As the evidence continued to mount by July of 2017*, the non-democratic elements
of the country of * continued to be the enemy of American democracy. This policy is made obvious through the
propaganda of the news media such as Fox News and the usage of bots* and by the infiltration of operatives and
surrogates of the ideology of the former KGB Director Putin toward such men as Flynn, Manafort, Kushner, Page,
Trump & oodles of others.

As of September 20th of 2017, Trump’s former campaign manager, * and was

later charged with conspiracy by the end of October. Yet, even with all of his venomous words and hate-filled rhetoric,
Trump’s evangelical adherents stick to him like glue and would even follow him all the way into the gates of hell! That
is exactly where we all might end up in Trump’s insane Third World War that he seems to plan for us. Either we learn
to live in peace with one another or this World will end very soon!

As for a comparison for takeovers, the onset of the takeover of the Alexian Brothers’ Novitiate by the Menominee
Warrior Society in 1975 only leaned toward the hostile. From the very start it had started off by holding the caretaker
hostage Joe Plonka, his wife and two children and a few friars that still remained there while the Novitiate complex
was being abandoned. This native takeover of the Novitiate in Gresham had almost transpired a barbarous civil war
between these two factions of American citizens: Native Americans versus non-Native Americans.

In the depiction below the term “nativism” is merely referring to people who were born here in America.

The Statue of Bigotry

Trump’s Anglo-Centric vision for America.

Remember when he said Mexico will pay for the Wall? Not true!
AMERICANS WILL PAY FOR TRUMP’S WALL to the tune of $51 billion dollars*!
Click below for the real reason Trump wants a border wall:
“eminent domain”
Through his use of Russian mass hypnosis techniques upon his unwary and
unsuspecting crowds, Trump hypnotizes his crowds and will eventually seize
American property through eminent domain* after he declares martial law*.
The cruel and inhuman Alt-right
the compassionate left.

Diary of the sadistic Madman, Trump at America’s helm!

A cruel and inhuman*, * took 11,000 children from their

immigrant parents* seeking asylum in the United States. Of these children that were
placed into dog kennels, 2300 of them* are left to their own devices and may never be
able to see their parents again. Incapable of any real human compassion*, Trump’s
lack of empathy will target anyone who disagrees with him.
Soon that could even be your own family.
We’re becoming Russia now, more like Putin’s turf.

No one is allowed to see that there is some kind of clandestine activity going on in
relation to the children. Even the US Senator Jeff Merkley and the media are not
allowed entry to review how the children are being treated*.
A psychopathic Trump’s trade war will prove to be utter madness*
when we could even *.

The Little King is insane*! Putin knows what he is doing.

After devouring the big prize of America*, Putin is coming to dinner

to devour his next victim: Donald Trump*!

At his *, Trump fattened up on Putin’s Big Whoppers*.

The sadist Trump’s systemic racism at the US southern border*.

*? She really doesn’t!

She wouldn’t have worn this jacket if she did
Existing! That is your crime*! then turns her back on the remaining children*!
I pretend I’m the only one worthy to exist. ME!
To the clap of useful idiots*, like * brags about *
because he’s so smart, then calls this darling little SWEETHEART: “Vermin ”!

Then you have been successfully brainwashed by Moscow!

Putin’s propaganda originates in Moscow where lies Trump’s true loyalty.
Barron bullied* & with her husband’s bullying* and failure to fend off the Russian cyber-
bullying of America*, rashly, Melania Trump campaigns against cyber-bullying*!
The 80 times Trump met with Putin* prior to March of 2017!

A psychopathic:
Comparison between President Donald Trump*! & gangster Al Capone*!
The chief financial officer of the Trump Organization:
Allen Weisselberg, has been subpoenaed before a federal grand jury
to testify regarding the investigation into the financial dealings of
Donald Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen*.
Click on this link for:
The back doorway to Trump’s tax returns*.
The so-called self-made billionaire is a product of
tax fraud schemes with Daddy Fred*.
The Trump family tax schemes exposed*.

FAKE CHRISTIAN “throw ‘em in the meat grinder Trump”
is persecuting Christians and their children who are lawfully seeking asylum* on
the US southern border*. By making them cover up with aluminum foil blankets, forcing
children to sleep in cages, lay down on cement floors in cold rooms
and by abducting the children away from their families with no plan of reuniting them,
they are deporting them and are literally sending family members back to Central America
where many will be killed by drug lords.
America has a thriving economy and is a powerful nation because of a continual influx of
diverse immigrants from all over the World. Since there is a shortage of American laborers*,
the American people need to realize America thrives because of immigrants, or simply go
along with Trump’s unchristianlike and unAmerican agenda. In the last decade alone,
refugees brought in $63 billion dollars into the American economy* more than they cost!
Blinded his own racism, like the dweebs we “ugly Americans” can oftentimes
appear to be, the narrow-minded & ignorant Trump refuses to admit the findings of the study.


* Matthew 19:14.

The true meaning* of The Statue of Liberty*.
The response of Rep. Joe Kennedy III* to President Trump’s State of the Union address:

“The richest nation shouldn’t leave anyone behind”*.

Your generation will ~ “Build a wall and my generation will tear it down*!”

Joe is the grandson of Bobby* and is the grand nephew of John F. Kennedy* who said:

“Ask not what country can for you.

Ask what you do for country!*”

~ The Inaugural Address* of President John F. Kennedy*.


Ah yes! Just keep juggling them balls Obama, ME boy!

Damn Dems don’t know * when they see one!

This is better than watching my favorite football team at The Superbowl*.

“Paint the football green!” I always tell ‘em. I never seen a nigg . . ,
I mean, black man, yet drop a watermelon!


I can’t stand all this happiness! It’s a crazy racist’s dream come true!

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) downplayed his claim of a “Secret Society” within
the FBI saying that he didn’t know what they really meant when an FBI
official used the expression “secret society” in one of its text
messages. Evidently, as it turns out, * and it
is being blown all out of proportion by Trump’s Republica n Party
marionettes that, knowingly or unknowingly, are all dancing to the tune
of their master Vladimir Putin of Russia, *.

(Obama vs Trump ~ Rap Battle* (music video) by Azerrz*)

Heavyweight Boxing Championship Bout!

Fight till Knockout!

Good boy Devin! You are truly
my divine little doggie!

A major political clown figure and loyal Trump distracter from the
Russian meddling investigation, House Intelligence Committee Chairman
Devin Nunes, is * access
to a publicly balked and high-schoolish “ *” a document which
he trumped up about a so-called conspiracy within the highly impartial FBI
to “undermine the legitimacy” of the much-impugned Trump presidency.

The release of the Nunes FISA memo* is presenting itself as the basis for
a clear case of an obstruction charge against President Donald Trump* by
the Mueller investigation team into the Russian meddling involved in the 2016
election. The memo will also open up Devin Nunes with a possible charge of
misconduct by his alteration of the document* that was OK’d by Congress.

* and it is blowing all out of proportion the impeccable protocol

and procedures used by the FBI by * that are
leading to *.

On Wednesday, January 24th of 2018, *, the assistant attorney

general for legislative affairs, said that it would be
* by the FBI.

to undermine Robert Mueller’s probe into President Trump’s coordinated
efforts with the Russians in the meddling, fabricating, engineering and
the manufacturing of candidate Trump’s 2016 election victory* over
Clinton. This is all being done through covert Republican coordination
with Russian operatives. We must protect ourselves from a Russian
takeover of America by President Trump’s self-defeating policy of
Party of Trump partisan protectionism. It will ultimately lead to either
the undoing of his presidency or it will lead to the decline of democracy.

“No intelligence* . . .

. . . started the Russian meddling investigation!”

~ Devin Nunes quote.


Let Powwow* tell you how it all began.

What started the Russian meddling investigation*.

Click here for an LA Times article on: How it all began*.

Click here for: How it all began* according to Wikipedia.

Trump threatened to intervene* in the Mueller probe

by extorting* the DOJ with endless threats* to shut it down.

Trump incited Hitlerian death threats of the news media*.

*. (“Houdini” Trump planned escape*).

Little green men* They come in peace!*

Regardless of the true will of the American people, we have been delivered a
Trojan Horse that was fabricated, engineered & manufactured by Trump’s
Russian allies through American coordination* with the Russian intelligence
community* and Uncle Putin. Check out some of the
* that daily come onto us men
* show and, if you are a married woman, while your husband
just * and * like Pavlov’s Dog* ! On the part
of US citizens, propaganda is “treasonous*” against good old Uncle Sam when it
is being done with the intent of overthrowing American democracy!
The American TV screen is filled daily with a voluminous amount of examples
of propaganda that demonstrate à la Premier Nikita Khrushchev’s*
remark in 1956 during the Communist regime* when he announced to the ears
of patriotic Americans*: those resounding words ~ “ *!”

In late January of 2018, a technical glitch that occurred with the FBI caused much
alarm all throughout the US government on both sides of the political spectrum. The
* on all of its devices which caused
missing text messages of the FBI over a period of a few months. The FBI had a backup
plan and has retrieved the missing text messages. In order to distract the public
from the Russian meddling investigation, President Donald Trump’s Republican
marionettes are attempting to take advantage of this technical glitch by blowing it
all out of proportion into a so-called FBI conspiracy against a quite chaotic
and evidently highly-paranoid *.

Not Obama, the Brits nor Merkel wiretapped Trump Tower, (Spicer video)*.



(“We will bury you!*)

Maybe Trump should check out* his *, I mean, * friends instead!

Did somebody say *? There is a there, there. I, Michael T. Flynn admit that I am
guilty*! I would have gotten you my pretty democratic republic! But by the time I got caught up
with Trump, I didn’t realize we were committing treason* before it was too late.
The crucial Michael Flynn sentencing memo on 12/04/18*!
Also, sentencing memos on Cohen and Manafort soon to be released 12/04/2018*!

I, Michael T. Flynn*, resigned on Monday Feb. 13th of 2017* but I still needed to be investigated*,
so you tried to get me* and you got me, coppers*! So far Trump has the CIA, the FBI, the US
military and both the Senate as well as the Congress right in his left pocket! We really
preferred the left, you know. We were exploiting the American quest for change, so we were
taking America so far to the Alt-right that we completely encircled the globe to the ultra-left
Russia and to Vladimir Putin with all of his stolen wealth* and booty. Irregardless, even with
my outright collusion with Putin and the Russians* and with the proof of that even already
having been in the possession of US authorities*, we decided that we could still get away with
what history will now record as the greatest crime of the 21st century*!

And since everyone else seemed to be going into our left pocket and since it seemed that then FBI
Director, James Comey had veritably clinched the election for Trump*, we presumed that we
also had him in our left pocket. So the day after my resignation on Feb. 14 th, President Trump
invited Comey to dinner at the White House and after asking Sessions and Pence to leave the
Oval Office*, Trump asked Comey to stop the investigation* of my (Flynn’s) Russian ties.

By the way, these Russian ties* involved enormous* ($300,000,000 million dollars plus another
installment of an equal amount*) Russian campaign contributions* and cyber-attacks upon
internet users and the American television that was subliminally or openly employing American
regional biases and behaviors that were causing many American voters to favor Trump. Some of
these dealings involved ties with the dictators Recep Tayyip Erdoğan* of Turkey and Vladimir
Putin of Russia and it involved the hacking of the computers at the Democratic National
Committee* and of Hillary Clinton’s emails*. Vladimir Putin will soon come to power in America
and he will rule and defend HIS America* with an iron fist just you wait and see.
I, Michael T. Flynn, would have been in there right next to my good comrade Trump!

Paul Manafort* was the first to be forced out of Trump’s golden plan and is now charged with
conspiracy. George Papadopoulos* was the first domino to fall and Michael Flynn* got forced out
of his cabinet, investigated, plead guilty and is now compliant with Mueller’s investigators. He
was glad at least he got Neil Gorsuch* in there as an Associate Justice* of the Supreme Court of
the United States*. He was left with no other choice, so he even employed the nuclear option*!
Click: A Second Trump-Russia dossier was being assessed by the FBI* on January 30th of 2018.

Do these ancestral Russian marauders ?* Mars Attacks ).

President Nixon once said: “ *!” and then blamed

*. Collusion*: Trump invites Russians to hack Clinton emails* &
“ ”*. Despite Jared Kushner’s backchannel
dealings at the Russian embassy in Washington DC and at the Kremlin in Moscow and despite
Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone* and an entire cast of others in their
underhanded involvement while conspiring with the Russians, President Trump always says that
he had * and then blames *.

Click: Trump nixes the White House visitor logs* and Russian surprise visit to the Oval Office*
And so now, my fellow Americans, you can say hello to the US President
Donald J. Trump’s little friend Vladimir Putin* and say hello to Republicanism morphing itself
into a triune marriage of Capitalism, Fascism and a re-invented Communism*
soon to become called the Trump Party in the United States of America.
With Trump as president, we can now possibly see a civil war in which many Americans could
soon be killing, suffering and dying in our streets right here in America in a horrific nightmare
that could very soon be coming to your hometown, so get ready for mine & your:

Aleppo USA*!
And get learnin’ Russian*. Fast!

Be vigilant because the Martians, I mean,

“ *”

But on the other hand, during the British 1960s cultural invasion, so id The Beatles ?!

Oh where, Oh where has * gone?

Oh where, Oh where can he be?

When Americans might have even been able to

Use just a tiny bit of him then, in 2018?

Putin, the Neo-Nazi Party and White supremacists: Trump’s only “true” friends.

*: once said:

Putin is a bigger threat to the US than ISIS and that *.

Said about Jared Kushner’s backchannel dealings* with Russia: “ *”

American war heroes who fought the

Spread of Communism in Vietnam, imprisoned John McCain versus the hip, “Slim Shady”
At the infamously brutal: Hanoi Hilton.

John & Cindy McCain watch son John Jr. Blackballed by *, guess which 2016
Get aviator wings from his brother Jimmy. Presidential candidate is Loyal to You, America*!

In picture on the right above, Hillary Clinton scolded Donald Trump* on Saturday July
16th of 2015 for his “shameful” comment that Senator John McCain was not a war
hero because he spent 5 ½ years at the infamous Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam.

During this time Trump, like a lot of young American men who were his age at that
time, were outright dodging the draft to Vietnam and had refused to partake in the
brutal American land grab of Vietnam or by joining something like
the cadets which he’d become part of.

Just like Jesus, they fought for, starved, suffered

and died for both you and me, my friends.

Click this link to watch and listen to a:


performance of:

“ ”

Beauty is the prize for bravery.

Americans are said to be brave yet the

cowardly Republican Senate cowers and trembles
in the fear of poking Putin’s pet bear*!

Just one brave Senator from Tennessee, Bob Corker pokes

Putin’s representative for the Big Bear of Russia, Putin’s pet bear Trump*.

Trump’s phony promise about the economy is a lie.

We could find out soon enough in *.

“Putin’s Boy” ~ Donald Trump.
Old colluders* way back. Click here for: The Mueller Report*.
As of March 2017: The 80 times Trump met Putin*!

“Uncle Putin” “ *.”

(music video by The Fortunes*).

(Putin was thinking!)

The Lord Jesus forgave ME for all my ruthless mass purges* so then
the Brits accused ME of poisoning a couple of spies*.
I could have been framed, you know. (The impeccable
Scotland Yard had most indubitably gotten it right*)

All the * was giving me a headache, anyway.

My advisors warned ME: “What goes around, comes around.”
The jailing of my political opponent, Navalny* wasn’t working out.
I even thought maybe re-establish Russian democratic principles.

