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A.Fill in the blanks:

1. Matter occupies __________ and has ______________
2. Mass is the ______________ of matter in an object.
3. Weight is the heaviness or ____________ of an object.
4. Volume is the amount of _______________ matter occupies.
5. _______________ is the smallest part of matter.
6. Element is the building _____________
7. _______________ is the smallest particle.
8. ____________ is ionized gases.
9. ______________ is when molecules are tightly packed.
10.____________ is when molecules are far apart and moves freely.
11.________________is when molecules are farther apart

Write the letter:

_____1. What is the shape of water?
a. square b. oval c. shape of the container
_____2. matter that cannot be seen
a. glass b. air c. kite
_____3.which matter is the heaviest?
a. book b. coke c. pencil
_____4. Big objects are oftentimes _________
a. light b. heavy
_____5. Liquids have ___
a. a definite shape b. no definite shape
_____6. Liquids have weight and ____
a. no space b. Occupy space
_____7. _________ is gas
a. gold b. Carbon dioxide c. rain
_____8. _______ is everywhere. It is a form of gas.
a. water b. air c. grass

T-true or F-false
_____1. We can see air
_____2. We cannot feel the air when it is hot
_____3. Air that comes out of your nose is carbon dioxide
_____4. We inhale carbon dioxide
_____5. Liquids differ in color
_____6. Liquids can be held
_____7. A liquid does not take the shape of the container
_____8. Solids can be felt only
_____9. A cheese melts by freezing
_____10. A candle is in liquid form at the start
_____11. All liquids can be changed to solid through cooling
_____12. A perfume becomes solid when sprayed
_____13. Water in the air is called water vapor

Write S-solid L-liquid G-gas

_____1. banana _____6. fire

_____2. oxygen _____7. ocean
_____3. coke _____8.helium
_____4. gold _____9. carbon dioxide
_____5. butter _____10. cooking oil


Write CO-condensation H-heating F-freezing
S-sublimation E-evaporation
1. liquid to gas=
2. gas to liquid=
3. liquid to solid=
4. solid to gas=
5. liquid to solid/liquid to gas=

Write CO-condensation H-heating F-freezing

S-sublimation E-evaporation

1. boiling water=
2. water dew in the morning
3. alcohol on your palm
4. morning dew=
5. napthaline balls to gas=
6. gasoline on a running car=
7. car freshener
8. moth balls to gas

WRITE T-true if the idea of the statement is correct and F-false if not

_____1. Matter occupies space and has mass

_____2. The molecules of a solid are arranged slightly apart from each other
_____3. Gasses move freely because the forces between their molecules are strong
_____4. A molecule is formed when 2 or more atoms join together
_____5. Solids have definite shapes and volumes.
_____6. Through SUBLIMATION, solids like mothballs turn to gas

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