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November 26, 2014


To Whom It May Concern:
It is with both pleasure and confidence that I am submitting this letter of support on behalf of Maya Mistry. Maya
spent time as a teacher candidate in my combined Grade 6/7 classroom during September 2012 and April 2013 at
Cornell Village Public School in the York Region District School Board.
Maya demonstrates all of the characteristics of a strong teacher candidate. She is punctual, professional, focused,
self-motivated, and reflective. She is not afraid to seek out assistance or use feedback given to her to improve her
teaching. Her hard-working nature allowed her to successfully plan, deliver and assess an integrated story-writing
unit during her time in our classroom using a variety of instructional techniques. The students responded quite well
to Maya, thereby allowing her to be flexible and create opportunities to add ideas and activities based upon the
students strengths and interests to support her unit as it progressed. Additionally, Maya effectively accommodated
her teaching of this unit for ELL students in our classroom.
In the classroom, Maya showed a strong understanding of the components of a balanced literacy program. She
understood that students need to be reading, writing, speaking and listening in a variety of settings. Whether it was
through the modeling of reading strategies, writing a piece of work with the students, working with students in
small groups to further develop a particular skill, or allowing them to practice the skill independently, Maya
consistently demonstrated her strong knowledge of what students need to further their abilities in literacy.
While teaching, Maya demonstrated a strong understanding of assessment and evaluation. She applied this
understanding through the use of assessment for, as, and of learning, and clearly knew how to use assessment to
inform her instruction. As well, while tracking students progress, Maya was always happy to help students in
small group settings, and the students were comfortable approaching her for assistance.
Maya handled the older students quite well, as she understood the importance of implementing a variety of
classroom management techniques including a varying tone of voice, clear stop signals, proximity and eye-contact.
Additionally, Maya was able to prevent students from going off-task by consistently implementing engaging
activities that supported her instruction that kept the students focused.
Mayas positive attitude and commitment to students and education demonstrate her desire to become a classroom
teacher. She works hard to create a positive learning environment for all learners. Her thoughtful manner and
ability to reflect upon her own instruction and philosophies of teaching will make her a strong teacher, and an asset
to any school.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 905 887 1543.
Yours truly,

Matthew Bernstein
Grade 6/7 Teacher
Castlemore Public School, York Region District School Board