Help arm the Indians in another uprising? Oh well . . .

Headlines: Putin wins election*! Trump congratulates Putin*!

Among Russians, Putin seems popular* (and feared) yet by Western eyes,
with the exception of Trump, his possibly rigged election is recognized by
many in the West * means.

On January 1st of 1975, the Menominee Warrior Society performed a takeover of the Alexian Brothers’
Novitiate in Gresham, Wisconsin. By the 7th of January they became supported by members of the American
Indian Movement. The AIM leaders in the above photograph that attempted to negotiate this Takeover of the
Alexian Brothers Novitiate in 1975 are: Herb Powless (nation of the Oneida), Neil Hawpetoss (Menominee
Warrior Society), Dennis Banks (nation of the Leech Lake Ojibway) and Russell Means
(nation of the Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge).

Alexian Brother’s Novitiate Takeover in 1975 in Gresham, Wisconsin.

Above photograph . Click for: .

In the photograph below, the headmen of a modern Menominee Warrior Society speak with members of the
news media while attempting to establish ownership of the Novitiate property which was originally ceded
from the Menominee to the Mohicanok (Stockbridge-Munsee) in the Anishinaabe language that was
vocalized as Mihekanawuk “the trail people” sometime after the 1848 treaty ( *).

From left to right are headmen of the Menominee Warrior Society: Apeshanaquat (Melvin Chevalier, 2nd
from the left), Sopetice (John Waubanascum), Michael “the General” Sturtevant, Ken “Bum Bum” Fish,
Iahpetah (Neil Hawpetoss), and the MWS attorney, Gene Linehan. The men in the above photograph were
asserting that since the Novitiate was falling into disuse, the Menominee Warrior Society was attempting to
gain ownership of the entire estate and building on behalf of the Menominee tribe in order to build a hospital.

The rationale had also eventually developed behind the takeover that the Menominee nation had only given
the Alexian Brothers a permit to build a structure upon it and that once the property became unused that it
would revert back to the Menominee Nation. The warriors were excluding the Restoration Committee
members who were the primary proponents of Menominee Restoration of the Menominee Tribe to tribal
status from any of the negotiations that were taking place with the US representatives at the Novitiate.

The Menominee Restoration Committee was instrumental in the restoration of the Menominee people back
to tribal status following the decade-long federal status as being terminated (1963-1973) from federal
recognition as a Native American tribe. In the press conference that was held ten days after the onset of the
takeover on January 11th committee members: Ada Deer (on the left side of the photograph) the Chairwoman
of the Menominee Restoration Committee and other committee members: Warren Kakwitch and
Shirley Daly (on the right side of the photograph) attended the news conference at Keshena. This was shortly
after they were being excluded from any negotiations between the Alexian Brothers and the Menominee
Warrior Society. During the negotiations Ada commented on the men in the photograph at the top of the
previous page as merely being a group of “social misfits”.

The Menominee woman who is in the above photograph is named Chris Caldwell and she is a relative of the
mixed blood chief named Sauganash, Billy Caldwell, Jr., from Fort Dearborn (who was baptized Thomas
Caldwell and lived from March 17, 1782 until September 28, 1841). Chris is wrapped in an upside down
American flag to express the social distress and trauma that people of the Menominee Nation and the
surrounding communities were experiencing because of the takeover at that time. The photograph from the
article was published in the then-named Shawano Evening Leader on Feb. 2nd of 1975 about the standoff
where over a thousand protestors marched down the road that lead to the Novitiate to show their support for
the Menominee Warrior Society and for the desire to have a new hospital or tribal building. In the
photograph, while the National Guard looks on, they were apparently ordered by Col. Hugh Simonson to use
deadly force if need be upon the group of protestors who were trying to march on the road to the Novitiate
which was about 3 miles away.
Protests were simultaneously happening on both sides of the issue where some of those who were against the
takeover were shouting “Starve ‘em out!” or “Freeze ‘em out!” and with some of the more radical vigilantes
who were against the Menominee Warrior Society and they were in support of moving in and “killing every
last one of the Indians” which included men, women and children who occupied the building. While there
were protests happening on both sides of the controversy, Col. Hugh Simonson ordered the National Guard
to block off more than a thousand demonstrators gathering outside of Keshena who were in support of the
Warrior Society on that February 2nd of 1975 and kept them from advancing any farther toward the direction
of the Novitiate. The 34-day long occupation of the Novitiate abruptly ended the next day on February 3rd.

And when it had ended, the folk-rock ballad Una Paloma Blanca a video performed by George Baker and
his band was about the dream of a poor South American worker of being free and it became a major hit a
month after the siege ended on February 2nd. The song’s timely release in March of l975, made it seem to be
alluding to the caretaker of the Novitiate, Joe Plonka and his family who were held hostage at the estate.

The above painting by Johnny “Gun” Gauthier is entitled: “What White Elephant?”

The painting represents the manner of clothing style of many of the supporters of the Novitiate Takeover in
1975. The occupation of the Novitiate estate had proved to be unsuccessful when the Tribal Chairwoman of
the Restoration Committee, Ada Deer said that it would “cost too much to run” calling the building a “White
Elephant” and that such an acquisition would be “too controversial”.

However, with being recognized as the head of the Menominee Tribe by the United States
government, she was the Chairperson who was veritably the chieftess of the tribe and for the above-stated
reasons, she had refused to sign any document that turned the Novitiate estate over to the Menominees. This
was evidently the main reason why the Alexian Brothers who owned the Novitiate then reneged on their
agreement to turn the property and estate over to the Menominee Nation.
Yet, as Native Americans, although it was internationally awkward and potentially dangerous for all of the
parties involved, we had tried in our own way to obtain what we felt was economic justice within the
American dream. In 1975, this potentially barbarous war between Native Americans and the surrounding
communities was finally avoided when the two communities of Shawano County and the Menominee
Reservation had somehow almost miraculously managed to obtain peaceful and friendly relations once again.

As for the Menominee, the Ojibway, the Cree, the Mohicanok (Stockbridge-Munsee), the Lakota, the
HoChunk, the Narragansett, the Lumbee, the Kickapoo, the Potawatomi, the Wampanoag and other natives
from other tribes that were involved such a takeover had prompted improvements in the Menominee Tribal
Clinic, erection of the Menominee Tribal Jail and had even prompted the building of the Maenowesekiyah
Treatment Center for drug abuse and alcoholism.

Ancestrally, Native Americans symbolized previous ancestors with animal clan symbols.
Today’s Marinette-Menominee in Michigan is known to be an ancestral location of a major bear clan village
at Minikani, from storytellers, where “the bear first emerged as a man” from the mouth of the Menominee
River located there.

The Straights of Mackinac (Michilimackinac) was quite possibly an ancestral location of a major turtle clan
village; somewhere along the Wolf River was quite possibly an ancestral location of a wolf clan village; the
Wisconsin River was quite possibly an ancestral location of beaver and otter clan villages, and today’s
Keshena it is said was an ancestral location of a major crane clan village called Kakaehpakato (Barricade
Falls) at Keshena Falls on the Menominee Indian Reservation in Wisconsin.

A Menominee family winter home.
The crane clan people who lived at that location on the Wolf River (Moqwaio Sepiu) were called the
Kakaehpakato Winniniwuk which means: the Barricade Falls people (Location of image in photo unknown).
In 1778 the British had awarded the Caron and Souligny family chiefs with huge thick solid silver peace
medals by King George III of The Kingdom of Great Britain. Whereas in regards to the chiefs who were
awarded peace medals after the negotiations in 1817 with the US and thereafter, the Americans would award
peace medals that were made of hollow silver. This was like a hollow promise that was made during the
native treaties in the 1800s with the United States government. For example, the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868
promised that the Black Hills would remain Lakota land: “for as long as the grass grows and the rivers flow”.

US President Ulysses S. Grant in about the year of 1870.

However, during his tenure (1869-1877) as the US President, Ulysses Grant was concerned about the US
economy resulting from the Stock Market crash of 1873. Hence, he decided that even on Indian lands the US
must perform geological surveys of all the gold within the reach of the United States. The 1868 Fort Laramie
treaty recognized the Black Hills, located between the North Platte River and Yellowstone River, as
belonging to the Lakota and the treaty also obligated the American government to pay to the Lakota $50,000
annually. The monetary amount of $50,000 dollars in 1868 would be worth $847,457.63 in the year of 2015.
These payments to the Lakota were being honored by the US federal government, however, the
implementing of their actual payment was being direly neglected because they were being transacted with
unscrupulous non-native individual Indian agents in the respective territorial or the state bureaucracy.
Through the taxation of the settlers and the general American public, the massive amounts of the annual
stealing of the funding that the federal government had appropriated for the Lakota in compliance with the
treaties was being usurped by these federal agents who were appointed to distribute the payments.

Rumors circulated that the Black Hills contained large deposits of gold, In response to the Stock Market
crash and a need for money, Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer was commissioned by President Grant in
1874 to lead the 7th Cavalry Regiment of 1200 men with 110 covered wagons to protect a team of geologists,
engineers and miners to brazenly trespass upon and to investigate the Lakota 1868 Fort Laramie treaty land.

The Pioneer Family of Laura Ingalls Wilder

In Loup Valley, Nebr., ca. 1886.
After trespassing upon Lakota treaty land, the 7th had finally found small placer deposits of gold flakes on
the roots of a few clumps of grass on a tributary of the Cheyenne River called in
southwestern northwest of the present day town of Custer. The mere announcement of the
gold deposits in 1874 caused such a joyous uproar of major excitement among settlers and immigrants that in
the town saloons and dwellings and even in the streets one could often hear the loud shouts of “
” that led to the (documentary video).

The location of the historic Little Bighorn battlefield in Montana.

Instead of honoring the treaty because of Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer’s invasion, the US 7th Cavalry
had met an untimely demise at the Little Bighorn River in 1876 where 268 of the finest of 7th US Cavalry
soldiers were killed by the Lakota and numerous other native nations including the Anishinaabe that were
attending an annual Sundance in Crow country in southern Montana. After the massacre at the Little Bighorn
River in 1876, the 7th Cavalry evidently then seethed and plotted its revenge upon the Lakota and it would
ultimately conspire upon a peaceful ally of the Americans to be its holocaust, the band of a peaceful chief
named Spotted Elk and his docile band of mixed blood white natives and of full blood Miniconjou Lakota.

In the name of Manifest Destiny then, this entire Miniconjou band of Chief Spotted Elk of the Lakota was
brutally exterminated by the newly revived 7th Cavalry and its Hotchkiss cannon rifles. By the year of 1890,
this peaceful Lakota band consisted of 120 men and boys and 230 women and children. This entire band of
Miniconjou Lakota were fraudulently branded as “hostiles” and it is quite apparent that this entire band of
Chief Spotted Elk was premeditatively and strategically boxed in and surrounded on all sides by all of the
units and divisions of the entire United States 7th Cavalry Regiment of 500 heavily-armed effectives.
Merely then as a holocaust for the massacre of the 7th Cavalry at the Little Bighorn in 1876 by other bands
of warlike Lakota and other native nations and evidently in order to attempt to extinguish any Lakota claim
to the Black Hills, Chief Spotted Elk’s docile band was brutally slaughtered, without any feelings of human
compassion, at Wounded Knee in South Dakota on December 29th of 1890. While previously having been
jacked around and bullied by the soldiers of Colonel James William Forsyth, and several other officers who
were veterans of the Little Bighorn, after he was murdered, the frozen corpse of Chief Spotted Elk was
mockingly called “Big Foot” by the troopers in derision. Ironically, even many natives today think that the
name “Big Foot” is a respectful term for * when the name “Big Foot” was given to him by
the soldiers to make fun of his frozen corpse lying there on the killing fields of the .

Over in Menominee country 67 years earlier, in what is now Wisconsin and parts of Upper Michigan, Chief
Tomah spoke for the people of Les Folles Avoine until the 1817 treaty negotiations when he was shunned
from recognition as a chief. The US government refused to recognize the Caron and Souligny family
descendants and the rest of the chieftain lineages who had fought for The United Kingdom of Great Britain
during the War of 1812. These the Caron and Souligny lineages which were recognized by the British in
1778, were primarily from French ancestors. With the US recognition of the Anishinaabe Menominee clan
chiefs who had signed the 1817 treaty with the United States government, in 1819 the Naenawehtawin
(Menominee Warrior Society), insisted that these Caron and Souligny lineages be included in later treaties.
A minor revolt occurred in 1819 among the Anishinaabe who expressed disenchantment with the native men
who were recognized as chiefs in 1817. Eight years later in the year of 1827, President John Quincy Adams,
during his administration, personally chose to recognize the Caron and Souligny families of chiefs as well as
the principal clan chiefs and at that time, there were fourteen of them who were chosen internally among the
Menominee clan chiefs themselves.

Ever since then, the Menominee have the fourteen eagle feathers displayed on one of the eagle staffs at a
powwow ceremonial dance on the previous page (a variety of eagle staffs with a various number of eagle
feathers on ).

While the US government was fulfilling such promises only in part after each treaty that was signed, the
Menominee were being forced to cede millions upon millions of acres of land. Oftentimes at sword and
gunpoint, the Menominee were forced to relocate their families on foot for hundreds of miles. For example,
after the 1836 through the 1852 Menominee treaties, Chief Oshkosh was given an ultimatum by the US
government to relocate his band and so after at least one of the treaties, he led several bands that had
gathered there at Lake Poygan, right up the middle of the frozen Wolf River during the dead cold of winter.

On such long and icy treks, surprisingly good headway could be obtained while trekking right up dead center
on a frozen river in mid-winter. However, while relocating a very large mass of thousands of natives, many
would die on these long and icy treks. Upon this good Earth, to this very day that we can still speak at all, the
sacred bones of these ancestors are still lying there now at the bottom of the Wolf River.

A rather cynical looking Governor Lewis Cass of Michigan Territory.

Out of the delegation of these fourteen principal chiefs, in the Treaty with the Chippewa, etc., 1827, the
territorial commissioner, Governor Lewis Cass of Michigan Territory (in the above portrait) had personally
taken it upon himself to decide who was to be the chief of the Menominee tribe, which at that time was a
group of Anishinaabe Indians that had only recently become defined as the “Menominee tribe” since 1817.

Without adequate consultation with the Menominee chiefs, Lewis Cass alone was delegated by President
John Quincy Adams and the the United States government to choose whomever he wished to recognize as a
hereditary head chief of the Menominee out of the fourteen principal clan chiefs and he chose to recognize
Oshkosh (“Brave Claw”) in 1827.

While they were being escorted away from their ancestral Anishinaabe homeland throughout what is now
Upper Michigan and Wisconsin, without the continual “protection” of the US Army many members of these
bands were being pursued and were sometimes not the welcome “guests” of the land barons some of whom
were mercenary.
Sometimes such settlers and immigrants would hire vigilantes and henchmen who were now occupying
ancestral Menominee land all along the Wolf River. Oftentimes at sword and gunpoint, the Menominee
people themselves were forced to relocate their families on foot for hundreds of miles. More often than not,
these relocations were ordered to commence during the merciless cold temperatures of mid-winter apparently
in the hope that many would die on such long, wet, cold and icy treks and in fact innumerably many did.

President Reagan speaking at Moscow State University, May 31st 1988.

Photo from Reagan Presidential Library.

