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DATE- 10/08/2009

Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

• Born: March 23, 1953

• Achievement: Chairman & Managing Director of
Biocon Ltd; Felicitated with Padmashri (1989) and
Padma Bhushan (2005).
• India's biggest biotechnology company. In 2004, she
became India's richest woman.
• Done her schooling at Bishop Cotton Girls School and
Mount Carmel College at Bangalore.
• After doing completing her B.Sc. in Zoology from
Bangalore University in 1973, she went to Ballarat
University in Melbourne, Australia and qualified as a
master brewer.

• She started her professional career as trainee brewer
in Carlton & United Beverages in 1974.
• In 1978, she joined as Trainee Manager with Biocon
Biochemicals Limited in Ireland.
• In the same year, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw founded
Biocon India in collaboration with Biocon
Biochemicals Limited, with a capital of Rs.10,000.
• Banks were hesitant to give loan to her as
biotechnology was a totally new field at that point
of time and she was a woman entrepreneur, which
was a rare phenomenon.
• Today, Biocon is recognised as India's pioneering
biotech enterprise. In 2004, Biocon came up with an
IPO and the issue was over-subscribed by over 30
• Post-IPO, She held close to 40% of the stock of the
company and was regarded as India's richest
woman with an estimated worth of Rs. 2,100 crore.
• She is the recipient of several prestigious awards.
These include ET Businesswoman of the Year, Best
Woman Entrepreneur, Model Employer, Ernst &
Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Life
Sciences & Healthcare, Leading Exporter,
Outstanding Citizen, Technology Pioneer, etc.
Government of India also felicitated her with
Padmashri (1989) and Padma Bhushan (2005).

Mr. Tulsi Tanti
• Achievement: Chairman of Suzlon Energy Ltd, Ranks
among top 10 richest men of India.
• Tulsi Tanti is the Chairman of Suzlon Energy Ltd, a
company dealing in wind energy.
• Today, he ranks among top 10 richest men of India.
• A commerce graduate and a diploma holder in
mechanical engineering, he originally hails from
Gujarat and is presently based in Pune,
• Tulsi Tanti was earlier into textiles. He started his
textile business in Gujarat. The biggest of them all
was the cost and unavailability of power, which
formed a high proportion of operating expenses of
textile industry

• In 1990, Tulsi Tanti invested in two windmills and
realized its huge potential. In 1995, he formed
Suzlon and gradually quit textiles.
• Suzlon Energy is the sixth largest wind energy
company in the world and the largest in Asia.
• It is presently building what will be among the world's
largest wind parks of its kind at 1,000 MW capacity.
• Suzlon is currently concentrating on global expansion
drive. It recently acquired Hansen Transmissions, a
Belgian maker of wind-turbine gearboxes.
• Suzlon is also building a rotor-blade factory in
Minnesota and has invested $60m in a factory in
Tianjin, China.
• Tulsi Tanti is poised to make India a wind-power export

• Mother Herbs [P] Ltd. started with virtually zero capital,
today we boast a turnover of US$ 10,00,000 which
indicate our impressive growth chart. This has resulted
through our business with several corporate and good
clients overseas with almost 95% buyer retention and
90% repeat orders.
• Mother Herbs is an integrated conglomerate of farmers
engaged in cultivation, doctorates in pharmacy and
pupil with decades of experience in medicinal herbs
and growing at the rate of 700% per year.
• Mother Herbs are identified with capabilities to meet the
increasing demands for natural and herbal product of
Food, Pharmaceutical, Perfumery, Flavor and Cosmetic
industry in India and overseas.

• The Management of Mother Herbs lies in the very
efficient hands of highly experienced Board of
Directors. The Management team has a vision of
getting international acclaim and is to be
recognized as a name in the business of Natural
Products in the world.
• All the members in the mission are competent
respected individuals who have been in the industry
for a decade now and have gained required
experience to take their unit at greater height.
• New men on the mission are individuals with inherited
business acumen and professional education, they
have with them the information on technology
updates and the tact to reach closer to vision and
achieve it.
• Mother Herbs has a wide network of customers across
the world., It includes are USA, Europe, Mexico,
Sweden, Russia, Japan, Korea etc.
• Mother Herbs Marketing Executives work overtime to
ensure timely response and service to clients across
the world. One or the other executives are available
24 hrs and 365 days for service to our clients
spread across geographies.
• Mother Herbs Marketing department cohesively
coordinates with Production and Collection to
ensure equally prompt supplies of samples and
Contract Farming

• Mother Herbs and Contract farming of-
• Rouwolffia serpentina in Orissa that covers 5 acres
• Rose petals cultivated in U.P over 7 acres land.
• Mentha Spicata in U.P covering 3 acres of land.
• Lemon grass in U.P covering 10 acres of land.
• Ocimum sanctum in TN covering 4 acres of land.
• Chamomile matricaria covering 2 acres of land area.
Industries we Support

• A large portion of the natural plant products is used in food

related industries Nearly one fourth of natural plants are
used in cosmetics and a small portion for miscellaneous
uses like in textile and Herbal teas.
» Health Care
Herbal remedy to cure diseases is supposed to be the
most remarkable application of Herbs because apart
from having an extremely good nutritional value these
herbal combinations are devoid of any side effect. Enjoy
the widest range of medicinal herbs here at

» Food and Flavor

When herbs of opposite natures are added,
they not only add taste to the food but also
lower the impact or change the effects on the
body. Enjoy the most extensive range of
herbs, used in food and flavor, here at

» Cosmetics
The concept of beauty has an age-old origin. Herbs have been
used through ages to enhance the beauty. Enjoy some of the world
most refined herbs, essential oils and Aromatherapy products for a
delightful olfactory and graceful experience, here at MotherHerbs.

» Herbal Tea
A blend of real tea prepared by adding other plants to an actual
tea (black, oblong, green, yellow or white tea). The addition of
other plant increases the taste, aroma, freshness and medicinal
property of the real tea. Enjoy the finest bulk tea ingredients, here
at MotherHerbs.
» Textile
Textiles dyed using natural vegetable dyes, especially medicinal
plants, are commanding a very huge market due to their obvious
advantages. Enjoy the most widely used textile herbs here at

• Grading Unit
• Shade Drying
• Pulverizer
• Siever
• AFFS (Automated Form Fill and
• Washing and Cleaning Machine
• Weighing Machine
• Taping Machine
• Strapping Machine