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Founded in 1976, City Limits is a non-profit all-digital news agency covering New York
City policy, politics and neighborhoods.
In just the past year, our audience has doubled, our website was redesigned, and we've
partnered with high-power media entities like Channel 13, The Nation, Gothamist, BRIC
and more. Our staff regularly appear on TV, the radio and as panelists at high-profile civic
events. We attract funding from leading foundations and have earned top honors from
local and national journalism groups.




63% Caucasian
18% African American
9% Hispanic
6% Asian
3% Other

25% $100k Income +

27% $50k - $100k
48% Less than $50k

59% Female
41% Male

25% Graduate Degree or Higher

Social Media

Average Age 36
76% of our audience is under 50




25k | (212) 481-8484


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