Speaking of native sovereignty, during the end of the Cold War*, while President Ronald Reagan was in
office in 1981 through 1989, Russian diplomats to the United States such as Andre Suvorov had likely
prompted students and the faculty at Moscow State University on May 31st of 1988 to ask him why the
United States had signed treaties with Native Americans if they are not sovereign, and Reagan’s reply was:
“Maybe we made a mistake. Maybe we should not have humored them in that wanting to stay in that kind of
primitive lifestyle. Maybe we should have said, no, come join us; be citizens along with the rest of us.”
~ President Ronald Reagan at the Moscow State University on May 31st of 1988.

This comment was unanimously considered a slap in the face for the five hundred Native American tribal
governments within the US. This was because it left the question in mind that maybe these solemn treaties
that were made with native tribes were simply part of an ongoing effort by the US government to humor
them while also fulfilling them only in part by providing the many services to Native American tribes by the
United States government like medical services, education and limited tribal funding. The native inhabitants
of America spiritually possess much more than the level of economic power that the great, the hardworking,
the dedicated, the brave and generally the compassionate American public chose to share with its native
inhabitants who previously had reigned supreme in this great land of America.

Native Americans today pursue and very many have obtained the happiness and prosperity of the American
Dream (Watch and listen to the song Humble and Kind in the music video by the country music star Tim
McGraw). After enduring a whole lot hard work, hardship and adversity in American society, this song
shows any individual American ultimately how to prevail in the search for achieving the American Dream
and to find one’s place, happiness, prosperity and success in the great land of the United States of America.

In reference to the time period of the Reagan/Gorbachev era in which Vladimir Putin was just a young man,
Marxist theory had eventually begun to not be proving to be successful for what Reagan referred to as “
” (video from the Reagan Presidential Library), the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union had reigned
supreme while “The Imperial Big Bear” of was yet gobbling up its neighboring-satellite republics of
Chechnya to The Ukraine and The Crimea. It was yet gobbling up its neighboring-satellite republics from
the time during the mass purge of millions of civilians at the hands of the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin in the
1930s & 1940s to the perilous times of uncertainty in the late 1950s to the early 1960s of Premier Nikita
Khrushchev. The Soviet Union was yet gobbling up its neighboring republics during the era of the last
vestiges of the Cold War of the Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev in the late 1960s to the early 1980s and
finally up until the reign of the prolific President Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev of The Union of Soviet
Socialist Republics which had been historically headquartered in Moscow, Russia.

~ Phots from Reagan Presidential Library.

United States President Ronald Reagan and the President of the Soviet Socialist Republic Mikhail Gorbachev
shaking hands after the Intermediate Nuclear Range Forces signing on June 1st of 1988. The Soviet Union
would ultimately lead to a failing economic system and to the fall of communism when it was two and a half
years earlier at the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin on June 12th of 1987 that the Berlin Wall eventually
became demolished by 1989. In the cause of freedom, while referring to the Berlin Wall that divided East
Berlin from West Berlin, Ronald Reagan recommended Mikhail Gorbachev to:

“Tear down this wall*!”

Having been an actor, the “Great Communicator” Ronald Reagan delivered a speech at the Brandenburg
Gate on June 12th of 1987 that, along with the German people who longed to be free in their own homeland,
had become a main catalyst that over two years later on November 9th contributed to the complete
dissembling of the Berlin Wall. The wall was being gradually chipped away mostly by innumerable refugees
in East Germany who were trying to escape from Communism to experience the freedom of Western
democracy. For several years prior, The Berlin Wall was also being gradually chipped away by refugees on
the other side who were trying to be with their relatives in Eastern Europe and were leaving the democracy
of the West for Eastern Europe, or to live under what was implied by the Marxist theory of Karl Marx as
the security of socialism. Many Western democracies have succumb to the ideology of eastern socialism.

The Eurasian Brown Bear:

The Imperial Big Bear of Russia!

The Imperial Big Bear of Russia Seizes Ukrainian naval vessels*

on the Kerch Straight*!
Read the poem * below by the famous American poet *.

Also, check out this article on *.

He only says, “ *.”
Spring is the mischief in me, and I wonder
If I could put a notion in his head:
“Why do they make good neighbours?”
Listen to the video by *: * (video).

“ *”: Sir Isaac Newton*, *, Widad Akrawi*, Vicente Fox*.

However, Marxist theory would not prove successful for The Imperial Big Bear of Russia when in 1989 the
Berlin Wall just kept right on being chipped away by the myriads of stragglers on both sides of the wall and
it finally came down when Gorbachev ordered the bulldozers to come in to completely demolish it. The
former Soviet KGB agent, had been working for the of the former
until 1989 when the Berlin Wall was finally demolished. Under the
Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, the former USSR (Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics) is now engaging
in the process of re-inventing itself once again. Click on these links:
* efforts. Trump pledged “probably” a million dollars* (as a tax write off?). Prince Harry
donated $100,000,000* (million) dollars. America is beholden to: everyone who actually donated!

Getting back to the topic of sovereignty, in order for the a Native American tribe to be completely sovereign,
the determination of who was to be the chief of the Menominee was to be decided on an internal level, yet in
spite of this, when Cass placed the hollow silver peace medal around the neck of Oshkosh during the 1827
treaty signing, it was decided then and there, that thereafter Oshkosh would be the recognized chief of the
Menominee by the United States government. Then from an international standpoint, on a certain level the
Menominee Nation then had lost a certain degree of sovereignty at that point. This type of recognition of the
US appointment of who would lead each Native American tribe was what initially led the way for Indians to
becoming recognized as US citizens in a couple of years over a century on June 2nd of 1924*, yet while still
retaining a certain level of this sovereignty, that is: the status as being recognized as an independent nation.

On the part of the US government, this was a completely unilateral determination in 1924 regarding the
citizenship of Native Americans within the United States. Native American people were not extensively
consulted on this matter yet many were in favor of it. Also, for over 100 years many Native Americans,
commonly called “Indians” ever since Columbus, had relatives and ancestors who had either served as allies
of the United States or had actively served in the armed military forces of The United States of America.

“The Great Packer”.

Allow me now to give you some background information on Menominee natives near Green Bay in the
Michigan territorial region that Boyd had represented at the Indian agency at Fort Howard. In 1832, Boyd
replaced Colonel Samuel C Stambaugh (1765-1860), who incidentally, was nicknamed “The Great Packer,”
at the Indian agency at Fort Howard in Green Bay. The nickname for Colonel Stambaugh was of course
not because of the Green Bay Packer football team that came about in that famous football town eighty seven
years later in 1919 and were officially formed in 1921 as the “Acme Packers”.

Pretty much close to most of the men in this 1921 photograph of the Green Bay Packers were of mixed blood
Oneida Indian and of other native decent. Apparently, they were inspired by their fellow Indian athlete, Jim
Thorpe of the Sauk & Fox tribe who played football during the previous decade. In other than the football
arena, in the year of 1912, Thorpe won the pentathlon and the decathlon at the World Summer Olympics at
the City of Stockholm in the Scandinavian country of Sweden.

From 1832 on, Colonel Stambaugh was being replaced at the Indian agency in Green Bay because he was so
enamored by Menominees that he took part in tribal affairs, married an Anishinaabe woman (ancestral
Menominee) and had fathered a son by her that became a chief named Kaush-Kau-No-Naïve (1782-1834).

Colonel Stambaugh, “The Great Packer” as he eventually became called, had orchestrated the 1832 treaty
which was set up in 1831, and in at least one of its stipulations, instead of Menominee landholdings, had
ceded part of the land of the fellow Anishinaabe of the Potawatomi tribe to the United States government.

In about 1739, the son of Claude Caron (lived from 1672 to 1708) and Elizabeth Perthuis*
(Elisabeth Perthuis*) from Quebec City en du territoire de la Nouvelle-France. His son who has the same
name as his father, “Vieux” Claude Caron married Waupesesiu (meaning “Little Wild Potato”) Souligny
(born around 1720) who was the sister of Waupesepin (“Wild Potato”) Souligny. Waupesepin was an
influential Menominee ancestor during Pontiac’s Uprising in 1763. Chawanon, Waupesesiu and Waupesepin
were the children of Pierre Leduc dit Souligny (1699-1764) who was married to Françoise Massé in 1731 in
Montreal, Chawanon was born in 1732 and became named Pierre like his father. Françoise died in 1733.

Charles Michel de Langlade, the “Father of Wisconsin”

Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny (the father of Chawanon (Pierre Jr) had later marriage unions also and in 1744 he
married Marie Françoise Bouchard dite Vallée who also died. Eventually, Pierre Sr also had later marriage
unions. In 1756, he married Charlotte Sauvagesse and in 1758 he married Agathe Villeneuve (lived from
1724 to 1801), who was the half-sister of Charles Michel de Langlade, who is known for his having been
referred to as the “Father of Wisconsin”. Also Click this link: Charles de Langlade (by McAndrews family).

Glode is listed as Claude Caron in an older record and he had a brother named Joseph Sabrevoir Caron, who
was married in about 1729 to a HoChunk (Hočągara) matriarch and chieftess named Hopoekaw (Wa-ho-po-
e-kau) who was the head of the HoChunk nation. She was born in about 1709 and lived to about 1786 she
became known as “Glory of the Morning” whose name is also sometimes variously written as Hopinka.

Betsy Thunder (in the photograph above) a HoChunk medicine woman from HoChunk country in the book
Women's Wisconsin (2005) by Genevieve G. McBride (Editor) in 1913 speaks of native women who were
chiefs, farmers, medicine women and so on. In the 1700s, Hopink’a was the veritable chieftess who guided
the HoChunk through the French (1634-1763), the British (1763-1783) and the American colonization of
HoChunk landholdings during the late 1700s and prepared the way leading up until the 19th century.
Hopoekaw was written about in Carver Travels (20,-1796), as the “Queen of the Winnebago”. She was the
mother of a line of HoChunk chiefs, who bore various forms of the name Decorah. The translation of “Glory
of the Morning” is also given as Hopink'a, Ho-Pe-Ke-E-Kaw and as Wa-ho-po-e-kau in HoChunk.

Joseph Caron and Hopoekaw were the father and mother of Spoon Decorah (1725-1816) who was known as
Choukeka, and was the HoChunk head chief who married “Flight of Geese”, who was the daughter of
Waupesepin and the HoChunk head chief Carrymaunee. The image above could not have been taken during
the original Spoon Decorah’s lifetime because photography had not yet developed until later on during the
early to mid-1800s. The original Spoon Decorah lived from 1725 to 1816 and the image above is likely of his
son who was also named Choukeka and is sometimes shortened to Chugi which means Spoon or Ladle.

Menominee descendants of Theresa Grignon, the youngest daughter of Chief Augustin Grignon Jr. (1803-
1871) are descendants of the HoChunk head chief Choukeka which includes the descendants of James Boyd
(lived from 1874-1942) who was Theresa’s son. Posthumously, after his death in 1782, Glode (Claude
Caron), the father of Chief Tomah, had also become referred to by Menominees as “Chief Tomau”.

Tomah, the son of Glode, speaks at Tecumseh’s war council in 1810.

The French pronounced Thomas as Tomah' which was similar to the way that English-speaking settlers
pronounced it as To'mah. Menominees pronounced Tomah as Tomau' whose son Josette was also known by
the name “Chief Tomau” as well as by his given name at birth as Mahwahsay, Chief Little Wolf, Josette
Carron. Chief Tomah, like his father “Vieux” (Old) Claude (Glode) Caron, who had eloquently resisted the
native war effort when he had spoken up at Pontiac’s war council on the shores of the Ecorse River about 10
miles southwest of Detroit in 1763, “Chief Tomau” resisted the attempt of Tecumseh at his war council at Le
Baie (Green Bay) that year in 1810.

Tecumseh (The Shooting Star) attempted to rouse the Omaeqnominiwuk (Les Folles Avoine) and other
Anishinaabe (Mamaceqtawuk, Algonquin) to partake in his uprising. Since many Menominee ancestors were
already intermarrying with white settlers and because of Chief Tomah’s speech at Tecumseh’s war council at
Green Bay in 1810, only a few warriors of the ancestral Menominee warriors and headmen chosen by
Souligny (1783-1867) the grandson of Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny, followed Souligny into the military
conflict for Tecumseh in his uprising against the United States that year. Tomah’s famous quote at
Tecumseh’s 1810 war counsel was: “But it is my boast that these hands are unstained with human blood”.

However, two years later in 1812, Tomah later joined Tecumseh’s war effort against the US and he joined
Souligny, Iometah and Oshkosh when they spearheaded the takeover of Fort Mackinac that July 7th at the
onset of the War of 1812. Without the firing of a single shot, Tomah’s hands even had not yet become
stained when he took part in the peaceful yet armed takeover and occupation of Fort Mackinac on July 17th
of that year. He was assisted by 600 British regulars. After his older brother Konot’s death in 1804, Tomah,
who was about the age of 58 at the time of Tecumseh’s 1810 war council, was the head spokesman for whom
the British called “the Folles Avoines” from 1763 up until the year of 1817, the year of his death.

While his colleagues were cheering, at the first announcement of Donald Trump’s election victory in
November of 2016, the Russian President Vladimir Putin is toasting his comrades on a job well done.

And just like * of American history * from the Americans

while * without the *,
with the loyal diplomatic support of the Trump presidency and through
*, it seems quite plausible
that while toasting his comrades, Vladimir Putin had actually begun . . .

. . . *!

I won!

Say hello to my little friend! Ain’t he something else?

His colleagues “ *” it for ME and then manufactured it

with “officially 0 % influence upon the election outcome*”!

A full list of indictments and
convictions of Trump administration officials:
As of February 23rd of 2018*, Click here to see: As of November 29th of 2018*!

Papadopoulos: Guilty*! Flynn: Guilty*! Gates: Guilty*!

* (music video with Muddy Waters*).

The ballad of *, 2nd generation immigrant, throwing bloody red

meat to his constituents* at CPAC* so-called faithful Christians who ravenously
devour the bait that is continually being set in a trap by the antichrist. Instead
of glorifying the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ, naively, these Christians are
glorifying their shepherd Trump and his sadistic brand of political cannibalism.
Trump triumps at the agony of other human beings
while reading a poem that compares immigrants to snakes,

he feigns biting the hand of Putin and he tries

biting off the head of Lady Liberty instead . . .

Yet, *! (Yrene Schrils Oleaga)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Russia, every time I go!
I am the lord, thy demagogue. I love only your gold.
Thou shalt not have the love of Jesus before ME!

Trump calls Megan Markle nasty then denies it*. It doesn’t cost ME much to clean up after ourselves.

Crawlin’ King Snake and the pedophile ring*!

TrumpLand is SwampLand is


Swamp Creature Trump tortures another

indigenous child on America’s southern border.
How low can American morals sink underneath
Donald Trump’s limbo stick?
Here’s how low down and corrupt!
Another bag of snakes opens up in SwampLand:
Donald Trump on Jan. 14th of 2019: *,
Trump on HuffPost: “I never worked for Russia”*.

Eric Trump reportedly once stated fom where his father

Trump gets his money:

“Well, we don’t rely on American banks.

We have all the funding we need out of Russia*.”

~ Writer James Dodson*, on Eric Trump explaining to him

where Trump funds came from after the recession.

Panama: Noriega’s America: Trump’s

banana republic! Would-be banana republic!

A Dictatorship in America is the enemy of the American people!

* and so stupid*! I just love it!

