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Non-academic Activities
• To foster the talents of the students.
• To imbibe participation from the different organizations within the University.
• To lessen the risk of the number of students from diminishing.

Thomasian Project 4 is not just a project of the UST Central Student Council, but
a project of the whole Thomasian Family. Tapping different organizations will not only
lessen the works of the Council, it will also result to the betterment of the project. Being
that every organization to be tapped focuses in one of the programs of the project, we can
expect optimum results from each of the program.
Also, this might be a step to keep the number of students from diminishing.
Maybe one of the reasons why the number of students lessens is the lack of interesting
activities that cater to the talents and welfare of the students.

 The non-academic activities are proposed to be held once a month; preferably,
every last Saturday of the month.
 The following are the proposed programs each month, the target dates, and the
target organization to be tapped:
Month Date Organization Refer to
August All Course-related Organizations AP1-A
September 27 Red Cross, Phi Sigma Gamma AP1-B/C
October 4 Tomasinotaku AP1-D
November 29 ICON AP1-E
December 6 Central Pax Romana AP1-F
January 31 UST-ISA AP1-G
February 28 Yellow Jackets, Men’s BB team AP1-H

 October and December activities are scheduled on the 1st week because October is
the Finals month of the 1st semester and December is vacation month.
 Refer to the Document stated by its Document code for more information.