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Course Orientation
• To expose the students to the different academic programs the University can
offer them.
• To give the students options in the field that they can take up in college.
• To inform the student organizations that the project exists.

The reason that the students tend to be monogamous in their academic program of
choice is that they are not exposed to what other possibilities that other programs can
offer them. This is important because it will result to what academic programs that they
will take in the future.
Getting the course-related organizations involved is one step to promote the
project to the Thomasian studentry. This will constitute a connection with other
organizations that might be beneficial for the project in the future.


 The project is proposed to be held at the OSA Conference Room, on August 16

and 23, 2008, from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm.
 Unfortunately, there is no list of Course-related Organizations at the time that this
document is made. The information is advised to be obtained from the SOCC.
 It is to be held in 2 days considering the number of Course-oriented organizations
that will be invited.