I love Vladimir Putin and I hate America’s allies. Except for ME and MINE,
I hate anyone that is not ME! My Make America Great Again! really means:
Make Russia Great Again! and my Make America First!
really means: Make Putin First! We need to make America barbaric again!

Sit in amazement with a wish in one hand and nothing in the other,
clap your hands together and applaud ME for what I have and you don’t.
Come watch ME brag about how smart I am, how cruel I am, how much money
I have and how I can evade taxes and you can’t. I am one of the only ones that
are worthy to exist! You are simply my darling little minions and I will
fool you and rip you off while you applaud ME for doing so!

I am the only perfect one! The Russians bailed ME out of my last bankruptcy
by giving Me a couple billion dollars* and by rigging the election for ME. Come
and watch ME hate anyone that opposes the hatred that spews forth from
my mouth like a poisonous fountain. I am infecting this entire planet
with Putin’s propaganda and I am his disciple.

I hate this whole American thing and I hate your democracy.
My master Putin wants ME to get rid of it. That is why I want to get rid
of The Mueller Report* because if I don’t, then you will find out how I am
just about to completely sellout your American wealth, your assets,
your land and your lives because I love Russia and I hate America*!

From the outside of Trump’s so called “internment camps”,

they are appearing to probably to be run by Nazi butchers like
Heinrich Himmler* (Jeff Sessions*) and Joseph Goebbels* (Stephen Miller*).
A task force of congressmen and lawyers should go inside to rescue these
children and the media should be let inside to be able to see what is
actually going on! This neo-Nazi administration of Donald J. Trump
should be charged with criminal misconduct in regard
to the mistreatment of these refugee families.

Like with the Nazis and Adolf Hitler, what is being perpretrated upon these
children is an atrocity* that is being committed in the name of extremism*
and The Ugly American* (full movie w/ Marlon Brando) that allows such a
would-be dictator to seize power. These so-called “internment camps” are
actually becoming more like despicable Nazi concentration camps that
Americans will one day dismantle in infamy. Incompetent as president, the
sadist Trump and his inept neo-Nazi regime of imminent butchers are
“putting on the dog” by feigning powerlessness and the inability to reunite*
a “yuge” number of refugee children with their families up to 2300 of them*.

It took * to order them
to reunite the children with their families and only some have been
so reunited. Trump should pay personally for the DNA tests of parents
and children to determine their identities! If the inept and bumbling
administration of idiots that work for President Donald J. Trump do not
do so, then Trump should be sued for damages in a class action lawsuit.
Trump should pay personally for the long-term damages to the migrants
or America may soon no longer be the land of the free.

The root of the problem is with the Central American drug lords. Like
America did with Noriega, it could be right up Trump’s alley to make
an agreement with Central American goverments to go
down there and help straighten things out.

Trump is infecting the minds of Americans with the cold-hearted agenda of

his master Vladimir Putin. Don’t let him have his way with Putin’s agenda
by your encouragement of his raping of Lady Liberty herself.
If you do this, then racist or no racist, you better:
* because the Russians are coming*!

You mighty senators and you mighty congressmen and women, if you continue
to follow Trump like penguins, then you better get ready to hail your first
Czar of America, Vladimir Putin. Watch what happened at the
Trump-Putin July summit*. Trump is taking steps toward handing America
over to Vladimir Putin and to the country of Russia on a golden platter!

With an overload of white privilege, Trump may really just may be a dweeb,
paradoxically both a genius as well as a complete idiot. Because of
his racist agenda, his supporters are being brainwashed
by his endless stream of lies. Don’t let him infect your minds with
the pathological lies that endlessly pour out of his mouth.

While loathsome language daily pours out of his mouth, if Americans want
to become cold-hearted and sadistic like Trump and his political bed
partner *), then many will continue to
believe in Trump’s endless stream of lies and cruel statements.
All to the gullible applause of useful idiots, Trump proclaims his hatred
and continues to aggrandize himself before his most loyal sheep in
a docile nation. *.

The United States may very soon become a Russian province and Trump
plans to become the king of this unAmerican province within
The Russian Federation*. If that’s what you want,
then just keep following your master Putin and his puppet Trump.
Soon Trump’s racist America will follow him to America’s own demise!

All Trump cares about is HIMSELF & HIS MONEY, not America’s!

It’s time to take Hitler/Trump comparisons seriously*

* to the
Nazi death camps of World War II.
The UN states that Trump’s policies of detaining children*
and their treatment amounts to torture.

Very soon now, there is

no longer going to be a

United States of America!

So get learnin’ Russian*. Fast! Get Babbel* now!

The Russians are coming*!

The influence Russian meddling had on the 2016 election results is now undeniable*,
however, Trump’s Russian allies “officially” label it “0% impact on the election
outcome*”, leaving Sara Huckabee Sanders* with making false claims*.

From Russia with Love*

Part 1*
* as *

Followed by the featured videos about:

* Versus Bad Boys,

Ray Liotta* laughing at stories told by Joe Pesci*

Click: here for the video clip* of the Goodfellas* movie &

Watch: * & the side-splitting: Alec Baldwin on SNL*.

Vice President Mike Pence* (is shown above left)

On the right above is an image of the actor *.

“Red” Grant is a Soviet counterintelligence agent* like the one that, along with the president's

son-in-law, Jared Kushner* and the former chairman of the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort*,

Donald Trump Jr.* held a clandestine meeting in Trump Tower in June of 2016 when they met with

agent Rinat Akhmetshin* who was accompanied by a Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya*.

Like the real-life Akhmetshin, “Red” Grant is the Soviet counterintelligence agent in the movie:

From Russia with Love*

Part 2*.

Trump’s supporters are quite literally draining the swamp of
intellectualism* and of American patriotism* &
w *!
Fortunately, SU P *!

& alls Trumpico f starting to crumble’ *!

(Watch this: John Cougar Mellencamp music video*)

Trump is in trouble*! This is how much worse it will get*!

The Only Thing Keeping Trump from going to jail*!

Vote Democrat: Make America, be America again, a great country!
Humpty, Dumpty and Trumpty are still sitting on their wall,
and are having a great fall. I don’t mean autumn at all.
Or just sit there at a Trump rally and keep right on applauding
Then: Trump paying homage to “His Royal Majesty”!


They call ME flipper, flipper*! Cohen flips’ like a flapjack*!

Manafort flips* & yet by 11/28/18, only feigned cooperation with Mueller*
and is now to be sentenced accordingly to his fake cooperation.

The Freedom of expression: Last Emperor* ~

Mad Child* on the album: The Lawnmower Man.

Getting back to the topic of the history of the Old West, the Northwest Indian War lasted for ten years from
1785 and in a decade later until 1795 which led to the signing of the Treaty of Greenville that followed and is
illustrated by the above painting at the fort at Greenville in the State of Ohio. After two decades of the
dominance in the region from 1763 to 1783, The Kingdom of Great Britain eventually surrendered to their
American revolutionary and to their French victors in 1782 and a year later then British ceded the
Northwest Territory, what is now Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin,
to the United States in the Treaty of Paris in 1783.

An act of Congress called the Northwest Ordinance, claimed the Northwest Territory as a possession of the
United States in 1787. At the signing of the Greenville Treaty, the United States was represented by General
William Henry Harrison and by General “Mad Anthony” Wayne
who led the American victory at the Fallen Timbers on August 20th of 1794.

The numerous battles fought between the United States and the natives finally led to a treaty in the following
year at Greenville and it had turned over to the United States a very large portion of what is now Ohio which
was ceded by Native Americans of the Ohio River Valley region
of what was called the Western Confederacy.

The Fort Greenville Treaty in Ohio was signed on August 3rd of 1795 between the United States and by the:
Wyandot Chiefs Tarhe and Roundhead, Stayeghtha; Tetabokshke, the Grand Glaize King of the Delaware
(Lenape); Weyapiersenwaw, Chief Blue Jacket (appointed as the Shawnee chief by the US); Machiwetah of
the Ottawa, Chief Nemekass and Little Thunder of the Ojibway, Wapmeme, White Pigeon of the
Potawatomi; Meshekunnoghquoh, Chief Little Turtle of the Miami; and Nemighka of the Kickapoo and
chiefs of the Wea and Kaskaskia. The Greenville treaty was made to keep the above-mentioned chiefs neutral
and not to side with the Kingdom of Great Britain in their conflicts and confrontations with the United States.

Tecumseh refused to attend the signing of the treaty while these various other chiefs were more open to
allowing for American expansion and trade into the Northwest. Tecumseh’s compatriot, Chief Blue Jacket
was one of the main signers of the 1795 treaty with the United States.

When he was born the son of white parents, Weyapiersenwah, Blue Jacket (born in 1753 died in 1810) was
named Marmaduke Van Swearingen and was actually adopted as a boy when he was 17 years old by the
Shawnee in 1770. Very soon he had simply “turned Injun” and when he got older, he eventually became
recognized as chief. Fifteen years after this first Greenville treaty, he died in 1810.

The American Indians felt differently about the Northwest Territory as being recognized as a possession of
the United States because natives did not view land as property that could be bought and sold. However, the
continual western movement of thousands and thousands of European immigrants from east to west was
firmly establishing the western expansion of American culture across the continent.

American expansionism was predominantly European, however, by this time in the late 1700s, there was also
still a large remnant of Hispanic and a minority number of African and Asiatic settlers. This was occurring at
such a great pace that by 1790, the terms “Northwest” and “Southwest Territory” were coming to mean
something completely different in just a few decades to come. The Tennessee region was considered
Southwest Territory because it was southwest of the thirteen original colonies.

By 1820, the term Northwest Territory meant northwestern Wisconsin and Minnesota. Western expansion of
the American culture of the 13 original colonies just kept on moving itself westward into Indian Territory.
There the wary native inhabitants had a pretty clear idea about what the ultimate outcome would be for
allowing thousands upon thousands of new settlers to freely travel without any restriction across their
ancestral homelands.

A band of renegade outlaws of Chief Blackbird attack Fort Dearborn in early Chicago.

Located on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago is displayed on an early map of the region as
“Chekagou” (“wild onion”) in 1684 during the time that France considered the region as part of La Nouvelle
France and by 1763 Great Britain started dominating the region for twenty years. By the time the Americans
started gaining control in 1783, the region was drawing in an influx of new settlers. With a steady inflow of
immigrants, a fort later called Dearborn, was constructed in 1803 by John Whistler in command of US troops
in the middle of what was then relatively wilderness area on the Chicago River bank in what is now the
downtown Loop of the City of Chicago. Eventually, later on during the decades following the mid-1800s,
Fort Dearborn would become swallowed up by the surrounding Chicago community area.

Click on each of the above images for a better view. On the left is a photograph of Fort Dearborn well after it
was reconstructed in 1816 and the photograph was taken well after 1826 when photography was only
vaguely in its beginning development. On the right above from the northeast of it is a bird’s eye view
drawing of the fort. The fort had an officer’s quarters, troop’s barracks, a guard house and an ammunition
storage area that the army was calling a “magazine”.

In the above image is an overview diagram of the fort which John Whistler and his troops had originally
constructed in 1803 and was drawn by him in 1808. Click on the above image for a better view of the fort.
It was by the year of 1812, after the ancestral Naenawehtawin (Menominee Warrior Society) was assisted by
the British army in capturing the American garrison at Fort Mackinac on Mackinac Island, that the fort at
Dearborn became the next target for capture. By this time the fort and the island had become considered part
of Illinois Territory by the US government.

As a response to the increasing influx of US soldiers and settlers, the Illiniwuk a southern group of
Algonquin (Mamaceqtawuk) tribal ancestors from the entire region of early Chicago, Ohio and farther south,
were overcome with great sentiments of unrest among the Potawatomi and Wyandot warriors who were
beginning to lean more toward the silver-tongued orators who began wooing them with gifts while promising
them during that very same time what was the entire Northwest Territory.

Out on the frontier to the region of the Ohio River Valley, King George III sent his most skilled emissaries
who began promising the Potawatomi and the Wyandot natives of the region that the Northwest Territory
would simply be called “The Indian Territory”. These emissaries vowed that it would be completely under
the exclusive protection of the British government, which would “only place forts on it to protect it from the
Americans”. Yet the actual practice of using these forts was merely to ensure King George’s dominion.

Using these forts merely for native protection from the Americans was a trifle unbecoming of British policy
toward Native Americans because just sixteen years earlier, the British diplomats at the signing of the
1796 Treaty of Paris completely failed to include native representatives. They had never even once brought
up the topic of American Indians during the ensuing treaty negotiations in the City of Paris, France that year.

Back in that tumultuous year of 1812, although it is different today, be-spelled by these British emissaries
and enchanted by their silver-tongued oratory, numerous * and Wyandot warriors, began
gathering outside of Fort Dearborn with entire throngs of warriors beating on drums (video of powwow)
while singing war songs in unison (video of a Menominee powwow) to show their anger and rage at the
Americans whom they began viewing as part of an invasive, exploitative and even as an infectious culture.

With the pressure and the threat of war all too entirely imminent, on August 9 th of 1812, General William
Hull, Commander of the , ordered to
and for the soldiers and civilians to surrender and not to concern
themselves with what they left behind. Brigadier General William Hull understood the native custom even
among these renegades in the region that “the promise a man had made meant his honor”.

They had very likely seemed to the frantic occupants of the fort, who had largely misconstrued the natives’
intentions, as if they were waiting outside like a large pack of ravenous wolves. Since the Americans, most
oftentimes simply by mere contact, and occasionally even on purpose as a means of biological warfare, were
bringing in ravaging epidemics into native populations that these very same renegades evidently became
vengeful with the erroneous idea in mind that any immigrants and settlers were enemies to be eradicated.

On August 12th Captain Heald held a council with Chief Blackbird, who was recognized as the head chief of
the armed faction of warriors involved and with the about 400 to 500 hundred natives camped outside of the
fort. Heald offered the chiefs the stores of supplies and ammunition in the fort in exchange for a safe journey
to Fort Wayne; whereupon immediately the renegade chiefs had then agreed to this and would leave the
stockade if the army did as such. Then they would have even become allies of the US that year in 1812.

In carrying out General Hull’s orders, when he came back to the fort, Captain Heald let some of the warriors
take only some of the supplies yet he was forced to delay in following his order to expediently abandon the
fort at once. This was when he was confronted by his officers who vehemently at first and then forcibly
objected to his offer of handing out guns and ammunition which, to the frantic minds of the mutineers, could
immediately be turned against them and would lead to their massacre.

Then during the armed struggle that ensued among a small group of his officers and while Captain Heald was
being held at gunpoint, these men had taken their stance to the point of near murder and Heald was then
forced to agree with them. So he then ordered the guns to be destroyed. Unwittingly then for a holocaust, the
mutineers were thereby sealing their own fates as well as sealing the fates of the rest of the occupants of the
fort by leaving them completely defenseless and vulnerable to the unpredictable and erratic choices that the
attacking horde of renegades was just about to make.

And then to top it all off, while the mutineers apparently thought that Blackbird’s warriors would be
completely oblivious to the blatant actions they were about to perform, they busted up the weapons and the
ammunition they were going to surrender in the arsenal and then dumped them into a stagnant well. After
they disposed of their weapons, obtusely then the mutineers dumped and busted up the barrels of vintage
corn, wheat or rye whiskey the army had hidden in a secret place in the stock room into the Chicago River
that flowed just right next to the fort.

