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This blog is

very special
and just made for you! It will capture and document your journey of
learning while at An-Nur. This blog is completely private and only you
know the password you made. If you choose to share your password with
families and friends this is okay and completely at your discretion. We find
it very helpful if you could take the time to comment and respond to the
different posts as it helps ensure our planning and goals meet your needs.
Once a term you will find an IEP (Individual Education Plan) which will
include observations and goals for your child we will strive for together.
On this blog you will also find a story is uploaded monthly which at the
bottom has next steps for short term goals to meet the larger goals. We
strive to implement an emergent curriculum and use your childs ever
changing interests to introduce new concepts and assimilate
understanding through both play and structured teacher directed
activities. We also use group planning which changes termly based on the
large group interest, family input and special occasions. We use this focus
to develop broad goals for all children for the term and can be found on
the main blog page.
If you are passionate about blogging and would like to have posts not just
comment on ours please let us know so we can show you how you can do
this. If you have any questions please speak to management.