With these actions being completely within the eye and earshot of native scouts, it was immediately reported
back to Chief Blackbird (Mukatapenaise) of the Des Plaines and Fox Rivers bands and Nuscotomeg (Mad
Sturgeon) of the Kankakee River bands and the other renegade chiefs that were involved in the forthcoming
attack. (See official letters of military officers during the fort Dearborn attack and during the War of 1812.
Nonetheless, even though it was beyond his own control, since Captain Nathan Heald was failing to keep the
solemn promise that he made with the renegade chiefs involved, the Captain seemed to these restless and
vengeful chiefs as completely dishonorable and like a complete liar. So Chief Blackbird and his renegade
band of renegade warriors had then begun making plans to attack the fort and its occupants.

By August 15th of 1812, an entire legion of Native Americans totaling between 400 and 500 Potawatomi and
the Wyandot warriors, who were being viewed as “renegade Indians” by the Americans and as “freedom
warriors” by the large faction of natives, started attacking and battling the 66 soldiers from the American
army and the 27 civilian occupants of the fort with 12 of the civilian occupants of the fort being women and
with 20 being children. While the battle only lasting about a quarter of an hour, 38 American soldiers (26
regulars and 12 militiamen) were killed and 28 soldiers were captured overall. It just so happened that 12 of
the 14 civilian occupants who were killed were innocent children.

Overall, 13 of the original 27 civilian occupants were captured and during the carnage that ensued, in and
outside the fort, a total of 52 American soldiers and settlers were slaughtered by Chief Blackbird’s renegade
band of Indians. Immediately following the massacre, Blackbird’s warriors then burned Fort Dearborn to the
ground and some of the survivors then were later ransomed off to their relatives and some were released.

When Blackbird’s renegades were finally finished with their torture and onslaught of the soldiers and the
settlers, they then left the mangled bodies and the torn flesh of the massacre victims strewn about the area,
right where they had fallen … decaying in the sunlight like dead fish, where they lay ... down on the sandy
shores of the Chicago River … and high upon the sand dunes of Lake Michigan. The remains of the
massacre victims were later collected by mixed bloods and relatives such as Billy Caldwell and others to give
their loved ones the appropriate Christian burial rites by their families and friends.

The regular Potawatomi Chief Black Partridge and his warriors were trying to protect the settlers at Fort
Dearborn but they were met with the vigorous opposition from the renegades and in the end were unable to
completely fend them off. However, the chief did manage to save Lt. Helm’s wife, Margaret and her
children. During the events of that 15th of August, at the great risk and near sacrifice of their own lives,
mixed bloods such as the Fort St. Joseph native named Chaudonaire and Chichipinquay (Alexander
Robinson) took Captain Nathan Heald his family and relatives and assisted in transporting them to Mackinac
Island. Among these fleeing survivors was Chicago's first white settler John Kinzie, a wealthy businessman,
Captain Nathan Heald and Lieutenant Linai T. Helm. Also, while evidently battling for them on their behalf,
Chaudonaire and the 35 year old mixed blood and warriors such as the mixed
blood Frenchman named Lafromboise had courageously defended and had enabled numerous massacre
survivors to flee the onslaught at Fort Dearborn in Old Chicago on that August 15th of 1812.
The mixed blood Chichipinquay (the Squinter) who was known as Chief Alexander Robinson had then
carried them aboard a type of river craft which was probably a couple of huge bateaux that Robinson and
Chaudonaire paddled from the shores of Lake Michigan to the safety at the British fort at the port on
Mackinac Island which was wrested from the Americans a month earlier on July 16th through 17th of 1812.
The fort at Mackinac exchanged hands after it became a British possession when it was captured by an army
of 600 regulars who were assisted by Chief Tomah and his warriors. Even though this takeover led up to the
massacre that had taken place at Fort Dearborn a month later, the takeover of the fort at Mackinac was done
without the firing of a single canon or rifle shot and the outcome was different from the August 15th attack at
Fort Dearborn where a horrendous massacre had taken place.

The mixed bloods Chaudonaire and Alexander Robinson who was known as the “Squinter,” brought Heald,
Kinzie, their families and numerous survivors of the Fort Dearborn massacre to the Mackinac Island. Fort
Mackinac was under British control when they brought them to Captain Roberts and Chief Tomah.
It is documented that Chichipinquay brought them over to the British commander there Captain Charles
Roberts. And so then it was soon that, Captain Nathan Heald, John Kinzie, Lieutenant Helm, their families
and the rest of the survivors of the Dearborn massacre were then carried across Lake Michigan to the care of
American authorities at Fort Detroit in Lower Michigan.

Chief Tomah and the British Captain Charles Roberts at Fort Mackinac had become saddened, sickened,
disgusted and completely outraged by the stories of the carnage of the soldiers, settlers and the children at
Fort Dearborn. Following the year of 1812, myriads of settlers by the multiples of hundreds and eventually
thousands were continuing to enter the area surrounding early Chicago and, by this time, they were
completely protected by major reinforcements of the United States Army.

The son of Joseph Caron, Choukeka (Spoon) was the HoChunk head chief and the same Joseph Caron was
also the brother of Claude Caron (Glode). While it was true that a HoChunk faction in a completely separate
incident, was involved in the murder of two white men, when the Potawatomi and Wyandot outlaws at Fort
Dearborn had become confronted by the General “Mad” Anthony Wayne about that massacre, the renegades
that were involved in the perpetration of the Fort Dearborn massacre* then blamed the HoChunk.

As a result of this blatant lie, unjustly then, while the predominantly warring faction of renegades who had
perpetrated the Fort Dearborn massacre was permitted to remain in the entire region surrounding early
Chicago, Choukeka and his relatives in the Chicago region, had immediately become the target for attack.

Sometime after the Fort Dearborn massacre, the HoChunk people were immediately and forcibly removed by
* and the United States Army from the entire Chicago region. With Fort
Dearborn being rebuilt in 1816* and with fresh army re-enforcements, the settlers as well as the United
States government began favoring the removal of all Indians from the Fort Dearborn settlement and virtually
many of the Native Americans from the communities that were just beginning to spring up surrounding the
settlement of early Chicago by European immigrants, pioneers, frontiersmen and settlers.

In all but the hair and a few more pounds, General “Mad” Anthony Wayne seems to somewhat
resemble the American * (Marion Morrison*) whose, by the way, true biological
mother was an Indian woman. Click on * for the “official version” of his genealogy
(Family, do DNA test* for verification of native ancestry). Watch a trailer of the movie: The War Wagon*.
Watch the full movie: * and full movie: *. Click on this link for
some information and images of John Wayne, family and friends*.

1814 Greenville Treaty.
Oil Painting by Hal Sherman.

In the above painting General William Harrison is shown speaking at the 1814 Greenville treaty signing.
Previously four years earlier, the Shawnee Chief Blue Jacket* had died in 1810 and three years later, the
* was killed at the Thames River in 1813. The warring element of chiefs within native
nations was predominantly shunned by the representatives of the United States involved with the transactions
during the treaty negotiations. It was thereby that the peaceful chiefs and headmen among the various
Algonquin nations were then becoming recognized as chiefs and a very large number of the war chiefs had
become excluded by any ensuing treaties that were made with the United States government. By that time era
in the decade of 1810 and thereafter, a very large number of these war chiefs became considered outlaws by
immigrants, the settlers and by the United States government.

A Photograph of the Peace Pipe awarded to the peace chiefs at Greenville in 1814*.

After the peaceful chiefs within the various nations had firmly established an understanding between the
warring element of natives within the various tribes and the US government, nineteen years after the first
Greenville treaty the one that was signed in 1795, a Peace pipe was presented to them when The 2nd Treaty of
Greenville that was signed* on July 22nd of 1814.

Eleven years later, the US government appointed the son of an Ottawa Métis woman and a Scottish trader,
Alexander Robinson* as a head chief of the Council of the Three Fires: Ottawa, Chippewa and Potawatomi
tribes in the Treaty of Prairie du Chien in 1825. This was a treaty that was made between the US and
numerous Algonquin (Anishinaabeg) nations such as the Sac and Fox, Menominee, Iowa and with non-
Algonquin tribes such as the HoChunk and the Sioux (Lakota) on August 19th of that year.

For his courageous and valiant rescue of the numerous surviving occupants at Fort Dearborn during the
massacre there in 1812, Chichipinquay (Alexander Robinson) was awarded 1280 acres of early Chicago
land. This was done in accordance with a treaty that was signed seventeen years later in the month of July in
the year of 1829 along the Mississippi at the settlement of Prairie du Chien in what is now Wisconsin.

The daughters of Chief Little Wolf, Josette Carron.
Okemawabon was called “Sasos” and she had married Alexander Robinson. Sasos was the sister of
Wabenowabon who was better known as Wabenomitamo Oshkosh (born Carron) and she was the one who
had married Chief Neopit Oshkosh. The daughter of Okemawabon (“Sasos”) was Margaret Kitson (born
Robinson on Jan 1, 1821 died Dec 19, 1904) Wakohwapeh (White Fox) who was the daughter of the mixed
blood mentioned earlier Chief Alexander Robinson whose native name was Chichipinquay (“the Squinter”).

Margaret Kitson’s mother was the wife of Josette Carron (Chief Little Wolf, Mahwahsay) who was the son
of Thomas Carron (Chief Tomau) who was the son of Waupesesiu (born Souligny) and Claude (Glode)
Caron. Sasos was my 3rd great grandmother and she was the 5th great grandmother of you, Vogun. By 1840,
mixed blood natives that surrounded the Chicago area had to sign an affidavit either saying that they were
“white” and to have equal rights with the white settlers or to sign “Indian” and then were not able to own
any property in the eyes of the US government.

These mixed blood natives who admitted their native ancestry, would then be forcibly removed from the
Chicago region penniless and on foot and on a long march at sword and at gunpoint 700 miles to an Indian
territory in Oklahoma that was a very large area of land set up by the United States for “displaced Indians”.
Since the Margaret Robinson half-siblings of her father, Alexander Robinson, by his 2nd wife, Catherine
Chevalier (mixed blood Potawatomi) were the children of a chief (Chichipinquay), they were technically full
blood Indian according to the way that the US was designating the native blood quanta to be passed down.
However, instead of identifying themselves as “Indian”, they identified themselves as “white” and so then
all of Catherine’s children inherited from the estate of their father’s 1280 acres of prime Chicago land within
and surrounding what are now Schiller Park and the Catherine Chevalier Woods near downtown Chicago.

Since Margaret Robinson identified herself as an “Indian”, she was then disenfranchised from her father
Alexander Robinson’s estate and following the year of 1840, she was forced to remove herself from her
father’s estate which is 14 miles from the site of the Fort Dearborn massacre where the downtown Chicago
Loop is today. So Margaret then moved to Lake Poygan to live in Chief Oshkosh’s band near what is now
Oshkosh in Wisconsin. Descendants of Robinson (Simon and Garfunkel sing Mrs. Robinson) are attempting
to reclaim the land today (a Robinson descendant paraphrases Woody Guthrie’s: This Land is Your Land in a
video). Watch this old video of the song’s writer, Woody Guthrie singing his song: This Land is Your Land.

Reaching for the Stars. Fizzstudio, Bristol, England.

Okemawabon’s baptismal name was Cynthia Josephine Carron, and she was referred to as "Sas Sus Soshey"
which was a Menominee way of saying her Christian name as "Little Josephine," which was later shortened
to “Sasos”. Menominee ancestors called Alexander Robinson, “Opetaq” (Apehtah, Half Sky) and in to
Hoffman’s book on Page 60 in item 24 listed are “O’kemawa’bon” (1896) and “Waubenomitamu” as the
daughters of Josette Carron. In Menominee history, Alexander Robinson (Opeqtaq) Chichipinquay married
Okemawabon (Sasos). Hoffman listed them as having two children.

Chief “Shununiu” (Souligny).

Oil on canvas painting by Samuel Marsden Brooks.
Wisconsin Historical Society Archives, 4th Floor, Madison, Wisconsin.
During the time of Tecumseh’s 1810 war council at what was just then becoming known as the City of Green
Bay at Le Baye, Chief Oshkosh’s uncle, “Shununiu” (Chief Souligny) who was Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny’s
grandson (Pierre III) named “Chief Souligny” and was the son of Chawanon (Pierre II) had fought in support
of Tecumseh’s War which started occurring two years before the 1812 War.

Chief Tomah, Oshkosh and Iometah changed their minds when they joined Souligny and Tecumseh, who had
allied with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland against the United States by enacting the 1812
capture of Fort Mackinac. As a result, the fort had been successfully occupied by Chawanon’s nephews:

Chief Tomah and his brother Iometah whose cousins: Oshkosh, Souligny, Grizzly Bear and numerous other
Anishinaabeg warriors were allied with a British army of 600 regulars. This was when they assisted them in
sacking the fort for the Redcoats of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Click on this link to
better understand the complexities of: “the inscrutable British” (for the definitions: Click on this link).

The next year in 1813, Tomah, Oshkosh, Iometah, Souligny and other various Anishinaabeg chiefs as well as
Tecumseh also led a siege on Fort Meigs in April and of Fort Stephenson in August. However, later that
same year the Shawnee Chief Tecumseh the Shooting Star was killed at the Thames River just north of the
U.S./Canada border on October 5th of 1813. The above portrait is of this Shawnee prophet Tecumseh.

Canvas oil painting by
Samuel Marsden Brookes (1816-1892) in 1858.

Portrait of an aged Chief Augustin Iometah Carron (Fish Spawn) (~1767-1865) who was the Menominee war
chief and was most likely in his nineties in the painting. Iometah was Chief Tomah’s full brother and they
were genetically 1/16th ancestral Ottawa and were 15/16th French. Ahkinipowa was Iometah’s great grandson
according to the 2nd great granddaughter of Ahkinipowa, the late Merceline Sanapaw (born Kinnipoway).

Chief Oshkosh (born about 1795 and died in 1858), who was Chawanon's grandson, was recognized as the
chief of the buffalo clan, however, the matter of who would be the head chief would not resolve itself among
the fourteen Menominee chiefs who were about to sign the treaty because, so to speak, there were "too many
chiefs and not enough Indians". The most likely candidates for head chief were: the son of Tomah, Chief
Little Wolf who was the nephew of Iometah, Josette Carron (Mahwahsay “Little Wolf”) and was considered
the chief of the prairie chicken clan; Oshkosh, (Oskos, Brave Claw) the chief of the buffalo clan; Pemabeme,
(One Seen Going By) the chief of the wolf clan; Wainisaut, the chief of the eagle clan; Ahkinipowa
(Kichiemtort), the chief of the bear clan; or one of the other chiefs such as Chief Komaniken, the chief of the
thunder clan or possibly the newly created clan of Chief L’Espagnol (“the Spaniard”) from whom the Munoz
family has descended.

The two top eligible chiefs for head chief were Josette Carron (Chief Mahwahsay) and Oshkosh. However, it
was because of that very fact, that the 32-year-old Oshkosh challenged the 43-year-old Mahwahsay to a knife
battle to decide who would be the head chief. Josette Carron was a perpetual Frenchman (a little over 1/2
ancestral Anishinaabe and the rest was a little less than half French) and undoubtedly he had taken him up on
his challenge. Oshkosh was a seasoned warrior and was at least 11 years younger than Josette and seems to
have gotten the upper hand in a knife battle. That was quite possibly how Josette Carron thereby became the
second in charge in the Menominee tribe. Then just like his father Thomas Carron, Chief Josette “Little
Wolf” Carron became the head spokesman and after his father, Chief Tomah (Thomas Carron): Mahwahsay,
Chief Little Wolf Carron also had respectfully become known as “Chief Tomau” by the Menominee people.

A son of Louis Dodge Jr. was known as “Matahone”, Mitchell Dodge Sr. a great grandson of Governor
Henry Dodge of Wisconsin, was a Menominee ancestor who, while only speaking broken English, fell into a
mud hole and when asked what happened, he tried to say “mud hole” in English and he said “matahone”
instead which just happens to mean “He Loses His Arrows” in Menominee. Thus he had been “tagged” with
the nickname “Matahone”. Mitchell Al Dodge, who was Matahone’s son, was nicknamed Matahonesa for
“Little Matahone” and he was only one of the many knowledgeable Menominee elders, such as Kimawon
(Howard Rain) and Kayso (Monroe Weso), who told me that Ahkinipowa was the bear clan chief and that he
had signed the 1827 treaty between the United States and the Menominee nation.

The eldest son of the Original Chief Oshkosh, the infamous Acquinimi the 3rd (1828-1896) is pictured above
in this daguerreotype image with his fellow chief and 3rd cousin Paul Ackeneboa who was the son of
Ahkinipowa. This image can be seen in the book: Like a Deer Chased by the Dogs by Scott Cross.
Ironically, a year after the infamous Acquinimi the 3rd murdered his own father the Original Chief Oshkosh,
Acquinimi the 3rd was elected in 1859 as head chief of the tribe on the Menominee tribal council of chiefs.
Charlotte Dagenait (born: 1764) was the wife of the bear clan chief Augustin Iometah Carron (born: 1764).
Her father was: François Dagenait. A son of Iometah and his wife Charlotte was: Chaw-Poi-Took Carron
(born in 1802 and died in 1852). Susan Carron was the daughter of Chaw-Poi-Took and her husband was:
Kaush-Kau-No-Naive called “Grizzly Bear” (born 1782 and died 1834) whose father was US Indian Agent
Colonel Samuel C Stambaugh (died 1860).

Susan Carron was the granddaughter of Iometah and was a 2nd cousin of Sasos. Both of them were the great
granddaughters of Claude and Waupesesiu Caron. Susan married Colonel Stambaugh’s son Kaush-Kau-No-
Naïve (Grizzly Bear) and they were the mother and father of Ma-ko-me-ta, Bear’s Oil (in the above portrait)
sometimes written as, Mah-kée-mee-teuv, who was nicknamed "Grizzly Bear" after his father. His brothers,
Ahkinipowa (Earth Stander born about 1810) and Wapemen (Corn) had also become recognized as chiefs
among the Menominee.

In 1827, Susan Carron's eldest son, Ahkinipowa, being the great grandson of Iometah, was recognized as the
chief of the bear clan, the largest and most powerful Menominee clan; however, at the signing of the treaty
the interpreter mangled the spelling of the name Kinnipoway for Ahkinipowa, who had signed his X mark
next to “Kichiemtort” on the treaty.

All of the elders that I have spoken with Merceline Sanapaw (born Kinnipoway), Napoose (Manny Boyd),
Ned Lawe, Moon Weso, Mitchell Weso, Kimawon (Howard Rain), Iahpetah (Dave Matchopatow) and
Matahonesa (Al Dodge), to name only a few, have repeatedly stated that Ahkinipowa was one of the
principal clan chiefs of the Menominee and was the “true chief of the bear clan” rather than Chief Oshkosh.

Chief Augustin Iometah Carron was a brother of Thomas and Konot (Glode II) Carron and these three chiefs
were the nephews of Chawanon Souligny, who a generation earlier in around the late 1850s had become
regarded by the French as the Menominee TsheKatchekemau (head chief). Like his sisters Waupesesiu and
Waupesepin, Chief Chawanon was 1/8th ancestral Mamaceqtawuk (Ottawa) and 7/8ths French. Waupesesiu’s
sons Iometah and his brother, Tomah, were genetically 1/16th ancestral Ottawa and were 15/16ths French. But
because Iometah and Tomah were chiefs who nearly sacrificed their lives for the Menominee during
innumerable wars, they are listed as full blood Menominee in the Menominee tribal records. Augustin
Iometah Carron and his brother Thomas Carron intermarried with technically “full blood” Anishinaabe
women who had greater amounts of ancestral native blood.

Chief Oshkosh had been purported to have been part black according to the late artist Mr. Johnny “Gun”
Gauthier and by Peter “Si” Washinawatok (“Bright white”) who were descendants of the chief. The above
painting by Johnny “Gun” Gauthier is a portrait of Chief Oshkosh as a very dark Indian man who had white,
HoChunk, black and ancestral Ottawa roots. Oshkosh’s grandfather Chawanon was 1/8th ancestral Ottawa
and was 7/8ths French. Because of so many Wilber marriages into the Oshkosh family, the late Menominee
elder Bruce Wilber Sr (lived from 1933 to 2012), who was quite knowledgeable on the subject, would
repeatedly state that Oshkosh was mostly HoChunk. If both scenarios that Oshkosh was part black as well as
HoChunk were the case, then Oshkosh’s grandfather Chawanon, had married an Apeshanakokiu (Black
woman) and his father, Akwinemi IST had married a woman of HoChunk heritage.

Evidently, Oshkosh’s grandfather Chawanon and his father Akwinemi Ist had intermarried women of mixed
blood heritage enough for him (Oshkosh) to have also been of both HoChunk and of black ancestry.
However, when someone would question him about his ancestry, Oshkosh would always retort back at them
bragging: “I’m the only full blood Menominee left!”

As was exemplified previously in the 1700s with his grandfather Chawanon the Tshekatchekemau, who was
1/8th ancestral Ottawa and was 7/8ths French, with his being the head chief, indeed he was a “full blood
Menominee” and so were his children to be considered that way on the Menominee Tribal Roll according to
the policies and procedures of the Menominee land field agent A. L. Hook in the 1940s.

Oshkosh would ultimately leave a legacy as a charismatic leader in Menominee Indian history. However,
because of his periodic over-indulgence in the usage of alcohol and because of a cross temperament from it,
Chief Oshkosh would ultimately meet up with a fateful and tragic end.

To get back to the topic of the chiefs, just before the 1827 Menominee treaty was signed at Little Lake Butte
des Morts, the matter of who would be the head chief was not resolved among the fourteen Menominee
chiefs who were about to sign the 1827 treaty with the United States. On Aug 11 th at Little Lake Butte des
Morts the commissioner, Governor Lewis Cass of Michigan Territory arbitrarily chose to place the silver
peace medal around the neck of Oshkosh who then had become recognized as the head chief at the signing of
the Menominee Treaty of 1827.

The appointment of Oshkosh as the head chief of the Menominee by Lewis Cass had serious repercussions
with the rest of the clan chiefs who objected to his non-traditional standing as the head chief. He would soon
be coerced by the US into signing away millions of acres of land. The rest of the chiefs vied for one of other
clan chiefs such as Josette Caron (Mahwahsay), Waukechon, Pemabeme, Komaniken, Ahkinipowa or one of
the other treaty signers who were council chiefs to be the TsheKatchekemau.

The Original Chief Oshkosh’s son, Chief Neopit Oshkosh and his retinue.

This picture was taken from the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern on Aug 26th, 1903 was entitled Oshkosh and His Retinue.
It was taken in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of the City of Oshkosh.
Standing left to right is: Adell Gauthier Neff, Peter LaMotte, Perotte, Joe Gauthier, “Acquinnie” Oshkosh, John
Gauthier, Louise Amour (Che-mon). Seated left to right is: Thomas Hog, Mrs. Neopit Oshkosh with her son Thomas
(“Tommy Up”) on her lap and her husband Chief Neopit Oshkosh. Seated to Neopit’s immediate left is Mose Corn.
Seated left to right on the floor is: Mary Warrington, Mrs. Peter LaMotte and Agnes Corn.

As I was growing up in the 1950s, Thomas Oshkosh (born 1902 and lived until 1968) “Tommy Up” in the
previous family photograph lived on the same street where I lived, on the Menominee Indian Reservation in
the town of Neopit, Wisconsin. Along with his brothers Ernest and Reginald, Tommy Up was a son of Chief
Neopit Oshkosh (Born in 1833 and died in 1913) and was a grandson of the Original Chief Oshkosh.

Around 1962, when I was about the age of twelve, “Tommy Up” told me that his grandfather, the Original
Chief Oshkosh, before he died (in 1858), was intending to pass down his hereditary head chieftainship to his
son Neopit and not to his other son Acquinimi the 3rd. Ancestrally, the head chieftainship was not an inherited
status and was elected by the clan chiefs who were heavily influenced by their wives, the clan mothers. The
name Acquinimi is a variant spelling of his namesake A'kwine'mi (the 1ST) who was Acquinimi’s grandfather.
Acquinimi the 3rd was the third male descendant in the Oshkosh family who bore the same name as his
grandfather and his uncle. Another widely-used spelling of the very same name Akwinemi (“In the mouth of
everybody”) is used here to differentiate Neopit’s grandfather, Akwinemi the I ST from his uncle “Acquinnie”
(Akwinemi the 2 nd in photo) from the infamous Acquinimi the 3rd who was Original Chief Oshkosh’s son.

Waupanometamo Oshkosh, with her son called “Tommy Up” sitting on her lap.

Seated in the bottom half of the picture from left to right is Wabenowabon (in the Keshena family tree Hook
report), who was better known as Waupanometamo Oshkosh with her son Thomas (“Tommy Up” as he was
called) on her lap. Her husband Chief Neopit Oshkosh is seated to her left. To Neopit’s immediate left side is
his good friend Mose Corn.

The Original Chief Oshkosh’s brother Akwinemi, who was Neopit’s Uncle “Acquinnie” (born about 1820) is
standing on his left immediately to the back of him. This Akwinemi the 2nd and Oshkosh had a brother
named Oshkenaniew who was another member of the Oshkosh family. The above picture was taken in 1903.
The “Acquinnie” in the picture is an ancestor of the Miller family from Keshena and is not the infamous
Acquinimi the 3rd who was Neopit’s brother that died in about 1896. The same year after the photograph was
taken in 1903, Neopit’s Uncle “Acquinnie” died. With his wife Mitashamoqui the infamous Acquinimi the 3rd
Acquinnie’s nephew, has no descendants today.
Some background on Neopit Oshkosh’s father, the Original Chief Oshkosh.
The Green Bay Historical Bulletin describes the event when a mixed blood Menominee man (purported to
have been Pawnee) named Okewa, who worked for a Métis family in Green Bay named Jourdain, was
murdered by Acquinimi’s father, the Original Chief Oshkosh, for the accidental hunting death of a
Menominee man named Maskewit. On June 3rd of 1830 at the Menominee Village where the Neville Public
Museum is today at Dousman and Museum Place, Oshkosh stabbed Okewa, who was running away or was
completely unaware, killing him instantly by shanking him in the back for the accidental killing of his good
friend Maskewit while he was hunting deer and other wild game. After Okewa’s killing, Chief Oshkosh was
apprehended by early Green Bay frontier authorities and was then taken into custody and jailed. He faced the
possibility of the capital punishment of death by hanging.

An article dated May 5, 1917 in the Wisconsin Historical Society from the Green Bay Gazette was entitled
“Court Record Tells of Trial of Chief Oshkosh for Murder Committed near Green Bay” describes the event
of the killing but erroneously writes his name as “Aukweeka” for Okewa. Thereafter, a three month trial was
held from June through September of 1830 by Judge James Duane Doty, (pictured above in the colorized
daguerreotype) a western district court judge of Michigan Territory in a one-room log cabin courtroom.

The counsel for the defense presented the case that Okewa surrendered his life in exchange for taking the life
of Maskewit in accordance with tribal law: “that one who causes the death of a fellow tribesman is an
outlaw, to be killed by any member of the tribe on sight”. ~ Statement of the Oshkosh defense council 1830.

In actuality there was no such custom among the Menominee. The Menominee Nation had only recently
become called the “Menominee tribe” thirteen years earlier in 1817. Oshkosh’s attorney simply
manufactured such a mythical custom as a masterfully delivered strategic move in Oshkosh’s defense.

Prior to 1817, Menominees were primarily whom the French called Les Folles Avoines and were descendants
of full blood natives and mixed bloods who came from the Island of Mackinac from common ancestors such
as Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny* and Françoise Massé and from various early immigrant progenitors such as
Boyd, Lawe, Porlier, Grignon, Cardish, Creapeau, Lafromboise, Gristeau, Pecore, Menore and Beauprey. On
Mackinac Island most of these immigrant progenitors were from original French pioneers.

These Menominee ancestors were mainly the mixed blood descendants of the Mishinimakinago who freely
referred to themselves as Omaeqnominiwuk and were of the Kaeyac Mamaceqtawuk, the “Kiash
Machitiwuk” the “Ancient Ones” which was one of the ways of these ancestors toward expressing the idea
of “Algonquin” and were ancestrally known as Anishinaabe (“the first people”) by our Ojibway ancestors.

The mural on the right wall of the Wisconsin Supreme Court Hearing Room in Madison, Wisconsin depicts
the trial of Chief Oshkosh of the Menominees for the stabbing death of Okewa, a Pawnee native who killed a
Menominee man named Maskewit in a hunting accident. According to the mythical tribal custom that was
completely fabricated by his attorney, relatives of Okewa (the Métis Jourdain family) had the right to kill his
slayer Chief Oshkosh. By September after deliberation, Judge Doty finally ruled in the landmark case that
Oshkosh’s killing of Okewa was an act of “Indian revenge” and that it occurred in a sovereign Indian nation
and in accordance with tribal law over which in this case the laws of the territory of Michigan did not apply.

During the last day of court hearings Doty stated:

“it appears to me that it would be tyrannical and unjust to declare him, by implication, a malicious offender
against rules which the same laws presume he could not have previously known...” Doty further stated that
what Oshkosh had perpetrated upon Okewa at Menominee Village that such a matter between natives on
Indian land was not an offense to the territory of Michigan and even though by his standards, it was
conceived as brutal, that it was merely the execution of tribal law.
Judge James Doty finally ruled: “The reasons upon which this motion is founded I have examined, but I am
unable to satisfy my mind that the prisoner has willfully and maliciously violated any statute of the territory
of Michigan. The motion for judgment is therefore refused, and the prisoner is discharged from custody.”
~ Judge James Duane Doty concluding the trial of Chief Oshkosh in September of 1830.

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* when he was in high school.

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Shortly thereafter, the title of the head of the Nazi party, “der Führer*”, was used for referring to
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Then: Now:

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VOX: Mark Judge, the other man named in Christine Ford’s Brett Kavanaugh allegations, explained*.
Ford alleges Judge was in the room when Kavanaugh assaulted her — and that he played along.
By Emily Stewart Sep 17, 2018, 3:40pm EDT

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Senators reviewed the Brett Kavanaugh FBI file* on 10/5/18. The First Senate floor
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Regardless of human obstacles, the partisan Senate confirmed Kavanaugh anyway*.
Oshkosh’s killing of the son of Wainisaut, *.
To return to Anishinaabe history and the story of the trial of Chief Oshkosh, Oshkosh’s shanking
of Okewa in 1830 resulted in his apparently becoming immune from prosecution and it was
much like an incident that happened 22 years after 1830. It seemed that thenceforth, Oshkosh
could quite literally get away with murder of a fellow native on Indian land.
After 1830 for a length of time thereafter … get away with murder he did, when by 1852
Oshkosh was purported to have hired Mamatosh to assassinate his political rival Chief
Waukechon who was of Cree ancestry. Like President Trump having the “legal” capacity to kill
someone on 5th Avenue in broad daylight, immediately following Chief Waukechon’s killing, it
seemed that Chief Oshkosh had legal immunity with veritable impunity and there were no
immediate legal repercussions resulting from it whatsoever until later that same year.
The Menominee Sesquicentennial (1854-2004) wrote this about the assassination in the section
entitled “Chief Waukechun”: As told to a historian in about 1930, (Mitchell) Beauprey, who was
an eyewitness to the killing and about eight years old at that time in 1852, said that: “Sabituk”
and another brave “Omanomita” (“Amable” in the Green Bay Historical Bulletin) were in the
canoe with Waukechon.
Mamatosh was a medicine man, nonetheless the two braves then chased him down and caught
him and “hung him up by his thumbs” until he yelled out that “Chief Oshkosh” hired him,
whereupon the two braves had then killed him on the spot.
When the news finally came out, Oshkosh then initially became subject to federal jurisdiction
and he remained at large for months. Later on that same year in 1852, the US jurisdictional
authorities would very soon pursue Oshkosh onto the reservation to stand trial for the Chief
Waukechon killing.
This legend was told by the late Joseph Waukechon and numerous other elders and part of it
comes from other sources. It is briefly mentioned in the book: Indian Names on Wisconsin’s
Map by Virgil J. Vogel 1991 (Search Mamatosh, Page 44 top) as well as in the Menominee
Sesquicentennial (1854-2004).
To this day the Waukechon family, descendants of Chief Waukechon, has a sacred drum called
the “Wakashunaape Drum” that is dedicated to their ancestor, Waukechon which means “Bent
Beak”, a reference to an eagle totem, a painted carved-wooden clan emblem on the Cree totem
pole with a bent beak and to being of the Wakashunaape (= Mamaceqtawuk = Anishinaabeg =
Algonquin people).

This above oil painting by Paul Kane was done on December 31st of 1858. It was inspired
by a Plains Cree warrior and pipe stem carrier who was seen along the North Saskatchewan
River nine years earlier at the Fort Pitt region in what would later become known by 1867
as the nation of Canada. This nation had become regarded as a self-governing entity* within
the British empire that gradually acquired its present-day level of independence by 1982*.

Oshkosh was the chief of the buffalo clan and merely adopted the bear totem.
The above photograph is from the National Archives and it is a photograph of Mose Corn wearing the
Oshkosh buffalo headdress that had been passed down to Chief Neopit Oshkosh from his father, the Original
Chief Oshkosh from his participation in the Menominee Buffalo Dance Cult. Mose Corn was in the entourage
of Chief Neopit Oshkosh in 1903 holding the buffalo headdress on his lap. The picture above is at the
National Archives in Washington DC and a copy of it is at the Menominee Tribal Historical archives
adjacent to the logging camp museum in Keshena, Wisconsin.

Joseph Boyd, who was the son of Alfred Boyd, had lived with his mother Mary Keshkesheka in Chief
Oshkosh’s band at Lake Poygan in the mid-1800s. Mary was Alfred’s second wife. Napoose, (John “Manny”
Boyd) who was Joe’s son, told me that the above photograph implies three things:

1) Buffalo were within ancestral Menominee territory;

2) Menominees had a buffalo clan and

3) Oshkosh was the chief of the buffalo clan.

When the terms are correctly used, “buffalo” originate from Africa and South Asia, whereas “bison”
originate from North and South America. However, the erroneous term “buffalo” will be used here because
by common usage in America it is the term that we are familiar with. In ancient times, wood bison roamed
the regional woodland area by what is now Keshena in Wisconsin and this “buffalo” was actually the largest
indigenous land animal in North America oftentimes weighing as much as 2000 pounds but rarely as much as
3000 pounds or even as much as 4000 pounds when buffalo freely roamed the continent in ancient times. In
ancestral Anishinaabe lands by Manitowoc, Milwaukee and Lacrosse, there were large herds of plains
buffalo that roamed the region.
Most common modern-day people think, where the Menominee reservation is located in northeast Wisconsin
that the area had no buffalo during previous centuries because we live in an area today that has heavy
forestland upon it.Yet there were large prairies with gigantic teaming herds of buffalo located only 100 miles
away right near the early Menominee clan villages at Manitowoc, Lake Poygan and Prairie du Chien in what
is now Wisconsin. And in what is now Keshena, there once dwelled wood bison*.

Photograph Menominee by Marilyn Arlequin.

However, when one researches the subject, he or she will find that a genus of woodland buffalo would weigh
up to as much as 3800 pounds and surprisingly it is known as having been larger than the plains buffalo
acquired during the buffalo hunt. In ancient times it had roamed the regional woodland area by what is now
Keshena in Wisconsin. This wood bison is actually known as having been the largest indigenous land animal
during this age of time of the evolutionary processes of the development of land animals in North America.

Above is a map of the vanishing plains buffalo range during the late 1790s to the late 1800s. The dark
numbers in the dark brown region above are the number of plains buffalo at that time and place in the 1800s.
The much larger woodland buffalo inhabited huge swathes of the slightly tannish-gray area above.
Click on the above image for a better picture.
Most common modern-day people think, where the Menominee reservation is located in northeast Wisconsin
that the area had no buffalo during previous centuries because we live in an area today that has heavy
forestland upon it. However, there were large prairies with gigantic teaming herds of buffalo located only
100 miles away right near the early Menominee clan villages at Manitowoc, Lake Poygan and
Prairie du Chien in what is now Wisconsin and in what is now Keshena, there once dwelled wood bison*.

Click on above image to view bison (“buffalo”) in motion.

Click on this link to hear the: “Cheyenne Bufalo Blanco Song”.

Part of the underlying background to all these occurrences was that Oshkosh was the true chief of the buffalo
clan. Compared to other Menominee men, he was known to have been a man relatively short in stature
(five feet tall). So during the signing of the 1827 Treaty at Little Lake Butte des Mortes, which is listed as a
Chippewa treaty, Michigan Territorial Governor Lewis Cass placed a huge silver peace medal around his
neck recognizing him as the Menominee head chief.

Even though he was the chief of the buffalo clan, Oshkosh was appointed as chief of the Menominee tribe by
an external entity, the United States government. This occurred while he was being paid generously by the
US government to accept his illustrious appointment at Lake Butte des Mortes as the TsheKatchekemau,
“Head Chief of All”.

Chief Oshkosh was the chief of the buffalo clan, yet in spite of that, shortly after he was appointed the head
chief of the Menominee in 1827, contrary to what was considered traditional by the rest of the clan chiefs
and the rest of the prestigious Carron and Souligny family descendants who signed the treaty, Oshkosh then
proclaimed himself as the chief of the bear clan and then replaced Ahkinipowa as the bear clan chief.

Oshkosh then disenfranchised his second cousin, Ahkinipowa, from the bear clan chieftainship and adopted
the bear clan as his own totem. As a result of this, the very sovereign clan structure of the Menominee Nation
was thereby compromised from outside pressure by the US Government, the very entity that egregiously
wanted the Menominee land.
Native money involved the practice of using wampum* which was simply a wooden and beaded symbol of a
promise of accommodation, material and barter with a neighboring chief.
When the Menominee people had become affiliated with the United States in 1817, Chief Oshkosh, in the
next few decades, had been coerced, cajoled and rewarded with American money and with great amounts of
the finest vintage alcoholic beverages into signing away millions of acres of Menominee landholdings. In
this process, Chief Oshkosh became, so to speak, an “Uncle Sam’s Boy” as he has been derogatorily referred
to historically by many Menominee elders throughout the last century. Today in similar fashion, the Russians
systematically “appoint” puppet rulers through their formidable cyber influence upon the voting process in
its neighboring sovereign republics within the vicinity of the Russian landmass. Americans today should be
wary that Trump is such a puppet ruler over the United States. Did Trump really have 3 secret meetings with
Putin* at the G20 Summit and was a Russian real estate agent really there and prepared to make secret
*? Is Trump really surrendering America to Vladimir Putin’s Russia?
Better knock on Oak wood just to be on the safe side.

A Painting of Chief Oshkosh by Samuel Marsden Brooks (1816–1892).

Menominee political opponents of Chief Oshkosh called him “Uncle Sam’s Boy” for allowing himself
to be coerced and cajoled into signing away millions of acres of Menominee land
in various treaties for only 2 cents or for 5 cents per acre.

“Uncle Sam’s Boy”, Chief

Oshkosh (His great grandson is Roy)*
“ *”,

Nine years later after the signing of the Treaty of the Cedars in 1836, a ten-gallon stove-pipe top hat that was
placed squarely on top of Oshkosh’s head by Henry Dodge the Governor of Wisconsin Territory. Most likely
it was getting more and more to this relatively short man’s head (five feet tall). Upon Dodge’s handing him a
suit coat and top hat in 1836, Oshkosh remarked: “This is the way the white man’s law fits the Indian.”
The following story comes down to us in the oral tradition. This event happened later that same year as the
hired gun Mamatosh’s killing of Chief Waukechon in 1852. According to Dr Jeffery Louis Boyd PhD, this
story is told in the Native American Church. The story shows that in 1852, Chief Oshkosh and the rest of the
Menominee chiefs saved the tribe from being moved to Kansas or to relocate the Menominee Nation to the
Crow Wing country in Minnesota in a standoff between the warriors and the United States Army.
Photograph Enchanted Forest by Cathleen Tarawhiti.

In a confrontation with the US Army in 1852, the Naenawehtawin (Menominee Warrior Society) was
situated on what are now Chapel Hill and the surrounding hills of Rabbit Ridge and across the river in the
downtown Keshena area by the Wolf River. In accordance with the 1848 Treaty, the United States Army was
attempting to move the Menominee to Crow Wing country in Minnesota and in order to initiate that action
they were attempting to serve an arrest warrant for Chief Oshkosh to stand trial for the assassination plot that
killed Chief Waukechon. It was well-armed, surrounded, situated and bogged down in the valley of what was
then a very marshy area next to the Wolf River by today’s Veterans Memorial in Keshena.

Photograph by Jeanie Mertens.
The view along the river in the above photograph seems reminiscent of the Wolf River
by the Veterans’ Memorial pavilion of the Menominee Nation in Keshena, WI. The troops assembled in the
valley would have met with sure demise had not Oshkosh and the Menominee chiefs advised the army
commander to instruct his men to drop their weapons. This would have been “premoniscient” so to speak,
of a Little Big Horn that would happen in real life 24 years later in what is now Montana*.
The army’s occupation of sovereign Indian Territory with arms was an outright abrogation of the 1817
Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the United States and the Menominee nation. The commander
finally agreed and ordered his men to drop their weapons. For this interaction, the commander was given a
notable commendation and Chiefs: Oshkosh, Keshena, Komaniken and the rest of those involved, became
great chiefs, by helping define the present day Menominee sovereign status, liberty and freedom within the
United States of America.

Since Oshkosh was being pursued by the authorities of the United States to stand trial for the murder of Chief
Waukechon, he was eventually apprehended and was finally surrendered up to them. Following a trial, he
was subsequently found guilty of complicity for murder in the assassination plot that killed Chief

After two years in prison, Oshkosh was coerced by the United States authorities into signing over the
600,000 acres (over three times the size of the present Menominee reservation) which was offered in the
1848 treaty for the seemingly desolate Crow Wing reservation in Minnesota which was located between two
warring tribes, the Lakota and the Ojibway.

This was done in exchange for his freedom, for the site of the present Menominee reservation and for his
reinstatement as head chief as was previously recognized by the US government. Other than being a chief
that was chosen externally, ever since his appointment by Governor Lewis Cass, his chieftainship became in
effect somewhat of an agent of the United States government.

The above story is only briefly mentioned in any historical documents and today it comes down to us mainly
from the oral tradition. This led to the enactment of the 1854 Treaty which relocated the remaining
Menominee from bands and clans at places like Minikani, Lake Poygan, near Milwaukee and Oshkosh and
Winneconne to the site of the present day Menominee reservation. Notwithstanding, more Menominee land
was ceded to the US by subsequent treaties thereafter. The Treaty of 1854 and 1858 gave Menominees
predominantly the site of the present day reservation.

Click this link to view: Marinette-Menominee (Minikani) to the Menominee Reservation.

Just left of the “narrow thumb” of the Sturgeon Bay peninsula, Green Bay is right next to the bottom of the
web of the hand-like Wisconsin can be seen in the photograph above. Sixty miles northwest of the City of
Green Bay is the L-shaped 238,000 sq. acres of the Menominee Reservation which gives evidence of timber
below that can be clearly seen in the following satellite photographs from space ….

Click on this link for a Google Map of the: Menominee Reservation to Mackinac Island.
Oshkosh laid the groundwork for establishing the Menominee policy of maintaining a sustained yield of
lumber acquired from timber which became implemented by the Wisconsin politician Robert M. Lafollette,
Sr in the early 1900s. To paraphrase Oshkosh’s famous quote from the 1850s, it goes something like this:
“We will start on the east end of our land and we will cut the trees while leaving some behind to flourish and
many years later by the time we get to the west end of our land, the trees will be ready to cut on the east end
from where we started.” ~ The Original Chief Oshkosh in about 1854 on the tribe’s policy of the cutting of
the trees in the forests on Menominee lands.
The death of the Original Chief Oshkosh (~1795-1858).

The son Pierre LeDuc dit Souligny* was Chawanon (1721-1821) and was the “original” Menominee
TsheKatchekemau whose son Akwinemi IST (see A'kwine'mi, The Menomini Indians Pages 45 & 46, Walter
James Hoffman, MD Ethnologist, 1896) was the father of the Original Chief Oshkosh who had three sons:
Acquinimi (variant of A'kwine'mi), Chief Neopit Oshkosh and Koshkanoque (Page 47).

Acquinimi the 3rd (1828-1896).

One of the sources of the following story comes from Walter James Hoffman’s The Menomini Indians Pages
48 and on the following page is the above photograph of Acquinimi entitled: Portrait of Akwinemi Oshkosh.
This photograph of the infamous Acquinimi the 3rd hangs in the hallway at College of Menominee Nation in
Keshena, Wisconsin on the Menominee Indian Reservation. Other sources for the following story about the
not-very-focused-upon death of Chief Oshkosh come from further written documentation and from the
spoken word of numerous Menominee elders both living and deceased.

So now let me show you why I am referring to Acquinimi the 3rd as “infamous”:

The year of 1858 was twenty eight years after June 3rd of 1830 when Acquinimi’s father Oshkosh shanked
Okewa in the back for the hunting death of Maskewit in Green Bay and it was only six years after Oshkosh
was convicted of hiring a lone gunman to assassinate Chief Waukechon.

And so it was that like his father Chief Oshkosh likewise his son Acquinimi (the 3rd) on the night of August
29th of 1858, while drinking copious amounts of alcohol, likely corn whiskey or the type of corn beer that
they drank back in those days, it drastically affected his behavior even to the point of murder. During their
drinking episode, Acquinimi (the 3rd) and his brother Koshkanoque, murdered their father, the Original Chief
Oshkosh, by brutally beating him, tying him up and then by mercilessly whipping him to death in a drunken
brawl which was more than likely located at where the Oshkosh family encampment was in 1858 where
today the Veterans Center is located in Keshena, Wisconsin.

Even such as that of his father Oshkosh that could quite literally get away with murder, the main perpetrator
in his own father’s assassination the 30 year old Acquinimi, then proclaimed himself as the Menominee head
chief. Ironically, a year after he murdered his father the Original Chief Oshkosh, the infamous Acquinimi the
3rd was elected in 1859 as the head chief on the Menominee tribal council of chiefs. Possibly because of lies
and manipulation or because of a historical Menominee submittal to charismatic figures, in the following
year of 1859 which was one year after he murdered his own father, Acquinimi the 3rd ascended to becoming
recognized as head chief of the Menominees from whence he rose to prominence among the chiefs and he
reigned as the Menominee head chief for the duration of 12 years.

That was, however … until the night of July 7th of 1871, when he arrived at the door of one of the
Menominee chiefs, Augustin Grignon Jr. (my generation’s 2nd great grandfather). Acquinimi was drunk and
he asked Augustin for a place to stay for the night. Augustin agreed, so while Augustin’s wife, Matilda
Grignon (born Mahwahsay) Nomakuhkiew, was making a bed for Acquinimi to sleep in, Acquinimi began
insisting upon being able to drink in Augustin’s home. However, Augustin would not agree to that, and so
then as absurd as it was, Acquinimi stabbed Augustin to death for not letting him drink in his home.

This was the second assassination that Acquinimi (the 3rd) perpetrated against a prominent figure in
Menominee history. For the vainglorious murder of Chief Oshkosh, who was his own father, Acquinimi
somehow was immune from prosecution however, for his absurd murder of Chief Augustin Grignon Jr.,
Acquinimi, out of a 3-year sentence, had spent two years in prison at Waupun near Ripon in Wisconsin.

When he got out of prison, he tried vainly to retain the head chieftainship of the Menominee after Neopit was
elected as head chief in 1875 but he was shunned by the rest of the chiefs and, for that matter, by many
Menominees as well, and he could never attain it again. However, he apparently managed to maintain a seat
on the council of chiefs after Neopit took over as the head chief in 1875.

The infamous Acquinimi the 3rd and his wife Mitashamokiu lived to see all nine of their children die from
unknown causes and today they have no known Menominee descendants.

The “low man on the totem pole” is known as the totem of the “culture hero”.
The wolf clan totem was known as the “low man on the totem pole”. The position at the bottom of the totem
pole symbolized that the wolf clan was the oldest ancestral clan and was the position of what anthropologists
call the “culture hero”. The newer clans arrived with each new totem ascending toward the top and wove a
time element into ancestral folklore by creating a new story about the arrival of each newly developing clan
and the totem associated with it. Hence when new clans would eventually come about through succeeding
generations, a new totem was carved into a new log from a red cedar tree with the newest clan on the very
top of the totem pole. Chief Summer Cloud’s father was a Menominee man named John Awonohopay.

Three of the men in the lower half of the photograph from left to right are: Sam Frog, Wayne Martin, son of
Jane Martin (born Waubeno). Nepenanaquat, Wayne’s first cousin, is in the center. Nepenanaquat, Chief
Summer Cloud, Johnson Awonohopay, is also in the picture on the right above.
The full blood Menominee man named, Chief Nepenanaquat, Summer Cloud, Johnson Awonohopay
(“awanohpiw” means “Sits in the Fog”) was born in 1913 and lived until 1988. He was the son of Mary
Awonohopay (born Waubeno) Kenyahkiew. A variant spelling of her name is Kenukiew (pronounced
“Kinuhkiw”) who was a full blood Menominee, was born in 1876 and lived until Dec 12th of 1924. Mary, the
mother of Chief Nepenanaquat, who was also a full blood Menominee, was the daughter of John Waubeno
(lived 1840 to about 1925) the son of Chief Summer Cloud’s great grandfather Pemabeme (One Seen Going
By) the father of the wolf clan.

The ancestrally full blood Menominee man named Pemabeme who along with the the recognized chiefs of
the Menominee, the Chippewa and chiefs from other tribes had signed the treaty entitled the 1827 Treaty
with the Chippewa, etc. in the book Indian Affairs, Laws and Treaties by Charles J Kappler. Pemabeme was
born about 1740 and lived until 1840, having lived around 100 years according to the late John “Manny”
Boyd (born in 1910 and lived until 1988) (Napoose), who was my second cousin. Chief Summer Cloud was
born in 1913, about three quarters of a century after the lifetime of his great grandfather,

The totem of Pemabeme was the “wolf totem” Moqwaio dodami which was derived from the ancestral
Mamaceqtawuk expression: “moqwaio” for wolf and from the word “totemi” from which the modern word
“totem” is derived and had been adopted into the American English language. It is explainable, that different
Algonquin accents led to the D in the Ojibway expression “dodami” becoming a T in the Menominee
expression “totemi”. However, it is difficult to explain why the same Menominee expression: “moqwaio”
for wolf is the Ojibway expression “mukwah” for bear other than that this simply occurred because of
regional Anishinaabe dialects.

Nepenanaquat is said to have been 1/4th Potawatomi. During the late 1700s and early 1800s when the
separate tribes were still being defined among the Mamaceqtawuk and his grandfather, Awanohpiw, (“Sits in
the Fog”) recorded as a full blood Menominee man, had married a Mamaceqtaw woman who had been
determined to have been Potawatomi in origin. This was when the separate tribes of the Anishinaabeg were
just then coming into existence when the various Mamaceqtawuk people from various locations were being
corralled onto these separate land locations from various areas within the region of what would later become
Wisconsin and Michigan.

This is the reason that certain Menominee and Potawatomi individuals could be enrolled in two tribes
according to the late Bruce Wilber Sr. such as Paul Pema in the 1900s, a Hawpetoss family relative, who was
entitled to “double dip” so to speak, from the benefits of being enrolled in both tribes like being able to hunt
and fish on both reservations and to double dip from any per capita payments if there were any that year.

Menominee per capitas from the Menominee Tribal Enterprise and from the Menominee Nation Casino have
been $100 a year for about the last ten years. On some years has been nothing at all. By the early 1800s,
some of the Mamaceqtawuk were still being referred to as the “Folles Avoines” by English settlers and other
European immigrants who were residing in Upper Michigan near Marinette-Menominee and near Green Bay.

By the year of 1817 when the Menominee Treaty of Peace and Friendship was signed, it was then that some
of the Mamaceqtawuk were becoming referred to by the term “Menominee” which was a more Anglicized
version of the expression “Omaeqnominiwuk”. About that same time in the early 1800s, the Mamaceqtawuk
residing in Upper and Lower Michigan, then started becoming referred to as “Potawatomi” (Bodéwadmi)
which means "the keepers of the fire".

Likewise, the other Anishinaabeg who had also subsisted on wild rice in the region also freely referred to
ourselves as “Omaeqnominiwuk” such as the: Ottawa, Cree, Ojibway, Kickapoo, Sauk, Meskwaki and Fox
ancestors, who have all descended from the “Kyaec Mamaceqtawuk” the “Ancient Ones” our Algonquin
ancestors: the Anishinaabe (the First People).

The generation of a Menominee ancestor of ours named Pemabeme (born about 1740 and died in 1840), is
the 2nd great grandfather of my generation, is as compared with the generation of my 4th great grandfather
who was born in Scotland in 1745, Archibald George Boyd was born about five years after Pemabeme was
born on the land of the Omaeqnominiwuk 40 miles northeast of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

In my own travels I gave found that the Boyd family in Europe was part of the same family of relatives from
Ireland, Scotland and northwestern France. I conceive of the Boyd families as having originated from the
Scandinavian Peninsula over 1300 years ago in about 700 AD. The term “Boyd” has a root meaning from an
old Nordic term “Boi” and “Buiden” which meant “countryman” in Scandinavia, according to the Alamo
archives (San Antonio de Valero) in San Antonio, Texas. In Ireland, the term “Bui” for the family name
Boyd came to mean “a far off light out on the water” & the name I believe became spelled Buid and Buiden.

A great grandson of George Boyd (1781-1846), a grandson of William Boyd (born about 1824), the son of
Alfred Boyd (1843-1921): James Louis Boyd lived from 1874 to 1942 and his wife Mabel Rose Boyd, (born
Wilber), lived from 1876 to 1976. Mabel was the great granddaughter of Sasos, who was the daughter of
Chief Josette Carron, who was the son of Thomas Carron, (Tomah), who was the son of “Vieux” Claude
Caron, who was also known as Glode who was the husband of Waupesesiu Caron (born Souligny). Mabel
Boyd (born Wilber) was the 4th great granddaughter of Waupesesiu.

On the left in the picture are: Vera Elizabeth Tatro (born Boyd) and her husband Horace Anthony “Red”
Tatro who was a full blood Frenchman of Canadian descent. In the picture on the right is Vera’s full sister:
Margaret Pederson, (born Boyd), who was married to Walter Pederson. Vera and Margaret were by rights
one-half Menominee. Their grandmother, Theresa Grignon (born on July 18, 1845 and died on Aug 2, 1924)
was the daughter of Augustin Grignon, Jr. who, according to Napoose and numerous other elders was a chief
on the Menominee tribal council of chiefs in 1871 the year of his death. Margaret, Vera, Sarah, Esther,
Marjorie and Edna were the daughters of James and Mabel. They were the full sisters of the sons of James
and Mabel: Ted Boyd Sr. (1915-1984), Leslie “Beck” Boyd and Alfred Boyd.
Vera and Margaret and their siblings were the great grandchildren of Chief Augustin and his wife,
Nomakuhkiew who was a full blood Menominee woman. Nomakuhkiew’s Christian name was “Matilda,”
and was referred to as Pamosowak and was the daughter of Shawatun or Mahwahsay.

Joe Boyd was the father of my second cousin John “Manny” Boyd, Napoose. Joe’s father was the son of
William Boyd, Alfred Boyd who had married Mary Keshkesheka. This followed Alfred’s marriage in about
1874 to Theresa Boyd (born Grignon) who, according to Napoose (born 1910 died 1988), was the daughter
of Chief Augustin Grignon Jr. who in an old photograph appears to be a full blooded Indian.

By inherent tribal rights, indeed he was a full blood Menominee by the very fact that he was a traditional
Menominee chief and a member of the tribal council of chiefs during his day and age. Chief Augustin
Grignon Jr. was born in 1803 and lived until the night that he was killed by the infamous Acquinimi Oshkosh
the 3rd on July 7th of 1871.

Since both Chief Augustin and Nomakuhkiew were full blood, their daughter Theresa Grignon was, therefore
a full blood, and since her husband, Alfred Boyd, was one half Menominee; Theresa and Alfred’s son, James
was therefore 3/4ths Menominee. James Boyd married Mabel Wilber who was 1/4th Menominee, therefore,
their children were one half Menominee by inherent tribal rights.

Alfred Boyd was erroneously named "Alphonse Lawe" at birth. Ned Lawe was born in 1894 and passed
away in 1994 at the age of one hundred. Alfred was a step grandfather of Ned. According to Menominee
tribal records and what was told to me by Ned that temporarily during his youth, Alfred was listed as the son
of Judge George Lawe, however, Alfred’s mother Margaret Nowakeshekoke identified William as his
rightful father and so Alphonse then changed his listed name to Alfred Boyd and then changed his listed age
of fifteen to sixteen to join the Union army. However, a list of northern Civil War veterans of Shawano
County lists that Alfred was born in 1843 and that he joined the Union army as a corporal on July 18th of
1864 at 21 years old. Alfred enlisted as a private in a regular Northern Army regiment during the War and he
was mustered out as a corporal. He was one of the sixteen of your third great grandfathers, Vogun.

Alfred’s son, James Louis Boyd (lived from 1874 to 1942) was one of the eight of your second great
grandfathers, and Sylvester Theodore Boyd Sr. (lived 1915 to 1984), who was my father, was one of the 4 of
your great grandfathers. To view these facts, check out the Boyd website by just Clicking on the following
link and then Click on the blue and red flags above the boxes of each individual family entry. Enter the name
of the person of interest to you in the Search area of the: *.

From the late 1700s and the early to the mid-1800s, George Boyd had personally witnessed the undercurrents
that were going on amongst the Mamaceqtaw who lived around Mackinac Island in what is now Upper
Michigan within an extensive Upper Michigan and Wisconsin radius of Minikani, the Bear Village, which is
now the present day Marinette-Menominee.

The new identity of the regional Mamaceqtawuk, (-wuk ending = people) who ancestrally referred to
themselves as “Omaeqnominiwuk”. This term in Michigan Territory was slowly becoming the term
“Menominee” and somewhere between 1800 to 1817 it began to represent the Anishinaabe people who lived
within and surrounding the areas of Matc Suamico, what is now Green Bay in Wisconsin, and in Minikani,
what is now Marinette-Menominee on the border of the right hand corner of northeastern Wisconsin and
Upper Michigan and as far west as Prairie du Chien, Wausau and La Crosse in Wisconsin.

George Boyd’s son William Henry Crawford Boyd*.

In regard to the Boyd ancestry, one of the 32 of your fourth great grandfathers was named William Boyd
who was a son of George Boyd. William was born around 1824 and in about 1843 when his father George
lived to witness his Indian marriage to an Anishinaabe woman named Margaret Nowakeshekoke, who was
one of the 32 of your fourth great grandmothers.

With George’s son William having married an ancestral Menominee woman, George then likely had even
become more supportive of the native standpoint of US adherence to treaty agreements and for this reason,
he was most likely disenfranchised from the agency in the early 1840s for this position by his political
adversary, Robert Stuart. Eventually sometime during the Civil War, William became a disabled veteran in
the Union army resulting from his being a casualty during battle.

President of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis (1808-1889).

Menominees have descendants, namely, the Davis and the Matchopatow families, who have descended from
Jefferson Davis the President of the Confederate States of America. Being from a northern state, it is
somewhat confusing to think of how the lead white man who originated from the revolutionary South, could
have courted an Indian woman from the North in New Orleans, Louisiana*.

In 1992, although the Boyd family members are not descendants of Davis, I checked it out with a genealogist
named Ann Kasuboski at the Cofrin Library at the Jean Nicolet building at the University of Wisconsin in
Green Bay and she verified that around the time surrounding the Civil War, Jefferson Davis had courted a
Menominee woman in New Orleans, Louisiana and had begotten descendants by her. This fact is also well-
noted in the history books.

In the Boyd family it had been said that William was a colonel at Fort Howard. In 1971, your granduncle,
who is my brother Lew, and I once visited a Civil War graveyard for soldiers buried in Virginia and we
found a grave there, of a “Colonel William C. Boyd” who fought for the Southern army. In 1976, when I was
traveling through Virginia again, it just so happened that I had the chance to revisit the graveyard when I was
passing by and upon finding it again in reverence I took off my hat, bowed my head and I knelt right there by
his grave ( * by *).

I thought that his grave may have been our ancestor’s grave and so in 1978, I tried to research this myself at
the archives of the Central Library in New York City, and I found about 500 listings for “William Boyd” on
both the Northern and the Southern sides during the Civil War which lasted from 1861 to 1865. I don't know
how many of the listings were for the same “William C. Boyd”. Quite a few of the listings were for
men named “William Boyd” from the states of Kentucky and Tennessee. A few members of the Boyd family
all over the United States such as in Kentucky, Alabama and New Orleans may have strayed away from the
major family fold once in a while and a few of us may have entered a dark and adventurous life of untold